Good “Old” Filipino Service And Hospitality (There Is None).

 What you will learn from this article –

  • There is no customer “service” in the Philippines.
  • Good old fashioned Pinoy service is – take it or leave it basically.  If you don’t like it leave.
  • All the responses you get is just basically “HOT AIR” and will go nowhere.
  • You can get arrested and deported for making comments about Filipinos.

This article builds on another article I wrote here.

I’ve found customer service to be quite bad in the Philippines.  Beneath the “yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir” boot lickers that you strike, there really isn’t any customer service.  When things are going smoothly, its all good, but when things go wrong the staff will clam up and the business will not be there to support you “JOE CUSTOMER”.

I feel sorry for some Filipino’s to be honest that get ripped off by a lot of these businesses who refuse to refund them for damaged, defective goods and leave them high and dry.  Then again, they have no expeirence of what true customer service is like overseas and will never know.

Business in the Philippines basically wants to get out of responsibility ASAP.  Have you seen how many businesses offer no refund sales? 7 day limit warranty? Some wont even refund you a refund for a mistake (eg. price put through wrong or the stacker didnt replace the price tag and left the old one on the shelf) BEFORE YOU HAVE LEFT THE SHOP!.  Once it goes through the register, thats it.  Generally, theres no refund in some businesses.  There are consumer laws but these are not enforced and whos going to bother trying to kick up a stick over a small consumer transaction amounting to 50 pesos or so.  As other articles wrote, trying to argue with a filipino will get you no where.

A lot of foreigners actually laugh at the familiar response – “sorry sir, no stocks”.  But, did you know, most business in the Philippines sells on consignment.  That largely explains a lot of “no stock” responses and what you are seeing is the display stock.  The business has some fucked up idea that consumers will wait around for the shipment to arrive and that customers will go home … WAIT ..and come back to the store.  LOL! Thats a fucking joke, the stuff thats typically Filipino of … it takes forever to get things done and “we don’t value your time as you have no value on your time” – go home and wait, dont call us, we’ll call you.  Ummmm sorry this is 2016 and business doesnt work like that in most logically driven, sound countries.

Example: I’ve been to a mobile phone store and they had a 3-5 day wait (just double or triple the time if a Filipino tells you 3-5 days) on a basic standard mobile phone – sorry sir, no stocks.  Like, what the fuck, I just went to the shop next door.  How can the fuckers do business?  Oh thats right… the Filipino business model.  We don’t value your time, You order, we get the stock in and you sit in a Jeep for 1 hour coming to our shop to pick up the phone and all is rosy.  lol fucking lol.

Filipino Are Blitherers – You’ll Get No Where.  The Air Is So Much Hot – “Hot Air” Comin’ Out.

business in the Philippines

Have a look at that post in Facebook.  You will see Vincenzo complained about a product.  Poor, defective items cannot be returned.

Yes, exactly Vince.  I’ve found this response from many businesses.  Its highly illegal for a company not to take back defective products and as mentioned but who will enforce it?

The reason being is Filipinos are scammy and will lie to get their money back or an upgrade on a bad decision.  Many businesses have no doubt been stung in the past by the Filipino ways.

Even more alarming when you have a problem is the responses you get from Filipino companies.

Usually along the lines of –

  • Ignore – hope he complaining customer will go away.
  • Ignore emails completely.
  • Reply 1-2 weeks later saying the email was “offline” or some problem.
  • WaffleCheck the response from Jonald Abajon PeneroThat is a typical Filipino response.  Yes sir, no sir and on it goes.  But where did it get Vince? Nothing.  No where.  Just some lame fucking excuse.  Did it help fix Vinces problem.  NO.

In developed countries you would get the manager personally ring you, offer you a replacement product, cash refund, bend over backwards to get something done to help.  NO .. NOT IN THE PHILIPPINES. — ITS IGNORE ALL THE WAY.

“The only reason business want to hear your side of the story is to terminate the offending staff member”

Business will try and fob you off even tell you “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else” as I have been told as if i am the only one complaining OR they want to find out what happened so they can terminate the staff involved and hire more workers (and repeat the same business of not training staff properly!).

See the picture now?  Where is the customer in all this; Heres 3 more examples –

CAFE – I purchased a coffee – it was hot water, not much coffee – YUK.  I told the guy, your coffee sucks.  He said you can buy another one.  What the fuck.  No free coffees I said, this is disgusting.  The problem is the person is not the owner, probably a 220p a day lackky who will have the cost of the coffee deducted from his days wage  – YEP, thats what business does.  If something is returned, its put as a deduction on the employees salary.  In the west i would have gotten a free coffee.  In the Philippines you get nothing.

MACDONALDS – I never got my order after which breakfast finished.  I complained. Got a call and the person sounded all interested.  What they wanted to do is gather all the information where THEY went wrong and in the end said, thankyou we have taken your comments on board, we will notify the staff concerned.  Possibly terminate or retrain – result: ME, CUSTOMER – HELLO Filipinos is the one that lost here.  In the west i would have gotten a free order.  In the Philippines you get nothing.

BRAND ELECTRONICS STORE – I walk in, the staff are all watching tv’s.  I went around and had to say “hey” can i have some service.  Guy comes over and raves about some camera.  I say at end of the demonstration have you got this.  “sorry sir, no stocks”.  All the others were still watching the movie on TV.  I rang head office.  They wanted to know what happened etc at the end of it, thankyou for your feedback.  WHAT THE FUCK.  Hello?  I said I am still looking to buy.  No, they are on the headhunt and want to terminate staff I am sure as there are thousands of willing workers who they will just replace the TV watching staff with.  In the west i would have gotten someone to guide me through and seem interested to get me back in the store.  In the Philippines you get “I don’t give a fuck”.

jobs for filipinosIn the few times I have complained – Theres always been some lame excuse.  The system is offline, the email system has been down etc.  Its just a big load of B-FUCKING-S.  I walk into places and the whole business is shut down and the staff are sleeping on the floor.  “System offline sir”.  What?  How does the internet go offline?  Get another backup provider?!

Business is all closed at the burger shop – “sorry sir, no buns”.  90% of the menu is unavailable – WHY? “sorry sir, we have no rice”.  It’s the stuff made of morons.

The next thing about business in the Philippines is that its fucking racist and discriminatory.  They tell the staff what to do and force them to colour their hair black (yep, another colour and they will terminate you), wear your hair up, not have a moustach – even get teeth xrays for a call centre job?! what the fuck is that for.  It’s as if business is enforcing some moral code and that not having walay bungot will help with the service or some fucked up Screenshot_2016-01-06-19-26-18(1)thing.

And filipinos are such defensive cunts.  They will even defend poor service and people making comments and complaints about legitimate concerns to do with Filipino businesses and society.

This defense mechanism they have goes to the highest levels – as discussed here the word “persona non grata” is often used but they will spend and waste so much tax payers money to save face.

Have you heard of this guy?  Koko Narak

Screenshot_2016-01-06-19-31-52Bureau of Immigration (BI) lodged an undesireability charge against Mr Praserti Kosin and subsequently arrested him on May 6, 2015.  We heard news reports that the basis for the charge and subsequent arrest is that Mr Cosin allegedly called Filipinos “pignoys”, “stupid creatures”, “low-class slum slaves” and “useless race in this world”.

He also wrote concerns about the Filipino hospital system which these defensive cunts didn’t like.

Well, truth be told the outdated medical system that still runs nurses wearing uniforms similar to that worn in developed countries in the 1950’s is worthy of concern.  You just have to have a look at the horror stories out there with Filipino hospitals and the incompetancy and greed for money.  And have you ever seen foreign doctors working in Filipino hospitals?  NO, of course not.  Only Filipino’s can work in hospitals, you wouldnt want these overseas foreigners taking jobs.  There are many students coming to study medicine in the Philippines but will they get some training employment in hospitals in the Philippines – paid that is?  NO.

Unlike overseas where the Filipinos kick up a fucking stink if they are discriminated against.  Lol – it’s NOT racist to worry about foreign nurses.  


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  1. Profile gravatar of Alex Azar
    Alex Azar

    I never been in the Philippines to know but the Filipinos here in the US I had to deal with are very rude they will just start speaking in their broken language in front of you and they have no common curiosity what so ever. For a race that don’t know how to speak their own language fluently think so highly of themselves is funny to me.
    I forgot to say not ALL Filipinos in the US are like this but a good chuck of them are.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @hyeesdosdo hey mate yea i was watching some youtube videos of a guy in Philippines and the staff were calling him “panget” behind his name and saying “bisaya” (meaning speak bisaya) in Manila (where they speak tagalog and cannot understand bisaya so they can speak behind everyones back!.

      They also will speak about other people in front of customers in a nasty way. Just low level primate culture.

        1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          dont want to be here the smartass but it is pangit ….i understand the most bad stuff these fuckers talk when i am around them. only my closest friends and our maid does know that i understand the most of their dialect. its quite funny for me to reply sometimes these pathetic idiots in bisaya or english about their nice and friendly *ironic , conversation about the me , the kano. they have no shame talk about the dick size and other stuff directly in front of me…absolutely no shame ..if i would do that in my country to a foreigner i would feel really
          bad about it..

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Yep, and they talk to their friends about how bad your performance in bed also. The badder the better because it elicits loud laughs with screaming. And then they compare which husbands has got the smallest dick and the worst performance. Some openly calls their husbands “gurang” or “tanda” or “datan” – all 3 means “old” the latter spelt backwards in case you can understand a little Tagalog. I’m not sure where “Gurang” came from. “Tigul-its” is slang Visayan for old.

            If your “honey” calls you any of the above, you should ask for “please explain”. Of course she will dish you “bola-bola” (BS) in reply by saying “but honey, it’s Tagalog/Visayan terms of endearment”.

            Before you dump her ass, secure all your assets, convince her to sell that mansion you built by the sea because you are buying a fancy condo in Makati or Bonifacio. 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Papa
            Don Papa

            actually its almost the same as my aunt/uncles generation and above (they are chinese descent and living in Phil) using fokien/mandarin saying bad things about these Flips in their presence. maybe that’s what they also learned from the Flips (“backbiting” kanos).
            its stupid and unethical.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      It seems the Philippine culture is All about scamming, being rude, inconsiderate and right down evil! Bad service laziness, arrogance, racism and false “pride”, and, oh yes, uncleanliness!Pretty discusting in anyone’s book! Even blackest Africa seems to be better! These must be the most disgusting, lowlife critters in the world!

      Let’s pray the melting snows will overflow 9/10 of these filthy isles and islets! Restoring at least some element of cleanliness, before they reappear in ca. 60 million years, pristine and cleansed of any Pinoy turd and garbage! Amén!

      For those of us who have a….broader perspective, this…”culture” will implode in less than 100 years of its own inadequacy and disgustingness, thank God!

      But before that they will probably have exported more of their homegrown diseases to the world!
      In stupidity, sickness, laziness and filth to be compared only with Africa! Yuk! What a horribly disgusting people!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        If Pinoy should be compared to any living organism it must be “yersinia pestis”, equally deadly, filthy and nasty! But I would probably do the bacteria an injustice, as no pest bacteria has been known to squabble and backstab, on every street corner, in the way that only pinay excel!

        It is most unfair and great injustice to call them primate, as no ape is yet created who stoop so low in every respect as the Pinoy! In fact, if the Pinoy would be removed and apes take their place the Islands would have been heaven in comparison. Let’s pray that one fine day such miracle will happen!:-) Amén!

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    After awhile you just learn not to complain as it never gets you anyway,and only leads to more exposure to sheer stupidity. I spent months complaining to PLDT that I was overpaying for slower internet speeds which I’d signed up for and with the constant outages I should be compensated. Every time without fail I’d get a response like the following:

    “Good Day.

    This is to acknowledge receipt of your email regarding your repair concern.

    We shall keep you posted for further developments pertaining on your query below.”

    Then of course no follow up thereafter, and more chasing. You just go round in circles, constantly repeating yourself and always ending up back at square one and explaining the situation all over again.

    I often thought it’s not the fact that they’re incompetent or deliberately fucking you around it’s just that 99.9% of filipinos never complain, so that when somebody eventually does they just have no idea how to handle the situation.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Well we found a nice house, 4 bedrooms, 2 story and about 150- 200 sqm with a yard and set to move in on the 18Jan. The problem? Electric company says it will take 2 weeks to get the electric turned on. More excellent filipino customer service for you.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @jackson remember about the paper money going out of tender.
      you have to swap it for new money and i think after the enc of this year your old crusty bills under the mattress wont be accepted so get it changed now.

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I think they go out of their way to make sure they give shit service. It can’t be on accident that many times in a row at countless, random places we all go to right?
    They are so freaking stupid and have just the lowest standards.
    I used to go to this little bar n grill near my place. It took a while and some decent tips, but I finally started to get really good service from the waiters. They would give me 2-3 “last calls”, promptly bring me new beer, and put in food orders when the kitchen was “officially closed”. I loved the 2 waiters they had.
    Then all a sudden, the waiters told me they were being let go. Why? They couldn’t really answer other than their contract was up. WTF? I was so mad cause these were good guys with good skills the restaurant wanted to get rid of for some unknown reason. Of course, they brought in new people who sucked and I quit going. I actually followed one of the waiters to a new joint he started working at.

  5. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Well, truth be told the outdated medical system that still runs nurses wearing uniforms similar to that worn in developed countries in the 1950’s is worthy of concern. ”

    White nurses’s uniforms in the Philippines are just for show. I don’t know about other countries, but here in Australia, nurses don’t wear whites anymore because they are impractical. They stain easily. And the nurse’s cap was discarded decades ago after it was found that these extra unnecessary “trimmings” can be used to transmit bacteria, staphylococcus aureus (also known as golden staph) in particular which is a common hospital acquired infection.

    One time, my Mum was telling her younger sister what her duties are as a nurse in Australia. Mum was trained here, and is now a senior Nurse. My Aunt was very surprised when mum told her that Australian nurses give injections as a routine task and can initiate extra medications, pre-written by Docs before hand in case it’s needed. Aunt said that Philippine nurses are not allowed to give injections. If a patient needs injections, they had to call a Doctor to give it. “so what do Pinay Nurses do then? They don’t shower patients because the patient relatives do that, they are not allowed to give injections because Docs has to do that” – I asked. Oh, they give pills and manage intravenous therapy. Also the Docs insert the canulas not nurses., said Aunt. So there’s the answer why Flip nurses wear whites ! It’s because they never get their hands dirty! They don’t do real nursing duties! No wonder they have to do re-training and bridging courses if they want to work in Oz.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Don’t forget the patient watchers that the admitted have. Now what if the patient does not have relatives? Back in the states the nurse would change your bedding, give you a bath or sponge bath :), shots 🙁 , draw blood and so forth. The nurses would even wipe your ass for you if you could not, clean you up if you shit yourself. Tell that to a nurse in the philippines.

  6. Profile gravatar of

    My friend from Poland was on visit last month. unfortunetely his mother died and eh had to go back to Poland. We book his ticket online, but didnt recieved the ticket with email. He had one extra day before flights that we made plans that I will show him around the island, instead we talked to customer service for a whole fucking day. First 500 pesos load run out because Philippine Airline didnt answered the phone. Than we went to the physical office and didnt got any good answer, later my wife called them again and the conversation was like that:

    Wife: We booked a ticket but didnt recieved the ticket in our email but the money has been taken.
    Customer Service all the info from us.
    CS: Yes mam, I can see that we got the money but its processing.
    Wife: Yes but his flight to Manila is tomorrow and he already paid for his ticket to Poland from there so if he mss he will loss a lot of money.
    CS: Yes mam, he will receive the confirmation soon.
    Wife: When soon? within the next hour or after the flight is already gone?
    CS: Soon mam.
    Hello back everyone.

    Wife: Okay eighter sent the e-ticket now or give me a refund so we can book it with some other airlines.
    CS: Im sorry we cant give a refund.
    Wife: Why?
    CS: We cant give a refund because the ticket has not been issued yet.
    Wife:…… Okay let me talk to your supervisor.

    After talking to the supervisor the ticket came after 10 min.

    One thing which suprised me today I got my DSL internet installed just 1 day after we applied.

  7. Profile gravatar of


    Yeah sure. Before when living in Manila had SKY and beside problems in the first week with the speed the next 6 months was without any problem so no reason to talk to customer service. Later moved to Bohol and had Globe for almost 2 years. Had many problems with them.Sometimes no internet and all the excuses like the line has been stolen, or that they problems in Cebu or Manila. One time technicial came after 1 day and the speed was already good but he insisted that he will take a look on it. Later he explain to us like to 5 years old kids that we have to connect to the wifi to have internet in the laptop ( wtf Im working online). The good thing during those 2 years we good 2 months free because of the problems with internet and wife know how to talk to them.

    Will update about PLDT after some months but I guess that much depend on the area that you are located in. PLDT little bit more expensive than SKY or Globe. Paying 1600 for 3mbp internet and landline, while in Globe you will get 5 mbp and freecalls to all Globe no. SKY in my opinion giving you most for the price. Saw they have 8 mbp and cabel TV for 2000 which is good. In the big cities like Manil, Cebu or Bacolod I guess its better. Just moved from Bohol and already in the first days here I notice more things is available, yesterday I saw I can buy salmon, roasted duck or lamb, frozen mackerel and many sausages and smoked hams. Didnt eat it for veeery long time 🙂 Question to the people driving cars here, why sometimes out of nothing the drivers here turning off their lights in the completly darkness? And wtf they using foglights when there is no fog? Bought a car last week (before driving MC) and noticed that the drivers here are even worse than I though they were.

  8. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    There are normally 2 things flip staff will say about me if I’m dining out or in a hotel lobby. One is I’m gay or that I have a big dick. I hear this stuff on a daily basis. Even when walking around greenbelt or street. To the flips nothing could be more original or funnier. Well done guys.

    Apparently being softly spoken or considerate means you’re gay. I’ve even been swimming in a pool to be told I look gay. My fat friend apparently doesn’t look gay. What a classy woman. After that incident she offered my friend a massage. Lol.

    The other thing staff enquire is how much money am I sending to the Philippines. Answer is none. Then they usually tell my gf to dump me and get a better bf. Nice people. Of course theses cunts are expecting a nice big tip from me when I leave. They didn’t expect my gf to tell me what was going on. Idiots.

    I suppose it’s all part of the service!

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I don’t know why Flips are so obsessed with the size of Kano genitalia. Just because you are white, they straight away think you’re hung like a horse. As for the black guys…. it’s worse…. Flips think he’s hung like an elephant! For those into trivia, the average size of an Elephant’s penis is around 6 feet, 5 inches. 🙂 I am sure there’s a lot of jealousy there, Kalbo when they say things like “big dick” and “gay”. Hmmm, what a combination huh? big dick but gay? 😛

  9. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here’s one you all will love. It’s a website for a place up in Angeles City. When you go to the website scroll down to the section titled “More Philippine Information” under that section click the “Want To Buy A Bar??” And filipinos wonder why they have a bad reputation worldwide.

  10. Profile gravatar of Kuripotkano

    That Jollibee has some super service. Those Philippinos leave a huge mess for the busboy to clean up, and I guess that’s his job, but it’s not in me to leave a huge mess. I clean up and people look at me like I’m crazy.