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FHPS Feb 28
Have you been into a SM or a Gaisano especially and tried taking photos of the stock? items eg. to show someone so can compare.  

I have done it.  Try it.  The whole world will go off, especially in provincial Gaisano's as if the fire alarm has gone off.

The scene will be eg. your looking at a pair of shoes say.  You are on the phone and want to take a photo of the shoes so can compare the price online or show someone.  You can see the turds all scurrying around and then someone, usually a GUARD will come up and say "sorry sir, no pictures"

Why?  What the fuck are they scared of...that I have a shoe shop and I'm grabbing ideas for stock or thinking I can sell 10 more pairs a day than Gaisano by charging 10 pesos less. Who the fuck knows.  

Its like a little obsessive compulsive thing they have going.  I find they are highly OCD Filipinos, you try it.  When they want something, or feel they are being taken advantage of in some way eg. you have something of theirs, they will be on your tail like anything, constantly, minute by minute.  When you need them... you'll not get boo from them.  They will not be around, be unreliable, not answer your calls - gone!

SomeYungGuy Mar 31
I get what you mean and most stores are kind of dicks like that. I've never gotten anything but you could just ask to talk to the manager of the store. Clear it up and make it known that you're going to take pictures in their store. It isn't even the managers store. I doubt he "owns"the store". Some stores do do that.

When I was trying to do something in the US I called up the legal team for wallmart and asked if I could take pictures of an item and he told me straight up that they don't mind because they know they have the lowest prices. If I have any problems he told me to talk with the management of the store and if they disagree to tell them to give him a call. He was also very cool with open carry in wallmart.

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