Greed Pinoy Style: What’s Mine Is Mine, What’s Yours Is Mine, Unless you’re Korean!

During my 2014 holidays, the BF and I were renting an apartment just outside Cebu city. The apartment was 5 stories high, but only had 2 garage available! I guess because most of the tenants did not own a vehicle, but 2 tenants owned cars (including us), plus about 4 more tenants motorbikes. 

Because of such a limited parking space available, the parking spot is on a first come first served basis. So if you come home at say, 11PM, then you have to park on the roadside, resulting on our SUV being vomited upon one night – fucking dirty mongrels! 
Another thing I noticed also, is that even non-tenant Filipinos who lived across the road parked their motorbikes there, especially during the rainy season or very hot afternoons! They were able to do this even though there was a sign that says “tenant parking only” because the apartment did not employ a guard. Wasn’t worth it I supposed.  The parking area is right on the ground floor of the apartment, and tenants had to negotiate through the cars and bikes in order to access the apartments (not my choice of apartments by the way). 
Enter young Nash, a new Pinoy tenant who’s a student at some nearby university, son of a rich family (apparently!), tried his hand studying medicine  but failed miserably, so enrolled in Education instead. He must have been real dumb if he could not even bribe his way to pass his subjects! 
Young Nash owned a black sports car which he polished diligently whether it’s needed or not. But young Nash felt entitled to the car park, that whenever he could not park his gleaming sports car, he’d make it known to whoever occupied the parking space that he was not happy. If you’re Kano, he’d drop hints that you should not park in “his” car park because this is his country and you’re only a guest there. He would never say it in English though and he did not know that I could understand Visayan. When I told the BF this, he was not happy. So we started looking for an alternative car parking that we can call “our own”. 
Thankfully, there was a vacant block next door. We approached the owner if we could rent that space in the meantime to park our vehicles and she agreed.  We then organized to have a large awning made to cover our SUVs. The area was large enough for 2 vehicles, so I took mine from my garage at Aunt’s place and brought it over.  Needless to say, during the process of getting the awning made, prices were considerably inflated. But that’s another story for some other time. 
So we got our new garage we can call our very own, right beside the apartment complete with a lockable door. After the garage was built, Pinoy Nash drooled over it because well, it’s ours and we did not have to compete with anyone else. Nash in the meantime continued to hog the parking spot, but with us out of the way, he had less competition. 

Young arrogant Nash did have a problem: he was having an affair with the Pinay wife of a Korean bar owner. I am sure that you guys are aware that  you don’t pissed off a Korean and get away with it! As in majority of cases in the Philippines, a foreigner can not own land, so the Korean’s bar was in his young Pinay wife’s name.  Faced with the prospect of not only losing his wife but his bar as well, do you think the Korean will just sit there? 
One evening, we were returning home after having late night dinner and was parking our SUV when a black SUV with dark tinted windows stopped in front of the complex and 3 large Korean guys got out and went up the stairs. As I mentioned earlier, in order to access the apartment above, we had to go through the parking area which was never locked. And we knew the guys were Koreans because we could hear them, but because we were still inside our SUV they did not see us.  We also knew that they weren’t tenants. 

I was tired, so wanted to go up the stairs. BF said “no, we wait awhile for those Koreans to come down”. I said “no, you stay here if you want to”. So after 10 mins, we started to enter the garage when the 3 Koreans started to come down. Too late, we could not retreat. They called us: “hey, you live here?”.  I said “yes, we do”. One of them pulled out a photo of young Nash and asked what floor and room he was in. By now, BF and I knew that Nash is in deep shit. But stupid he might be, we also did not want to get involved with a murder!   We told the Koreans that we have seen him around but not sure which floor or apartment number he was in.  The Koreans then asked us if we knew who was the owner of the black sports car (Nash of course), but we said we weren’t sure, just some young Pinoy.  Whether they believed us or not, we were relieved when they left. It was about 3am when they left. We started debating whether to tell Nash or not. 
Two nights later, same black, heavily tinted SUV again parked in front of the apartment. It was about 1am and we were putting our SUV in our private garage when the black SUV parked across the road suddenly pressed his horn for about 3 minutes!  We were surprised that not one Pinoy peered across the window to see what happened!  I told the BF to let the black SUV go away since I don’t fancy being murdered in the Philippines for being a witness! 
Eventually, the black SUV drove off. By morning, we decided to tell young Nash that his life could be in grave danger.  He listened, but did not say anything. We advised him he should leave town. Thankfully, he did not come home that evening and right after I left to return to Australia, he did not return to his apartment.   I think that was one close call for young Nash.  I think the moral of this story, if you’re gonna be greedy in the Philippines, just make sure you don’t covet ones that belonged to a Korean!  
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    Whats mine is mine, whats yours is mine too.

    Yep. Thats what I have said for years. And also they want to live on the lavishings of your generosity and if theres an opportunity bring other family members in to “share the blessings” 🙂

    “share gods (fucking) blessings” and all that mumbo jumbo.

    But .. huh? they never share back… not even time and energy expended on arriving on time (filipino time), not even the courtesy of respect (it doesnt cost anything).

    SHAME: Yes, this is well used.
    The friends will shame the filipina into saying .. Why hasnt the foreigner bought you a condo, given you cash etc. and my friends have had that “my family is ashamed at me”. I’ve had that with two girlfriends where the family is expecting to have property in her name — just like all the other foreigners.

    What the fuck! They have such a high level of self entitlement in this country.
    Think about this if this was a lottery draw.
    90 million people.. only a small number of foreigners.
    foreigner flys say 20 hours travelling to the country
    and these filipinos expect that the foreigner will be a “provider” and lift them out of their
    woes and also they expect you to give (not just the gf but the bro’s, the pop and mom etc)

    Now .. see how these people shit on the nest. They rip shit and burn.
    They must think the odds of finding another foreigner are easy. Maybe it is?
    maybe they havent done the math and pulled out the calculator they are competing to win the hearts and wallets of another foreinger. Filipina are so ignorant and narsistic that they don’t know “why did the foreigner go? maybe he
    had another girl etc” … theyll never see their ways.

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    You are just TOO NICE!!! Me, I would have said nothing to Nash. Just sit back pop a beer and wait for a good deal to come up on a shiny black sports car.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Sarah,,,,,, awwwwwwwwwww,,,, where is your sense of adventure??// I would have snithced on that flip in a heart beat. I would have loved to see those koreans on that flip like a pack of dogs on a three legged cat..

    Got myself a good hiding place,, camera,,,,put it on utube,,, invited some kanos over and charged the hell out of them.
    A cold beer and a reefer..
    I am disappointed in you!!! lol

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    Heheh when I hear this kind of stories I wish there will more and more Eastern-european tourists here, especially the Russsians 🙂 Lets see how they will react on this kind 🙂

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    Just look at Pattaya, a good 60% is Russians… But the funny thing I noticed, usually the Russians dont come here for Pussy. Usually the Russians will go here with the family…

    Back to the story from Sarah; I think the problem here is too less Russians and other East-Europeans so they think they are the only clever people that can get a money from you.n Im a half Polish and half Turkish. Once I talk to one seaman and I told him I was half Turkish. He said that he have been in Turkey and everybody ask money from him. He keep complaining and complaining… Serious? This should come out from a Filipino mouth? That a stranger asked you for money??? WTH????

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    yes,, even western canada has lots of new russians there.
    That filipino can not see his won culture of gimme gimme money,,, especially in thee govenment offices where there is a fee for everything.

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      Thats what Im saying this country just need more tourists from a countries where the people are also looking for stupid tourist…
      First day in Manila some guy asked me for dollars I just look and say Me no dollars… In the beginning I didnt understand WTF… No offence guys but my opinion is that is you, mostly Americans, Germans, Austrialians that make them think that all foreigners have money with the tips, support and all that shit. Sorry to say that but in the past you learned them that you still learning them that. How come I have a wife which is filipina working online as me dont give a shit support to the family?

      Even you have repeat all the time keep saying I dont have money I have to work (even they will not believe it).

      And again dont get offended please, there is a reason why Flips think that all the white people have money.

      1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

        Blame the US Military. Well it certainly didn’t help that the US Navy always seemed to be pulling into Subic right after a pay day (10 days at sea, 3 – 4 days inport). Before the ATM’s, we used to walk around with our pockets stuffed with peso’s. Especially when everything was sooooo fucking cheap compared being stationed/living in Japan. Spending a $100 a day on beer and women was tough, but do-able.

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        Im not blaiming the US Army, but general the foreigners even on this forum. Many people keep complaining about the supporting the shit families, giving many but still they keep doing it. Now tell him how the fuck they can learn that not all foreigners are rich?

        If you want to change something than dont support. If your GF/wife cant understand the point than fuck it. Filipinos are like kids, if you let them they will do it. No reason to make it difficult. In my opinion is fucking simple.

        I see many foreigners that talking shit about understanding the culture and why they act as they do. But why your partner cant also understand your culture? I said from the beginning Im not going to act as filipino since my culture is better and more civilized. Its sound racistic but I really believe that is how it is.

        Hope you understand my post 😀

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      Sarah Post author

      LOLs! You guys are a blood thirsty lot! 🙂 I will be back there in 3 weeks, so will find out if young Nash is still alive and breathing! 🙂

      As to your question Al how we knew of the affair: Al, if the whole Pinoy neighborhood knew about it then WE WOULD know about it! Nothing spreads faster like wild fire than Pinoy tsismis! (gossip). Also it was not the girl’s apartment. It was young Nash’s. The girl had a nice large house bought by the Korean for her. Do any of you really think that a young female stays at young male’s apartment overnight several times a week to play Nintendo?? 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        i c ,,I should have known,, typical dumb kano,,,, the jungle grapevine.. Ask them about excel, money budgeting,,, stock market prices,,,
        ONE gigantic blank screen !!!!!

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I wonder if he had a pic of her, too???I would taken that koreans cel number. And foned him when those 2 lovers were together.
        Sometimes, Sarah, you have to stir the pot a little.. Dont you enjoy the sound of gunfire and the smell of gunpowder,,???
        Make the evening more enjoyable!!! lolol

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      TIME FOR FUN!!! There is an article on yahoo Singapore that says philippines has TWO of the safest cities in Asia second and third only to Singapore. What a crock of shit!!! The filipinos are online eating it up and telling how great they are.

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    Sarah Post author

    Actually, young Nash is no match even for just one of those Korean guys and they won’t need bullets either. Young Nash was your typical Pinoy….puny, underweight and only managed to reach 5’5″ if that. The girl herself was above average, quite attractive (damn Korean has pretty good taste 🙂 ). So what did she see in young Nash? He’s broke compared to the Korean. Ah, perhaps his “joystick” was better 🙂

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    Pinay Lover

    You get too greedy and stomp on other people to get your needs met, you pay the consequences. As Pinoy’s tend to do, they love to go on impulses without any thought of consequence. Living in the now and getting needs met is the top priority!

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    ” I think the moral of this story, if you’re gonna be greedy in the Philippines, just make sure you don’t covet ones that belonged to a Korean! ” – I DISAGREE. THE LAST TIME I SHOVED A GUN IN A SUPPOSED “BAD ASS KOREANS” MOUTH, HE PISSED LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. THEY ARE TOUGH WITH PUSSIES. WHEN THEY KNOW THEY, THEIR FAMILIES AND EVEN FRIENDS ARE GOING TO GET OFFED, THEY RUN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

  10. Profile gravatar of Stephan Sutherland
    Stephan Sutherland

    yes Rott,but that wasn’t the case there was 3 guys perhaps armed come looking for this dick head.And you be really stupid to bring a knife to a gun fight.In this case you would more than likely got three bullets or more in your brain. Better not to make enemies or do shit that get you killed.