God Will Save us! Errr…But Not From Ourselves…

This isn’t new news, but someone relayed this bit of information to me that had me laughing very, very hard.  I just had to fact check it, and it’s true!  If you need an example of the fucked up ways in which they deal with problems here, then this is the one you bring to the dinner party, folks!

Let’s start this off with the “problem”.  You see, instead of using nets and traps like a humane fisherman who cares about sustainability, the lazy Flips figured out that if you make a homemade bomb and blow it up, you can catch fish so much faster.  Seems efficient, right?  No…not when you blow up the coral reefs that sustain the fish!  A couple seasons later, you’re lamenting that there’s no more fish to go with your rice…waaaah!

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  There is a solution, and it’s the Virgin Mary and her son to the rescue (as long as you don’t mind putting them in harm’s way either)!

In 2010, mayor Nino Rey Boniel of Bien Unido town in the province of Bohol, Philippines, built an underwater grotto along the Danajon reef which deteriorated due to excessive dynamite and cyanide use. Through the help of Sea Knights and Boholano divers, two 14-foot statues of Mother Mary and Santo Nino (Spanish for Holy Child) were placed on 8 September and 18 October 2010 respectively, 60 feet below sea level in order to discourage fishermen from using illegal and destructive methods in fishing and hopefully remind everyone that the sea and its inhabitants are gifts from God that deserves to be treasured and taken care of.

Yep!  Let’s not actually set up patrols to stop and arrest this illegal blast fishing.  We’ll just be our lazy selves and drop down a couple of statues so that the lazy, greedy fishermen will feel really bad and go away.  That’ll work!


They’ll just blast the fuck out of the statues anyways.  Fucking Filipinos.

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    Addicted to Asia

    I recall seeing a few fishermen in the Subic Bay area with a hand missing and some with an arm missing . . when asked, they would invariably say a shark bit it off . . like the dummies on New Years eve with M40 firecrackers lighting them with a cigarette and throwing them into a crowd . . one with a very low IQ got mixed up and actually lit the firecracker, put it in his lips and threw the cigarette into the crowd . .he survived but has to take his meals through a straw . .

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    there was an expose on t.v a couple of years back, one of the fishermen that uses dynamite actually buys his explosives from the coast guard.. now how messed up is that?

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That does not surprise me. The NPA, the MNLF, and the Abu Sayeff rebels/ terrorists buy their guns and bullets from the military. It’s an open secret. The woman who was kidnapped in the early 2000’s wrote a book and described this in detail.