Four Wheel Deal and SM

The other day my wife asked our son if a business deal would work out and he said yes. She then told him if he was right she would get him an electric car to ride in from SM. So the deal did happen and wife took our son and dragged me off to SM to look at said cars which son picked one out tested it got the directions from SM staff and told return it in 3 days if something wrong. So back to the house we went, she did not have to drag me back to the house though as less I’m around filipino morons the more I like it.


Back at the house the car was charged and when son rode it a loud popping sound came from the gear box about every 15 foot or so like plastic catching on something and snapping. Sunday we took the car back to SM with all the paperwork and parts and told them we would like to exchange it, the conversation went something like this:

Me: we would like to exchange this for another one as it makes noise from the gearbox.

SM: You need to charge it.

Me: It is charged and that has nothing  to do with the gear box.

SM: Here’s how you charge it.

So at this point wife starts talking to them in the dialect only for me to hear them tell her it needs charging. Then they say cannot exchange as the toy manager has gone for the day (Yeah, right, that’s a new one huh?).

SM toy people were nice enough to get a manager from another department though who told my wife:

SM: We will exchange it but you have to choose another car from the same manufacturer. (This manager also talked about charging the battery.)

Now I just loved that one and could not keep my mouth shut. I know, you all are surprised at that one.

Me: Why do we have to exchange for another made by the same maker? We are not dealing with the maker of the car but SM who paid for it BEFORE it was delivered. It is SM problem and not the maker and SM should stand behind their promise and products.

SM: Sorry Po but it has to be the same maker.

Me: What part of my last statement did you not understand? Why are you all talking about charging the battery when that is not the issue with the car?

Me to wife: They are trying to side track you onto a different subject and avoid the issue. (Said in front of all the SM staff).

SMM: Po, we will try to call the toy manager and see if you can exchange it for the car of your choice. Please give us 5 minutes.

Me: If no exchange then nothing less than a full refund and we’ll go somewhere else. I have been here long enough to know how filipinos work.

Now most of you have been through something like this so I’ll cut it short. Our son did get to pick a new one of his choice and we paid the difference in price. They pulled it out of the box and put it together right in front of me. Then:

SM: Sir, if there is a problem with this one please bring it back and we’ll fix it.

Me to myself “And how much of a hassle will I get then?”

So the new car works just fine and son at 7 years old is a better driver than the assholes out on the road.

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    Mike Post author

    The thing that got me was the SM staff could not or would not get off the subject of the battery charging as the cause. Then as I listened to them talk in the dialect I knew they were telling my wife the same thing and then I spoke up, again. I have noticed this several times on situations like this where they will not get off of one subject and act like the customer is stupid.

    1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      Filipino Customer Service Handbook:

      Lie with constant repetition, feign ignorance, and refuse to budge … and most importantly, do not acknowledge that there is even a problem at all. Recognizing that a problem exists will only create needless work for yourself.

      Follow these steps rigorously and faithfully, and the customer WILL give up and go away. Then you win.

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      Mike Post author

      Just half has gone to shit? Your lucky! Today another of the dish cabinets was broken. Yep, not even three months and they broke the door off.

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    Phil Doh

    I went through a stage of just insisting on buying the most expensive products in SM hoping they would last longer than a few months, but they never lasted more than a year. Wasted a shit load on toasters and kettles. Fucking handle dropped off a saucepan of boiling hot water once and scolded my leg.
    And they all joke about, “Made in China hehehehe”. Almost every country is buying from China, but the failippines gets the bottom of the barrel crap, the rejects and stuff which wouldn’t pass safety standards in other countries.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I have been through so many coffee makers. Sometimes as many as 3 in one year. Then about 3 years ago at G-mall I paid P600 for one, why bother to pay more, right? The sucker still works, lol. Amazing, someone must of goofed.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        my buddy brought a steel coffee maker from canada,, the one with the little pipe and steel basket for the coffee grounds,, the pipe broke off ,, so i just boil coffee,, with a pinch of salt and an eggshell,, just dump the grounds into boiling water.

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    Mike Post author

    Finding quality at a reasonable price in the philipiines is as rare as finding an honest filipino.

    An intersection of a street. On one corner you have Santa Claus. The second corner you have the Easter Bunny. On the third corner you have the Tooth Fairy and on the fourth an honest and responsible filipino. Which is real? Everyone knows there is no such thing as an honest and responsible filipino.

    1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      Mike, three of the four things are real. I am sure that at times you have been treated just like Santa Claus. I know how it feels to be the Easter Bunny. Sarah was likely the Tooth Fairy just last week. All of them give away free shit and get nothing in return.

      But still, even if all those things are real, that will never change the fact that there is no such thing as an honest and responsible filipino.

  4. Profile gravatar of Jay

    I’ve been through this crap many times.

    At first I thought I was getting excellent service whenever I made a purchase, and before they rang it up they went through a big deal of un-boxing the item and plunging it in. See sir, the coffee maker works.

    Bullshit, this is just a cheap ploy. Because it lights up doesn’t mean it actually works.

    Whe you get it home and find out it may light up, but not make coffee, when you return it to the store you will be told: Sir, we tested it before you left the store.

    An the headaches begin. No consumer protection in this shithole. The customer is always wrong.

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    I can relate. Bought a glue gun some years back, then once I plugged it in, the plastic from the wiring just melted right off. Good thing I was still able to unplug it without frying myself. Apparently, the voltage for the said glue gun is for 110v. Who the hell would want a 110v glue gun in a 220v country?!

    Also, some places actually still have the “No return, no exchange” policies hanging on their stores.

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    I’ve had it happen to me as well. When they keep saying something like, “you need to charge it”, or “sorry po”.
    I can feel myself getting all pulp fiction on them. It’d be nice to have a gun, point it at them and yell out,
    ” English motherfucker, do you speak english”
    Them: Sorry po?
    Me: What country are you from
    Them: Sorry po?
    Me: Is sorry po a country? I’ve never heard of sorry po!! Do they speak English in sorry po?!
    Them: Sorry po?
    Me: “Say sorry po one more time, Say it one more goddam time, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker!!”

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      @Johnny all you hear from these monkeys is “sorry” if you complain or crticize on something. They cant admit either it’s their fault or to resolve the issue ASAP its purely simple fucking common sense. It’s not rocket science………

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    Barry Smyth

    Its your kid you will do what you think is right but the best he would have got from me would have been a peddle car that is why you see so many fat kids around and spoiled ones but like I said its your kid its your call…..