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wacky Jul 16

Smoking ban in Public good or bad?

Bad...Let me tell you why. Yes smoking is not good and bad for your health but it is the Philippines poor yet again that will suffer even they don't smoke.

Nearly half of all Filipino men and 9% of women smoke and experts say the habit costs the economy nearly $4bn in lost revenue. Many people quit, good idea right....And many people to lose their jobs. More f**king poverty.

If they are worried about polluted air you need to look at the Dirty f**king Jeepney, tricycles and others billowing gas fumes. I am a smoker and totally respect others that don't. Give me a designated place to smoke and I will go there.

This is more about how it will affect the Philippines economy ban effective 22nd July. And yet dumb f**k pinoy are in ore of this retard DU30....! And for the record, Duterte was himself a heavy smoker but quit when he was diagnosed as suffering from Buerger's disease, that is only reason he stopped..Dumb f**king hypocrite.

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CaptainPFB Admin
CaptainPFB Jul 19
Yeah, I think the smoking ban is going way too far. What other personal life choices is he going to take away?
Mike Jul 19
As We all know very well leaders of nations often have their pictures on coins, paper money and stamps. Now That may very well happen with Duerte at some point or another. Being the nice guy you all know and love me for I cannot stand to see you left in suspense so I will show you some of the official Duterte portraits for such things. So please feel free to vote on your favorite presidential picture of Duterte sub homo erectus.   SORRY LUCY, NO DISRESPECT INTENDED!

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Mike Jul 19
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Mike Jul 19
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Mike Jul 19
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