Gather ’round For The Witch hunt!

Well, here we go again!  Back on the JEFFREY Laude calvacade of bullshit. This time, it reaches a whole new level of arrogance and stupidity, and once again, my mind is blown as to how this country even considers itself a Democracy.

Not that I have to recap, I’m sure, but just a quick refresher:

  • A MAN named JEFFREY was a transgender halfway to touchdown.
  • JEFFREY was engaged to a German dweeb.
  • JEFFREY was working as a prostitute.
  • JEFFREY picked up a sailor named Pemberton.
  • JEFFREY was found dead with his head stuck in a toilet at a nearby hotel, with Pemberton seen leaving shortly after.
  • A used condom was found that DID NOT contain Pemberton’s or JEFFREY’S DNA.

Ok, we got all that?  Good.  I told you it’d be quick.  Now for the good stuff.

Recently, Pemberton’s lawyer submitted a request that the charges of murder be dropped, as there was no direct evidence linking Pemberton to the murder, and that the only evidence was circumstantial at best.  Now, given that, most courts in a normal country would at least take that into heavy consideration, as would the prosecution.  Charges such as murder must contain evidence beyond reasonable doubt.  That’s the gold standard.

But not here in the Failippines!  The motion was DENIED.  Why?  They actually said that circumstantial evidence was sufficient to proceed with the trial!

SAY WHAT???  So evidence such as hearsay and speculation actually apply???

I worked in the legal system for some years.  I wasn’t a lawyer, but I certainly wrote my fair share of court motions and did quite a bit of research.  I can tell you with absolute certainty that circumstantial evidence is one of the easiest objections to get sustained and off the record.  It’s practically a gimme, and no lawyer in their right mind even attempts it, and certainly no judge accepts it.

But this is the country that PRETENDS to be first world, remember?  Meanwhile, this only reveals the Pemberton case to be what it really is.  A witch hunt.  There is absolutely no way this guy is going to get a fair trial in this country, as even the judiciary will allow anything the nutcases want to ensure Pemberton gets hanged.

Remember this as you’re “enjoying” the Failippines, spending your money and considering business opportunities.  This is not a nice place, they do not actually like you, and all they understand is that their rules apply to you and not to them.  They WILL get away with murder (I wrote about that poor retired Marine not too long ago), but a cheating transexual prostitute getting axed is just something they won’t tolerate.

They are children who know what the right thing to do is, but they just can’t do it because they want something different so badly.  So they break their own rules, and the common rules known throughout all of civilized society, to get what they want.  They don’t care how it makes them look, unless there’s money involved.

Really…the US should just say “fuck this place.  We’ve got other places to put our military.  No more funding, no more donations, until you grow up and fix your damn country.”

*sigh*  One can wish and hope.

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    I have said nothing until now about this matter.
    I don’t want to be involved, after all who would want to get anywhere near the fucked up legal system in the Failopinnes.
    Set the scene.
    The Lauds live near us in Barrio Barretto,
    Our family and friends families have Baklas and know this Jeffry well and associate with him.
    I knew personally two women with him on that night not baklas , who were interviewed by Police.

    Within 24 hours we heard he didn’t do it, this from the family, and the local baklas .

    Before the Fucking Lawyers arrived.

    Every time Jennifer went out he always had a lot of money on him. He was a big shot in the scene at the bars in Olongapo
    This was his forth booking for the night. with Pemberton. (no dispute he left the disco with Laude)

    The witness in protection of the lawyers Barbi was Laudes regular JEALOUS companion as he didn’t have a Foreign Boyfriend.
    Barbis Filipino boyfriend worked at the Hotel where Laude found.

    Barbi wants protective custody??? Why is Pemberton gunna hunt him down.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Barbi wants protection from the Filipinos in Olongapo, who are hunting him and the missing boyfriend down.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where was the money that Laude had when he left the house 50000p actually sighted by someone I trust. where is the money from the other three dates/bookings that he had before Pemberton arrived on the scene.?????????? MISSING.

    Where is Barbis Filipino boyfriend also MISSING.

    I doubt a trained marine needed to Strangle someone, that takes someone with less skill.
    How much money did Pemberton have on him when arrested??
    I have actually heard the local politicians laugh about this matter.
    I have also heard about 5 Billy Boys were killed last year in Olongapo, . serial killer?????????????
    Robbery is very very common in this scene.

    Who found Laude??? FOLLOW THE MONEY. Just maybe Jenifer was having a shower and caught Barbis Boyfriend robbing him.

    Witnesses said Pemberton was Calm , not agitated as he exited the Hotel, even relaxed.

    Will he get a fair trial NOT ON YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can anyone tell me anywhere the FUCKING SPANISH WENT that has a not GOT A FUCKED UP Legal System

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      Penance Post author

      The way I see it, even if he DID do it, then he deserves the same fair treatment of anyone else charged, and that includes the following of the same rules of evidence as any other suspect charged with murder. At the same time, evidence such as this SHOULD be investigated as well. This country is notorious for backing off from the murders of foreigners, but when it’s a Flip involved, then it’s all out war.

      Getting involved after a lawyer shows up is pretty standard in the world. That’s why we call them ambulance chasers, after all. But what SHOULD be used in a court willing to use circumstantial evidence is everything you’ve mentioned here.

      But you’re right. They’re not going to use any evidence that would help his case. He’s not going to get a fair trial. There is no such thing as a jury of his peers in this country because none of these idiots can come close to the intelligence of one American. The congress of baboons are howling for compensation. You won’t get a shred of logic or common sense in edgewise.

    2. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      I took the liberty of forwarding your comments (without your name, of course) to Pemberton’s lawyer. Maybe there’s a detail or two there that can help. Of particular interest is the Barbi angle and the missing money.

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          Penance Post author

          Hey Don. Left you a private message about it. Apparently, they did not know these things. With his next hearing coming up Feb 23rd, whatever you can find out quickly may be of big help.

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            DON QUIXOTE

            Accidentally deleted it send it again the private one I mean.

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    Yup the Politicians have made up their minds.
    All I hope is if and when he is convicted he can spend the time in Leavenworth where Smith waited, until the lying bitch retracted her evidence she was raped and admitted she lied.
    Another Olongapo Police Investigation Frame Up.
    NO APOLOGY was forthcoming all they alleged was she was bought off.
    Made up another story as the first fell over.

    You will notice its the same Lawyer who took on the Smith case as well.
    He has his snout in any American trough.
    If he has and I have no doubt he has a US passport, I would withdraw it.

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    now, the philippine immigration offers a 2000 peso reward for turning expat overstayers and criminals,, I doubt anybody would ever see the reward money…
    Can you imagine the leftists greenpeacers in our countries if we had a bounty for overstayers,,, the immigrants (tnts) would cry discrmination!!!!!!!!!!!
    shoot me dead is well and alive

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    i see on the immigration ,, kanos (atms ) do not need criminal checks from their native countries to get an ICR card… The gravy train must have ran dry,, less fast track fees,,,, does not matter about the fast track fees.. the service ia sstill horrible.
    Has anybody noticed this aabout the new rules for the ICR card???/ they change the rules but do not tell anybody
    shoot me dead al

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    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    The the failipino legal system is going above and beyond. Pemberton is an enlistee, hes suppose to have protection under a military agreement that i forget the name of where if crimes are committed by US Soldiers while off base, the suspected soldier is to be held and tried by their own military court.

    The failipine diplomats and misguided protesters have cried enough now that Pemberton is being held and tried by the Failapine government.

    So they are already getting more than they deserve. Now they want to hold him on circumstantial evidence, why? quite simply, hypocrisy.

    “We made these agreements but we want special treatment because we are hipocritic dumb mother fuckers that have carbon copied the American Legal System and added our own failipine spice, discrimination against foreigners is encouraged, and you allow any method of practice to see it through.”

    We read about foreigners getting murdered by flips, with solid CCTV evidence and said flip suspects are found innocent or no contest. Flip hypocrisy and double standards.