Globe Telecom: Like Children Playing Company

Ok, so as usual, got shitty service with my Globe internet connection. (It’s usual to have shitty service pretty much with anything in Philippines).

But anyway, I’ve been dealing with the dynamic IP address connection, and about half the time, I have selective browsing issues (that’s where you can’t access some websites from a particular IP address). So, being that this one website I can’t access from my Globe service is a site I need to access for me to do my job (I work from home), I’ve been dealing with Globe idiots for quite some time. And as usual with filipino idiocy, I have to fight and scream, and beg to get what I am paying for. (Gosh, no wonder 95% of the world community does NOT want to have anything to do with Philippines, especially in business).

So anyway again, they send two dumbshits over to my house to check my connection and router. I prove to them that I cannot access certain sites. They go and recommend to their superiors that they give me a static IP address in order to fix the problem. Their superior calls me and says, “We have a solution, but in order to fix it, we’ll need to charge you an extra 700 pesos for the static IP address.”

Ok, so before I continue with this, I’m curious as hell to know if there’s a filipino out there who can tell me the UTTER AND COMPLETE STUPID FAILURE OF GLOBE IN THEIR CALL TO ME. Please, if you think you know, please comment.


APRIL 10 –

Ok, finally got 1 response on this 7 days later, a surprisingly intelligent comment, which goes to show there are a few filipinos out there (and I do mean A FEW – VERY SMALL AMOUNT) which have a measurable level of intelligence.

Anyway, what was wrong with Globe’s call to me, and their solution is this:

I am paying for full access to the internet for p2000/month. I am not getting full access, therefore, I am not getting what I am paying for. I am getting selective browsing, meaning I cannot access certain sites from certain IP addresses they assign me. I don’t care what excuses they have, business is business. I do my part and pay p2000, and they need to do their part to see I get “full access”. They suggest to correct the problem would require a static IP address, fine. Do it, but I should not have to pay more for it. If giving me a static IP address will give me full access, then problem solved.

But most filipinos will not understand this concept. They are too fucking stupid. When you complain that you’re not getting what you’re paying for, you shouldn’t have to pay more to correct the problem dumbasses! It’s up to the company who is providing the service to do whatever it takes at their cost to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Such failed brains. Sus!

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  1. James Roa

    My name is James Roa and I am a certified system analyst/programmer/systems administrator. I have also been engaged as a TELCO Engineer with a renowned S.E.ASIA Telco the past for 5years. Hence I well versed and aware with the limitations and problems of TELCO’s and experienced with long term, committed solutions and work around to resolve the issues. I have been experiencing the same problems as you have highlighted since October 2011 until now. Yet have been receiving monthly bills from GLOBE without resolving any of the problems.

    By the way – I do believe in the Filipino vocabulary there is no word to describe honesty or any intention of any Filipino business to provide any form of service. All they intend to do is to con their customers/subscribers out of their money. Mind you these filipino businesses/companies are happy cheating. lying and conning their own fellow countrymen. And they can go peacefully to sleep at night knowing that they have done a dishonest days work of conning everyone.
    I have twice now challenged GLOBE to an open debate, with the press present as well but in so far no response. The bosses, directors, big guns at GLOBE will not come forward and are probably going to the nearest confessional, so that they can ask for forgiveness, blessing and then come out thereafter to continue the same con routine all over again because they have been forgiven.
    Selective browsing is an ISP problem which is not accepted and acknowledged by GLOBE and as the dumb asses that have come here many times told me – the problem is with my computer hardware.
    I ask everyone out there who subscribe to GLOBE inept services to join me so that a collective effort can be forged to bring GLOBE to the table and once and for all put an end to this deceitful service. That we as a country, as a nation will be proud of ourselves and our services and to show to the rest of the world that we will no longer just sit and watch our country go down the tubes of ruin. Let all of us havethe courage to show solidarity in tis effort for us, and for the generations to come.
    I can be contacted at Tel: +6332952800 Mobile: +639178397238 email:[email protected]

    1. filofail

      You hit the nail on the head James. You are so very right. But as far as your country going down the tubes of ruin, I believe that happened years ago. But nothing at all will change until the minds of the people change. The people are way too timid and scared and complacent to oppose the corruption. The people accept the corruption because they themselves are corrupt. It is completely a normal, cultural thing in the filipino. I’m convinced that such a change must take place over an evolution. You people are 100’s of years away from such a change. Dishonesty and corruption runs through your veins and is simply bred into your very beings. I myself have dealt with being a filipino American, and grew up in America hearing now and then, “Filipinos cannot be trusted, they’re all corrupt”. Well, until I came here to Philippines, I was always offended by that statement, and thought they were being racist. But I see now that they were just being correct.

      I see here in Philippines how people will complain about the corruption, but when they do it, it’s not corruption. They can only see the corruption of others, and are blind to their own corruption. We are by no means very smart people at all. We are stupid people. We don’t think, we repeat the same dumbass mistakes over and over, and when someone brings it up to us, we deny our wrong-doing, as if we think he’s more stupid than me and will believe me, even though he heard or saw my wrong-doing. It’s unbelievable how fucking blatantly stupid and corrupt we are.

      And it’s no wonder most of the world community wants NOTHING to do with us.

  2. James Roa

    Anyone care to comment on my email to GLOBE?
    to Talk2GLOBE, alsantamaria, ccmangahas, cmcastillo, Globe, customercare, gcablaza, Visatech, dllazaro, elcu, fzayala, jtcampos, jzayala, rlbernardo

    In reply to your reminder to me that I have an outstanding balance and that if payment is not met I run the risk of my internet services being disconnected. Fantastic – I wonder if that applies to you as well considering that you have not fulfilled your end of the bargain in providing the internet services that I have signed up for.
    Apply the rules and regulations to your self first before you decide to impose that on your subscribers who are subject to your whims and fancies, from an ISP who is totally not in the least bit concerned of the consequences of their actions and when challenged to do so, hide behind a cloak of deceit and lies.
    The link as follows: actually says it all. In this country, such atrocities from business will b viewed as HIGH TREASON and the perps i.e. you GLOBE will be brought to justice with nothing less than death.
    Put your money where your mouth is – come and accept my challenge to an open debate with the press and media present, so that all in the country can see for themselves the cowards behind the cloak of deceit, lies, con. And NO – i don’t mean send your eunuchs, who themselves spineless. I call on the main honchos of GLOBE!!!
    If dare not or wont do this – then forever hold your tongue and do not send bills and request for payment for services that you are not providing. You may only do so when you are commited and capable of rectifying the problems within your own organisation, facility and replace all the outdated,defunct, EOL equipment and personnel

  3. filofail

    And nobody should be surprised that a Philippine company is deceitful, dishonest and corrupt. I have just come to completely expect it. Sad commentary on Philippines, isn’t it?

  4. James Roa

    Despite all the comments that are being blogged here and elsewhere, isn’t a shame that the perps(Globe) can still continue to harass and provide way below par service without even being called up by the NTC or the relevant governing body for TELCO’s/ISP’s to ensure that this kind of service no longer prevails here. Let alone to think that the perps(Globe) continue unabated to harass, demand payment, threaten with disconnection of service etc etc…………..and yet go scot free.

    My latest to Talk to Globe:

    I am certain that all my emails of the so called adjustments/rebates that was supposed to be reflected in the coming bills(starting from Nov 2011) has fallen on deaf ears.

    I have just paid my Bill #55 amounting to P2,784.80 which did not reflect any of the adjustments for intermittent internet connectivity/selective browsing which I have been made to suffer with since your system/service went down Nov 2011.

    As far a I can tell/see the only adjustment has been P266 or something – which in no way, shape or form is justified for a service that has never been provided!!!!

    Its either you make the due adjustments accordingly(records of this can be viewed from all my emails/calls to you since Nov 2011 till this month) which surely if you do know how to count/calculate is much more that the P266 that you have given so far.

    If you do not wish to do the required adjustments/rebates this coming billing cycle, then I suggest that you make the necessary arrangement to collect all your instruments/modems from my premises and never ever consider yourselves an ISP/TELCO worth a cent!!!

    Add to that, the many times that I have requested a meeting with your superiors/board officers together with the media/press has never been answered – such cowardice attitude from a so called conglomerate.

    A copy of this email will be posted on the blogs here the link:

    Amazing that in this day and age such institutions are allowed to continue………no wonder mamny foreign investors continue to shy away from this beautiful country.

    And for the rest of us who take this up the butt, have the guts to stand up to meet and stand up against them. As a paying customer/subscriber it is your right to receive and demand what you are paying for and not to be subdued by such irresponsible conduct from one of our, who obviously has no scruples nor shame to blind side you over, under, above and beyond.

    Are you up to the challenge???? Lets begin in any small way to do something positive for our nation, country for the benefit of all filipinos locally and overseas so that we and the generations to come can inherit a better life. That we can be proud that we stood up and contributed to change for the better our country, for all the world to see.

  5. Jimzki Flowers


    I am experiencing the same problems for months now but it’s just now that I have tried to search the internet for alternative solutions to these problems. Like you guys, I have been calling Globe only to be frustrated with stupid answers from stupid customer- and tech- supports.

    I totally agree with all the things you are saying here even though it should hurt because I’m a pure pinoy myself.

    And I especially agree with challenging the big guys at Globe to a public debate. I don’t know if you have already done my following suggestion but here it is:

    Challenging them will not work, these guys will simply ignore your challenge if your emails or other messages even get to them. What we need to do is announce the challenge to the public. Maybe publish an actual call for it in the national newspaper or if there is someone in the press we can reach, much better – no need to spend for paper message.

    I’m sure you understand that making a challenge known to as many people in the public as you can, will have a tremendous impact to the things that matter to the people you are challenging. And I mean their pride, their “reputation”, public image or something. So they will be more likely to react to the challenge or at least even just give a statement of anything about it.