Have A Laugh: McDonalds Philippines Baffoonery

Let’s face it, Filipinos are irresponsible, lazy, incompetent, and most certainly unconcerned. I have observed first hand that most Filipinos hired don’t want the job, they just want the paycheck. And if something is too difficult, they will not attempt it. If they fail, they will lose face and so why bother? To the Filipino, difficult = impossible.

Now we all experience the “out of stock” syndrome nearly every time we have a list of things to buy. The one responsible for maintaining inventory and supplies just wants a paycheck, but doesn’t want to earn it. Therefore “out of stock” is a household term in Philippines.

Have a laugh

But I’ll be god damned if I can figure out how mind-numbingly stupid one or a crew of Filipinos must be to run out of bun bottoms before running out of bun tops. I mean, I believe buns come as a top and a bottom. So how the fuck did I get my burger with the top of a Sesame Seed Bun for the top, and the top of a regular bun for the bottom????? They ran out of Sesame Seed Bun bottoms????

Let me just say, I’m not bitching about it, rather laughing about it. I don’t really care. I ate the fucking double top bunned burger, but it was a little difficult to eat because I couldn’t stop laughing. That question just kept running through my mind: “HOW DO YOU RUN OUT OF BUN BOTTOMS BEFORE RUNNING OUT OF BUN TOPS???” and “WHY DIDN’T THEY USE A REGULAR BUN BOTTOM? DID THEY RUN OUT OF REGULAR BUN BOTTOMS TOO????? WTF?”


ANSWER: Filipinos

But that’s not all. I ordered a large fries with it. The large fries came as 1 medium fries and 1 small fries. Looks like they ran out of large fries containers too. But this happens every single time I order McDonalds. It’s one thing or another. Sometimes my large beverage comes as 2 small beverages. Or the Chicken McNuggets I order for dog treats (hey, my dogs are my kids, I always include them with meal plans) will come in a burger box because they are out of the McNuggets boxes. Who cares? It’s just a box. Point is, Filipinos are incompetent to do their fucking jobs, no matter what it may be.

I have never in my life ordered from a McDonalds in USA and ever gotten anything substandard or been told anything is unavailable. Never in 42 years. Not once. Why? Work ethic. Standards. Subordination. Leadership.

mcdonalds-stoogesIt’s not rocket science folks! But it is apparently quite a challenge for the lazy, unconcerned Filipino.

It’s one of those times that you say, “Only in Philippines can McDonalds run out of Sesame Seed bun bottoms, and use regular bun tops as a replacement bottom.”

Again I ask, “HOW DO YOU HAVE A SESAME SEED BUN TOP, BUT NOT THE BOTTOM??? The idiocy never stops in Philippines. Being in Philippines, is like watching an ongoing episode of The Three Stooges or Keystone Cops. It’s utter baffoonery around every corner.

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  1. Profile gravatar of MalditoKano

    Can’t tell ya how many times I’ve been told by McDonald’s staff here that…”Sorry Siiir, Big Macs are out of stock…” followed by the same reply when inquiring about the status of Quarter Pounders and Double Cheeseburgers.
    Relinquishing any glimmer of hope that I’ll be eating meat that (presumably) comes from cattle, I ask what they DO have in stock and get, “Chicken McDo with rice only, Siiir. No McChicken? (Because I want a goddamn sammich, woman, not fucking rice!) Sorry Siiir, buns out of stock, only Chicken McDo…” Chicken-fucking-McD’oh!
    Then there’s the all-too-familiar scenario, in what is nominally supposed to be a FAST-FOOD restaurant (talk about ‘Unclear On The Concept’!); “Siiir, please take this number and have a seat, we will serve you the rest of your order…” When I ask how long, “That’ll be a 15-minute wait” is the response–said almost with an air of pride, because you know, it’s made fresh, in the microwave!
    They don’t even HAVE these number-thingies in American McDonald’s–only here in da Fails! And of course, since I’ve already paid, I can’t tell them to shove it up their ass and walk out. This usually comes about when I have the sheer audacity to order a Filet-O-Fish; because apparently, in a maritime archipelago, nobody eats fish. Duh! What was I thinking?
    This happens in Jollibee too, whose doorways I rarely darken as the ‘food’–if it could be referred to as such–is utter rubbish, the only procedural difference from McDuh’s being that it’s invariably with a commonplace order for which there should be no excuse for the delay, such as a Champ burger. Slow ‘fast-food’ service must be a universal Flip thing…
    An additional part of the ‘enjoyment’ of patronizing the Golden Arches–or indeed, any fast-food establishment–in Flipland, comes when, despite clearly and concisely stating my beverage preference three times, the server, with a dopey expression, appears to comprehend with a “Yes, Sir!”; nevertheless duly fulfilling my order incorrectly after frantically trying to find the soft drink dispenser right behind him, his ‘mind’ overloaded by the complexity of the task.
    Another thing I love about the McDonald’s experience here is when the server, obviously suffering from a cold like so many of her cohorts who it seems are in a perpetual state of being so afflicted, sneezes and/or coughs on my fries as she fetches them, neither wearing a mask nor turning her head away. (“Siiir, good news! The McMucus is in stock, would you like a large one?”)

    1. Profile gravatar of imyoursweetestnightmare

      The reason why Bigmacs or any sandwiches are always out of stock. It is because it is not their popular food on the menu list. People there would order the most cheapest in the menu like a plain burger, fries, sundae, chicken meal, chicken fillet sandwich and rice etc etc. but not those Meals that are worth 150+php. so the ratio is like this. 200 cheap chicken meals:1 more pricey sandwich meal. So dont expect those sandwiches to be available because it is a very limited stock only. And dont expect fastfood crew to give you a satisfying service. Their wage is only 320php/10 hours of pure labor. I suggest you dine in simple restaurants. It doesnt cost that much but offers a better service and better dishes.

  2. Profile gravatar of Todd

    We don’t even have a McDonald’s were I live but all the stuff you all mention happen at our two Jollibee’s. I mean, there is not one day that I visit there that they have all the stuff that is on their menu. I would love to have a McDonald’s here but I am sure, they would have the same problems as our Jollibee’s. Unfortunately, even if we wanted a McDonald’s, it won’t happen anytime soon. Thanks to the greedy ass Chinese here who don’t want to sell land to McDonald’s to build one. No! they want them to rent the land. McDonald’s pretty much told them, if we don’t own the land, we won’t build on there. So unless the Chinese here change their minds, looks like we won’t have one here. But then, would it really be worth having here if they are always out of stock on stuff?

  3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Pinoy Mcdonalds made me give up Mcdonalds. I did the online order thing and it just got later and later. They have a within 30 minutes promise on the site. 2 fucking hours the last time for a 10 minute motorcycle drive. I’d given up and ended up cooking dinner.

    The other thing which forced me to quite and it happens every time. You go in there and order a burger. 10-15 minutes sir. No problem, I can wait. And what do they do? Get the fries then and there and leave them on the counter to go cold. Every time without fail. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Most pinoys think fries are for dipping in mcflurrys.

  4. Profile gravatar of Disapointed

    It is amazing Mcdos lets the franchises get away with the crap they do here . Anywhere else there would be huge shit for the the food they serve My last trip to mcdos was a exercise in futility , first they had no lettuce for the mac so they did not tell me just served it with extra sauce I returned it and said I want it like the picture !
    Next burger up was with lettuce from hell not shredded and brown as dirt ? I returned it to be told I was to fussy ? I asked for the Manager who told me sir this is the Philippines . I responded I dont care I have had big Macs in many countries and they are always the same !
    He suggested I go there then .. It was at this point I told him I worked for mcdonalds and my job was to inspect franchises with complaints and send reports to head office in Manila as well as the International Head quarters for quality control.

    The blank look was priceless . I told him you will be named the rudest and most uncooperative manger in my 15 years as a secret shopper ! At this point I guess the Head manager stepped in and refunded my money and made my meal again with lots of yelling at everyone lol And to my surprise a excellent big mac . I now get excellent service at that store everytime (I told them I live close by half the year)