Gun Violence, The Filipino Way Of Solving Crime

Today a young woman about 20 + years was killed in cold blood in broad daylight outside one of the malls in Mandaue City. A guy i met here and have on facebook wrote about this and the Phillippine debate was all going the comments.

Gun Violence Mandaue City PhilippinesOf course this is sad, for me, being swedish and all, gun violence is very rare and is swiftly handled by the police. But we’re not talking about Sweden, were talking about this proud-ass fucking country..

The Filipinos see the problem and blame the gun ban. WTF? That the gun ban makes the criminals more confident on robbery because normal people don’t have guns?

Again, about the police, and the fucked up way the Filipinos will deal with there shit. Do you belive that this murder will ever be solved? Well guess again! It wont. This makes me so mad to see people start complaining about the gun ban, INSTEAD of actually going to the mayor and file a complaint, actually doing something to hold him responsible for the violence this country endures every day. And this is not the first broad daylight crime I’ve experienced. Just a week ago I went to the PLDT office to try to get them to deliver my internet DSL (waiting for 5 months already) and on the other side of the street there was an armed robbery,

This disturbs me, being 20 years old, working and living here this scares the crap out of me, and that the Filipinos actually don’t do shit about it disturbs me more. Don’t they want a safe country? Do they like that young girls get killed in the street for a hundred pesos?

Well as another writer on this blog would say, “ITS NOT THAT IMPORTANT”

This is what is most fucked up in this country, they have so many problems! Yet its the people’s fault for not doing anything about it..

Over and out.

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    Captain PFB

    This type of crime is so easy to get away with in Philippines. Your best chance a capturing an assailant who shoots someone for their money and speeds away on a motorcycle is police presence and police with motor vehicles. And in Philippines, the biggest police presence is INSIDE THE POLICE STATION, sitting in front of the TV being entertained.

    Policemen in Philippines don’t want to be bothered with police matters. (Yes, you heard that right). But that is the general attitude about work and having a job with any Filipino. The goal is to get the job. Once they get the job, they don’t want to be bothered by ACTUALLY HAVING TO DO THE JOB.

    Filipinos just want to hold a title. Be it Barangay Captain, Police Officer, Mayor, Engineer…..Obtaining the title is really the only goal. Performing the job is a whole different subject. And it’s nearly impossible to get anyone to actually do it. These idiots have no sense of obligation, only a huge sense of entitlement. I know, I employ native Filipinos, and they don’t last long. It’s like I have a revolving door at my workplace. They get pissy when you confront them about the fact they are not performing the functions of their job, as if I have no right to expect work from them for the money I pay them.

    They are usually booted out, if they don’t quit on their own. These people are real fucking idiots. Let me tell you. Instruct them thoroughly on how to do their job, and it’s forgotten the next day. Even the most simplest elementary tasks. They don’t concern themselves with any kind of work ethic. They just want to collect a paycheck to hold the title. That’s when they are booted out my door.

    But back to the Police…How are you supposed to chase down a criminal who is on a motorcycle if the policemen are only on foot??? How are you supposed to discourage crime when all the officers are sitting on their stupid lazy asses in the police station??? What a bunch of complete idiots.

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    I agree with the article and the above speaker.
    Except all these points, how can you have confidence in the police authorities when they will be happy to forget what happened if you give them a few pesos.

    If you get stopped by a police officer because of a no u-turn or no left turn for example, the officer will be happy to forget it if he gets 100 pesos (yes, 100 pesos to ignore “crime”).

    The signs by the way, i guess are made for the police to generate money since they are generally very hard to see. If you get stopped by an officer they will tell you that there were a small sign in the corner somewhere behind a wall, saying no u-turn.
    The police have very little respect form my side. They dress in a way that makes it hard to see if its a pedestrian or a police officer. A blue t-shirt with a faded print by the chest with some authority i guess is enough… Some sleeps in the sidewalks and others are busy fishing for a bribe as soon as they see an expensive car.
    It was the first evidence of the extreme corruption here for me.

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    well the police and ever-useless-balls-lacking barangay tanods cant even handle simple gang fights, or curfew violation can you expect them to handle murder? Its like the only thing the police here wanted to do is break the law and act untouchable, confront them or get shot! How many times in the news that there were incidents of police going berserk in unreasonable ways.
    This is one of the major reasons that I want to leave here and never come back, rising crime, the other is dwindling intellect, this country is not worth living anymore I want to move on a nearby country whose society thrives in intellect and morality. Getting the fuck out of here and never coming back is my main objective.

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    Well look what happened to the tourist bus in Manila. gunfight at the OK corral , where were the operation commanders sat in a restaurant…Manilas finest

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    Filofail I often wonder the exact same thing. The PNP routinely boasts of having a force 150k+ strong. But where the F* are they??? Im from NYC and believe me..we have our problems just like every other major city. But the NYPD officers are freaking everywhere. On foot walking beats and patrolling neighborhoods in shifts.

    In all seriousness I give Filipinos credit for policing themselves because i can tell you with absolute certainty that in my old neighborhood if the police there were this absent/aloof then it would be like WW3. The lack of urgency and care regarding investigations is unacceptable though and ANY time I see an interview on TV Patrol with a PNP or NBI officer I look away. You need to catch criminals red handed in this country if they are to ever be caught

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    What about the stupidity of checking only two wheeler motorists for guns (as part of gun ban) and not the cars? At these ‘checkpoints’, there’s at least 10 cops. 7 of them are talking to each other, while the other 3 low rank officers do the dirty.

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    As usual with this country, they rip off ideas, Logos , sayings, Etc. from other country’s. Claim they invented it & totally don’t live up to the standard of the original statement. Just so long as it looks good that’s OK apparently ….

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    a canadian got into an argument with condo neighbors in cebu city,, he shot 3 of dem at the court house… Not much of a canadian if he only got 3 of these morons