Why Are You Here?…..HATERS!!!

This question is not one I have to wait around to hear some pissy Flip ask me. In fact it is one I am asking myself every day. “Why are you here? “ The question is loud and resounding; it reverberates around my mind over and over again. I ask myself this no less than 40 times a day.Every time I see a fucker doing something stupid, every time I see them having a victim mentality, every time I see them sitting on their ass waiting for remittance from (wherever).

I also ask myself if there is any way to help these people become more than they are? Knowing full well the question itself is fucking flawed from the ground up, as they would never accept help from an outsider. As I watch these people, it’s becoming more and more like watching animals, furthermore; and sadly I have to say, I’m beginning to view them as less than human. So again “why am I here?” what’s the fucking point of being in a place that I hate, surrounded by the people’s republic of idiocracy ?

It’s a place where willful fucking ignorance and stupidity are traits to be admired, where literally everything is the antithesis of what the rest of the world stands for. (Rest of the successful world I might add).

What is it with these people? Yeah, I get that they are in general about as bright as a box of rocks, but still, why be proud of being the problem child of the world? They need to be humbled in my opinion, but how do you humble a country that prides itself on living in squalor? LOL When will enough be enough and they grow the fuck up and join the rest of the world? Already they are being ostracized by the rest of the world for their shitty cultural traits, Singapore fucking hates them.

What possible good do they serve exactly? They have no real honorable or usable qualities that are exclusive to them alone, and they have nothing culturally or nationally to boast of. So what is the point of this place in general and why the FUCK am I here?

There has to be something I see in this country. Like a guy who sees something in a fat ugly chick, that no one else does, there has to be something about this place that makes me stay and want to make it better, even if its via “tough love”.

Where Asia is concerned the Philippines is truly it’s own people, it is a 40 year old worthless piece of shit “TITO JOBLESS”, who has no prospects for the future other than cock fights and Red horse. A worthless example of a country that is just waiting on the sofa, leg cocked up, expecting at any moment for the phone to ring, so he can get his remittance from (insert relative here).

When he, (the Philippines) is done drinking, and needs to take a siesta from all the exhausting work of loud public belching , farting, nose picking, ass scratching and wall pissing, he can use the money to pay for his next videoke song “eye of the tiger” to get in the zone.

Ahh yes, this guy(the Philippines) is so fucking proud of himself, he’s doing so well. Yup, he’s doing just fucking fine. Master of all he surveys, standing hands on hips, truly a proud Flip!

I feel that every country should immediately stop allowing Filipinos in to their borders, or severely decrease the number they allow to migrate, be it for OFW or citizenship. The people who get out (the educated ones, (NOT the retarded housemaids.) need to stay in their country and fix their problems and become a competitive force in Asia. (I just choked while typing that.)

Then again, is it really a good idea for the most egotistical people on the face of the earth, to actually have any kind of political or financial power to wield? Can you imagine a “REAL, proud pinoy” would be like? LOL, HOLY SHIT!

I’m tired of this place man, I’m sick of the shit beyond reason. This place will push you beyond reason. It finds that part of you that is easily annoyed and frustrated, and will peck at it eternally until you are mentally as fucked up as everyone else.

I am still trying to figure out what the fuck I’m doing here after all these years. I have a few ideas, but they are just that, “ideas”. Why are you here? What keeps you mired chin deep in shit? I would like to know, hope to hear something.


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    2009 – Arrived on vacation from South Korea (contract work at the time), and visited Pasay, Manila, near Mall of Asia. Was here for a girl i met through myspace at the time.

    2010 – Married first pinay ex wife and came to visit her family during XMas that year in Laguna, Philippines

    2011 – Didn’t come back cause I moved to the states… Was still interested in visiting, but i really didnt know much about the overall stupidity of the population just yet (i had glimpses and just brushed it off)

    2012 – Divorced pinay ex wife than moved to Manila for like 2 weeks… said screw this and moved to Davao with a girl I had met in Makati (she worked at HR office for some big call center). Living first in Manila i noticed a lot of what is written on this blog… After Davao it helped with controlling my rage.

    2013 – Moved back to Metro Manila at the request of my now fiancee, same HR girl, and hated following her on the decision. World class rage set in and i almost destroyed so many pinoy faces lmao

    2014 – Kids were born and moved back to Davao. Still so much hatred for some people here, but it’s all good cause I’m getting all visa/passport paperwork taken care of for fiancee and my kids. We’ll head overseas or back to the U.S. and only visit Pinas once every 3 years.

    The primary reason I came here was for the women. There are some beautiful places to visit as well. Other than that.. Only here now for my girl and my kids. Everyone else (except some of her productive family members) can suck it.

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      Well, if shes from Davao se surely has a few productive family members. As stupid as the country is as a whole; Davao has is the most productive. Still stupid though lol.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    I originally came here to set up a call center. Having visited the Philippines many times prior to that, and having already employed dozens of Pinoys to work for me remotely, I knew about the “intelligence gap” that I was certainly confronting. What I didn’t understand at that time was the myriad ways in which that utter stupidity would negatively impact myself and my business. It’s all laid out elsewhere on this blog. We all experience it. We all suffer as a result of it.

    Why do I stay? I often ask myself this same question. I stay primarily because my wonderful lady won’t leave here. I must’ve met the only Pinay in the country who doesn’t wish to get the fuck out of the place. Just my luck! After taking her to experience civilized environments like Singapore, I’ve given up even asking her to leave. I accept that if we’re to be together (which is more than great) then I’m stuck here for now. Hopefully, that may change at some point in time.

    After a few years of doing very little, I’m about to embark upon another business adventure. The Philippines provides the perfect base for an outbound telemarketing operation. Labor is relative;y well educated (in a very dronish kind of way), English speaking – and super cheap. As long as EVERYTHING you want that labor force to do can be broken down into mirco-tasks, each task monitored, and each person micro-managed, businesses that sell to foreign countries can work here.

    All of that being said, my only real investment will be in some work stations and cheap computer equipment – all of which I can easily walk away from without a moments thought or regret. I’d never invest a single centavo here that I didn’t feel that way about. Aside from my lovely lady, there isn’t ONE THING I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) simply leave here and walk away from. I decided long ago that I had to adopt that mentality in order to survive here.

    I guess that I stay for love, and for the relatively unique kind of business opportunities that the Philippines affords. The imbecile shot drives me crazy. It doesn’t matter how long I stay, it always will. Each day, I just train for typhoons. That means that I stay home and hide.

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    Spartacus_killingus Post author

    JESUS! So in all honesty, we are all here because of the PUSSY!… Isnt that fucking rich? LMAO Joking of course.

    I too, have met a girl after getting away from my Ex finally! This new girl has no interest in blackmailing me for American citizenship. Doesn’t even care about leaving this country. I like my Filipino GF. I have had a lot of US girl friends before, but they all had some kind of bullshit baggage hanging around them. I didn’t like their attitudes and I never was able to see myself with them for long periods of time. At any rate this is one of the key reasons I believe I stay, this and my daughter from my Ex wife.

    As far as business here goes, I had a business partner I met from Canada who wanted to start an office here. Everything was going fine until this pinoy guy got in the way making demands for an 100k peso salary a month and an office in some uppity neighborhood with a freaking pool. He did this because he know my partner was wealthy. I intervened and the son of a bitch did everything he could to sabotage a legitimate office. Eventually it all fell through and my former business partner decided to give them all jobs working from home instead. Ill never work to start a business here again, thats for damn sure.

    Now I have a “SANE” business partner in South Africa. He is asking me if I would be willing to relocate, and I may be. I could take my GF with me and get out of shit shitty hellhole, and go to a county that may be worse. LOL

    Living conditions are far better, but crime rates are astronomical from what I here.
    Still it would be a nice change to get away from the fucking wall pissers for a change. At least it’s quiet there in SA.

    Thanks for commenting guys, I love hearing everyone’s stories, it really takes the stress off.

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    Very simple. If youre a citizen of a commonwealth country but a non resident of said country and a resident of the Philippines, you have huge tax advantages. You pay tax ONLY on income earned in the Philippines with no obligation elsewhere. No other fucking reason. Your savings potential has now risen dramatically! Early retirement then get the fuck outta this place

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    Can I use being born in this race as an excuse? LOL

    Anyway, I am somewhat stuck here. I came here to watch over my parents and also invested majority of my 401k in the transportation business. I am giving myself 5 years then I’ll then decide…

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      Um. I do hope you’re aware that the government’s sole purpose in encouraging “foreign investors” is to simply take all their money and then laugh when they fail. There is no concept here of legitimate business – hence the enormous underground economy, which actually functions as well as can be expected under a kleptocracy.

      It IS possible to make money in the Philippines, but you must either accept that (a) you will give most of your profits to the gubmint, and will therefore have to sell your product at a much higher price than you would expect or (b) you have to simply join the parallel economy, where your legal protections are even less than the big zero you get in the formal economy.

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    Can I ask you guys a question? What do you guys do when ranting in this website is not enough?

    I mean like today, I went to the mall. As I was looking for a parking space a car pulled out in front of me. After the car left I slowly starting turning then all of sudden, this fucking flip in a motorcycle stop me and said that parking space was taken. (He was pointing at the car that was half a mile away) We got into a small argument and gave each other bad looks. Later on, I bump into him again in the mall and as it turns out, the driver of the car is his girlfriend. He quickly turn around and walk fast the other way. I was going to confront him again but I was with other people so I let it go.

    So any advice? When ranting is not enough, what do you guys do? I am so tempted to resort to violence. I was thinking of backing into his motorcycle with my truck.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author


      Unfortunately for me, RANTING is all I can do. Example: today, literally no less than a dozen times I was so FUCKING angry I couldn’t see straight. The bad part is. it was a normal day.
      What I mean is I woke up pissed off. Why, you may ask?
      Starting at exactly 6:15 AM in my row apartment unit number one comes from some god damn for flung ass scratching province. They love for some reason to keep the god damn door wide fucking open and talk at the top of their fucking voices.. That between the 4 kids running around crying screaming. Then the guy probably no less than 5 feet away from someone also raises his voice. Maybe if fucking Flips didn’t listen to music so fucking loud they wouldn’t have hearing problems and thus wouldn’t feel the need to talk so loud.

      That was just neighbor number 1. The second and closer unit.. Decided it was also a good fucking time to TURN UP THE BASSSSSSSS….. and start playing the same “ultimate fucking girl songs” over and over again to some karaoke they have going on.. Because OBVISOULY FUCKING 6 FUCKING AM is the FUCKING APPROPRIATE GOD DAMN TIME TO FUCK WITH ME!……………..(Takes a deep breath)

      That’s okay.. Because its not over….. Then I decided to try and sleep upstairs as far from the noise as possible which would have been fucking fantastic if not for the fact my apartment is reverberating like a snare drum do to Bass of the fucks next door. So sleeping on the floor make me feel like I got a 12 pound vibrator stuck RIGHT UP MY ASS!
      So I guess sleeping was pretty much out of the question. I mean, I work nights.. I may have failed to mention that.. Yeah, all my clients are westerners so I work with them on their schedules. Not that it would matter, because 99.99% of every fucking pinoy I ever met don’t give a FUCK about anything or anyone but their fucking selves.

      So here it is around 7:00 AM by this point right? And Im thinking HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHO IN HEAVEN DID I PISS OFF TO BE SO FUCKING CURSED??
      So I decide, Ill just go send some files to a client.. (Let us pause at this point for a god damned HARD FUCKIGN LAUGH…) Because my internet was running at (0.9 MBPS)… Oh… oh yeah, That’s fucking rich. Somewhere every fucking pinoy is busy uploading GOD DAMN SELFIES and facebook fucking their life away, taking up bandwidth and taking money from me.
      Fuck it I say, I will just save some files and send them later. OOOOOOOOOOPSS!!!!!! Can’t do that!!! Why?…. Because right in the middle of saving my files guess what happens?? THE ELECTRICITY GOES OUT! Well FUCK ME RUNNING!
      I figure, I’m getting way too pissed by this point. I mean I just punched a wall and now my hand is swelling up like I broke blood vessels. I try to look on the bright side. At least the music stopped right, I mean I have that.. The fuckers are still yelling back and forth to each other but I can probably deal with that.

      (PHEW)…..It’s getting hot in my apartment.. Stuffy you see. I pride myself for living in the Philippines for going on 12 years without having an Air conditioner. I only use a fan, so I feel like I can acclimate better. But today it was hot. So I decided to open a window. BAD IDEA!!!

      If anyone here has read my National Bird thread, they will have been acquainted with “JUAN DELA FUQ” my resident fuck nugget and overall pain in my ass.
      Oh boy Juan thought why not start a fucking FIRE on my bedroom wall to burn his FUCKING TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I open my window and fucking FIRE is coming inside.. Not to mention But loads of smoke filling the apartment.!!! I MEAN GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!! REALLY????

      SO I’m literally about to fucking lose it. I’m pacing around and I wanted to get out of here, but I knew 100% without a shadow of a FUCKING DOUBT…….That if I had come across one single mother fucker that so much as looked at me wrong, I would have committed fucking murder! I would have punched someone in the throat and thoroughly SKULL FUCKED THEM FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!!!!
      Also…. Those fucking ROOSTERS loud as fuck!

      So……. What I do……I come on here and rant, and write REALLY BAD, and put a lot of improper punctuation where it is not needed…….<< like that!

      Ranting is all I have, because if I don’t fucking rage this shit out on this wonderful FUCKING SITE I will probably be the next white mother fucker sitting in prison eating out of the skull of the mother fucker I kill.

      Man……… The only easy day was fucking yesterday, bitches… And in case someone tries to connect that last phrase. NO, I was in the army not the Navy, I’m taking that saying anyway.

      FUCK heavy rant Complete.. Until tomorrow.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
        Spartacus_killingus Post author

        I probably should have taken a moment to proof read what I wrote above, but I was rage writing, as well typing about a mile a minute. So apologies if anyone has a hard time reading it.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          ,,, the flipinnes does not deserve proper spelling, prope renglish,, you are just writing ;;nose bleed English lol…I used to live on a farm of 210 hectares,, now I have half a bedroom full of junk

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        no aircon!!!!!!!!!!! I got to say u are one tough S.O.B. pardon my laNgauge that is meant as a compliment!!!!!!!!!!
        roosters,, mangy, deseased ridden dogs,,,trash,,,
        Now I know why the rich flips put up 30 foot walls, and barb wire and gaurds to protect themselves against these people….
        what gets me is baranguays????? little pockets of corruption,, they kill eavch other off for a tanod position,, so there must be money involved ,, votes too.
        This website is just like AA meetings, I got to go here every day to get rid of my frustration..
        no wonder 20,000,000 flips moved,, being a hooker in japan or a slave in the middle east is better than the feelipines!!!!
        I am in a north African country working,,, clean air, space,, an ex war zone, cant be any worse than the failippines

      3. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        Spartacus My Man. I have been reading your rants for a few weeks now and I must say you make me laugh so hard that it helps dealing with all the shit we put up with here. You are one funny dude and everything you say is so real and truthful. Thanks for helping me get thru my day.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
          Spartacus_killingus Post author

          Pinoy fail blog is my punching bag. It feels sooooooo good to bitch and have people know what i’m talking about. so many times clients overseas are asking me, what I’m talking about as they have never been over here so they don’t get it. Then complaining to people here just makes you look like an uptight high class “kano” who expects too much.

          Its good to know I can rant and rave and people somewhere get it, without thinking I’m just a raging lunatic.

      4. Profile gravatar of TheD

        You need to roll with it. Just as in boxing, when a punch is thrown, you dont slam one back in, you duck and roll with it.
        Its not easy at all.
        Why dont you buy a UPS? Uninterruptible power supply that will give you an hour of electricity should it go off. That way you can still run your computer and fans.

        There is no doubt that it is a clusterfuck to try and do anything here.

        I couldnt get everything done today that I wanted, mainly because when I finally got to BPI after spending over an hour in the queue at Meralco surrounded by screaming kids and one running through the line of people, pushing them to one side without a word and a parent who seemed to be completely absent, BPI gave me my line in the queue. Number 526. Now serving Number 235. Fuck it. Im going home!

        The locals here call me the nice gringo because I dont snap, I speak to them properly. I cant help but think “if only you knew what I wanted to do”.

    2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      Perhaps the gf was pregnant? This seems to be the default state of pinay gfs.

      I’m surprised you didn’t come back to find your car had been keyed for taking “his” space.

      When someone’s just being slow, I try to deal with it by (as others have suggested) treating them as children; a bit of a smile and a metaphorical pat on the head. But when there’s a potential for aggression it’s better to treat them as the retarded adults that they are. There are literally thousands of textbooks (some more technical than others) for professionals do this as a day job. I’ve started to build a bit of a library.

      It’s important to understand that the world does not look to them the way it looks to a normal functioning adult. That, coupled with the fact that their world doesn’t even function (especially in Manila) means that their thinking processes are fucked-up. The Pinoy response in this case would be, I guess, to say that the car that just left was your cousin who was holding the space for you.

      1. Profile gravatar of TheD

        Why on earth was she in the car and he was on a bike?
        Maybe make some fake advertising for your car to promote your arms dealership haha

    3. Profile gravatar of TheD

      Nothing you can do here. The best thing you can do is make your home a sanctuary that you can always return to.
      I was in the mall today also and the woman at the front of the queue pulled out carrier bags containing coins.
      It took 20 minutes for the cashier to count them.
      The next customer had 5 items and after they were scanned and paid for the cashier, she sat looking at the receipt. Then handed it to the customer and looked back to see there was no one packing the bags. SO we then waited for another 5 minutes for a bag packer to arrive who said “bag or box maam”. “box” she replied. And off he went to find a box.
      I was like agggghhhh for fucks sake.

      I try to keep my mouth shut but sometimes its hard.

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    grit your teeth, cos anything you do whiplash in a heartbeat on you.. court cases,,, all they have to do , pay some money and they have to do is complain to immigration, and u are not getting out of this country…

  8. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    To get back to the original question, I’m here because I see a country where nothing functions, and a country where nothing functions is a country full of unmet market needs. When you have consumers who have very, very low expectations, it should be possible to meet those needs very simply.

    The crucial point is that you have to also recognise WHY those needs are unmet. The people who run the show do not want them to be met. They do not want people to be educated and able to problem-solve. The do not want people to be independent thinkers and doers, because people who are trained to hold out their hands for freebies and kowtow are easily led. They do not want people running businesses (and certainly not dirty foreigners) providing (gasp!) an actual service in exchange for money, because then THEY will be unable to take money while providing nothing at all. Poverty and graft is written into the very fabric of the Constitution; failure is designed-in.

    What I’m doing here is actually legal under Philippine law, but I have to do slightly odd things to remain legal. In normal countries, it’s not just legal, it’s ordinary, encouraged, and grant-funded. Here, it’s forbidden (unless you do the aforementioned odd things). I can’t describe the details because I’m, well, paranoid. You do not want to underestimate how deeply fucked this country is. This is a place where journalists – fundamentally rather harmless people – are murdered on a routine basis. You watch your back if you’re doing anything that might make things even marginally better.

    So why am I here? It’s an adventure. I’m pretty old. I’ve done everything I want to do with my life. I have a lot of skills that I’ve developed over the years, and I think I can use them to (a) live out my remaining years here in relative comfort and (b) make a few other people happy along the way (the few who are prepared to get off their lazy ass, anyway – the others are irredeemable). I’m a long way from Manila, and I’m smarter than most Pinoys, which means I can use my (fairly limited) funds to achieve a lot of control over my environment. Life is therefore (mostly) stress-free.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      I envy you Marius, as you said you seem to be an older guy, if so I hope that I can get this all squared away as good as you in time. I think my first step should be getting as far away from manila as possible. I need a buffer zone so I can breath, some land maybe even if its just a little land at that.

      Also, I love your time machine analogy, as I have also used that one before several times, in explaining this place to people.

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        Yeah, it’s an excellent description of this place isn’t it. When I first arrived, the thought that dawned on me was: fuck me, I’ve landed in a dystopian sci-fi novel.

        Don’t worry, you’ll get there – I get the impression you’re 15-20 years younger than me, so plenty of time. And yes, getting OUT of the big city is your first step. Manila, Cebu, Davao, they’re all the same (Davao is SLIGHTLY better, IMHO). They’re all run by Filipinos, so what else would you expect?

        It’s true that there’s no working infrastructure outside of the cities, but there isn’t any inside them either, so what’s the point? Oh, sure, it LOOKS like they have roads and banks and shopping malls. There’s the illusion that you’re living in a city. But they’re like those facades they used in cheap western movies – no substance behind them. What you’re actually living in is an enormous slum that Pinoy Pride in its arrogance has decided to call a “city”.

        What I’ve found is, out in the back of beyond, you can make your own arrangements: you can bring civilisation to YOU (up to a point of course – you do have to avoid 95% of the neighbours). It’s a hell of an uphill struggle to begin with because you’re literally carving out a life from a stone-age starting point. I’m still only just getting started, but that’s all part of the fun. So far, so good; it can be done, I think. At the moment, I’m just waiting for O3B to bring their satellites online so I can get a decent internet connection here in the middle of nowhere 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

          i have a decent internet connection in the middle of nowhere, its good enough to play an advanced 3d internet game on. I use A TATTOO HUAWEI 4G STICK (it could be 3g) it cost about 2000……………………………………………………………………………………pesos. it works great promise if you get GLOBE signal on a GLOBE sim, at least two bars of signal somewhere in the house. Keep it high near a window, cool. just like me alley cat ee, at least im always near a window like stanley kubrick clockwork orange.

          1. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

            then you GS50 every (send GS50 to 8888) day if you are a heavy data USER, or 3 if you arent, just a surfer. Like this marvelous site wouldn’t hardly use up too much information would it huh, nudge nudge….except on the most primitive of FEEmalfunctions does i evers go wrong

        2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
          Spartacus_killingus Post author

          Honestly the only thing keeping me in manila or this general area is the need for internet, my livelihood depends on it. If not for that I would have gone a long time ago. as it is currently, I live in a town still within what is considered greater metro manila, but apparently too far out to get a decent signal.

          I have the hardest time trying to apply for globe. Example: I am a freelance consultant to companies and business all over the world, I have decent pay and am in no danger of being without employment. However, Globe doesn’t consider what I do a job. To them I’m jobless. That pisses me off. So I was unable to meet their requirements for a connection.

          Then I used smart, but they locked me into a contract, and were charging me 3000 pesos a month for a 10mbps I think, and I literally had almost no service at all for about 2 months. Complaining got me nowhere. So I just stopped paying them.

          No I use this thing called Witribe, which is okay for the most part, but I need to go out constantly to send files, since its too slow to upload data.

          All that internet garbage aside though, I want out of here, and I suppose if I want it enough it will happen. Vietnam has faster internet, I could just take a alp top over there for a few month at a time. As far as living like a caveman for while, I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m an outdoorsy guy anyway, I would be perfectly at peace living in a bamboo Kubo, on a farm with no problem at all. Have some goats, a little fish pong to harvest in. That’s what I want.

          1. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

            fish pong XD you slippery guy..uh besides getting wet, why choose asia, why not the spratleys or ukraine..chile? cuba haha.

            lets face it to the killifeknows your a racist now…you dont belong.

            im going booked 24th june 2014 visa approved further stay ok for wife, except the family im with-fed the poor girl (and also extremely ignorant and self profficient burnt/melted record brain) her so much Bull*hit over the years she has kidney problems..oh my god, like 24-23-22-21-20-19-18-17…today im 7 days away from leaving and the wife has health problems, she has a bad kidney, she gave me so much shit somewhere deep inside i want to be alone….but i as we know on this site…am not. i have a wife of 3 years…haha. ahem.

            but i convinced her hospital was better in australia, and even though hospital may not be cheap, i would rather her suffer in my country no matter what because i cant take this shit anymore…i will just beg with the skills i uh picked up to my grovellment for some miss understanding that my wife is merangued on a island she thought was nice.

            But its true as if you would get your kidney out in a third world country..haha..im probably saving her!! from the doctors here, they would sell her kidney to someone fitter who could actually cope with all the sugar, and make some cash baby!!! i dont know…im lost without her sigh* pop…

            we have a baby girl Hush Nina Glass, thats funny huh…..i called her Hush, because it sounded like hash…or just STFU she’s cool dont think like that your probably illegal in every part of my mind right now…(omg im brave) sepe-rate-ed hu-sh haha…mmm so good to hear here huh man. HU-SH . ok sorry…i even ran away to get the baby named my way yes.!..you know the time when your wife cant speak at all because the doctor tells her not to get out of bed she will bleed……….i have a sweet taste in my mouth from the memory…..its like fairy floss pop*..im at the fair… i called her …hu-sh. its the only time i am REMINDED by myself to be serious here..when i say her name.

            because i feel the family will kill me for calling her something like hash. haha. but its not..sroso. dont say that.

            Her name means so much to me, i remember snowden was getting in trouble and i was like STFU snowden just STFU…it was a smoking gun moment. And the marijuana thing, and the hash tag thing blah, i was thinking of calling her whiskey…..you all know im trailer trash right. Its my fault i slipped thinking of better days when signing her from god over to me in the hospital.

            Anyway the wife is sick but ill fight ANYONE who does anything but..fucks with her, right now..or later.

            No i must make the plane, i need an exit clearance, its so hard to pay for everything but its the most LOYAL release here in the killidreams..im grateful..(oh sarcasm) i need cash..i need you baby come rape my hairy a$$ and i will just go in the morning.

            What the fuck am i talking about, Basically i posted on FAIL BLOG that unless by some divine intervention of filipino catholocism i was going within…3 weeks maybe two..its so long ago…and god fuckin raped me with a rotten skeleton, he sugar coated a rotten skeleton to rape me with…and my a$$ got stuck. but ill still go i’m firm Australia is nice, she bows insignificantly to that ill crack my fingers….ten bucks i will hear harmony from the families around…like a bell in a place of worship. jus one DonG (fuckin nightmares)

            Ps i owe GLOBE 7000 peso, there is no way they can have that, im telling you, right now. Thats the only reasoning i have except the insanity plea, anyway, its cool technology is still a gimmick here…if i get deported ill go insane anally inside out…

          2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            Im looking for whatever I can get into with my girl friend. Honestly, I can’t and dont want to be away from her. shes the only person who gets me.. S I look for places I know she can get into. we both do the same job. Sometimes even work with the same clients. Vietnam is cheap, so is cambodia. Immigration problems are also easy to deal with in most cases.

            I would just go back to america, but Im not really worried about that.

            I have been trapped in this place several times, and I currently see myself trapped here in a way. My ex wife tried to black mail me for a fucking US citizenship. I racked up a 100,000 peso fine in immigration. Right now, I just want to get out of this place wherever it is.

            I have recently started staying at hotels 2 or 3 days out of the week just to get in a better environment, where I can be more productive at work. Not to mention sleep better.

    2. Profile gravatar of TheD

      I agree. In the west I would be in the top 1000 companies. Here we are top and top by a long distance. There is us, then a WHOPPING gap followed by every other company in our sector.
      The other companies that I have met seem to have the attitude of “why try to be better when we can just say we are, the customer doesnt know the difference”.

  9. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    Incidentally, ever watch Planet of the Apes? There’s a scene where one of the astronauts says (upon meeting the devolved humans): “if this is the best this got, we’ll be running this place in 6 months”.

    Then, of course, they meet the apes.

    A better comparison might be H.G.Well’s The Time Machine. You might think the place is populated by eloi, but the ones who will cause YOU genuine trouble are the morlocks.

  10. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    personally i like the maths question at filipino fail blog log-in. Thats the type of question i answer here in the philippines that actually allows me to use my level of intelligence and be satisfied i have actually solved a problem….way before i even vent my frustration.

    except i have found a glitch in the message field when you are typing a reply lately..there comes a point where your cursor(god forbid) cannot choose to fix typos (holy *hit). Please help god. i had to copy paste the whole of my reply to a notepad (then word wrap under format)to make a simple typo go away…

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      Getting that also. I have to type everything in ms word first then paste it. Though reading my posts with their horrible grammatical errors, one would think I simply typed my post the same way people piss their name in the snow.

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        I’ve got something like that too. If you scroll the page up (or down) so that the edit box is in a different position, it starts working again. No idea why!

  11. Profile gravatar of William

    Why are most of us still here?

    Well, the Failippines is essentially a venus fly trap, except the flies are the foreigners.

    When you’re making plans to move to the country permanently either for money or love, it all looks sweet and enticing at first, until the visage of dilapidated buildings and ‘somewhat’ humanoid creatures gives you cold hard falcon punch to the gut.

    Alot of foreigners like myself who didn’t bother doing any detailed research or gain further insight about life in the country most likely feel really stupid and are kicking themselves on a daily basis for their gullible decisions, but then again, I guess you can’t blame some of them because they weren’t fortunate enough to be surrounded by any warning signs, and when you have the DOT’s “more fun in da pilapens” advertisments gratuiously plastered all over the buses in Sydney, in only covers up all the shit that they don’t want the foreigners to be aware of. Unless you have friends or relatives who have already copped their fare share of shit in this country, you are pretty much left on your own to buckle up enjoy the ride.

    This is why I love this site. It sparks a collective awareness for any potential stupid fuck like me.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      About that research bit.
      I was only 20 when I came here, I actually did do a lot of research before coming here. However, the research I did consisted almost completely of biased material. What I mean by that, is that I wanted to get out of The US so bad and away from my life there, that I totally ignored all the ugliness and only focused on what I perceived to be the “good things” not realizing how hard such good things are to attain or maintain at that.

      I thought I could come here and not have culture shock, but I was summarily kicked directly in the balls upon getting off the airplane.
      Not only was this place not the fantasy I built up for myself, it was the farthest thing from. Everything I thought I knew and wanted was flushed down the toilet. I tried in vain to force my ideas and personal desires to fit into this realm to no avail.

      Once I got married it was all fucking down hill from there. lol

      I was caught directly in the snare of marriage and the money pit that has shown itself to be the Philippines.

      My only advice to other would be expats, especially if hey are young naive 20 somethings, is this: If you get off a plane in Manila and the Filipino BALL KICKING fairy doesn’t waste time “world cupping” your nuts into the roof of your mouth with harsh reality. Simply go into the airport and purchase a return ticket to your home… OR Mogadishu, even that’s better.

      Had I known what I know now, I would have done anything to get back, up to and including stowing away on a merchant ship if need be.

      Its too late for me gentlemen, none of us are getting out of here alive!!!!

      1. Profile gravatar of William

        “However, the research I did consisted almost completely of biased material”

        Yep, that’s true. Even if I did do any proper research, most of the articles you’d read online would either be written by some dumb fuck politically correct foreigner or a proud pinoy. As a 23 year old back then, I thought I was open minded enough to adapt to an unfamiliar culture and territory. After getting a good dose of the culture shock I experienced on the first day, I needed to be at a mall in order to feel like I was back among civilisation.

      2. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

        feeding this fantasy of a different life here is like rubbing the scrotum of a troll from the epic lord of the rings trilogy. Its like sucking the balls of a troll or ogre.

        If you get off a plane, just…well i got charged 3000 pesos for a ride in davao airport to the port haha. (im sure he took me the long way) I had just touched down of course…i had been in philippines like five minutes. Then a woman stole my motorbike, she was my first girlfriend she also threatened all the other girls i saaw..same as my wife. I t\had some girl sneak a yukky vine fruit into my coffee, then a different girl some lighter fluid (straw) after the first girl got fired because i got a staff member to taste the drink. I bought airsoft ball bearing plastic firing fully automatic guns!!! you cant travel with them , however, i found myself buying a handgun replica thats green gas powered. I still OWN that.

        If someone who reads this also want to escape america to start a new life well, in the chance that you already do that, which is nice, getting here is a whole different story. Just rebel down south near the border or something HAHA..Actually i dont recommend Davao as thats where Americans get hijacked for money..or dating women here is actually…the exact same thing you get blackmailed, with your children for example, (under the false impression the woman to your children is allowed to travel anywhere in the world blah blah canada etc she doesnt NEED you for a visa spiel)that happened to me, by the end of that conversation my wifes face was so covered in spit (in the movie cinema) and i was feeling like a dehydrated llama. (making me look good… and her look bad)

        Hell america didnt even invade the philippines, not even anally…and if they think about invading , its after pregnancy…thats just wrong. Butt these bitches have some balls, they are so brave to get things out of you, sroso, you just have to watch out for being a dickhead, if you are a dickhead and you are reading this you are too close (see my profile picture change)its from yesterday haha.

        Im trying to warn you in english, which i hate to do…but i am …am i not?

        This place has been a living hell, it was like hanging out in school with the most stupid stupid people, and suffering in silence while developing (emphasis on ping)( and devel-o)a mentality (feeling stupid) and then having a baby….Then getting used for a while, and ToBeContinued.

        The men here are better than the women, they are like fine wine compared to the girls. Its a shame they all dress like women also because that makes me think they are also corrupt with sex…..i never had sex with any guys here, and i would hate to make a typo here..but, i will say it again the guys are nicer than the girls.

        I Also escaped from australia, its a rabid place too, convicts (english and irish ) just a fuckin drinking hole of power, so before i got in any further trouble i hormonally tried to balance myself if you know what i mean. I wanted a foreign girl!!! well i found one..haha

        I regret every second, but i have a baby, and i also have tiny balls, -not saying i wont go back to australia beating my chest or the treasure chest of any lepricaun or english man…- but i just wont look happy thats all..i i i also want to be in the same place as my baby, but being the intelligent connisuer of fine times i am , i read up about the LAW, and its states (as well as the Australian embassy) that you are not allowed to take a baby out of the philippines you must have an australian passport and be in australia with an australian citizen for a child to have any power. That is my saving grace, i have done that by some grace of god, if my wife wants to be a bitch ALL her life i am going home to the safety of a place that she is not allowed to steal my baby from. It will backfire, but the embassy told me it doesnt backfire here guys, its just fuel to the “you dont belong here fire” pick your bitch very carefully, although we may differ on what a country is supposed to be wink wink i dont ever want to breed evil bitches into the …………………e never mind.

        its obvious im getting tired or i wouldnt be returning home to australia like a wounded animal zzzzz

    1. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

      oops that was my miracle baby girl hush typoing and pressing enter of course.

      TODAY!! i have some hate to vent, i went 12 hours by bus and boat to cebu from negros oriental to go to immigration to get a clearance for my travel overseas.

      Guess what dopey Philippino girl tells me at the window at Cebu office (which has changed from mandaue) that i dont need a clearance!! what a dumb a$$ then i went back to the window like what yes i do, and she replies no SiR you dont sIR you are on a permanent visa.
      So i leave the office needing to make it home before the boats stop for the day, but i ring the immigration at the airport and they say i do..WTF. what a dumb a$$ bitch.
      I travel 12 motherfuckin hours to talk to a philippino woman, i swear i am about to typo..ill never talk to a woman here again ,just a fat one in a lab coat, that clearly uses her brain and is fat for doing so.

      So i have to get an EMERGENCY one at the aiport…an hour before my flight, luckily this place is short-cut corrupt because i am worried as hell rihgt now, my flight…when i remove myself like a correction pen from a child;s master piece, on the 23rd of JUNE 2014.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        Yes I think you do need to get a re-entry permit if you have a permanent resident visa and want to leave the country. I have always had to get one. I get mine in Manila at the immigration because I don’t know what to expect if I try to get it at the airport before I leave. That’s one thing that is so hard to deal with Filipino govt agencies. They never give you the same advice or answers. You can talk to 10 different people about one situation and get 10 different answers. They just don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. No matter what I’m told I just figure it is bullshit and the next dickhead I talk to will have a completely different interpretation. I always get my re-entry permit at the main immigration office in Manila. The last time I got it they actually told me they didn’t have any records of me getting it at that office. I must have got it at the airport. When I produced my receipts to prove they were complete fucking idiots they changed their tune. When leaving the country, the immigration asshole actually was trying to tell me I didn’t have the proper permit because it wasn’t from immigration in Manila even though he had the receipt right in front of his monkey looking, hoping to get a bribe face. Just dealing with these corrupt pieces of shit can be a major pain in the fucking ass.

        1. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

          i didnt even know i needed a re-entry permit, i was trying to get the fuck outta this place..

          but i was thinking about renewing my permanent visa (3 australian years to go(as compared to dog years))

          I am trying to get an EXIT CLEARANCE…oh my god am i in the spider web of immigration hearing male to male stories are you ok?


          i need an exit clearance hahaha gimme

        2. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

          One other thing. When you get your re-entry permit you have 30 days to leave before it expires. The last time I left in Oct. but got my permit in Sept. I left well before my 30 days was up. The immigration A-Hole tried to tell me that since I got my permit in Sept. it expired in Sept. I had to tell him I had 30 days to leave and it had still not expired. So he either didn’t know what the fuck he was doing or was trying to shake me down. Probably both.

          1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

            Possibly the exit clearance and re-entry may both serve the same purpose. Has your permanent residence visa expired? That may be a different story all together if it has. I know what I had to get was called a re-entry and not an exit clearance but served the same purpose and also allowed me to return to the Philippines without a problem.

          2. Profile gravatar of TheD

            And you need a flight booked leaving within 30 days or you will likely not got your visa when you re-enter.

          3. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

            Its obvious im trying to leave before i even get one!! OK deep breath, i will leave within the 30 days.

            There is an australian movie called “chopper reid” he was an ex gangster turned informant and story teller, he was always in trouble. In the movie he just flops his dick out in a pub, and jiggles it a little bit. I think thats the kind of thing you guys should do when you are confronted by corruption.

            Thats the way my stupid A$$ monkey brain is functioning here.

            Actually i feel sorry for you guys already.. but something has to change right?

          4. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

            You should probably be OK. I have talked to people who have dealt with these problems at the airport. Just try to give yourself extra time and get there early. Only other thing would be to get to Manila a day early and go to the immigration to get things squared away. But then you have hotel bills, taxis and dealing with the chaos of Manila. Good luck.

          5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            you can buy an extra 30 day visa extension at the manila upon entering the phils
            go to the left at immigration desks in nino Aquino, airport
            just ask..BUT DO NOT GET YOUR PASSPORT STAMPED by the regular immigration officers..
            the immigration office that you buy the extra extension at airport will stamp it for u
            also,, make sure they put your receipt numbers in your passport stamp or the other immigration offices will ask for your
            receipts. been there and did not put receipts numbers below your extra visa
            KEEP ALL PAPERS. takes 30 minutes and +- 2200 pesos

          6. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

            thats the problem ALL the girls on the internet from the philippines are after your cash. Didnt you all run into a hundred scams before you learned how to find love on the internet? ( i even had a site called BRUTAL DILDOS haha they tried scamming me for instant cash!!) like crack the safe….

            I think there are nice girls in the philippines, but from my experience they are rare like aliens are rare, and although i swear i’ve seen a UFO, i have still not met an honest and caring quiet philippino woman or even girl(the idea of corruption stems from somewhere).

            So there thats my nice words for the year, im a very patient guy, just that i have never been trolled so badly by a sex before..even for sex eeew. wtf.

            well its three days until i leave, and when i leave (an exit clearance and entry clearance for permanent visa holders is the same thing and can be obtained at the airport..double check though)..when i leave from the philippines also the need to chat on this forbidden fruit site will also probably leave me.

            you win philippines shit just gets worse there, i am going and taking a good percentage of my earnings with me :D.

            i got blackmailed bad (for my child) had so much stolen taken pasalubonged and begged for expedited stashed and “borrowed” advanced etc…

            The electric products here last like 3 weeks tops, the electricity browns out…how many times have you been shivering in the dark on the equator before you came to the philippines? me..none, not once.actually im not even afraid of the dark …but somewhere deep inside i have developed a imaginary leg in between my balls that instinctively will kick the next girl that asks me a random question trying to charge me with her love..because girls here get me very very afraid, even the mums, theyre not very trustworthy either..i wonder about all you old guys with mums of your wives that are young enough to pork haha…ahem. you guys are doomed !! haha.

            ok everyone 3 days, i think ill sleep it off, it feels like strychnine …maybe its the aircon..maybe its my body way of celebrating on my behalf…i truly feel sorry for you guys, i wrote a post on leaving i think i have done the best i can by all of you from all over the conquered world eeeee the world is truly full of twice as much asshole as pussy…count yourself lucky..this time…mwahahaha…mwahahahah, ok bed time folks mwahahahahahahahhahaha..ill (never) be back

  12. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    thanks for the tip,, but I am entering the phils. does anybody have any experience with entering countries with less than 6 month Validity on their passports.
    My wife is going to write a letter for exemption to the Philippine Commissioner telling him about my situation.
    I need to see a doctor about my hip. I had a hip operation in manila and all went good.
    I will need a wheelchair from the plane to talk to immigration when I enter the phils.
    A lady at manila airport let me in with no return ticket. But she said the airline had to investigate why it happened.
    I am doing overseas.
    any info is greatly appreciated.

  13. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    hello to all.
    my wife used to be a consultant for BOI hassles.
    If anybody needs help with immigration offices, message me.
    THE satellite offices in manila do not take visa extensions for tourist anymore. just freezone companies,, it was too easy

  14. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    my friend ,, the only to change anything is to totally bboycot companies and cpountries who treat us like crap..
    when they are NOT getting the money,, they will change.

    1. Profile gravatar of Tapusnako

      Al, the idea that it would even OCCUR to them that they have lost an income source, is filogic. Screwing foreigners is more interesting to them than looking at the end result. Change? I don’t think so. We are dealing with IQs lower than my coffee table.

  15. Profile gravatar of Pnoy syndrome
    Pnoy syndrome

    hello guys this my first time in your blog and im a half breed brit considering this is my 8th years in this bloody idiocracy country. one thing im so annoyed with this filipos that they always pretend they knew better than you do and end up entirely wrong. also investing business here is full of crap before you start. always need to go under the table it really sucks…

    1. Profile gravatar of Pnoy syndrome
      Pnoy syndrome

      and why always this filipos want’s us out here where to tell them the truth frankly they need us the most coz i feed their fuckin entire family… foreigner are mostly their saviors and i can’t deny that fact if they only knew…

  16. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
    James Dinwoody

    Why am I here and why have I been here for ten years? I had 170 acres of land in the US all off the grid on wind and solar, living fairly well if not a simple life. I had been doing volunteer work here since 98 and one of the NFP groups I worked with originally helped some seven or eight hundred families … to work less and earn more. As soon as we walked, they went right back to working more and earning less because “we do things differently here” and that is “the way it has always been done here”. Since I did not live here at the time, I realized it was difficult but did not realize just how much so. When my Dad had a heart attack he was admitted to a very expensive hospital. I took all the courses, learned how to do all the things they asked and even stripped his home and rebuilt it in accordance with their requirements so I could take him home per his request. Then when it came time to take him home they found out where we lived and that it was “not accessible” for their assistants. To make a long story short, the state and the hospital both put liens on our land for their bills, taking him home was an act of “Elder abuse” and not taking him home was “Elder Abandonment” … both federal crimes. The only legal option I had was not being the nearest living next of kin. I went out to my property to figure out what I was going to do and was met by about fifty cops in three helicopters, a couple of dirty four by fours and was told if I came back they would put me in jail … all that happening before they even put the lien on my property. I took what little I had in the bank, moved in with the family of the gal taking care of my agricultural pursuits here … another long story … in 2004. In 2006 we lost everything we owned when Milenyo came through, rebuilt it and two months and three days later we got hit by Reming … and we never recovered.

    On a bright note, while my wife is not exactly motivated, she is the most wonderful woman I have ever known … my former business manager here in case you did not note that … and her and I have been together since … appropriately enough perhaps, April Fool’s day of 2004. I did pretty well on the freelance sites for a while and did pretty well with that until the last couple of years when Freelancer.com started buying everyone out and prices for work kept going farther and farther down until now I am supposed to be grateful to get fifty cents or a dollar for each article and expected to build websites for twenty to fifty bucks. Since then … well let’s just say I will be grateful when I can move back into the realm of indoor plumbing … 0.09 Meg speeds would be a vast improvement too but … since I see there are others here making their living that way … perhaps we can work together or find ways to improve our situations collectively. On this blog in particular, I am hoping to find some like-minded people and perhaps even a little bit of solace while I slowly starve to death … or find some way to avert that scenario.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      That’s quite a story. I have been saying for a while I will just keep working here for a few more years and then maybe buy some land in Wyoming, or some place where I have room to breath. Land prices here are only slightly less ridiculous than housing and condo prices.

      There are so many options for this country to utilize and I cant understand why it doesn’t work. At least I didn’t previously understand, now of course I realize the weak link are the people living here. As you said “We do things different” and they always will, which is a pity.

      My girlfriend and I always talk about where the starting point would be in educating people about working smarter and not harder to get a better quality of life. At what point do you begin the teching process, and at the same time prevent the bias against your teaching as viewed by the Filipino. They by and large do not like being told what to do, especially from westerners. I know some people who are very critical of people here and don’t think its possible to change them. In fact, I don’t really care about changing the Filipino people per se, I would just like them to see that things can be better for them, if they would only focus on it long enough for a change to take effect.

      It’s funny you mention the freelance sites. I originally came here having invested in some companies that were giving me a decent return. That of course would not last forever, and I found myself working on the most horrible platform I can think of called Odesk. At first it was okay until a flood of people willing to work for 50 cents an hour all but put me out of business.

      That had the two sided affect of 1. making it nearly impossible to find sustainable work, and 2. making a rash clientele skeptical about work quality. (you get what you pay for DUMB ASSES!)
      I have not changed my freelance price since I started, and luckily I’m fairly well known for my quality and professionalism, both on freelance platforms and off; so thus far finding and keeping jobs has not been too much of a serious problem.

      Internet and its incredible fucking slowness.. YES, that has some serious problems. I have punched the walls until my knuckles bleed over that. It was worse where I was living last year, I’m in the Metro Manila area now, so its a little better. I live in a slum condo though. lol

      You may have found a like minded person for sure though. I was going to see who may have ideas to make the impossible, possible, I just never got around to it. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the opportunity to hear others ideas on how to improve the quality of life here for everyone, Filipinos included.

      1. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
        James Dinwoody

        I was thinking Alaska if I have to go back. Economically speaking … it is very expensive and the growing season is exceptionally short but if I had the money to buy land, that would be where I would do it. Such is my research that I believe I could raise sufficient livestock and garden-variety goods to sustain my family with no difficulties … including enough corn and potatoes to make my own refreshments from time to time.

        As for my ideas to improve the Philippines, it starts with me improving my own lot in life here first … but allow me to explain that please. One of the local universities I am working with was doing quite a bit of work with solar power and was looking for testing facilities. Unfortunately, everyone they gave it to tried to “fix” it here and ultimately, they ended up giving the equipment to a German so not only could they allow the equipment to run properly, but so they could get comprehensive data for analysis. I have three major projects I am working on at the moment but like the University program here, the all-important information and analysis will have to be provided. Since I only own the land for one of these projects, that is where I am focusing my efforts. Once it is up, it can be established as a research and testing facility and then later … as we see it anyhow, utilized to provide a limited amount of electrical power and even refrigeration units at the local, Barangay level for the local residents to use. If I do end up going back to the US I am afraid my attitude would be substantially worse than it is here … especially since after nine years my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful young daughter … quite the surprise for us really with her pushing forty and me pushing fifty. While our government in the US strives to give amnesty to some thirty to forty million illegal aliens, I am required to give the US government more money than the birth cost in a hospital here complete with complications … just so they will recognize her as a citizen. Despite all the headaches here and the need to complain about it from time to time, I would much rather build here … not to mention we have all sorts of help from the government here rather than the hindrances and over-regulations we would face in the US.

        The project here in Bicol is a fully self sustainable facility situated on 150 square meters that will produce approximately one-thousand three-hundred and sixty kilos of fish, six-thousand eight-hundred kilos of vegetables, six-thousand three-hundred and sixty kilos of pork (conservatively estimated) in addition to a large quantity of chicken and/or eggs as may be desired. (Chicken statistics being based on an original crop of one-hundred “White Broiler” chickens. Chickens require an average of thirty-five to forty-five days to reach mature, harvesting age. One rooster and forty to sixty hens should be retained for minimal production levels of both eggs and chickens for harvest) I am also working with another American who has patented construction technologies (I did the patent paperwork) and we have permission to build in the No Build Zone in Tacloban but that is going to be a pure expense for the time being. While these people all seem to be fairly impressed with my research and my ability to address all the issues, they will not care enough to get everything going until people here care enough to get it started … and we both know that is going to be something of a challenge. I will send you a PM with some of the people I am working with but to reveal that here would also give away more than I am prepared to publicly in this venue.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
          Spartacus_killingus Post author

          We seem to be far more like minded than I first anticipated, I’m highly interested in your ongoing projects.

          I especially have an interest in the production of various livestock and produce as that is something I have also been considering. In my case inland fish and possibly prawn farms. But you seem to have everything worked out to a tremendous level, something I unfortunately don’t have a lot of extra time to do for myself.

          While I wish I could actually be beneficial to your overall endeavor, I am more than likely just very curious about your process. I am a video game art director, and I have no usable skill outside of that scope of practice. Ill admit though, I have always been very interested in self sustainable living, especially when I was living in the states.

          At any rate, you seem like someone I could learn a lot from, I’m always willing to learn something new, even if its just by watching someone practice their skills at a distance.

          While I say I would go back to the states and purchase a ranch, inside I know that’s a load of BS. I came here for a reason, and while I do love the wide openness of the states, I did come to this country to avoid the politics in the U.S. “and all that, that entails”.

          So I suppose my realistic goal is to buy some land here in my daughters name, who is half Filipino. Then I can be as enterprising as I want.

          1. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
            James Dinwoody

            I have the hundred and fifty square acres but that is all for the time being. It is in my wife’s name but she has been with me through the last seven years of hell and stayed by my side with relatively few complaints. I have no concerns regarding that aspect though now having a daughter, I could put it in her name as well. My background is in Emergency Response (Large scale … think nuclear plants, 9-11 … coordinating immediate responses … as in the first few minutes of when disaster strikes … shut up, listen and you live and ignore me and people die kind of scenarios. Apart from that I have always been cursed with an inherent lust for knowledge … I was home-schooled and my playground was my Grandfather’s library … much of which is now in museums in Chicago and portions of the Smithsonian as well as some Florida museums where he lived, worked and practiced his craft … as such, research and analysis seemed to come as a natural thing for me. As far as politically speaking, I too attempted to become politically apathetic though unfortunately it has not taken hold even after ten years. As far as my research into sustainability, that is pretty much my lack of regard for humanity as a whole. We had 170 acres completely off the grid mainly because there were no rocks in the area and our neighbors were some eight kilometers away … about five miles down the road … if you can call it a road. Some would call me a prepper or a survivalist but in reality, my dad and I were little more than isolationists. We seemed to get along very well with people as long as the meetings were short and we could come back home and relax. I think the only time all of us ever got together as a community was when we had a brush fire tearing through the valley. Some seventy or eighty thousand acres were lost and while the California and Nevada divisions worked out the details of who could fight the fire where … being on the border as we were … we the people got together and put out the fire. We contributed some pigs, someone threw in a beef steer and we had a pretty grand old time after that but that was about the only time we all “joined hands” so to speak. Having … for better or for worse here … so much time on my hands, yes, I have done an incredible amount of research and with few exceptions, have all the pieces in place. I have had some incredibly good fortune in getting experts together in fields I am not wholly familiar with but unfortunately, they are not going to make firm commitments until such a time as I can show them at least a limited amount of success here. At present, the people I am working with are working on establishing a Dutch Not-For-Profit so that we can still generate a positive cash flow without penalties and ultimately, building entire communities here and with our partners in Cameroon, Brazil, the Caribbean and other locations around the globe. They have successfully petitioned for full autonomy in both Australia and New Zealand and will be running the administrative portion of our projects here. We have tentative agreements with UGA, UM (‘Canes) UNC Durham, Sea World and even open negotiations with NASA and Ames Research as well as Microsoft and Embry Riddle Aeronautical … an impressive list to be sure but again, no firm commitments until I can get something started here. My research and my knowledge have satisfied all of their queries and they remain highly interested and oddly enough, dare I even say it here … the only one to date that has found any holes in any of my plans has been one Filipina in Mindanao. I am still working on getting her interested enough to become part of the project but unfortunately, unlike me … hillbilly that I am … yeah … really … I am … (and my Ma is too … though she is now quite literally a Rocket Scientist … don’t ask and no jokes please … I have already heard them all anyhow) she is not exactly keen on the idea of coming up here, working for free and starving while we get it going LOL

            PS I hope that statement does not do anything to spoil what I see as the “ambiance” of this site as I will continue to use it for my punching bag and have a great many stories to share more in line with the theme of the site.

          2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            James: you seem to be doing very much what I’m doing, except you’re obviously a lot further along. My background is in engineering, although over the past few years I’ve accumulated quite a bit of expertise in sustainable farming in the tropics. I expect to be burning money for the next few years – not just in the Philippines – on a few projects related to agricultural sustainability and alternative technologies.

            I’ve been deliberately vague about what I do because, in my fairly limited experience, the Philippine government does not want any kind of improvements and deliberately fosters the “this is how we do it and this is how we’ll do it until the heat death of the universe” bullshit that keeps people poor. The establishment is virulently anti-business and anti-development, despite superficial appearances: there will be a lot of nodding and smiling, but no action. If it looks like you might make some money, or (worse) change the way things work, you’ll be shut down, either with a tax demand or (if that doesn’t work) with a bullet. For now, I’m being paranoid until events prove I need not be. On the other hand, I’m hopeful that change is possible, and the hints you give in your post about “autonomous communities” jibes with what I’m thinking.

          3. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
            James Dinwoody

            Well first and foremost let me start off with the fact that I am not now, nor will I ask for money here. On the other hand, if you would like to see what we have, one of the potentials we have for avoiding the scenario you described … and yes we have given it due consideration and put the means in place to avoid such a conclusion to our work, if you would like to see what we have going, I am more than happy to share it with you. This particular project is really just a small start of what we hope to accomplish and while not all of our friends are very popular, they do seem very keen on actually helping people. We are also very proactive with preservation as well and have some very … skilled friends in that regards. I am in the Bicol region and while … dare I say you would likely be appalled at my living arrangements for the moment … yeah, Okinawa is not the only place people have to relieve themselves in a ditch … we are always open to ideas. We are having some difficulties with the plans for the digester as it will be stored underground … effectively in a basement under the home and we are working on an internal stirrer and using the same auger type design to remove the effluent as well … I could introduce you to some of our other engineers in the US and in Oz … or Australia if you prefer … if you are serious. By the time everything is said and done, it could very well be worth your while. The process is still under way to establish everything as a Dutch NFP but again, that is already being handled.I have sent Spartacus a private message and I shall send one to you as well. It has a bit more information than I can share here.

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    James Dinwoody

    Okay … The computer I have now is ALMOST as good as the one I had when I arrived some ten years ago … so I gotta know … what kinds of games? I find it oddly refreshing to come home, relax and kill something as a great means of stress relief therapy! Right now I am pretty much relegated to anything Linux but do play some CABAL online as it does not require a video card LOL

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    Spartacus_killingus Post author

    Weird, in some ways I feel I could be your younger twin brother. Your life in a lot of ways mirrors my own, up to and including homeschooling.

    As far as games, that really depends on what studio I’m working for. I have worked for dozens, and unfortunately got caught up working for a large individually owned company that made cell phone app games. the pay was good but highly unrewarding.

    After about 2 years I left that job and went on to other more rewarding studios making games for steam, big fish, Oberon, xbox, and now I’m currently working on one that should be released on PS4 some time in the next two years. Though I’m not sure which publisher will pick it up, that depends on the corporate sponsorship.

    Last year, my former client, the one from that mobile app business, wanted me to become her partner and open an office here. That was a god damned nightmare! I should never have accepted, but she lured me with the money, which was unbelievable for this place.

    I need to write a thread about that god awful experience, which was actually made worse by the sheer fact I was attempting to do it all in the Philippines.

    I unfortunately, was screwed over by every Pinoy I came across, in every office and all the people I hired as well. It was hell, and an experience to remember to be sure. lol

    I think that was one of the big “wake up” moments for me when it comes to dealing with people here. That, and my former partner was a total spoiled bitch that refused to realize how complicated things are here. haha

    1. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
      James Dinwoody

      Why is the Philippines a third world nation?

      Because there is no fourth world!

      Yeah, doing business here definitely has some disadvantages … to be kind. Still, if you meet anyone who wants a website built, let me know will you? LOL I promise not to be so difficult to work with and since I work with the pre-fabricated CMS systems and simply customize what has already been put together, it is usually fairly quick as well … Joomla is my favorite though I have worked with a great many! Employees here seem to have some sort of moral obligation to steal from anyone who is better off than they are especially an employer. It should also be noted that you are going to have to hire four people to do the job of one. If the problem requires more than one question, you are screwed. If the response requires more than one cognitive thought, you are screwed. If you do not micro-manage each and every person, you are screwed. There are some business interests I would be comfortable setting up here but not very many for sure. Trying to explain to anybody back in the world how business works here … fuhgedaboudit cuz they ain’t never gonna understand. I have seen some hillbilly chit here even the hillbillies back home do not believe.

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    their religion runs something like the gov’t… everybody has a fancy title,,there are lots of people who cross check every peso and paper.

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    You are so right sparticus. Imagine if all the OFWs came home at the same time? OMG The whole country would collapse completely. 50-60 % unemployment. Then imagine if all the redundant security guards, department store workers, drivers, and public employees lost there jobs. This place would be worse than N Korea. What a fucking mess. Only thing that keeps me here is my woman.