Fuck saving Filipinos. They don’t deserve it.

There is an ancestral belief amongst Filipinos that God tried a few times to make Man out of clay.  The first try cooked too long and came out too dark.  The second one was undercooked, and was too light.  The third one made him smile because it came out just right.  And that’s how they believe the Filipino came to be.

I, however, have a different theory.  God loved having sex with angels. When he fucked an angel that was strong of back and limb, birth was given to those who were strong and dark of skin.  When he fucked an angel that was bright and intelligent, birth was given to those of light skin and quick of thought.  But one night he got drunk and decided to fuck the most stupid angel in heaven.  Realizing his mistake at the last minute, he pulled out…but not before he shot his load on the side of her leg.  Before he could catch it, his sperm rolled down her leg and fell to earth, where it landed in a pile of shit.  Thus, the Filipino was born.

Ok..hey…I have a lot of fun laughing at the bullshit that goes on around here.  I really do.  But like a huge ass zit on date night, you just know something’s going to come around and piss in your cheerios and ruin your day.  Today handed me one such moment.

Ok, it’s bad enough I had to do 3 hours of driving in Manila traffic.  Even saw taxies playing tag with each other.  Meh.  Nothing new there.  The bullshit actually started when I got home and checked my news.  My jaw dropped, my heart sank, and I realized not just the usual amount of stupidity that lies in the Filipino mind, but the incredible cruelty that lies in their hearts.

These stupid motherfuckers are so ignorant and cruel, they actually go out of their way to break the law just to be cruel to creatures that, by my calculations, sit higher on on the evolutionary ladder than them, but are just more helpless to defend themselves.

What am I going on about?  I’ll let the following video explain it all for me:

What you just saw isn’t made up.  These fucking goddamn monkey faced idiots like to throw a mare in heat in between two horny studs..keep them away from her until they’re good and pissed off, then make them fight to the death!

And that’s not the end to their cruelty.  The fucking training alone has them tie a rope to a horse’s neck and use a pulley to make them stand on their hind legs for long amounts of time to “teach them boxing”.  They also use goats as practice against the horses.

And when a horse loses a fight and has the audacity to still be alive?  Killed.  And the ones that aren’t killed die in about a week due to internal bleeding from the rear kicks.

Oh yeah…it’s also against the law on both a national and local level….but…you guessed it….even the vice mayor has shown up at them and given the opening address.

You know..there are times when I start slipping…thinking there’s some kind of silver lining to this place.  I start thinking I might go see some of these beaches and actually believe that the bullshit is mostly in the cities.

Now I know it’s all bullshit, and that bullshit is spread everywhere.  There is no regional areas of stupidity.  It’s an inherited disease inhabiting every corner of their motherfucking shrunken brains.

And if you laughed at the start of this article, and now you feel like ripping some heads off some Flips, now you know how my day is thanks to this.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    There is no silver lining, and there never ever will be. What you see is what you get, now and forever in the Philippines.
    I wish I could contribute more to this, but honestly what could I say?
    Its horrible? Yeah it is, among a ton of other shit they do.
    It’s fucking retarded? Yeah it is, among a ton of other shit they do.
    It’s cruel as hell? Yup, what’s new?

    I would like to say that the Philippines isn’t the only one to have levels of high animal cruelty for social events.
    You got Spain and the bull fights.
    Dog fights in Northern china and in Afghanistan.
    Just loads of it all over the world; however other places don’t have all the other shit attached to them like the Philippines does.

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Never heard of this before, but am sadly not surprised. I stopped watching half way through. That shit just boils my blood, especially seeing so many watching and cheering. Bunch of fucking savages!

    I sometimes find myself fantasizing about treating a filipino the same way they treat animals – keep one in a cage for a few weeks, feed it scraps and let it stew in its own shit and piss. The morons behind my house keep a pitbull in a cage 24/7 and on the rare occasion I hear them open the cage door to feed it scraps I go to window hoping this is the day the dog bites one of them.

  3. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    Jesus Christ, everyday I learn more from this site. I had never heard of this “sport”. No doubt there’s money involved. At the end of the clip, youtube present us with even more horse fighting clips from different parts of the PI. Sick stuff.

    I believe how you treat animals says a lot about how you treat other humans.

    1. Profile gravatar of Philophobe

      You’re making a good analogy..Just like with humans, they don’t care as much about inflicting pain on so., provided that they can make money out of it. But if someone inflicts pain on them, they’re the softest and most sensitive people in the world (cf. cultural sensitivity index).

  4. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    I once became veggie for a while because of the inhumane life many farm animals live through before they are slaughtered. There was one particular documentary done by Vegans called “Earthlings” which documented the common life of animals in factory farms which are served on our plates. To say the least, it made my stomach turn and it changed my view on eating animals.

    Today, I eat only grass fed beef from local farmers whom I personally know. I know the cattle has had a damn good life in the fields eating grass all day and getting plenty of sunlight, then they have one bad day where they get slaughtered and that’s it. I also get local eggs from a near by town from a farmer who also treats her animals with dignity.

    Now to my point of all this. When I was in the early stages of dating my wife, I wanted to share this knowledge of animal brutality in factory farms. I figured she would tell me to shut it off or look at away. To my surprise, she didn’t even flinch! She just basically said it was boring and wanted to watch something else! Really? Didn’t even feel empathy for these animals? Just strange. But I figure they see this kind of brutality all the time in the Philippines. There is no over sensory, just totally desensitized.

    What fucking cheap entertainment though? The cock fights are bad enough. The father of a family commonly feeds and pampers the cock better than his own children and wife because making that gambling money is top priority! I assume this horse fighting is just another Spanish tradition that they’ve adopted…..fucking souless.

  5. Profile gravatar of

    I heard about this barbarity many years ago, cant remember where or when, but I did know about it, and locked it in the too hard part of the brain.
    I do remember asking the child bride about it, I actually believe her when she said she had no knowledge of this, she never goes to cock fights so I accepted she was ignorant of this tragedy.
    But the fucking flip politicians that allow this sort of shit should be tarred and feathered.

  6. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    It’ weird that they continue to “progress” like they’re already that great of a nation. Now I’m just surprised with how much they are willing to go further and that some foreign investors even put up for it. If you don’t know it yet, there’s Fox Filipino which is mostly about reruns of cheap telenovelas from one TV station mostly; CNN Philippines which is nothing but a spin-off and I don’t know what else of a local news they’re doing there; Sinag Maynila which is about their so-called indie movies but I’m still sensing a lot of PInoy Pride from them which is really turning me off; and esp. NGC’s Science of Stupid which is more stupid than the show itself.

    The last one is a bit funny too. I don’t know what else to say about that host and the show’s format. They like to go through the science behind acts of stupidity from videos all across the globe. But what I find stupid about it too is the host keeps talking in Taglish, Tagalog and English, and yet there would still be subtitles/captions of English at the bottom of the screen. So I’m wondering, is this shitty television show also being shown to other countries in Asia as well that an English translation is necessary? Or is it because there are regional folks out there that don’t understand Tagalog, as Tagalog has been sort of enforced to the general public as that “national” language?

    Sometimes I’m thinking if they could do a show about Flipinoy’s everyday stupidity and maybe they could definitely get a wake-up call and learn really valuable life lessons from it? They can laugh at other people’s stupidity, but when it comes to theirs and you point it out to them, I don’t think they would still be laughing or worse get offended and call you racist. This country is so fucked up with little or no common sense at all in terms of real historical facts, that culture should not be stale or fixed but evolutionary, and that reason is the most important tool to use in this world. So I highly doubt if Filipinas will ever have a Siglo de Oro at some point.

    I even happened to come across a morning TV show where they were at a summer football sports clinic and one young actress tried to mimic the accent of the half-British player and the main host’s kid replied that she was being “kind of racist” and the mom could only agree with her child out of a mother’s love that yes, copying an accent of another is kind of racist, so I don’t know what else to think anymore of this country and its people and what the media and everything else is teaching to its “booming” population.

    The main host of that morning show even once said that the Philippines is becoming better and better (looking out and having a glimpse of Manila from a hotel window at night). I mean wow. Is that just that Pinoy Pride thing again that everything else is so pretty and fucking perfect around here? We are the greatest and we can definitely show it for the world to see, like in every beauty pageants and even “talent” competitions like Asia’s Got Talent and Asia’s Next Top Model, which you would keep hearing on the local news from time to time, like telling the masses to be proud and that we are always “world-class” and “spread the word” about it? And that’s why I don’t really like watching the local news but I happen to come across it when there are other people watching it.

    It seems like the more stupid you look, the more appealing you are to the general public, and the more you become “viral” in the social media, that you’re the laughing stock that everyone should enjoy and share to your friends because it’s cool like Beavis and Butthead. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some that are quick to make comments and judgments on certain issues without even knowing the details first and some would just get to the bandwagon and say all kinds of things because it’s just simply fun or we’re just protecting each other. And Flipinoys is all about fun. Stupid is fun and that they can be very defensive. You cannot step on our pride. It’s the most precious thing that we value, and so on.

    With regards to being barbaric, it’s always been “I follow my own rules”. So it must be good that there’s still a working government despite that. Everyone has their own set of rules that they follow that don’t need to align with what’s being mandated or as the law dictates. It seems that everyone has the liberty to do anything you could possibly want, esp. when you know you won’t get apprehended for it anyway. It’s their definition of democracy, most probably. So again, it’s just sad and frustrating that this country continues to be like that. And 15 years since 2000 and it’s still that same shit. It’s getting exhausting already.

    I could talk more and I’m just letting it all out at this point. I could do a blog but I’m afraid that I would be misunderstood and I’d be harassed and threatened and that is not something I would look forward to. I’d like to help but if the rest of them can’t help themselves, then go fuck themselves. I could care less. I’ll follow my own rules too and what I’d want to do and believe in, that I won’t let myself sink into their version of national rationalism. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like a rarity surrounded by a mass of heavy disparity.

    And brace yourself for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in May. That has been always in the news, just like before the Pope even made the actual visit, a coverage of more than a month and nothing but that. Win or lose, there will be another tsunami of Pinoy Pride that’s going to occur after that, so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all. That’s like the prerogative for mostly everyone in the islands. If it’s a normal behaviour and other countries do that too, I don’t know, I won’t have a clue. I might as well be stuck here and not know. My experience here has been overwhelming. But life goes on and things can still change.

  7. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    To follow up on a lot of shit I’ve just unleashed, I might have exaggerated a bit. But to think about it, The Islands is still relatively safer compared to other countries in the world. I guess my only main issue is that overwhelming pride that they keep indulging themselves into, as well as the confusing or misleading things they keep on teaching to or manipulating for the public and the recurring absurdities that are happening on an almost daily basis.

    To maybe save myself of some trouble, I never mean to sound kind of disparaging, but it just gets really frustrating that even if you try to somewhat shame them on anything that you can find totally wrong or very different that makes little to no sense, it’s like it won’t even have any real effect on them to at least realise why we keep saying these things and try to make better changes. If Flipinoys would then start to take notice, esp. those in control, then there wouldn’t be any need for such blogs like this and others out there as well.

    1. Profile gravatar of Philophobe

      There are actually Filipinos (also on this forum) that have started to realize these things…as for the others, i also had to learn that they do not want to hear a word of critiscism, but are very quick to voice criticism towards pretty much anything else. So, since there’s not much you can do to change them, it’s better to just laugh about it and see things go as they have to. They should bear the consequences of their actions, and we are entitled to take our own decisions. I’ve made mine and am very happy about it – and there’s no way anyone can legitimately criticize me for that.