The Gambit

Wow this is my first blog so before I weigh in with my own personal nightmares, I would like to say a big thank you to you FiloFail for creating a forum in which an expat like myself can get things off their chest. It is literally therapy for me to read your blog.


I have been living here in PI for about a year now; I came to this land of con artists to be with my wife (Yes I married a native Filipina, my first mistake) and in that time I have witnessed some of the most deceitful, despicable, and downright fucked up shit I have ever experienced in my life. WTF.
Early on I began to realize that Filipinos that live in America are far different than the native Filipinos here. OMG!!! Some of my best friends are Filipinos and my mind could not comprehend the differences between the two. I thought I was in a hellish nightmare that I could not wake up from; they are truly grandmasters of the gambit born con artists of the highest caliper, my wife included. So with that said I will begin with the first of countless experiences in hopes that if some poor unsuspecting expat wants to marry a native Filipino, he or she will think twice, my goal here is to save just 1 expat from my fate.

The Gambit Part 1

I was introduced to my wife through her father who worked for me at a company in the US, he asked if I would be willing to correspond with his daughter and I thought to myself, “what the heck?” and responded to him, “sure”, and gave him my phone number so that she could text me. I didn’t think much of it and continued my daily life as usual.

About a week went by and one evening I received a text from my employee’s daughter asking if I would like to chat, I replied naturally and we began texting and chatting over the course of the next few months but something was already not jiving. I would text with her, and I notice some days the syntax of her sentences were different, enough to even ask the question is this the same person I am talking to? Yes she replied and I chalked it up to things being lost in translation.

Filipina Wife con artistAs time passed we decided to meet and we hit it off great, or so I thought. She was on her best behavior while I was visiting (but that is another story). We decided to marry and now 18 months into the marriage I found out the person who was texting me most of the time was in fact her older married sister! Yep that’s right, from the very first text it was her sister who I was pouring my heart out to and sharing my life experiences with, and every once in a while it would be my wife who was chatting with me, thus the syntax differences.

Tell me out there, wouldn’t you feel betrayed and duped if you found out your relationship and marriage started out with a big fucking lie? OMG!! Native Filipinos indeed are dishonest con artists that have no problem fucking people over for their personal gain or agendas. Beware all out there, Oceans 11 has nothing on these bastards. I will end it here as I can go on and on but make no mistake this is only the beginning of my experiences here, more will follow as time allows.

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    Captain PFB

    I can’t imagine how utterly confounded you must have been. But that is the filipina’s top goal: Marry a foreigner, because they got money, and then you can support not only her, but her entire lazy fucking family, cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles …..etc.

    1. Profile gravatar of Gern Blanson
      Gern Blanson Post author

      FiloFail, you are so so so right!!! for a while I was supporting 47 people while I was still in the US without my knowledge, but when I came here for good I shut that bullshit down real quick. I monitor everything including the food. it is an utter shame that I can’t trust my own wife. thank you again for this forum to vent. you are truly doing the world a service…

  2. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    That’s for sure. The relatives will be lined up outside your door with their hand out. If you help one word will get out and they will be coming out of the woodwork like roaches. My favorites are the relatives that show up for a handout and then claim they don’t have enough fare to get back home. So if you don’t give them the money to go back home they think they can stay indefinitely and you will feed them forever. I had one distant cousin show up everyday with his small child. He would stand across the street and every time he saw me he would hold his kid up over his head trying to get sympathy.

    1. Profile gravatar of Gern Blanson
      Gern Blanson Post author

      I have experienced that very same scam many times, although they did not go so far as to hold up their child to instill guilt. wow!! it blows my mind.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Not only family are culprits of this scandalous behavior, but any Filipino you associate with will try to pull off that scam. I had friends (Filipino idiot classmates) who would come over to my parties. They would invite guests with them. Then at the end of the party, they give some pathetic excuse as to why their guest can’t afford a ride home. It was his birthday, so I gave his guest (who happened to be his girlfriend) 100 pesos so she can get the fuck home and out of my house! It’s ok, because that compensated for the b-day gift I would’ve gave him the next day, which ended up being nothing at the end. Filipinos are such scam artists, and it all contributes towards them being so fuckin poor in the first place! Actually, it starts off with them being stupid, because you are poor because you are stupid. Damn these idiots! I can’t wait until I am finished with this place!

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    I hear your pain Gern. There are some good Pinays out there. Truthfully, you have to look for an educated Pinay who is fully employed and self-sufficient – and who comes from a family of educated, fully-employed, self-sufficient people. These kind of girls are actually not that hard to find, and many would love to marry a decent foreigner. Unlike the scammers and dumb-dumbs out there, these girls are not desperate and have plenty of good options in terms of marrying a local too. I think that far too many guys come to the Philippines, and fall in love with the first young, nubile, brown-skinned beauty who manages to drag them into bed. When it comes to REAL love and SOLID relationships, the rules here are not too different to what they are anywhere else. Choose carefully!

  4. Profile gravatar of Disapointed

    I have seen this ploy in action
    Can I ask a question ?
    Is the girl in question sister married to a expat ?
    I know of a shit bag who has pulled this off a couple of times and sees nothing wrong with it stating he is just helping out the family by getting his wife to translate but shes cunning and answers what a guy wants to hear while the idiot sister can not even string a sentence together in cebuno

    1. Profile gravatar of Gern Blanson
      Gern Blanson Post author

      No my sister in law is married to a dumb ass native here, who keeps making babies and can’t support the 1st one that he created. he now has 6 thus now contributing to the pool of future dumb asses. it is sad my friend:(

  5. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Honestly, I believe it is scam if your marriage towards her started off that way. Because your discretion to marry her was entirely based on the communication transactions you had between her. Just to find out that it wasn’t her is like a slap in the face. That is deception no matter how you see it buddy. If she can’t say all these messages herself, then how do she plan on continuing her conversations with you after meeting up? These Filipinas will play you forever as long as it takes to get you. You been with her for 18 months before marriage, well I got you double on that. I been engaged for 3 years (just to be extra sure) before getting married, and now I’m hoping I’ve been engaged longer, without the marriage. You sound just like me when I first posted on this site. Go WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back to a few months ago and read the article: Filipina Idiot Wife: Dumb as a bag of rocks. The post was submitted by Filofail since I just joined the site, but I accidentally posted that on the wordpress site where it was first hosted. Ok, that was too much history. Just check it out, you will see that we both were similar when we first came on here. Good luck to you dude.

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    Kira Lim

    I am sorry to hear what happened and you have certainly been duped BAD! Very soon, you will be emotionally & financially drain. Sorry bro, looks like this might be the end of the beginning into this marriage and your own sanity. Married a pinoy woman, marry her clan, that’s the moral of the story. I wish you luck 🙂