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captaincook May 22

Selling the Filipino Dream

Ok Ok so get this because it is really starting to bloody bug me! Not sure if you noticed but on You Tube there are ALOT of foreigners talking up the Philippines big time and yesss by now I am used to this. However recently I came across a channel called "Property Club". From what I can tell this channel focus is a foreigner selling the Filipino dream and profiteering. 

For example selling house and land packages to foreigners which I KNOW is illegal for a foreigner to own house or land in his/her own name. Honestly this guy is a bloody joke and its sparked WW3 in commenting war and GET THIS its Flips telling foreigners HOW bad the Philippines really is LOL! Trying to convince them outta it. Here is the link to one particular youtube vlog thats sparked an online commenting war between Flips and Expats: https://youtu.be/s1uT-B5PPbw

Beware this guy Property Club...ahem I mean Property Clown. Do NOT get burnt by him!

P.S. For fun watch some of his videos! What a joker!!