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wacky Jul 2
Didn't we see that coming. Yet again Filipinos and Filipino politicians are in up roar against the Fight Manny Politician..Lmfao VS Horn.

Clearly manny was robbed even though statistics show punch scoring. Same as Mayweather that Pinoy claim Manny won the fight and Mayweather was running away. These people are a f**king embarrassment to themselves.  He lost, except it and move on . 

Pacquiao said in an interview on radio dzBB that he did not know how he lost, but he is just letting boxing fans decide who really won in his match with Horn in Australia.  The respect you once had for a fighter kinda goes out the window.  Fans do not decide who wins a fight, that is for the referee and Judges but I am sure you won the Fight via Filipino eyes.

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Mike Jul 3
My wife is overjoyed that Pacman lost. She bet P5,000 that Horn would win. But I figure it this way regarding Manny, well a couple of ways actually.

   First how many of us would love to get in a ring with a congressman/senator and kick the shit out of them, get away with it and get paid for doing it? I would.

   Second. Manny was a failure as a congressman, is a failure as a senator and now a failure as a boxer. Everything needed for the filipinos to elect him president next election. Just watch.
Well, Shit.


PS: It'll be nicer if they hadn't censored those names of the Flips. I can't wait when rational-minded people roast them.
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And just another shit to discredit "Yellows" for the stupidest of reasons.

MOST fake news since late 2015 have been busted, thank you memebuster.net. But that doesn't stop the brainwashed Flippies from going full assault when VP Leni whenever she is doing something as duties of VP, even mundane things, like brushing her teeth.

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Let's scout this place - To piss off Flips. XD

This is the very picture that has been peddling around FB & Twitter like there's no tomorrow.

Can you elaborate on this? And the rules of boxing?
schindle Jul 9
Pacman's contract said that if he lost there must be a re-match.  Duh.  Even more money to be made next time they fight, right?.  It's all rigged.  Both of them are frauds, Pacman clearly held back for the entire match except for round 9, when he almost stuffed up the agreement.  Of course Pacman will win next time. 
schindle Jul 9
As for Pacman the senator, does he even have an opinion? I have never heard him speak.
Mike Jul 9
          I'll take a stab at the stats on the tv screen. I'll wager that is the stats of one round only and not the complete match.
Now, their latest "Campaign" - The "Like & Share if you think Manny won" picture memes. CONSTANTLY BEING SPAMMED at Jeff Horn's official FB page.
Balancinghead Jul 15
Nearly 14 days after, and they still have this pic ALL OVER Jeff Horn's FB account:

Claiming it as "Post-Match / After-Match Selfie."

Balancinghead Jul 15
And now, I'm actually seeing these in Jeff Horn's FB account:

- https://www.facebook.com/...os/1890857287846090/

"We must pray for our country and most especially for the true heroic filipinos who always stood for our country. President Duterte is indeed one of the most admirable leader in today's generation despite of his age and health condition. May we always pray for his health and safety. Long live President Digong Duterte. We look upon you. May God give you extra power and strength to overcome our country's daily difficulties."

- Laugh vibes, Dutertard "Beshies", and Marcostard "Beshies" - https://www.facebook.com/...os/1903265873273927/

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