Friends For Money

You probably remember me telling you about my former staff member – living in Iloilo – hooked up with my other friend (formerly living in Davao)….? If not… here’s the link;

Just got a nice letter from my man – which I copy-paste and post here. I was written in partly English-Danish, so I composed the following in a draft for you.


Dear Friend Across The Oceans.

Just write to tell you how happy I’m living my life back home. You will not recognize my house and surely not my bedroom, after Elizabeth moved in.

I write you to tell you about all my “new friends” i got when retiring back home.

My Danish State pension arrives every 5th in the month – and should that be on a Saturday or Sunday, rest assured my money are here the day after. All work after a priceless clock….. and so do the visits to my home.

Following your advice and with the help from Elizabeth, my pension from your company are always paid in to a different bank account than that of the State Pension from Denmark.

That’s why my “new friends” and part of my family (only) think I get about 31.000 peso in pension every month. The rest of the money are kept and saved for me and my family, so I can enjoy it with them and Elizabeth.

We talked about this before so you know what’s it’s all about when telling you, that when I came back here, I knew I had 5-6 good friends. Suddenly…and mostly after the Danish State Pension started to arrive on said dates, my “followers of friends” just grew and got so large, that not even I could count them for sure. Be assured that my real friends are still here with me, but the numbers of “new friends” just grew every month.

The “new friends” never visited me on the 2nd or the 4th of the month. NEVER…. They always came on the 5th in the month. It was so accurate on the date I always wondered “who needs a calendar…?”

Over the years my 5-6 regular friends was now growing to a flock of 30-40 different men and women. Yes, I did know them, but why did they know me….? I decided to put it for a test. On Thursday 5th May 2016 the regulars was in, some even came so early I think they woke up my chickens…hehehehe.

Yes, I did feed them, bought the beer, lending them some money, bought more food and beer, but at the end on every visit I handed them all with this message;


“Dear Friend. You are always welcome to my home. I’m always happy to see you and to enjoy our time together. I’m writing this note to you because I have a problem. My Danish State Pension will not come any more, so this month I got my last pension from Denmark. The reason for this is that I claimed for my Philippine Military Pension. Since applying for AFP,  my Danish State Pension has been suspended, awaiting the outcome of how much I can claim every month from the military pension fund. Therefore i beg for your help. I will have no income for the many month ahead until all matters are settled. Please help me and bring me some food and money for my bills. For you who borrowed money, please repay me sooner than later”


To My Dear Friend In Denmark…. I’m happy to tell you I still have 6 good friends. One handed me some food in June, gave me a piglet in July and the same friend even baked bread for me. Another really good friend came along with beer for me – and invited me for a chicken-fight – where he paid for my bets. My sister came by with balut – I really enjoyed that day. My friends and my family have never been more close to me as they are now.

Do I really have to tell you that I lied to all my “new friends…?????

Yes, I did lie… and my man… I really liked to do that. My Danish State Pension will never stop – actually it increased here in August. My “new flock of friends” believed me and now think I have no money at all – and show me how good friends they are by staying away now I’m lost for a income from abroad.

How lucky can a man in his old age be…hehehehe.

How are you my friend.?”


I’m still having a good time reading this letter from my friend.

Have you ever have “friends” who disappeared when your money runs out…?


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  1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    Right on.
    I have often noticed the expats here that love-love-love the phils (Bob comes to mind) and speaks of all his “friends” and how friendly everyone is.
    Yes, friendly as long as YOU are handing out the money, buying the beer, so on. If you do not pass out the cash?? OH, well then you are the king of the a**-holes. And if you speak the truth about this place, then you are “scum” 😉 racist, or some other such crap.

    Speaking of Bob…humm, wonder how he is spinning all the bad press coming out about his beloved Phils?? Bet this is cutting into his bottom-line

    The EVIL American scum Joe

    1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2
      Denmark2 Post author

      The guy referred to as “my man” are Philippine.
      Nevertheless, money from abroad seems to be “free load” for all those FlipFloppers living in Phil.

      Bob and all those telling us how this place are wonderful are just plain stupid and ignorant.
      They earn their money on scam as well, so not much difference from the people they “love” so much-

  2. Profile gravatar of Eau de Tourette
    Eau de Tourette

    My first Trip tot he Philippines saved me from experiences like that on “unsuccessful scam”-story quite some.
    i did not have a problem booking the cousin of my gf a hotel room for 1400 php for one night and most of them around my girl know that begging on me is not the best option. one of my fanv answer to beggars and their stories of whatever kind is ” ah that’s really sad. i know you will find a solution for this. good luck.”

    These stories of the oh so happy and so friendly and great people on the phils are one of the most grotesque things i ever experienced.
    when i get my payout on some insurance i have running i will surely not mention the amount to anyone in the family there.

    My girl is becoming more and more aware of how shitty even her own relatives are and how they present when she has money and can invite them or buy them something but when it comes to duties or helping her on issues none of them has time or they leave the house in the morning and come back at night when the dinner is ready and then they are really fast sooo tired from their long day of doing nothing and spending time with whatever leisure or hanging out drinking beer and talking rubbish of something they would anyways not accomplish in this or the next 3 lives.

    And she even said the sentence i said myself ” i don’t know how things will be when i am gone” and that’s exactly what anyone with a drive or proper setting of mind does: leaving the phils and the millions of leeches and beggars which have on every thought nosebleed.

  3. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Next to Narcissism and the crab mentality I have learned to never trust anyone here they all lie.
    I gave someone a bicycle I had to help her out some weeks ago, now I am the moneyko she thinks she was dreaming of, but guess what the dream was a fake as it did not turn out that way I am not the moneyko in her dreams L.O.L.
    In the past weeks she has hit me up for money etc and it never stops, kindness does not end with just one act its now the signal you are weak and can be exploited when ever.
    And what she offers in return use your own imagination but the game ended with the bicycle when will she get the message only time will tell.

    1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16


      ” when will she get the message only time will tell ”

      That’s the problem they have no shame and won’t take accountability for anything they do. they truly are the worlds beggars

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          Nice one Raiders. The issue is D30 has zero respect for anyone. In that clip at least there is respect for each other and done face to face like a man, unlike some of our keyboard commandos we have around here.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Hey Joe,
            The world is waking up to filipinos. I saw an article that you will find interesting.
            The article is in Forbes magazine and the title is “The Philippines vs China: U.S. Should Let Manila Fight It’s Own War”

          2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
            Hey Joe

            I will check it out. Just from the title alone, I would have to agree. But, and a big but, all us expats would be SOL. We all know what would happen in a conflict like that.

  4. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I have a cousin who was a marine in Vietnam and came back a little messed up. He was awarded service connection by VA and started receiving a monthly tax free pension. After a while he settled down in Florida and during a chat he started talking about his “friends” which came around only when his pension hit the bank. I quote him:

    “First the money ran out, then the pot ran out, then the beer ran out, then the friends ran out.”

  5. Profile gravatar of roadking

    I thought that every one here knew that , You don’t lend in this country you give , Coz it ant coming back, & Don’t be Apologetic , generous, or kind , Flips just see it as a weakness to be exploited….

  6. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
    Random Numbers

    I can’t think of a time I spent even 2000 pesos on a meal. I think the most I spent was about 1300 pesos, for a friend and about 5 of her friends. When uninvited “guests” show up, the venue becomes very cheap! On my first visit, I was with a friend, and 5 of her friends unexpectedly showed up, so I took them to a “turo turo” shop and the entire bill for the 7 of us was only 147 pesos! She was kind of embarrassed about it, but what do I care? I can be one kuripot MF when I am there!

  7. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I noticed you did not say in what city this was. But don’t you find it odd that 5 of her friends suddenly showed up? No, she sent them a text from the cr.

  8. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
    Random Numbers

    The turo turo was in Dumaguete. No, she didn’t send a text, Dumaguete is pretty small, we just ran into them on the street. She is one of the nice pinay, last I heard she was married to a skimmer out of San Diego. She would warn kanos about pinay asking for money, and I would warn pinay about kanos only wanting sex.

  9. Profile gravatar of Eau de Tourette
    Eau de Tourette

    One of the last comments of my girl was kinda going to the part of not wanting to spend a lot of time in her city. Not because of any issues so much like secrets. she does not like the attitude begging and BS that comes up from some people.
    Today we had a talk because of some relative of hers and it went to the part of borrowing money and i stated that money will only be borrowed with a contract signed at the notary and the money would have an interest to it.
    Now i may sound harsh and cold on it – yet someone was enjoying to spend money and time and doing whatever and if i borrow money it will not be forked over and then later on ” ah is there a contract?”.
    It makes me sad on parts because the attitude is annoying. i have friends who gave me money in hard times and i got not pressured but a contract was never needed and i paid my things back. it is a matter of reliability honor honesty and keeping your word consciously.
    I miss these traits on a lot of Flips and this is what makes their life in the country mainly hell.
    It’s a rich country but their laziness, superficial shallow attitude full of corruption lies and their common sport of who can fuck over the other one best is making it a hellhole if being born there applies.
    Thank God i am not and my chances are and were different in life.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Might I add one thing to your comment? Even with an agreement signed in front of a notary they will still try to weasle out of it and deny the agreement. I just solve the whole thing very easy. I don’t loan money or anything to filipinos.