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wacky Jul 12
Hey Tina look at this table and chairs. I really like this. Kuya how much is this. Reply: Out of stock sir.

Really, that's a shame I really like it. Can I have the display table and chairs? Reply, No sir it's for display only.  Well if it is for display purpose only and out of stock, why the f**k you have it on display.  Reply: I don't know Sir.  Me C,mon Tina lets choose something else, there is 20% of this table and chairs. How much is this Kuya? Reply 20,000 peso Sir with 20 % discount, 16,000 peso na lang?

Seems fare! Tina do you like this table and chairs? 0o,yes It's nice. Me: How much is delivery to Pasig kuya? Reply 200 peso sir. Again seems fare. Me: We will have this one. Reply: Sorry sir out of stock! Me: Ok, can you show me the items you have that are available in stock to take today. Reply: For a while sir I just check. 15 Minutes later. Me: Ma'am where it the guy who went to check on stock?

Reply, oh he went for lunch sir.  Can I help you with anything today?  Me: No f**k off I am going home. How ever long you have lived here, and yet know the system, daily I go out just for a simple life. I don't want stress getting from A to B just a simple life but I can guarantee shit will hit the fan in your every day life living here. I do like this country but it's hard to live forever trying to adjust. I catch a taxi I gotta fight about price. Then I am stuck in traffic that takes 20 minutes but with traffic 2 hours. I get to my destination and have a few beers and charged for more than I drank. I go to 7/11 for a hot dog passing a guy pissing in the door way of a business while the Filipino lets the door slam in my face entering 7/11. No ketchup, greeted by beggars holding out their hands asking for money I just gave 50 peso yesterday leaving. Followed down the street by vendors trying to sell me items cheaper in SM. Crossing the street is a f**king night mare, lets find a gap and run.  Feeling sleepy now time to go home. Taxi! Where you going,Plus 100 peso? Why? Traffic, but it's 2 am in the morning. Drives off searching for another guy to ripoff.  F**k it I will ride Jeepney. Bayad po 8 peso. Smoke billowing out the back ain't so bad until we get to the stop lights. Get home, feeling happy and relaxed. Head down on my pillow dogs barking, music playing. Oh well I am used to this now. Looking forward to being woken by the cockerell at 4 am.  Marching bands start at 6:30 am. So what is the Venue? "Practice" I am out of the city come December 2017. Contract is up and moving to the province. It is too much stress for me and making fights with my Missus. Bless her, she got the patients of a saint. Yep dumb as a fucking tree stump but I have gained to respect her. She's a good gal.  Any ideas some good place out of Metro Manila. Lived Boracay, Bohol before so any idea would be greatful. I would like to be close to an ocean again. A clean ocean.  Cheers guys.

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Might not be an ocean but certain places in Los Banos, Laguna more specially to the suburbs/near UPLB campus seem serene.

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