Fuck Morals! 50% off sale!

Well, had me another fun lesson on how incredibly ignorant these people really are.  Yeah, I know..I know.  You only need ONE lesson to see it, but the Failippines is the lesson that keeps on teaching over and over again, eh?

This particular episode happened just last night, and I’m still reeling from the moral whiplash.

So the story goes that last night my partner and I decided to go to the nearby Puregold for some supplies.  No biggie, we do this all of the time.  This time, however, they have one of their “outdoor sales” going on.  Everywhere is cheap goods on sale, which is fine by me (though it took away about 30 parking spaces).  But hey, it’s a store selling its goods.  As is usual, they have those big ass speakers blaring music at 3x the volume needed for people to hear the music.  As a side note, I’m told that’s “Chinese tradition to keep evil spirits away”.  Yes, I read that as bullshit too.

So imagine us walking up to the store, having to walk past these speakers blaring music, children walking around everywhere.  The current song playing ends….pause….then the next song starts.


Yes, you read that right.  That’s exactly what was shouted out three times at the very beginning of this song.  I am not kidding you.  Now…just take a moment to reflect…visualize life back in whatever first world country you’re from…if a store started blaring this music loudly for all of the customers to hear.  If you’re picturing police being called and managers being strung up to be flayed alive, then congratulations!  You’re normal.

But in reality, you’re in the Failippines.  It is NOT normal here, and everyone is just standing around like nothing is happening.  However, I am not one of these idiots.  I AM a normal human being who gives a shit about things like this.  And so I leap into action.

“Who’s in charge here?  Who the fuck is in charge here!??!” you start hearing as my partner cringes, knowing what’s coming.

“Me sirrrr” some vacant-eyed girl says.

“At what GODDAMN point is it ok for you to play music like that with children around!?” I said

“What music, sir?” she blankly replies.

“THAT music!  The music with the lyrics of “eat my pussy, lick my pussy!?” I say, shocked at the lack of any clue on her part.

“Sorry sirrr.” She says.

“Get that fucking music off of there now!  There’s children around here!”  i bark back at her, then walk off.

Later on, after doing our shopping, I leave my partner to wait in line while I decide to have a little chat with the store manager.  So I walk up to the customer service desk (pun intended) and get the attention of another blank eyed idiot with a walkie talkie.  That conversation starts like this:

“May I speak with the store manager, please?’

“Why sir? “

“Because I need to speak with her”

“Is there something I can help you with?”

“If I thought you could help me with it, I’d be telling you, wouldn’t I? Get the store manager, please.”

“But sirr, maybe I can help you….”

“Just go get the damn store manager, will you?”

“For a while, sirrr.”

So I wait …for a while….and she comes back with:

“Sirrr…the store manager says she is busy, and asks if I can help.”

“Tell you what…how about you go back and tell the store manager that if they’re too busy for me, maybe their boss won’t be too busy to talk to me”

“But sirrr…maybe I can help?”

“Just go tell her that.”

She leaves and comes back with….surprise!…a store manager, who then suffered the wrath of one of my pointed lectures on how the fuck to run a store, how not to let your employees run around doing whatever the fuck they want, and that people need to be fired.  I kept her there for 30 minutes….no lie.  Then I left to go meet up with my woman, who was patiently waiting by the car for me.

And if you think that’s the whole of the story, you haven’t heard the punchline yet.

As we were driving home, and I’m updating her about my “conversation” with the store manager, she informs me of something that made my brain want to snap:

The customers who were there when I first complained were all talking amongst themselves, wondering why I was making such a big deal of it!

These fucking morons have no problem speaking up against how divorce ruins childhoods, and they have no problem having 3 year old little Maria listening to this shit blaring out at 120 decibels into their brains????

Fucking Flips….low standards, low morals, low intelligence.

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    I send the child bride in get them to turn that shit off or down to a reasonable level before I even step foot out of the fucking car.
    I will walk across the road to avoid the fucking racket.
    PET BEEF!!!!!!!!
    Its like that fucking genius that moves stuff all the time in my local supermarket so I cant find anything where it used to be.
    My new technique is find a staff member get them in tow and have them find what I want.


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      Don, I feel your pain. That also is one of my pet peeves. But here are a few more.

      1.) They only time they can restock a store is during shopping hours. So in addition to having filipino push and crowd you out of the way you have to dodge boxes stacked across the aisles, staff restocking shelves and the push carts taking items to the aisles.

      2.) The sales people who follow you around like your stealing the store blind yet ignore the filipinos who really are stealing it blind.

      3.) Stores that advertise certain items or brands for sale in flyers or on store front. So you go in searching for said item but cannot find it. When you finally find someone to ask your told “We don’t carry that product”. When you ask why they advertise it then you get what I call the filipino stupid look.

      4.) At the check out you HAND the money to the cashier. But the cashier throws your change on the counter at you.

      5.) You can carry the items you bought on your own. But some store staff always pushes their way into carrying out to your car or taxi no matter how much you say no.

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    Penance Post author

    Normally I don’t give much of a shit. I accept they’re fucking idiots with no sense of professionalism in their work and career. It’s always the cheapest possible solution while forcing the customer/consumer to accept their cheapness as “the norm”.

    But I have a soft spot when it comes to kids. Not the street kids. They all work for gangs. But if there are parents there, I expect those parents to give a shit about what their kids see and hear. I did when I raised my kids. It’s not fucking rocket science. But it’s the blank staring and apathy these parents have that boggles my mind.

    In a nutshell, the only one you have to blame when your kids grow up all fucked up is yourself. You let them watch and hear shit they shouldn’t, and stuff like that will stick. Eventually you end up with a loser child having more loser children because neither you nor them give a shit about improving the quality of life around you.

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      Oh noes Kaine, that’s so offensive to say because us Filipinos are very caring and good!

      Just kidding. Hell, I’m Filipino and I have to put up with the dumb s’t that a majority of people where I live do everyday. It’s like there’s a national template of stupid-standards that everyone in this country has to follow. It’s the same here.

      With regards to parenting, the average Filipino always seems to lack the proper parenting skills, much less know how to raise and take care of children. My girlfriend (also Filipina) works as a nurse in a hospital here and every now and then they’d get babies who were badly dehydrated and in danger of dying. This really ticks her off (she loves kids). Here’s how a conversation of hers with a mother went:

      My GF: Ma’am, do you know that your child is severely dehydrated? (kid was suffering from diarrhea)
      flip: Oh, I had no idea. But he kept pooping and pooping so I just kept changing his diapers
      My GF: He kept doing that because he had diarrhea. How long has it been going on now?
      flip: Oh it’s been four days, I didn’t know.
      My GF: Have you been breastfeeding him?
      flip: I tried to but he didn’t want so I just stopped

      Wow. Just, wow. Apparently it’s normal for babies to uncontrollably poop and to randomly refuse to feed.

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      When I first got to this “paradise” I had a lot of teenagers and kids greet me with FUCK YOU, Hey MOTHERFUCKER and such. They heard it in the modern “music” they listen to and come to believe that how you greet Westerners. Now I’m 51 and remember my grandfather (6’1″ and about 250) I know what my grandpa would have done if he heard that music. But remember, you can’t spell crap without rap.

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    OK, I’ve been wanting to share this for some time now, and I guess this is the opportune moment.

    On my last visit to The Devil’s Playground (which was the last time I will ever set foot there), the aswang and I went off on what was supposed to be a “romantic” getaway on Camiguin Island (which turned in to a disaster, she was so bad I had to leave a day early). Camiguin was one of my favourite places over there–a beautiful almond-shaped volcanic island about 30km long by 20km wide with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, and cold springs. The only problem with Camiguin is–you guessed it–there are flips that live there (it should go without saying that any place which is run and/or inhabited by flips will be completely “intercoursed” up).

    Anyway, one fine afternoon the aswang and I went to a little restaurant in the “big” town of Mambajao for lunch. The restaurant was run by a family that also owns a bakery that makes these absolutely wonderful “pastels”–buns filled with various fillings (their most famous filling is made with butter and egg). If you ever have been to Northern Mindanao, I suggest you look for Vjandep Pastels–available in most grocery stores (will help take a little bit of the “sting” out of living and/or visiting that hell-hole of a country).

    OK, so much for the background on the island and the family that runs this restaurant. We sit down for lunch, and as is the case, “God”, “Lord” and “religion” are everywhere–a statute of the Santo Ninyo on the wall, signs written on the wall that say “Food is blessed by the Lord” “Pray before meal”, etc. etc., and the placemats on the tables give the story of the bakery and restaurant, and how the “Lord” had blessed the family, the business, etc. over the years (also, with a reminder to “Pray before meal–the food is blessed by the Lord’ “).

    OK, in the true flip tradition of being “so religious yet so corrupt”, alongside the Santo Ninyo statue are shelves lined with booze, the napkin holders set next to the placemats advertise Marlboro cigarettes, and the waiter was a young man who wore a T-shirt that read–and I kid you not–“Things that make my dick hard” (along with a listing of sexual stuff that, purportedly would make his dick hard)!!!!

    OK, in my years of going to that poor-excuse-for-a-country, I’ve seen a lot, but I practically gagged when I saw his shirt. I really should have taken a picture for all to see, but then again, on this forum everyone knows what goes on over there so you are not going to think I am lying (and besides, as the old saying goes “Ya can’t make this stuff up!”). My gosh, here in the civilized world you would not be able to go to work in the back of a junkyard wearing something like that! And here, this poor-excuse-for-a-human-being is waiting tables!!!

    And the aswang and her family wander why I will never return. That is just one of many many many reasons….

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    Barry Smyth

    My view on what was happening at Pure-gold is this you should have not got involved at all because with all your posturing and lecturing them,nothing changes I have learnt that after 35 yrs yes 35 yrs dealing with them.
    We all know that religion as they see it is and has been prostituted along time ago,its there form of Religion that has no resemblance to anything we understand.
    Children are exposed to all manner of things we would never allow in the west, you would be brought to task and charged with the things you see here, but to them its just one more day in the life of the Philippines.
    I have asked many girls over the years what happens when you are all sleeping together and your father wants to make one more baby and he climbs on your mother for boom boom the answer is always the same we just roll over and face the other way.
    They are exposed to all manner of things like sex drunkenness rape etc at a very early age and they think nothing of it.
    Its only use that try to impose our values on them because we think it is so wrong I ask this, is it.
    We in the west see things in a different light, my advise is just except it as it is,question would you nail yourself to a cross NO YOU WOULD NOT but they see it as an act of faith you see it as and act of complete stupidity as I do.
    So my friend slow down enjoy the crazy shit around you and do not provoke the bear it will get angry one day and strike back.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      That is good advice, Barry, but there is another factor to consider.

      I was doing this for myself as well.

      We’ve all heard the term “Gone native”. It’s what happens when you’r in an unnatural environment for too long. You start to change..become one of them. I don’t want that to happen to me.

      And it really is a fun power trip as well. There’s something about being the only sane voice in a room full of silent idiots. Sure, people put up with stupid shit here, but how can they argue with you on this? I can’t imagine any of these dipshits having the balls to come up to me and argue why it’s ok for this music to be playing Hell, I can’t imagine any of these cowardly twits having the courage to even argue with me. And that’s why it’s fun.

      In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. But the one eyed king who can laugh on the hill is God.

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        Captain PFB

        Kaine, I completely understand your point. And I totally understand Barry’s also.

        Through experience, when confronting situations such as you describe in this post, it really IS JUST FOR YOU. I can 100% guarantee that when you’re lambasting a manager (or any Filipino here), I can guarantee that all they hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher….”wah wah wah waaaaaaahhh wa wa waaaahh waah wah waaaaaaah waa.”

        Secondly, if you think any single one of these brainless turds so much as processes any lyric in a song any more than they process what you say to them, you’re fooling yourself.

        “what music sir?” as it’s blaring through the zip code. That should have been an indicator.

        I understand Barry. I, too, have grown to the point of realizing most “lesson teaching” is futile here. If these idiots were capable of learning morals or lessons, it wouldn’t be in the state it is in.

        And I have come to the point where I just don’t try to teach them. I do what I can to get what I’m paying for, I do all I can to get them to do what I need to keep my current lifestyle maintained. When I want to get my dog to learn a new trick, or get my dog to do something in particular, I cannot go about doing it by talking or treating them like I would a normal human. I must go about it a completely different way, which they will react to and do what I want them to do. So is the Filipino. They are not normal, thus you cannot deal with them as you would a normal human.

        Guaranteed, nobody had any clue why you were upset about that music, and they never will have a clue. That is stuff their brains are not capable of processing. I have learned you have to go about them as if they were some new breed of dog.

        There have been 4 occasions in the past 11 years here where I saw guys wearing a T-shirt with a big Nazi swaztika on the front of it. I ask them if they have any idea what that symbol means. The answer is always “No, I just thought it looked cool” or “I got this as a hand me down”.

        I have learned to adjust my life around knowing what I can get done, and what I can get without too much failure and frustration. And I have pretty much completely ceased all attempts to teach the unteachable. The only words the flow from my mouth to their ears are those which are needed to get me from point A to point B. And it has benefited my peace of mind (as well as my blood pressure, seriously).

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    Phil Doh

    Heard the same kind of crap today in the grocery store in Gaisano – rap music, nigga this and nigga that. Once heard some hardcore gangsta rap at a kid’s birthday party, all bitches and hos and niggas. Just goes to show that flips hear but they don’t listen.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      ” Just goes to show that flips hear but they don’t listen.”

      I think it’s more a case of “monkey see, monkey do”. Filipinos simply imitate anything that comes out of America, or any foreign country for that matter, but the US in particular.

      And why the hell do they love so much noise, I have no idea!! I was driving on a mountainous road in the provinces last year, when I can hear this “boom-boom” from a distance. As I turned the corner, I saw 6 GIGANTIC speakers on someone’s yard! There were a few people around, so could be a party of some sort. But if you can’t even seek refuge away from so much noise even on the mountainous provinces, where the hell can one go??

      Even their fast food restaurants has got the damn loud music going. Even the damn buses has these loud music on, you can’t even hear yourself think!! Thank God for Ceres, they’re the only ones
      (I think?) that services Cebu provinces minus the loud music! And I swear the Pinoys tamper with their exhaust to make them louder.

      1. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

        Selene, I have this theory that the average Filipino can never let go of his primitive instinct and thus can never be fully civilized. Thought up this crazy idea after observing that:

        They like loud noises
        they like loud engine noises
        they like overly “loud” colors (hence they customize their sh’t in neon colors)
        the like loud karaoke singing
        they like yelling

        I don’t know. Just something I came up with lol

      2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Here’s my take on the Filipino’s love of noise:

        I think the complete silence in their head (meaning the complete lack of inner thought) is so loud, they need something to fill that empty space (so to speak). Silence can be extremely loud. So you need LOUDER music, LOUDER vehicles, LOUDER everything to compete with the very loud nothingness,,,the white noise going on in their head.

        Normal people almost always are thinking, processing thoughts, when they are awake and alert. Even when we’re awake and idle, we don’t like a lot of noise, because it totally hinders all the activity that is constantly going on in our brains. That’s why we just don’t like all the fucking noise. WE CAN’T THINK.

        With Filipinos, noise interrupts NOTHING. Because that is what is usually going on in the void of their mind. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You can see it in the blank eyes and blank stares. You can see it as they are driving, walking, going about…..as I wrote in an article “I’m An Invisible Man In Philippines” a couple years ago here on PFB,

        “I don’t know how these idiots keep from bumping into each other. You’re walking, and a Filipino is walking toward you, complete with the mindlessly blank stare, and no real awareness of anything around him or her, especially you. If you don’t alter your course, they will just walk right into you, or so it seems. They’ll wait until they are about to crash into you then decide they better deviate from their trajectory. When Filo’s are walking, they’re like an asteroid. Just an inanimate object on a trajectory. It has no awareness that it’s about to slam into a planet or whatever else may be in it’s path. That’s the sense I get when I’m out in public.”

        I really don’t believe the average Filipino learns from the past, nor can they foresee the immediate future in a sense that, for instance, when you and me are walking, and you can see that if you remain in your current path, you will collide, so you alter your course beforehand to make a smooth avoidance of the object.

        I think we all observe the Filipino. No ability in his/her mind to be ANYWHERE but IN THE NOW. No more than a 1 or 2 second foresight to what is to come. When I’m riding in a taxi, 100% of the time, the driver switches lanes, even though he sees (or maybe doesn’t see, as I can) the jeepney stopped in that lane just 50 or 100 meters ahead. But he switches because RIGHT NOW, that lane has no car in front of him. Speed maintained and the brakes are slammed on 5 meters from the stopped jeepney, and he’s now stuck in the lane, and can’t work back into the lane he diverted out of just seconds ago. Had he stayed in the lane, he would be 500 meters further in his journey than he is now, because nobody will let him back in the lane. I foresaw the situation long before he even switched lanes. Obviously he didn’t. This happens CONSTANTLY.

        The Filipino has no foresight much more than a second or two or three maximum. There is no thought processing going on up there. It’s empty, blank, SILENT. Therefore they don’t really even process the loud noise, or pornographic song lyrics, or much of anything at all. So why would they process your bitching at them? “sorry sir” standard response, but they are clueless what they’re sorry about. And that is why “sorry sir” is uttered SO FUCKING MUCH in this country. NO LEARNING FROM MISTAKES, AND REPEATING THEM OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, therefore we hear “SORRY SIR” OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          There is no real conceptualization of resolving problems. Yeah, there are times when Filipinos realize “that is a problem”.

          When NORMAL people say, “that is a problem”, the next thought is, “it needs to be addressed and resolved so it doesn’t happen again, thus improving quality of life”.

          When a Filipino says “That is a problem”. The next thought is….nothing. It is a problem, so it’s a problem. ok. It’s a problem. I’m hungry, let’s go have lunch.

          I don’t think they purposely avoid resolution. I just don’t think they can think. When a dog sees a big hole in the ground, it walks around it and keeps going. He’s not concerned about other dogs falling into it. Well, the Filipino is only just SLIGHTLY above the mentality of the dog. The Filipino might go one thought further and say, “The next Filipino has eyes, let him see it and go around it too.”

          The Filipino will not say, “This hole is a problem, and needs to be filled” (unless of course it’s the hole in a vagina). The Filipino will just say, “This hole is a problem. Let’s go have lunch”.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            “This hole is a problem, and needs to be filled” (unless of course it’s the hole in a vagina)”

            But on the contrary, the vagina hole is their worst problem! And they can’t seem to solve it. The only thought that goes on in their tiny minds is “oh, sticking my penis in this hole feels good, I wanna stick my penis in this hole again and again. What’s the white stuff that comes out? It’s usually yellow? Oh well, shouldn’t create any problems”

          2. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

            LMAO, this is exactly the problem. They have no idea about sex education, they procreate and than wonder why their lives are shit. So many girls I’ve been with here intimately that have no idea what a condom even looks like. So i sit there and educate some dumbass 26 year old who has no idea how the female body works. All it takes is a little time away from selfies and facebook, do a google or wiki search and find out what the hell goes on around the world and in their own country. These numbnuts will never learn, thats why their lives will always be shit, unless they do something like put a cohesive thought together.

        2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover

          “I think the complete silence in their head (meaning the complete lack of inner thought) is so loud, they need something to fill that empty space ”

          LOL….that made me laugh aloud!

        3. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover

          “I think we all observe the Filipino. No ability in his/her mind to be ANYWHERE but IN THE NOW. No more than a 1 or 2 second foresight to what is to come.”

          I think National Geographic should do a special on the “special” animal people in the Philippines.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            National geographic or Pixar could not dream this crap up… they would have to come to the feelippines and see the mess for themselves
            How about a remake of “”planes, trains and autos” flip style.. or ”oh brother where art thou” or the ”UP’ movie??? any ideas on this

            SHOOT ME DEAD is alive and well with his pringles, coffee and national geographic tv.

    2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

      “flips hear but they don’t listen”

      That’s a good one–so very very true. Ranks up there with “We speak the same language but we can’t communicate”. Gotta remember that!

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I went into Gaisano in Surigao City which was playing music you mentioned. This particular song was Akon rapping I WANNA FUCK YOU. They played that song over and over. Now I don’t think they are so stupid that they don’t know what is being said.

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    Phil Doh

    I saw a classic case of monkey see, monkey do yesterday. There’s a park of sorts near here – it’s actually the foundations of a sub division which has never had any houses built on it. I used to go there to walk the dogs and have a jog, but hadn’t been for about a year. It used to be clean then, now there’s trash all over the place. I imagine it began with one or two throwing their trash there, so others see this and think, “well others are doing it so it must be ok”.

    1. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

      They don’t care about the long-term effects of their actions, they just do and do. hence the landslides, flooding. And they wonder why their lives are sh’tty.

    2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      I saw this too, in the shithole condo I used to live in. It was sort of slummy Ill admit, but no excuse.
      was standing on the roof of my 4 story condo, amd looking off into an empty lot behind the building.
      On the other side you can see literal piles of trash in the empty lot and dogs nosing around through it.

      In the span of an hour I saw no less than 4 individuals throw full bags of trash either off their balconies, out the windows, or off the roof into the empty lot below.

      Keep in mind they do infact have a trash system at this condo. All you fucking need to do is not be a lazy bastard, and walk down stairs and throw your garbage away in the bin they have available.

      Clearly this is too much work for the people in that area. I also realize that to many filipino, an empty lot equates to free land dumping as literally every empty lot I have seen in all my years in that country had piles of trash in them, even in nicer neighborhoods.

      I remember that day so well, I just looked around from the roof top and hated my life and everything around me, very depressing.

      1. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

        I had a friend from high school who said something similar. To a Filipino, every hole around him is apparently a garbage bin. (holes in trees, canals, sewers, vents)

      2. Profile gravatar of

        Then they will tell you.
        That the world is sending their trash in the Philippines, Did you know that.
        The rich flips are importing garbage from the world for processing, and getting richer and richer.
        The world sends containers of rubbish to the Philippines so as they can throw it in the fucking ocean.
        I get this urban myth every time I mention the garbage in the river or on the fucking road.
        AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Profile gravatar of

        ” I also realize that to many filipino, an empty lot equates to free land dumping as literally every empty lot I have seen in all my years in that country had piles of trash in them, even in nicer neighborhoods.”

        I own land in Cebu city beside an Aunt’s house and lot. I thought she’d keep an eye on the property for me while I’m away. Imagine my shock on returning 3 years later….my land was full of garbage! My Aunt allowed the neighbors to dump their garbage there, including an old lounge suite and a make shift chicken coop! I was furious! I put up a 6 feet high bamboo fence and got the land cleaned. I later found out the guys I hired to clean my land simply threw out the garbage to the next adjoining land! And the neighbors have since used my bamboo fence as their clothes line, draping their fucking washing on my fence! These people really are the lowest of the low – no manners, no morals, no consideration!

    3. Profile gravatar of

      I watched a building site dump all the waste and rubble onto his neighbors land. A kanoe was the owner of the club.
      The builders were flips.
      They built a new night club.

      About 6 months later the owner of the land returned and found out what had happened, he was a Kanoe. as well.

      Did he get mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He finally got his permits and title on the land he had purchased was now ready to build his restaurant and doctors surgery.

      Yup he cleared his block in one day with a crew and piled it all up on the steps of the night club. It was a sight to behold.
      8 ft high and at least 30 cubic meters of rubble

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Our house in Surigao had land behind it that was empty, the neighbor had a cement wall bout 8 foot high and a nice house. Now we were buying the land behind us so I kept an eye on it. So sitting on our back porch I start to see diapers fly over the wall, this went on for weeks. The flip was asked several times to stop , you know how that went. So one day I go back there to clean up and find 3 full rice sacks of trash the just toss over the wall.

        So I haul them up to the front and continue cleaning. I filled up 5 more rice sacks of their trash and I was only 6 foot out from the wall and half way down the wall! All these sacks of trash I then piled against his front gate. Now here’s the good part, according to him I was being rude, neighborly and arrogant.

        The better point. My mother in law lived with us who is 78 at the time. The city had trash can right across the street in front that they emptied twice a day. So when asshole started in on me I simply asked him why a 78 year old woman can take her trash across the street but a man half that age cannot? Of course I got the famous filipino stupid look.

  7. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

    With regards to music, it just goes to show that a lot of them can’t really discern or much less actually listen to a song. As long as it’s hip, trendy, or on the radio all the time apparently they should f’ing play it on loudspeakers.

    This instance further adds ideas to a theory I’ve been having that the average Filipino has failed to dispose of his primitive side. Hence all the amazement with loud noises, loud music, loud karaoke, loud fireworks, loud talking, loud motorcycles, etc.

  8. Profile gravatar of

    “This instance further adds ideas to a theory I’ve been having that the average Filipino has failed to dispose of his primitive side.”

    So what sort of primitive side are we talking about here justsomeflip? Because I sure can’t think of any species from the animal kingdom who liked noises. The primate certainly scatter around whenever there are loud noises in the forests because for them, noise equals predators. Much as the Pinoys loved to ape anything from the west, apes they ain’t. I’ve often heard that Filipinos have crab mentalities. But from my experience of wading in the beaches in the Philippines, again crabs scamper around just from the sound of waves. So what sort of species do the Filipinos belonged to that they liked noise so much?? And further more, they don’t give a rat’s ass if you, their neighbors hate their music!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      There was a study done a few years back, I say a few but actually more than a decade. It basically stated that people who make loud noises and who play very loud music are actually attempting to “mark” their territory. Or I should say it is a method of marking territory.

      It is a way of displaying personalization of a specific area to that particular individual. It is exactly the same a pissing on a fire tree.
      If one were to look at how the average Filipino lives it starts to make a lot of sense. 100,000,000 people crammed up each others asses and none are willing to give an inch. the only logical conclusion is that a person will want and in fact need to set up a boundy. The easiest method to do this if NOISE and lots of it.

      Noise says “Look at me Im here, I am in this space, this space is mine Stay out!”…. Now the others near by hear noise and what do they typically do? They turn their own music device on and begin to make noise, Or sing along to the music of the other person, “Im here Im making noise, Im present!”

      I think years and years of this have lead to filipinos being naturally deaf to some degree.

      I honest to god think many filipinos are loud because they are marginally deaf. Their parents were loud, their parents, parents were loud.
      Generation after generation just naturally noisy and getting noisier as each individual has their territory encroached upon by more and more people.
      They simply do not realize just how obnoxiously noisy they are becoming because to a person with hearing problems (Which many filipinos demonstrate they have) everyday noises are muted and what is normal for them is simply racket to everyone else.

      I lived in a condo in Fairview for about a year, a shit hole I might add, called Smile City homes. (Should look it up on google images) It was a small condo 35 sqm.. The people above me kept their door open all day and night and would yell at each other from literally a few meters away. This is totally uncalled for. “HOY KUMAIN KA!!”… Mostly just very loud sudden talking or laughing.

      It is also true that people simply don’t give a fuck what other think about the noise. Filipinos like to feel special (Who doesn’t), but filipinos do indeed take it to a whole other level. They love attention, they love being seen and want people to acknowledge them; negative attention is still attention, and so the marking of territory continues.

      The obnoxious banging of plates, and silverware, the listening to music at full volume.
      To a filipino, their life is nothing but racket 24/7. I find it ironic that I was able to sleep in the military while artillery was being fired and rifles were being shot, but I could not for the life of me sleep in the Philippines.

      Im trying to look for that study on noise as territorial marking. If I can find it Ill post a link.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        I forgot to mention a good example.
        Not sure about you, but many times when walking past filipino especially females, if you get too close they will sing suddenly. The closer you are and the more sudden you are near them, then will burst out loudly into a song.

        I think they do it because they are uncomfortable and it relaxes them when you get too close. that is territorial empowerment and personalization. When a Filipino feels uncomfortable they start to make noise..
        Just an observation.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          Yep I have seen this many times, not just the females but males too will suddenly burst into song. You can see their slight uneasiness as you approach and possibly worried about the nosebleed syndrome they avoid a conversation by singing.

          As well as the territory thing I think the noisiness is also a form of boasting – and we all know they love to do that – they’re basically telling all the neighbors: look we have money, we can afford to party.

          1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

            OMFG Mr Phil!! That has just reminded me of one chapter in my life.

            After many years dating a filipina, she turned into the most possessive contol freak I could imagine. If I was 15 seconds late, I was in the dog house.

            One particular night, it was raining, so I was about 2 hours late home. I was soaked through because I had ridden home holding on the the ladder on the back of a jeepney as it was the only way to get home.

            When I got in the door, she started singing. And she wouldnt stop. But it was a twisted kind of tone. It went on for at least 20 minutes. When the singing stopped all fucking hell broke loose and I decided immediately to grab my case and head for the door. That was the end of that one.

          2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            There was no rain, no traffic, no reason for your lateness other than you were with another woman… at least that was how it played out in her mind. Childish filipina jealousy really is a thing with no limits or reason.

        2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

          I think part of the noise might be the fact that the are so used to noise 24 hours a day they feel uncomfortable when there isnt any.

          One of the most bizarre aspects of filipinos is their inability to turn down the volume when others cannot hear them.

          How many times have you phoned someone and couldnt hear them so YOU had to tell them to turn off the TV, stereo etc. They wouldnt turn it off unless you told them to. They are happy to go along and pretend they are listening to you even if they cant.

          1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            I go through this almost every time I jump in a taxi. Radio full blast, where to sir? Where I live takes a bit of directing and not many taxi drivers know where it is, so we go though the same ritual every time with me making thumb finger gestures to turn that shit down so they can hear what I’m saying.

            Filipinos and their ability to absorb a multitude of sounds at once and simply just take it in without listening to it really is a source of complete puzzlement. I often take cabs where they have these small monitors in the back which play commercials. At the same time they will have the radio on. Also, their phone is on receiving the same repetitive ring tones from the cab company with potential new fares. This constant bombardment of noise – cheesy love songs, trying hard to sound American commercials and annoying ring tone – brings on a headache within minutes for me but for the average flip who probably soaks this up 10 hours days its music to the ears.

            I think growing up in cramped households with constant noise of TV, karaoke, chattering etc most flilipinos are actually afraid of a bit of silence.

          2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            most flips are hard of hearing,, buy them a hearing aid and they complain about the batteries,, it sounds no good,, and on and on with the excuses…..

          3. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

            “One of the most bizarre aspects of filipinos is their inability to turn down the volume when others cannot hear them.”

            True. They think there somehow “cool” when doing that (I’ve seen their expressions when they play music from their cellphone speakers onboard jeepneys)

  9. Profile gravatar of

    It happens in the bloody house, what is it they have to have the volume up and then they scream at each other.
    Then they deny you told them something, BECAUSE THEY CANT HEAR ANYMORE THEY ARE FUCKING DEAF, or it is a defense mechanism, Noise CANT HEAR , can do what they want to with deniability.
    I am convinced they don’t care what is on TV as long as it is noisy.
    I’m bloody sure they aren’t interested in the bullshit they watch as long as its bright and noisy

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I think it is a way of marking their territory and measuring their dicks!!!!!!!
      just like birds in a jungle with their bright colored feathers,,,, i do not know how many times I asked people to turn the volume down on some peice of crap show blaring away…. the neighbors can hear it,,,, the one with the biggest and loudest koroke running with stolen electricity booming all over the place.
      especially in election time when they hire these crap boxes with mega boom boxes screaming all over
      I have a theory about ”island people,,(morons)” since they are surrounded by hundreds of miles of water,,, no genes filter into their society ( nobody can get to their island to breed some sense into their women)..
      also in their little minds,,, more noise equals greater status in society.. look at me with my starving howling dogs,,, crowing roosters,, my boom box from my hooker daughter in japan,, etc,

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike


      I feel your pain. I was talking to my wife on our back porch a year or so ago during an election. Well we were sitting about 100 feet away from the road when music started that was so loud we could not hear each other. I waited for about 5 minutes before I went to the street said anything. It was two pinoys sitting in a jeep while others handed out flyers for some thief running for reelection. I asked them several times to turn it down but they just kept saying ‘what”? Well they did turn it down and then told me they could not hear me because the music was loud.

      I told them that was my point. I’m trying to talk to my wife and would be thankful if they turned it down. Well my wife was watching this from the front door so she knows what happened. So they turn it down and I go back to the back porch and sit down waiting for wife house. A few minutes later I hear my wife talking loud at the front door and ask a helper what is going on. Seems the assholes from the jeep waited until the assholes handing out flyers came back and then they decided they were going to go in the house and kick my ass.

      So my wife has about 5 or 6 pissed off pinoys at our front door trying to get in to kick my ass. Things got a little quiet and I saw my wife open the door wide and stand aside to let them in but they just stood there while I stood on the back porch looking at them. Well they all turned around and left but kept the music down. Now I’m curious as to what happened so I asked my wife. She said they wanted in the house to kick my ass and would kick her ass if she blocked the way. So my wife told me she told them before they do that let her tell them a few things which she did. That when I saw her open the door wide and step aside. What did she tell them?

      If you want to go in and kick his ass that is fine with me but before you walk in you should know a few things about the American who’s ass you want to kick.
      First he is retired U.S.military special forces.
      Second he is rumored to be an ex U.S. Navy Seal
      Third I have seen him fight.
      Now if you really want to go in there be my guest, I’ll just watch.

      That is when I saw them just stand there and then walk off meekly. Could they have gone to PNP? Yes. But PNP would only tell them what they told me. “You are very, very deadly”.

  10. Profile gravatar of

    I took the child bride into the OUTBACK a few years ago, we had a lot of rain and the bush was magnificent, grass everywhere and fat cattle horses etc. Once in a life time Event, rivers running.
    So quiet and peaceful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She WAS NOT HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!! NO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! NO HOUSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO MANY FARMS
    I did not see her smile until we cleared the lookout in the Blue Mountains and she saw roofs everywhere as approached the outskirts of Sydney. SHE WAS HAPPY WHEN CRAMMED IN A CITY she hated the quiet and isolation.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      I know what you mean, Don.

      I had an Expat friend who lived just outside of the city who was in desperate need of a helper. He lived in a nice home, always went out to eat American food (to which he would always treat his helper), and paid well. I knew this girl that was struggling for a place to live, didn’t have money for food, and desperately needed a job.

      Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?

      Wrong. She turned down the job at the last minute because she didn’t want to be away from her friends in the city.

      Fine. She can starve. That was way over my stupidity quota.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        I always wanted to tape their crap music that I cant get them to turn down when it blasts up the valley.
        Wait until all is quiet around 3 or 4 in the Morning and play it back to them at FULL BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Bloody child bride thinks I have a mad streak in me.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Sounds like one of my “bakla” cousins. He could not get leave from work because he’s just been hired 3 months ago. He wanted to attend the town fiesta and was not given leave. So he just quit!

        1. Profile gravatar of Anne

          This doesn’t really apply to everyone. When I had my internship, I lived 4 hours drive away from my family. I have no friends since they were accepted in different companies and organizations. I missed a lot of family outings, birthdays, friendly get-togethers etc. The only time I filed a leave is during my cousin’s wedding, but the manager of my department only allowed me to have 2 days off from work rather the one-week (since after my cousin’s wedding they all went to Boracay, while the newly weds had their honeymoon in Europe) I requested. Eitherway, I accepted my two days off rather than complained. After all, I have to understand that the last quarter of the year needs more manpower in the department and with the issues that had happened that month as well, I wouldn’t want my work to pile up. I even worked there until the 23rd of December last year and went back right after the New Year. My parents were both against it saying, “They’ll understand. You’re young and only an intern. Family comes first.” Nonetheless, I told them my internship was a preparation of what I’ll actually experience after getting my degree, and that I have to practice professionalism at a younger age. Besides, working hard pays off! I have had a great experience in that company! Plus, additional savings for me!

          Your cousin doesn’t know how to prioritize things then.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            No he doesn’t. No ambition, no loyalty to the company who hired him. But then, I have yet to meet a Pinoy who has loyalty to his company. Hence customer service is non-existent. For example, during my last visit in Cebu, I approached 2 sales girls gossiping just outside their stores because I wanted some phone load. They turned me away! They did not want my business! It was more important for them to keep gossiping than to earn money for their employer!
            Any wonder they’re only hired on short term contracts?

  11. Profile gravatar of

    “I think it is a way of marking their territory and measuring their dicks!!!!!!!”

    LOL! this comment made me laugh Al because I once heard a Pinay commented on a loud/noisy, tampered with motor bike exhaust. She said “oh, I am convinced that these shabu head Pinoys do this to attract attention to themselves, because for sure they have small dicks and no girl would even look at them. So they make their motor bikes louder in order to attract girls!”. That got me thinking there might be an ounce or more of truth in what she said 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      empty vessels sound the loudest.
      Just like those dickheads who ride around in Harley Davidsons…. and den,, borrow money off you for food…I had a boss ask me for a 100 dollars while he was wearing a gold chain around his neck..
      Well, i am happy my comment about short dicks and loud noises got your attention..lol
      anyway take care, Selena,,,,
      Shoot me dead is alive and well,,,,

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I often wonder if the pinoy even has a pecker and nut sack. My wife would buy me underwear that were a perfect fit all the way around except for one. The nut hammock. The boys would always fall off one side or the other because not enough cloth for them to share the hammock. One falls out of bed and soon takes the other with it. So I figure pinoys have no balls.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Yep, nothing like walking along crowded SM with the twins trying to get to the floor and walk on their own. Tighty whities doing a marathon up the great divide trying to get a peek and see who is walking behind you.

  12. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    hi , pinoy here .
    i’ve learned a lot from you guys .
    and thank you for that i made some changes for myself.

    i will try to do what you did if i am in that kind of scenario .
    lucky for you , they talk to you . i wonder what they will do if
    a filipino speaks like that to them .

    ill prepare myself to be yelled at them and asking me to mind my own business .
    well as you said , HUMAN BEING . so ill do it anyway .

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      Well, Kevin., let me give you an example of how it works the other way around.

      Once upon a time, my partner was at the nearby Savemore buying groceries. She got everything she needed and went to the line. The cashier rings up her groceries and my partner hands her the atm card.

      “Ma’am, so sorry po…we cannot verify the card went through. You must pay cash and if it went through on your card, we will refund you in 10-14 days.”

      This was the first time my partner went 1st world country on them. She was vocal. She complained. They wouldn’t listen. Finally, she called me and I was there within 10 minutes, whereby I said:

      “Whether or not your machines are working is NOT my problem. They’re yours. I’m sure SM makes plenty of money to have working machines here. We’re taking our groceries that we paid for. Call the police if you don’t like it.”

      Then we walked. They just stood there dumbfounded. We never heard a peep about it from them again.

      But it did happen again at a nearby mall. Again, she went 1st world on them to no avail. Again, I came and did the same thing, with the same results.

      The moral of this story is that Flips are very, very racist in two ways. They’re racist against 1st worlders because they think that poverty gives them the right to take money from “walking atm’s”. The “I’m poor, so you must give me money” mentality you see everywhere. You’ll also see this in the smiling, friendly faces of the less than poor as they figure out just how much money you have in your retirement.

      Then there’s the other side of the coin. Filipinos discriminate against other Filipinos because they know Flips don’t have money, are conditioned to be complacent, and have no options to complain anyways.

      But…that doesn’t have to stay that way. If a lot more Filipinos pull their heads out of their asses and start taking responsibility for life around them, like my partner does now, then things will have to change. However poor the Filipinos are, they’re still the #1 source of income for big business here. And no message is heard more than when spoken to a wallet.

      1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

        When ever the GF needs to return an item for refund/swap, she asks me to do it….
        GF: Honey, can you take back for me ???
        Me: What…why do I need to do it, I didn’t buy it.
        GF: Ah because you…ah…you are…ah…(????)
        Me: Because I am a Foreign Ass-hole ???
        GF: Yes !!!….No….I mean you like to argue…ah…you always win….
        Me: Because I’m Good Ass-hole…
        GF: Yes you are Good Ass-hole…
        Me: Ok I’ll do it.
        Anyway…at least I’m a Good Ass-hole…that’s something to be proud of.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Kevin, my wife is a very strong willed pinay but very meek when dealing with filipinos, she will accept their excuses. But I do see some progress in her. Shortly after we married and I came here she had a problem with a product bought from Puregold. I told her to take it back which she did only to be told the one who could handle it was out for the day. Call us tomorrow. She called for seven days straight only to be told the same thing.

      I told her get the item and come with me and off to PG we went. I went straight up to customer service counter and said I wanted to see the manager. They asked the problem and I told them. They looked at the item and agreed it was defective but could not do anything as the 7 days was over. So I explained my wife followed YOUR directions to call back and they will refund or exchange it. Well they kept making excuses until I had enough and started to raise my voice. Wife got a new item.

      In situations like that don’t try to work it out with a cashier, stock boy or such. Always DEMAND to see the manager and never except their excuses. So that is what my wife does and it works most of the time. The times it does not she tells them she’s calling her husband and having him come down and handle it. They always expect the husband to be filipino. Then when I show up my wife just steps back and watches how I deal with them.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike

      First time I done that my wife was embarrassed and stayed away but within earshot. Now when they jerk her around she calls me and enjoys the show. When leaving she will often tell them that she warned them she was having hubby come to handle it. What happens when she goes to those places again? They don’t jerk her around anymore.

  13. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
    Zurina Alvarez

    So blasting music with lyrics that says, “eat my pussy, lick my pussy,” is a good way to ward off evil spirits? These people are so fucking stupid they make me laugh.

    And this is why you see dancing girls wearing provocative clothing on national television. If foreigners does the same thing, it’s bad but it’s okay if Filipinos do it. No wonder kids in the Philippines are having sex at an early age. They’re surrounded by sexual innuendos everywhere that you can’t avoid it. Filipinos don’t give a shit about children because majority of Filipino adults are CHILDREN THEMSELVES. They children stuck in a body of an adult.

    1. Profile gravatar of hikage

      “Filipinos don’t give a shit about children because majority of Filipino adults are CHILDREN THEMSELVES. They children stuck in a body of an adult.”

      Very well said!
      I wonder if an average failipino would take this as a compliment because they are attention whores, even negative attention is still an attention, as commented here earlier.

  14. Profile gravatar of Penance
    Penance Post author

    I still remember my 2nd New Years Eve here. The idiots were firing off fireworks in the squatterville behind my building…right outside my living room window. Of course, they have to play their stupid ass loud music along with it.

    Well, I have some big speakers too that I use to add a nice sound to my movie watching. They also work great for gaming on the PS3.

    On this night, they worked even better as I propped them up to face out my living room windows. I cranked up Battlefield 3 and let the sounds of war rage on at full volume across all of squatterville! I have to say…it really enhanced my gaming experience then! I imagined little Flips diving for cover from all the gunfire and explosions!

    Sometimes, you just gotta make it work for you.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      I love watching the news around that time.
      Showing the counting of firework injuries.
      Not a COUNT DOWN
      A COUNT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It sort of makes everything work out well , for putting up with the noisy bullshit.
      The road side signs near Olongapo which is a firework free zone are GRAPHIC.
      It makes the heart glad.

  15. Profile gravatar of BiTronic

    Loud noises scaring off evil spirits is a real Chinese superstition, but traditions shouldn’t disrupt way of life and make things uncomfortable to people.

    The loudspeakers blaring music seemingly everyday sounds like it would just end up being a damn nuisance, and THAT’s an understatement

    (To clarify, said tradition is the reason why firecrackers are lit on Chinese New Year in most East Asian countries)

  16. Profile gravatar of

    FLIPS ARE NOT CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or are they ????????????
    Maybe that’s why the fucking Chinese are repossessing the Whole South China Sea.
    It may be a VERY GOOD IDEA for the fucking flips to divorce any notion or idea about Chinese Culture.
    Nope too far fetched of an idea.

    1. Profile gravatar of BiTronic

      There are Flips of Chinese ancestry.
      That doesn’t change the fact that a line needs to drawn between “lol tradition” and “let’s make a damn racket!”, which is what was happening in Puregold.

      It’s even more egregious since the “loud noise scaring away evil spirits” is somehing typically reserved for festivals like CNY everywhere else, not GODDDAMN EVERYDAY like in Failippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Yup and mostly they are rich and in levels of high influence.
        They try to hide their Chinese ancestry.
        But look into the rich influential families you will find the Chinese who actually made all the wealth for these freeloaders to pretend they made.
        I visited a Governors mansion on a tour once in Vigan.
        I noted that in a back room all these photos of old Chinese.
        All hidden from the main rooms.
        Yup they were the founders of the family.

  17. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

    Ah, my GF is a professional. Did the OFW thing and was quite good at it. Visiting soon and as am on a budget (don’t want to return to an empty bank account) we arranged to do some things. Car rental, 8000 P. Nice car, the GF knows the driver and the driver is good. Wasn’t expecting that. Okay, now it gets to the entourage she wants to bring with 2 friends, her family members, etc. This was supposed to be a nice quiet outing. It turned into Gen. MacAurthur’s landing at Leyte. Foot came down. Told her “if you bring along your family members and friends, I will be forced to feed them.” This was not budgeted. You need to discuss things like this with me before you do things like this. Said “in the States invitations are sometimes given with the understanding that the invitee will back out due to it being inappropriate timing (i.e. visiting someone when they are on their honeymoon).” She said “in the Philippines people often invite friends and family member on honeymoons.” Hmmm? WTH?

    Okay, friends are out, and now it is just close family members. I watch people. It is a survival skill used in machine shops as a person who doesn’t pay attention may get badly hurt. I noticed the camera slowly drifting down and said “I do like the cleavage shots, but when you try to use them to sway my opinion during a heated discussion, they have the opposite effect, and make me wary.

    I really appreciate the comments as most are spot on. At first I read the comments and said “nothing could possibly be this bad.” It is this bad. My GF is not a young woman. Some of the games being played though? I really have no desire to get sucked into them.

    Waiting for the ‘could you please help me with a little gift?’ At that point I would ask for their ATM card, put it in the back of my shorts and drag it up my butt crack, go “BEEP-your card was declined at this kano ATM” and hand it back. Crude, vulgar, to the point? Yes. It would only happen once though as I would become the selfish, rude kano SOB.

    I would ask them where are my gifts? You’ve not so much as given me a sip of water, but I’ve fed you several times. Where is this famous Philippines hospitality that I have heard of, but not seen? In the US it is customary to bring a gift when visiting, but not to fund everyone’s desires. This will prove to be an interesting visit.

  18. Profile gravatar of TightWired

    Mr Thunder,
    If this is your first trip to the Philippines, or meeting this woman…then you need to set the tone early. Their is very little consept of Savings, or Budget or Shame in this country when it comes to dating a foreigner. You are a “Kano”…you are Rich, have a money-tree growing in you back yard, etc….
    If you are heading this direction to Meet and Greet her and the family…Great. But if you are specifically coming this direction to see her…No Family. Trust me…Nice guys the majority of the time loose over here. Close Family means 3 – 6 relatives, and because you are Rich, you will be paying for everything.
    But then again…Maybe you’ve found the Diamond, and you will have the best time of you life.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Wise advise from Tightwired. You don’t want to end up like one of my Kano friends who agreed to be met by his GF and relatives….. in a jeepney!! They took him to his hotel to check in, then took him shopping, jeepney full! Food, shoes, clothes, you name it they bought it paid for by him. Next day, they picked him up in a jeepney again to go….shopping! Same thing, food, clothing, enough to fill a small sari-sari store, again paid for by him plus fed them in a restaurant. No chance to be alone with his on line GF.

      He skipped town (a town in Mindanao) that night. Next morning, he got a text from the mother: “wer you? com bak, you marry my doter!”.

      He said the girl herself was decent. But the family were not. He’s still single to this day.

  19. Profile gravatar of Vina

    Sorry I find the jeepney story funny. As a Filipina it is not just that because you are a foreigner ,the family and friends want to meet the person dating their family member or (even you’re just an admirer) it is like we wanna check (kilatisin) if you are good for him/her. We also value the opinion of our family. But a smart woman will never let anyone use or judge the person they love. Maybe a small celebration and outings are done to know more about you (once or few times or more) but shopping with the whole family (jeepneys has a seating capacity of atleast 16 people) is not necessary. Generosity is a good trait but you should know if you are taken advantage.

  20. Profile gravatar of

    100% right and a good point.
    Children are saint and shouldn’t become confronted with things like that.
    Already tried to dispose used batteries in a Shop/Mall?
    Same reaction like above.
    They even don’t know what you are talking about.
    So suck….