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wacky Jul 4
Well you would have to trust him wouldn't you. Freedom of speech no longer exist under DU30. Destroy my country quote: "I will kill you"  We believe you.  Anyone that speak out about DU30 is even shot, silenced or goes missing as we have seen with De Lima, Espinosa, Matabato and now DU30 trying to get Trillianes behind bars for speaking out. Trillianes already serve 7 years in jail and beyond me why he is allowed to practice as a senator. Having said that I happen to like Trillianes. The ex president Estrada was sentence to life in jail, give a pardon and gets a job in Government. Pork barrel scams, black mail, theft via government officials, police blackmailing Foreigners. How can this country ever progress forward.  I just wonder if 80% of Filipinos trust DU30 cuz they are scared to speak out. DU30 has given himself Immunity from prosecution is a doctrine of international law that allows an accused to avoid prosecution for criminal offences so there isn't f**k all anyone can do or even touch him. 

Only in the Philippines. 

A barrage of Fake news dominated my FB wall post during the start of the 2015 Election campaign and still going strong as of today. THAT, what suckered ALOT of Flips. 

-It starts with "Shocking!" or "Breaking News", & even the good vibe "My Duterte Story" - All sound waaaaay too good to be true, from "news groups", ALL claiming to "your best & reliable news source." Then memebuster.net was formed & found out that most of these DU30 Glorifying & "Yellow", CBCP, & CHR demonizing news are FAKE.

Still, that doesn't stop Flips from attacking memebuster.net, and even FB Page, Philippinefails, with all their emotional shit pulling for themselves, into calling them as fake news or "Yellow" propaganda group.

-The 4 most popular rhetorics DU30 & Marcos fanatics use in their arguments are: Yolanda, SAF44, Rape victim sob stories, [Insert massacre here], or any overly emotional shit.

-Even Hollywood celebrities with at least 0.00001% of Filipino blood, are subject of photoshop-fest claiming they support DU30 with a shirt, & plaster DU30 logo in it.

-Celebrities, like Freddie Aguilar uses his youth oriented emotional music to win votes, with a song that talks about a brand new nation.

-"Mr. Riyoh", a Filipino "Youtube sensation", uses a lot of dramatic sequences & eye-popping graphics in his videos to win & maintain support for DU30 & Marcos. Barely any credible citation was used, or nothing at all.

-They even post pics of Foreigners supporting DU30, or as what Captain PFB would call them, "Gone Native".

-You would believe that they even made an Anime-inspired DU30 tribute video, and even a mobile app side-scrolling shooter (ALA Metal Slug) video game that depicts DU30 as the hero of nation, killing random criminals in the process, and it's one of the most popular and still going strong.

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