Genuine Pinoy Pride Material – Start taking notes flips

This is more or less a good view of a cream of the crop filipino that left the country in pursuit of a higher salary abroad. An inspiring story for Filipinos to take pride and aspire to reach for. He says he’s grateful for the opportunity that he was given and looks to give back to the country.

Born, raised, educated, worked, and had a family in Manila, won an opportunity abroad, grateful, humble, uncorrupted genuine conviction to do good not only for himself and his family but for the people and students around him. True pinoy pride right here.

“My style is to connect with the students: I am your friend and I am your teacher,”

While users on this blog are accused of being racist, i beg to differ. I said it once and ill say it again. I believe most if not all of the users on this blog judge a person by their character and intelligence, not by their nationallity or the color of their skin. We only seem discriminate because it just so happens an overwhelming majority of filipinos demonstrate uncivilized behavior at all walks of life and all levels of government. However let it be known that users of this blog are keen to reconize the good that can be found in a person should the opportunity arise.

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  1. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    I have said forever that if you get the Filipino out of the Philippines… It is the culture that is the root of the problem. The rule of the catholic church inc., the social structure. That is the problem. Once OFW, they seem to shine. Best nurses I and my dad had were FIlipinos yet my stay in hospital in the Pinas sucked with nurses doing little more than following idiot doctors. Here in Sydney, my cardiologist and senior team member in my heart op (robotic surgery) were Filipino and excellent. It’s the culture there, people.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        before you people think a filipino is going to change his/her spots.
        the only reason they behave overseas is because they will get their sorry ass fined, thrown in jail,, hung,, head cut off like in saudia arabia,, get kicked out of the country and come back to this shithole swamp and fight off the dogs in the garbage dump….
        The other immigrant groups live in the same area,, so the local warlord immigrant gathers them all up and gets them to vote for him in politics ,which is a great way to retire early.
        in my industry,, flips are notorious for working for slave labor wages,, so i dont care about them.. They get their degrees at some diploma and suddenly they are engineers.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      Yes, I’ve met plenty of OFWs who are normal, intelligent people, and explain with a shrug that they got out of the Philippines because it’s an irredeemable shithole.

    2. Profile gravatar of Stu Pidasso
      Stu Pidasso

      YES! 100% correct. Many years ago I helped some fellow Filipinos in my industry (Let’s say media oriented creative talent) get positions in companies in Germany and later Australia. They thrived and wowed their fellow workers at all levels. As far as I know most never came back here. Why would you?

    3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I agree as well. Although I have heard some stories from people who have worked with OFW’s and said how fucking stupid and deluded they are, all the Filipinos I knew in the USA seemed pretty sharp.

      Once they get out of the culture, they often tend to “heal” from their disease.

        1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
          Marius O.

          Unfortunately not. The smart ones never go back. The ones that are left behind in the Philippines are those who would prefer to spend their lives going to cockfights, drinking Red Horse, and making idiot babies.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            The ones left behind just sit on their ass and claim the successes of the ones that did succeed via Pinoy Pride.

            In the very rare event a Pinoy succeeds, there are 20,000 who simply claim pride because they’re Pinoy, and another Pinoy succeeded.

            They don’t need to do anything now, and they don’t. They just sit and take the credit for some other Pinoy’s success, therefore he/she is successful for just being Pinoy.

            And that, essentially, is Pinoy Pride folks.

            Idiotic, isn’t it?

      1. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
        Elias Loco

        seriously, genuine or not, this PINOY PRIDE is really detrimental to filipino culture! that is why i just cannot resist to register for i have to say something about it. the bad thing is most native islanders pick up on such news in the wrong kind of way. just like in your banner, they take “much pride in just being pinoy”!

        so if one “pinoy” becomes successful or doing well in another country or in something, that one pinoy has the propensity to act very proud and say that since the other was successful and that he/she is pinoy, therefore that one being proud is successful too as they are both pinoys. i don’t know how else to explain it but i hope you get the point. i’m just really getting sick of it as it happens all the time.

        for example, the recent loss of gilas pilipinas. i just hate it when the media keeps promoting PINOY PRIDE in a sense of like we are still THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH despite whatever it is that hinders the success of pinoys. i can only hope that someday they can just report it as simple as possible with a piece of humble pie, without having to embellish too much on whatever it is that makes or what should make a “pinoy” and just deliver them as actual facts.

        and there is also that culture of taking credit of achievements of others that the media claim to have “dugong pinoy” *(half-pinoys), so it brings pride to another level for the country, like that song/music composer of “frozen”, and suddenly, every pinoy child should sing it like it’s some form of like pinoy nationalism.

        if i happen to have the resources and the skills to get out of the country, i most probably would, but for now i’m stuck with what you can call the stupidity that is promoted esp. by the media, our distorted historians, and the people that run this country. now i am highly moronised, a product of bad education and circumstances, and i don’t know how much i can take…

        here are some prime PINOY PRIDE examples from an fb page about gilas pilipinas:

        “Manalo Matalo Proud Pinoy Ako!” (win or lose, there will always be that tag line of “proud pinoy here”)

        “We’r proud of u guys…wg n tayong mg cchan…gnwa nlng mkakya nla…dla nla ang pilipns s lban.. cnu b ang gus2ng mtalo?.. crabmentlty ??? Ayaw ni rizal yn..tzk tzk..” (worshipped god-like rizal dislikes crab mentality according to her)

        “Ang galing ng gilas pilipinas…dahil talagang lumalaban cla hanggang sa huli…super pr0ud pin0y.. ”

        “Peoud to be pinoy”

        “talagang proud ako sa gilas! malalakas ang loob at matatalino! good job GILAS!” (player smart or game smart?)

        “I’m proud of you guys you gave all your best even your best wasn’t good enough but you did a good gave even your opponent much bigger and strong you show them how the goals hard to beet . mabuhay goals pilipinas.”

        So proud to all of you and proud to be a Filipino!!!! (you figure…)

        “Ang achievements nang gilaspilipinas ay achievements na rin nang sambayanang pilipino.ipinakita nila na ang ating team ay may laban talaga sa worldcup…im so proud to be a filipino.” (translation: the success of gp is the achievement as well of the entire nation and the filipino people, therefore, i am very, very, super, duper proud…)

        every time there is something to be proud about, these kinds of comments sprung up, and i really find it degrading as a filipino… but in respect to those “pinoys” that seem to be cultured in the u.s. or elsewhere, they don’t or rarely do the pinoy proud tag lines on their comments, so it seems evident that it evolved “only in the philippines”.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          We totally get your point @Elias Loco

          We see and hear it constantly here. It’s always refreshing to see a Filipino come on this site and “get” what we’re saying, and see the problems with Pinoy Pride and what keeps this country in the shitty, stagnant state of stupidity it’s in.

          Unfortunately, there is just far too few of Filipinos like yourself. It just seems like it’s easier for the average Filipino to just subscribe to the cultural Pinoy mindset and shut their mind off, than to have the complete courage and dignity (like you) to admit the reality of their cultural problems.

          It’s true. Filipinos who do NOTHING are happy to take credit in some other Pinoy’s successes, JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE PINOY TOO.

          That is like an American taking credit for inventing the light bulb.

          One should be proud of their achievments. Being Pinoy is not an achievement. You had nothing whatsoever to do with being Pinoy. You were born that way. And none of those idiots on FB had anything whatsoever to do with gilas pilipinas successes or failures.

          And Pinoy Pride is what keeps most Pinoys from success. They don’t need to succeed themselves, because they have taken credit and stolen the success of any other successful Pinoy. So now they do nothing but sit on their ass and post comments in FB on how proud they are! Another success!

          Pure idiots indeed.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            @FiloFail Well if you put it that way, then why don’t Filipinos take the downfall and failures of other Filipinos? I mean, they are quick to snatch credit of others and embed it as their own, but the countless many failures that goes on in this country is completely oblivious to them and they take no credit for none of the bad goes on around here.
            This may sound like I’m answering my own question, but when I pointed out to my idiot department head professor about the idiotness and rudeness of my classmates, she only tells me that ‘THEY ARE JUST BEING HAPPY.’
            Then she gets this idea that I’m just being anti-pinoy and tells me,”Well you are proud of your country right? So why don’t you let them be proud of their country?”

            Well in a matter of fact, my argument had nothing to do with having pride in my country. I KNOW my country is fucked up in a few ways, and I never once claimed having pride in my country or it’s achievements, because I know those achievements are not my own. Filipinos wants to be proud of whatever (unknown) achievements Philippines did (with no content or substance). All of my pride comes from what I did, not what others did, and I have references to back them.

            As a whole, my contributes in life, did improve the society around me in a small, significant, and unnoticeable way. Regardless of the amount I did play a role in national improvement (No, I did not flip burgers at McDonald’s), and therefore, I have more right to claim ‘American Pride’ than Filipinos can claim ‘Pinoy Pride.’ And since America did contribute A LOT towards the development and reconstruction of Philippines on numerous occasions, I even have more right to than a Filipino to say “Pinoy Pride.”

            But you wont catch me dead or alive saying such fuckin nonsence

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            That’s why they do want they want and not follow rules and don’t have anything that could resemble social/public courtesy or consideration like spoiled little children.


            They have been taught by example from their idiot elders and teachers that it’s ok to make the most incredibly lame fucking excuses for their horrible behavior, and just call it “being happy”.

            What a sad, sad, pathetic, undisciplined country of brainless idiots.

            tsk tsk tsk

  2. Profile gravatar of mjb571031

    Yes there are very good good stories out there, and its only fair to point them out when, on that rare occasion they arises….nationality, color,culture , does NOT matter its the intelligence or lack of it, were are pointing out….this is my first post, many more to come !!! love the site it shows im not the only one that thinks like the vast majority of your readers…….

  3. Profile gravatar of jeff

    I have also encountered some really good people there. I actually miss them with the briefest desire to return someday. Then all the flashbacks of the lieing cheating backstabbing stupidity of the 99% crushes that thought.

    I love the natural beauty of the Islands, mountainous areas where I lived,fresh vegetation and rivers. Maybe,just maybe, in a couple years when my wife’s two sisters are graduating with top honors from 4yrs of High School, my bitterness will have subsided enough for a short return?

    By that time my wife will have been here in the States with me for three years,having a true understanding of me and the English language as well as respect for a civilized culture. Even then I will not stay longer than the initial 21 days.

      1. Profile gravatar of jeff

        OH?? a recent change?? Without the 4hr hassle of dealing with Immigration Idiots and 3kp charge?? That is a good thing and gives me plenty of time to visit her family briefly,then to CDO for friends! Nice..Thanks for the update!

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          hello to jeff.
          yes, they finally had to change becos thailand changed to 30 day visa (free) on arrival.
          HOWEVER, you can buy a 30 to 59 day visa when you enter a philippine airport from abroad. just go to the philippine immgration BEFORE the immigration officers.. maybe 1/2 hr and 2800 pesos. MAKE SURE they write the receipt number underneath your visa stamp in your passport. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS, they do not care about the visa stamps but the y want to see the original receipts when you leave the country.
          If you do not have originals receipts when you leave the philippines, they can offload you and you have to go to the immigration office to get receipts,
          shoot me dead

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            If they don’t trust the visa stamp in your passport, why would they trust a receipt? If someone can counterfeit a visa stamp, surely they can counterfeit a receipt.


          2. Profile gravatar of TheD

            Thats may be true FiloFail, but I will only believe your comment once it is notarized.

            Saw a great sign the other day but didnt manage to get a picture.
            It said:
            “Pancit & Pandesal”
            “Also notary public”

            Got in a trike the other day and inside the sidecar, it is plastered with swastikas! Dare I stagger close enough to a racially inferior comment? Fuck no

  4. Profile gravatar of TheD

    Surely the Gov promotes Pinoy Pride through its control on the media.
    The first step to fixing a problem is admitting there is a problem.
    With Pinoy Pride it seems they are unable to see the problem they need to fix.
    Like with most problems here, fixing the problem could only be done by replacing the government. The source of the Pinoy Pride.

    Its the same in other countries, the leaders want to be seen with the national team when they win.

    Rock the boat and you will be thrown overboard.

  5. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    what is clear to me is that filipino culture is a damaged culture. pinoy pride could have stemmed from american pride, that for every little achievement, you have to flaunt it, or maybe it has just become the interpretation of us islanders, how would i know?

    the media wouldn’t even bother to research on the origins of that pinoy pride stuff, what is okay and what is too much, so i guess they find nothing wrong about it. they actually promote pinoy pride on the news as their form of good news, like the highly celebrated achievements in beauty pageants, board exam passers, television/media awards, on a top-ten list of some sort, etc.

    i rarely watch the local news, as they are mostly the same problems going on over and over again like recyclable garbage that seemingly never get fixed. the good news always tend to be that of pinoy pride that showcase “the great pinoy achievement” every now and then, something to celebrate and brag about, instead of the good news being more of solutions to the country’s problems.

    international recognition? sports wins on the news? that’s fine by me! but what i find appalling is the constant need to put too much pride into it, or in a way self-branding or self-promoting how great the nation and the people are for that success. e.g. “iba talaga ang pinoy!” (loosely translates to “nothing compares to pinoys!”) or “hindi talaga matatawaran ang galing ng lahing pinoy, kaya naman nakaka-proud!” (“the greatness of the pinoy race is unmeasurable, that is why we should be very proud!”). the media mostly do that, and that could be a reason why most pinoys think it’s okay to do so because it’s being “promoted” and also it means like you “support” your countrymen by doing or saying so.

    the other thing that also promotes what you can call idiocy is television shows, esp. dramas, most of the time too shallow that the audience need NOT to think if it’s right, consistent, or even believable, you just enjoy the show! the sad thing is the sponsors “sponsor” it, regardless of quality; they just do it to gain a market, as of course, it’s business as usual. so how can the general public grow intellectually if they are being exploited that way?

    so i could say that you can blame, partly if not generally, those people or institutions who are in power or on top that control or even dictate how the general population should think, feel, or even behave: politicians, public servants, the media, even church and school matters, and also inclination to too much foreign influence, esp. feeling-american-loving (do i have to elaborate on “americanism”? the idea of it as a status symbol for the “rich” and “educated” like the “sir chief and maya drama tandem”, americanised tv commercials, am-slang tagalog speaking of some youth and yuppies, radio/music dj’s, sportscasts, etc?).

    i could go on forever having experienced a lot of it growing up, but i guess most of them are just too comfortable believing in some buildup lies for generations or only to things that are pleasant to them, and ignoring the incorrect (though correctable) and/or unpleasant ones, as their form of self-confidence and gratification, thus, somewhat delusional.

  6. Profile gravatar of Keith Richards
    Keith Richards

    And let us not forget that Pinoy Pride is also about silencing criticism, actually I think this is a major component of PP [Lol]..they collude in so many ways and this is another….sent from the Pinoy mind control matrix HQ.

    Hey you foreigner, you dare criticize us? We will take action against you, ban you from the PI and silence you in any way possible.

    Yet another Filipino FAIL, as in, can’t take criticism, onion skinned, self hating hypocrisy.

    Funny how that Filipino ding-dong was talking about “hateful words from hateful people” [alluding to members here] yet it is actually he himself who hates critics who are speaking TRUTH!!

    Shake my head……now it’s off to practice with the boys… 😉