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wacky Jun 5

I own a business here in the Philippines yet since dumb fuck DU30 Took office our sales are down as much as 65 per cent.

This is a massive knock on effect through-out the Philippines. Is it only through western eyes that can see this parasite is destroying the future of the Philippines cuz I ain't never met an ex-expat with a good word to say. DU30 Quote investors will come. Yep 60/40 investment with 4 Filipino shareholders who control most of your business who did f**k all yet take the profits. Why would any one invest example $1 million USA FOR A 40 PER CENT RETURN. No one wants to visit Mindanao, Google the Philippines and all I see is dead bodies with bullets in their backs,heads. Corruption is at a all time high with the Police extorting money from tourist. Only the poor are being shot and killed. Even if you are a big time dealer or have power of some sort you will be silenced by DU30 as we seen with De Lima and Espinosa. I believe Matabato, Davao death squad was telling the truth as was the Pulis officer. F**k what is the future for the Pinoy? I would be willing to bet 100,000 peso to any pinoys 100 peso that after 6 years of this babaling, retard of a president the economy will remain in poverty more so than ever before. And if any one tells me if you don't like this country then go home. Ex-pats make a voice heard cuz we live here as well. The only way to get along here is tell them their food is delicious, you love the culture and country, DU30 is a hero and it's the best place of all Asia to live. I kinda respect Aquino now although he did fcuk all to help the Pinoy people. The future of the Philippines...Fucking bleak, sad with nothing to look forward too under retard DU30.

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The neck-bearded, tin foil hat wearing Duterte ass-kisser will keep his fellow Pinoys in the dark.

wacky Jun 7
Read them all.  Nice one.
Our justice secretary thinks that every bad situation (That's right, including the Maute Siege in Marawi) = the plot of the "Yellows"


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