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Globe Telecom imbecilesOut of curiosity, I’m wondering if anyone reading this has ever had what the first person you talked to at Globe do what they said they would do? I have never experience such a luxury in Philippines.

Virtually every time I have a request or upgrade or downgrade or new purchase, what has been initially told to me NEVER happens. Not ever. Not once.

“The installer will be there tomorrow before or after lunch sir”. (yeah, I swear that is what the stupid idiot said, “before or after lunch” which pretty much means any time during the day, but most expectedly, not at all).

So tomorrow comes, the sun goes down, I call and ask where the installer that I was told would come today is. “Sorry sir, 3 to 5 business days.” WELL THAT’S NOT WHAT THE IDIOT I INITIALLY TALKED TO SAID! I WAS EXPECTING HIM “BEFORE OR AFTER LUNCH”.

Sorry sir, it’s our policy, 3 to 5 business days for installation”.


“Sorry sir….the good lord didn’t make us perfect”


If you fucking morons would learn to communicate and all be on the same level, you wouldn’t have to begin every fucking customer contact with “sorry sir”. You’re supposed to be a communications company, but all you communicate is misinformation and lies and excuses for not doing what you say you will do! You people are pathetic idiots.

Hang up phone.


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    jimmy smith

    sorry sir, the good lord didnt make us perfect.
    How about that !!! Costumer calls and want service and the responsibility is passed on to the LORD !
    I wanted a technician to come fix my netspeed about 2 years ago and the guy never showed up. He had the runs from something he ate the day before. Never got a call saying he wouldnt come. Didnt help calling globe. I didnt expect it to be helpful though, cancelled the service and opened up another account in a new name of the nieghbourg, had decent net for 2 weeks, then the same happened again. Need to find a family with 50 or more members which will give you about 100 or so weeks of decent internet, but you gotta cancel as soon as the speed goes down. Dont wait for better times or call them thinking they will provide service. Situation is the same now again here in Mindanao, just had another account getting net for the familys internet cafe here and 2 weeks have passed and now net is snail speed. Time to cancel and find another name to make a new account. This will be the last time for me, I am going home in less than 2 weeks, so I dont give a buket of piss for them anymore. They cant go to hell, cause they are already there…

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Large Pinoy companies have a “policy and procedure” for everything. Regardless of what those policies or procedures might be, you have to take into account the fact that they are implemented and administered by the brain-dead. You could lay money that Globe will have elaborate policy and procedure manuals – they’ll look awesome in their leather binding, complete with gold embossed lettering – wasting away on the office bookshelves of management. When visitors come from foreign business universities, the managers at Globe will proudly drag out those beautiful leather bound editions, just so they can demonstrate that Globe has documented policies and procedures – just like a real company.

    Of course, due to Globe’s complete disregard for training or properly managing its staff, you won’t be able to find ANYBODY who has the faintest idea what their polices and procedures actually are. You can call support and they’ll tell you one thing. Sending them an email will reveal an alternative answer to the same question. A visit to the Globe office will get you a third, and completely different answer to the that question. Visit the same Globe office tomorrow and speak to a different staff member to yesterdays visit and guess what – a whole new policy or procedure awaits you.

    There is nothing you can do to properly deal with this sort of incompetence and stupidity. As close as I’ve managed to get is to focus my attentions on one individual, and do everything in my power to make them PERSONALLY accountable for solving the problem. I also tend to go into the office of the organisation I’m dealing with, rather than calling, and simply refuse to leave until we have an acceptable solution being implemented. Not a perfect system – but as close to it as I’ve managed to get when dealing with these fucking imbeciles.

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    jimmy smith

    There are 3 ways of dealing with them in their corporations. First there is the long tiresome “fight” over who is right, costumer or corporation. It involves a great deal of patience and will take its toll on your emotions and send your blood to nearly boiling temperature. Then there is the 2nd way, cheat by getting around their rules. changeing the net to another name and whatever else you can do to cheat your way to get what you want. Thats called the pinoy way ! The last option is getting a manager or supervisors name and then use that persons name vs your low ranked assistent at the counter or on the phone, in the email or whatever. These corporations dont have good management, nobody knows what the other office is actually doing, if anything at all. And they will not be fast to transfer your call to the manager you claim to have spoken to that said this was okay. I tried one of the times I was at the immigration office and had my passport almost destroyed, it was in a jigsaw puzzle form and when I approached then at forst the immigration “general” didnt want to accept it. But I had to get it accepted or I would be fucked and maybe not abole to leave the country. So I said “I talked with the Danish ambassador in Kula Lumpur explaining the state of the passport and I was told that as long as no pages were missing and the page with my personal informations was intact then it is a useable passport according to the international conventions.” He gave me a blank stare and said hold on and went into an office of the immigration “field marshall” and then he came and asked me “who did you talk to about this” and I said again “the ambassador in Kua Lumpur, we dont have embassy here in the PI because we use the Norweigan embassy and they transferred my call to the Danish ambassador.” Okay sir, but please be careful with your passport in the future was his reply. They then stamped it and I could leave the country. I bluffed and they didnt call it because here they dont wanna look stupid even though they are stupid 24/7. You can if you have a little courage and “I dont give a shit” attitude, use this against them in any situation. All you need to do is pull a higher rank or title against them and they should give in to your bluff and fold their cards most of the time. What you need is to have some research done, knowing who is the manager of the company branch and preferably have that guy located far so they need to do some EFFORT to get a hold on him or her. This combined with their laziness will make them fold their cards. I also tried with smart one time I wanted a new usb net device cause the first one I got wasnt working after 1 week, I got too hot and stopped working entirely. When I went to mall of Asia to get another they didnt wanna give one, they said there was a 1 week waiting time. I already searched a name of a top guy and said I been talking to him personally and he said I could just go here and get it replaced. “if you have a problem with that then I would like you to contact him and say mr. Jimmy Smith (not my real name obviously) is here now and its about the usb device he wanted replaced.” I got the “no need sir, I will process this now for you” and then I got my device. I believe even if you get in a situation where they actually DO call their manager then ofcourse he will deny talking to me ever and all I have to say is “then who was that guy I spoke with ??? he said he was you and that it would be okay to get it replaced!” One hand here doesnt know what its fingers, nor the other hand is doing. I have not yet tried having my bluff being called. They are too afraid to loose, look stupid to thier managers and too lazy to do the check. Try it and see for yourselves, but do the research needed to make the bluff !

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      jimmy smith

      Same thing in Manila when I take a taxi and the driver always asks “where are you from?” I reply “The states” and then the next question is most of the time “what is your work?” and I reply “Special Forces”. I think many times this will discourage them for trying to fuck with me or attempt robbery, also because I always take the passenger seat next to the driver or I dont go with the taxi. This gives me a better fighting chance and also a better position to take over the wheel, pull the hand brake, unlock the doors and of course hit his throat, parry any weapons pulled at me and so on. And Always wear the seatbelt is my advice. Safety first !

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        jimmy smith

        This is a lie of course. But you gotta know where you are and what the price of telling the truth here in this highly dedicated, diciplined, christian, loving and caring country is. You ending up dead !
        If you dont believe me then try when you arrive in Manila going to your location or Naia3 for connecting flight to somewhere else and talk to the taxi driver in a conversation similar to this one.

        You : NAIA3 domestic terminal
        Driver : hmmmm, 1000 peso siirrrr
        You : very cheap, lets go
        Driver : where r u from ?
        You : France
        Driver : What state in America is that
        You : “sigh”
        Driver : What is your work
        You : I am in the diamond business, I am here with 10 million peso of diamonds I will sell

        Then you see him texting someone on his phone and shortly after he gets a call, he sounds happy and laughing and you see him smiling to you in the rear view mirror. You thinking “what a nice guy !”

        Driver : I have to go by my cousin and get something important, okay ?
        You : Sure, I am not in any hurry, cebu pacific will be late with their flight as always
        Driver : Good sirrr, my cousin lives only 10 min away in a nice house, dont worry
        You : yeah I see all these nice houses here, truely architectual master pieces !

        Then when the driver pulls into a dirty alley (are there any clean alleys in Manila ?) and 4 guys approach the taxi its the time where you shout “JOKE LANG, WALANG PESO AKO !”

        I hope you got great medical and travellers insurance !!!

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      jimmy smith

      Buy a lnew sim card and use the number you get on that card as “the private number” of the manager you claim to have spoken to. That way IF they wanna check they will be calling a dead number. Even more cunning have someone speaking fluent tagalog say on the voice answering machine “If this is regarding Mr. Jimmy Smiths need of a replacement fridge, then have it taken care of immediatly !”….IQ 86 ppppfffffff, can beat that anytime, anywhere and in any given situation !