HELLO HATERS! I’m a Dumb Filipino Hypocrite Venting

I noticed the post needs to be approved and that most comments of Filipinos I read is weak. Is this being filitered to throw valid arguments and own stupid fuck Filipinos? So I decided I’ll raise a fucking point!

Hey dickwad! Dumb you say? Look who’s fucking talking stuck in this shit hole venting the shit out like a retarded whore without a fucking customer. Haha. Mr. “Eye Opener” why don’t you go get a fucking fork and stick it in your eye like the steaks you’re used to eating. Yeah! We’ll call it an Idiot Eye Steak. LOL Seriously? Do you think venting out will do you good? Guess again! You’re still venting out, bitch! I mean why not just leave and be a nobody again in the “Land of the Free and also delusional.” I’ve seen more Americans do dumb shit on YouTube. And get this. You think our comments are stupid? Yeah a stupid comment fit the stupid American doing stupid shit just to be seen. Like you! LOL Makes sense now?

Oh and you claim we’re religious? Wasn’t it an American was responsible for some of the biggest mass suicides known in history? Hahaha. Want some Kool Aid, bortha? LOL Oh and our stupid farmers. Who’s the dick that says go use internet? Fuck me, they can’t even get to finish first grade. But then again, Americans had decent education yet what do they do? Oh yeah fuck asian bitches then cry about it. LOL Also have their identity stolen. Haha. Now that’s dumb! Ooooh we’re thieves and liars. Again, the biggest scandals and heists were done by, you guessed it, ‘Muricans! Yeah fucking hobo rednecks that dunno shit other than to inbreed. That’s sad. Aaaand dumb! LOL Why are you even here? Because of the exchange rate and wanting to get a bangable maid? Oh because you can’t buy property, marry that bitch thinking she’s head over heels for yah! Guess again! She ain’t. So she cheats. Oh fantastic!  Blog about how everything was stolen by your own stupidity and greed. Back to farmers. They’re alrady dumb and saddest part is that some douche American offers shit to develop their land and get fat outta it. And you thought we’re thieves, wherein you’ve been destroying cultures and stealing everything since the beginning of Thanksgiving. Haha. You just do it in a nice way so it looks as if you’re the saviour of shit. More girls have been raped by American soldiers than any other! Stupid fuck.

Now, will anyone raise more arguements? Bring it. Any fucking culture. Speaking of culture. You can never compare culture just like religion. Everyone will just fucking defend the way of life they’re accustomed to just like a core belief. You think pissing on the streets is gross? I love it! I wouldn’t wanna be in a country where you can’t do it. Wiping your ass with a tissue? Now that’s fucking gross. I can stick my finger inside my asshole three inches deep and you won’t smell shit like the one who wrote this. LOL So before you bitch out. Think first how dumb you were for you to write this shit. Haha.

America has the most religions on earth! Gimme a break! Ask Tom Cruise and Ken Ham. Oh wait. Make sure Bill Nye joins, too. Oh, wait again. I bet you only know Tom Cruise and you’re Googling the other two as you read. Haha. Dumb cunt! There have been more religion based killings on your sorry ass of a land than in Asia. Make that more ‘anything’ based killings. Haha. Delusional. You’re the delusional fucker thinking that your land is all mighty, where in fact, you just have media to thank for that image. Haha. How’s MS 13 and about 50 other gangs hanging? Here, you hear killings around 3 times a day on average and that’s normal. But there, you hear them around 50 times a day and still it’s a big deal. As if your streets are safe. Fuck, you even have dumb emo teenagers shooting everyone because they got bullied at least once a year. And you think our schools are shit. Haha. And you think our people are dumb and delusional. Haha. And you think we go bonkers over money. You kill yourselves when you run out of money! LOL

I can go on and on with more trash in your country compared here. Don’t even get me started on how paranoid your people are with their government. Hahaha. Make that paranoid about everything. LOL I mean, where else can you see someone who pays $200 just for some shrink to listen to him, or at least pretends. Haha. In the end he kills himself anyway. You know why? He thought the world was a nasty place. All he saw was the ugly shit claiming he was a realist. Geeeez. Here’s the thing, everyone knows we’re shit. The whole world is shit. Get some balls and deal with it like we do. LOL It’s a shame that with all your technology, education and blah blah, your society is one of the most depressed. Haha. Wherein we’re one of the happiest. So go ahead be my guest. Bitch the fuck out all day. In the end, you’re the only one’s who’ll be pissed at! Haha.

Land of the free my ass. You protest about everything. LOL Cut a tree? Some hippie cunt protests. Cut a dog. Peta protests. Cut your dick. Hmmm. Not sure. Why don’t you try that and post it on YouTube? Then we’ll throw stupid annoying comments to match. Hahahahaha.

Speaking of media and the intent to help. You always manage to shoe your ‘intent’ to help with damn ads. But, really, hoe many have you helped? Seriously you can get to spend shit on those ads yet solicit donations to feed kids which are not really fed? Reminds me of things here. We’re all the same, fucktard! It’s just that you got more hate blogs. LOL Google it! Haha.

And please, do you know how businesses works particularly outsourcing?

Don’t blame us for not answering your questions. Blame your shareholders and board of directors that would mostly be Caucasians. Globe and PLDT is run by foreigners on top. It’s their process we follow. We know the answers we know how to fix it. It’s just we can’t.  They have a thing called ‘compliance’ – a fucking excuse to make more money. You see complains create problems. Problems create new necessities and those necessities create more products to sell. That’s why majority of canned shit aren’t in an easy open can. Damn you’re so dumb you just bitch out not knowing what’s behind shit. Poor you. Hahaha. What’s the matter? Didn’t become an actor here and lived like a king? Haha. Miscalculated your spending thinking your savings was enough? Hahaha. Whatever you do, all the shit you’re experiencing is due to your own shit and failure at some point. Have a nice fucking day!
Who can be more delusional than someone claiming it’s so wonderful in his homeland yet is whining shit here. No one is forcing you to be here and no one cares. Oh wait, you whine about America as well. In fact you whine just about anything. Try LSD. Maybe it’ll help! LOL Haha. Fucking loser! America is a melting pot of delusional fucks trying hard to make things look cool despite all their nasty idiosyncrasies. Haha. A man was once so polite and charming. He was Ted Bundy! LOL Just think about it. Hahahaha.



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  1. Profile gravatar of Jack

    Hello there stupid Pinoy #3451 a.k.a ‘rugbyboy’.

    Quite presumptuous of you to assume that everyone here is from America eh? The truth is the folks from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia all detest/distrust you. Why? Check your stinking attitude. Typical Flip with plenty of hot air.

    Less Pinoy pride, and more Pinoy humility would be better… for your own sake.

    And America, despite its imperfections, is still much better compared to the shithole of Pinoyland. How many people do you know want to migrate to Pinoyland? I rest my case. In fact, it is the Flips who view getting a green card the ultimate life achievement.

    Even your fellow SE Asian developing countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar are overtaking you, and their natives are far less obnoxious than you Flips.

    Lastly, you’re lucky that America still has an interest in Pinoyland for geopolitical interests in the Pacific. Without the continued American patronage in Pinoyland, Pinoyland would be nothing. At least Japan could, if it chooses to, get rid of American military bases in Okinawa and elsewhere. Pinoyland, on the other hand, is the proverbial comfort woman of Uncle Sam. Deal with it.

    Be careful of who you diss, conceited Flips.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Don’t you just love to watch the proud pinoy dumbshits throw tantrums when people address the obvious about their country?

      I love to watch them make shit up that they know nothing about in America. Now I would give him some credibility if he had actually been to America, but it’s obvious he hasn’t been there. He’s just repeating the proud pinoy rant when someone talks about how fucking stupid they are.

      We are here, in his country, sharing real experiences. He is just ranting about falshoods and made up crap the pinoy uses to throw back at people who criticize their stupidity and ignorance.

      Yes, he is stupid pinoy #3451 in a long line of idiots who make bigger idiots of themselves when criticized.

      Funny ain’t it?

      1. Profile gravatar of Secret

        Can you see he is being sarcastic (Satirical). His tone and the intentions of the post are contradicting. I can’t understand why all of you are pissed because the intention of the author is obvious..to display the natural attitude of the Filipinos. He is against Filipinos that’s why he resorted in writing an article like this which is a satirical one. I’m not trying to defend the author but I’m also thinking if all of you are using reverse psychology..just joking..well anyways I wait Filipinos because not of their ignorance but of their stupidity. Have a nice day

    2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      >> Quite presumptuous of you to assume that everyone here is from America eh?

      Well, of course. There are two countries in the world: Philippines and America. Foreigners are American and Filipinos are, like, Filipinos. Are you stupid or what? Oh, and China of course, a big nasty bunch of bullies who disrespect the Philippines just like the Americans do. So they’re sort of honorary Americans anyway.

      I’m surprised our potty-mouthed friend actually used the US for comparison. Normally they’ll pick somewhere like Bangladesh or Congo and say “what are you complaining about? It’s much worse in [random 4th world shithole]”.

      1. Profile gravatar of Rugby Boy
        Rugby Boy Post author

        Where are you from? Someone else’s ass? <—Yes, I know I behave like a 7 year old idiot.

        Haha! Fuck China! I wouldn't care if you're a gay alien from Jupiter. I'm a dumb fucking imbecile Filipino. Again, you're missing the point.

        POOR ASS!

        I piss in the street and eat chicken intestines and chicken heads just like a stray dog.

    3. Profile gravatar of Marie janet shenk
      Marie janet shenk

      Hey, why are you so proud to be called as americans.. No one is originally from america… This is owned by native american indians and your ancestor captured the land. Till people coming here..even you!! You are not from America..DONT YOu Know that?. And i feel so sorry about you.. I think you should go back here in your country… There is no good hospital for you., specially mental hospital., tsk tsk

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Who said we’re proud to be American? We’re not saying that at all. Most of us believe that all this “national pride” crap is bullshit. I had nothing at all to do with the fact I’m American. It is nothing I achieved, therefore, why should I be proud? I had nothing to do with being American. I was just born that way.

        But you idiot Pinoys run around your pathetic country being unbelievably stupid, ignorant, dishonest, and idiotic, then you constantly shout out “PINOY PRIDE!” As if you are proud of the pathetic failed state your country is in. YOU ELECT AND RE-ELECT YOUR GOVERNMENT. Then you blame them for being corrupt. YOU ARE ALL CORRUPT! It wouldn’t matter who you elected. Because it is in your culture and in your very being to lie, cheat, steal, and drag each other down. So when you elect anyone, doesn’t matter who it is, it’s going to be a Filipino. And the Filipino is corrupt…PERIOD.

        And you morons are “PINOY PROUD” of it. What a bunch of idiot losers. Sus!

  2. Profile gravatar of

    Oh dear!!! Here’s another one of those Flips making a post blinded with rage, somehow thinking all the recycled swear words lend validity to his “arguments”. I implore the more eloquent members of this forum to please go easy on him (Please don’t), lest he throw an even bigger tantrum just like Noytard. And remember, the Filipino is not worth dying for.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      The Filipino is not worth dying for? Hahaha, sometimes I think the Filipino is not even worth living for. Their existence depletes the world of its natural resources with no lateral compensation to improve, or keep the world at it’s current economic state. We can reduce the world’s deterioration rate at least by 10% if Philippines was wiped off from the face of the planet.

  3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    We’re just sharing our real experiences here in your country, that’s all. If you don’t want people to share their experiences of daily stupidity, failure, filthy conditions, ignorance, corruption in virtually everything, then don’t be stupid, ignorant, filthy, and corrupt.

    It’s really simple dude. If you want us to write about how wonderful, organized, orderly, clean, and intelligent you are, then be it. But you’re not. And we’re just writing about what we see and experience every day here in your country.


    You can rant and rave, but it doesn’t change the fact that tomorrow I’m going to smell human piss as I walk down the street, and it’s not going to change the fact that there will surely be out of stock items at the store. It’s not going to change the fact that my internet is going to fail and take a week for them to hit the right guess to fix it, instead of actually being a knowledgable technician and fix it right away. It’s not going to change the fact that tomorrow I am going to report a problem, and the “customer service” person will argue with me, and try to deny the problem instead of giving customer service and try to be helpful.

    You see, you can say anything you want here, and I will publish your stupidity. No problem. You are what this blog is all about.

    But your ranting and making shit up about a place you have never been to doesn’t change our daily experiences of utter stupidity and failure in just about everything in Philippines. It just doesn’t man!

    You rants do not change what is wrong with your country. Neither do ours. But if you want people to stop writing all over the internet about Filipino stupidity, I suggest you address the problem differently. Because your way just reinforces what we write about here.

    You know as well as we do how utterly stupid you are. Why not make the change in yourself, and influence change in your countrymen, so that people will stop writing about what they see here.

    Your words don’t change what we see dude. They just don’t. Sorry to disappoint you.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      No Filo! You are absolutely wrong man! Their words do change what you see. I was walking down the street and saw a Filipino urinating, and I thought to myself,”Urgh! A Filipino is taking a leak in the streets.” But then a random Filipino came to correct my delusional thoughts and told me,”No, he is not urinating in the streets, he is watering the grass trying to preserve our natural resources.” Then it came to…. “Oooohhh Yeah! You are right! How silly of me to think that!?”

      There was another time when I arrived to an appointment when I was suppose to be seen at 9am. When I got there, the doctor didn’t show up until 10:30am. Gosh! Why does this always happen to me! Why are Filipinos ALWAYS late? Then another random Filipino came to correct me,”He is not late, your watch is just telling you the wrong time.” After close examination and couldn’t figure it out, I reset the time back 1 hour and 30 minutes. “Oooooh Yeah! You are right Mr. Filipino, I forgot to set my watch back a few hours whenever I am given a deadline.”

      Then one day I was trying to cross a PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK. After several attempts trying to step out in traffic on the crosswalk, I kept getting side-swiped by oncoming traffic. So I was thinking to myself,”Why doesn’t these thing EVER WORK!” Then magically out of no where, that random Filipino came to correct me one more time. “Sir, that is not a crosswalk, that is just spilled paint left by the construction workers repairing the road, these are not meant for crossing the street safely.” Than I thought, “Oooooohhhh Yeah! Thank you for correcting me Mr. Filipino! I will keep that in mind.”

      @Filofail, you see. they are not delusional. We are, because we keep seeing things that are not there! LOL. That random Filipino also told me that America adapts Filipino culture, not the other way around, so we have to conform to their PERFECT way of life! You know what I mean Filo; like that perfect sound traffic waking you up at 5 in the morning, how everyone meets all deadlines on time, how relief contributions are being distributed to the needy after natural disasters, how the government takes care of their poor by providing homeless shelters, and how they exercise initiative to your customer satisfaction needs.

      This is a PERFECT COUNTRY Filo, why can’t we all see that?

  4. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    I have no idea what that guy even said. It was something like: “ewww – you got cooties!” combined with “I know what you are, but what am I?”.

    What freaks me out is that he thinks he’s one of the intelligent ones. It’s lucky the Philippines pretends to believe in God. They need all the divine intervention that can get if this is the best they’ve got here on Earth.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      Ah yes. The standard Filipino solution. Don’t like something? Kill it!

      Luckily for Filipinos, there are plenty of gun shops to help solve all their problems.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      They just made me believe in my religion again! Philippines is living proof that there is a hell, and there can’t be a hell without a heaven right? Wow! So this religious shit was true all along! 🙂

  5. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    You don’t HAVE a point. Just a lot of swearing and random brainfarts.

    Try writing a coherent sentence, and people will take you seriously. Otherwise, it’s safe to assume you’re an idiot. Mathew 7:16, if you’re a good, church-going Catholic.

    1. Profile gravatar of Rugby Boy
      Rugby Boy Post author

      That’s because I’m too dumb to know a point. LOL

      God speaks to me every day, he tells me just how pathetic and dumb I am. I am so fucking stupid, God made Philippines as a place to put all the imbecile dumbfucks that didn’t come out right on the human production line.

      But I love God. He made me stupid. I’m proud to be a stupid fucker.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain

        Lol. I love your humility man! Recognizing you have a problem is 50% of the solution. Btw, thanks for the comic relief. We need these action packed word wars once in a while. Hope you have more rabbits to pull out of your hat. Ganbatte kudasai!

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      Well, see, we try to give people the benefit of the doubt. This is why your post is even up there for people to read. We “Americans” go through life in the Philippines as we would in “America”: trusting that people won’t lie to us, or attempt to cheat us, or wish us harm simply for being “American”.

      And we’re proven wrong, over and over again. Yet we keep on doing it, because it’s the right thing to do. Filipinos will also keep on doing what they do – stabbing each other in the back, and stabbing “Americans” twice – because they wouldn’t know the right thing if it rode over their toes in a rustbucket tricycle.

    2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      Correction: I meant “Filipinos like you”. There are some good, decent peope there. Unfortunately, they have to put up with people like your ruining everything for them.

  6. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    That was one painful post to read. I picked out at best 2 coherent sentences out of the whole mess.

    People that cuss every 2-3rd word are so transparent as to they’re mental HP.
    Considering the source, I’m not shocked in the least.

    The ramblings of a mad man comes to mind.
    I do like posts like this. It just reinforces what I/we already know about the simpletons that infest this place.

    Thank you for playing. Please come again.

  7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    I deleted most of this idiot’s comments, as they were just idiot ramblings of an adolescent child. Some I edited as a translation to what I am pretty sure he was essentially saying: “I’m an imbecile” So I edited all his ramblings to condense them down to a more “to the point” simple phrase which basically says the same thing.

    Easier to read.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Thanks for summarizing his comments for us. I would hate to read 500 words when it all equates to the same thing as saying, “I’m an idiot.” You just killed a few minutes of my reading time this morning, thanks Filo!

  8. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Somehow, the idiot Pinoy thinks that if America has problems, it justifies their stupidity, ignorance, absence of public sanitation, and corruption.

    The imbecile doesn’t realize that WE are HERE in Philippines. We’re not in America. Certainly there’s plenty to blog about in America, but I’m not there. I’m here. So I made this blog.

    But the imbecile Pinoy absolutely refuses to see his own problems. And when criticized, immediately goes completely off-topic and starts lambasting America instead of addressing the issue at hand, which is Philippines.

    Maybe he should go find an American Stupidity blog to join and troll on. Quite frankly, I don’t think he would be very well received there either.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      He can visit an Americanfailblog all he wants, but as soon as he tries to compare America to the foul state of Philippines, anyone on that blog who has any knowledge of Philippines will quickly focus the argument on him, and once again, the argument on there will be no different than on here. He may end up converting an AmericanFailBlog into a PhilippineFailBlog if he rants like this on there…. LOL

  9. Profile gravatar of crosstown

    YES Rugby boy, thanks for the confession, but the readers already assumed your idiot status. Listen Mr. Intelligent-Genius Rugby boy. And, let this sink in (try anyway), because you, AND your “brilliant” Philippine Nation will Never come up with an answer. It’s about Philippine P.R.I.D.E. The thing you ALL rant about, and don”t have a fucking clue.
    ONE: somewhere around 70 plus years ago, Korea, Japan, AND the Philippines were on their war ravaged asses. all of them. TWO: Both the Japanese and the Koreans summized their positions, and decided that their history, and their culture together would encourage their countries to mutually agree to restore, restruct, and reconstitute their lands. They honestly looked at their historical prides respectfully. And they, those people united together to make their country a viable and respected nation again. And, they did. Korea re-established, built.. made Cars, TVs, and got their nation motivated, moving forward, AND admired. Likewise for Japan. They innovated, starting by marketing anything that was possible to mass produce and export. (I remember in the 50s, having painted over Japanese toys made from used coca cola cans!!). The Japanese were innovative, and like Korea, they too depended on the mutual strength of their countrymen, working together, to build a prosperous and viable future for their country. Toyota, Sony, Mitsubishi, etc. etc, I could go on.. but my point is rather evident. In both cases, we saw these two countries become Giants. And now, on to item, or should I say, Country three of the bunch..the Philippines. Look at your Great Country potential, and having all the same assets as the others in place, but NOTHING was done. Nothing! Basically, there hasn’t been any form for reasonable improvement in these 70 years!!! What in the Fuck are you proud of?? The Philippino people ARE VISIBLY, Lazy, Unproductive, Dishonest (religiously too!), Unmotivated, and have NO sense of unity with each other. Every province tends to act like a foreign country to the other!!
    From these three countries starting off on a level playing field, the Philippines is the only one that WENT BACKWARDS!!! Try and deal with this truth RugbyBoy! BTW, stop by the nearest hospital ER, and have them remove that coconut you have lodged in your ass!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      Don’t forget about Singapore. Though not war-ravaged, 70 years ago it was a shithole too. Now it’s one of those countries that just bypassed the Philippines like a crippled beggar in the night. Wait…

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Right on dude! But just to add one more thing, Philippines had a little more than just 70 years of sovereignty, the Spaniards left in the late 1800, then followed by the Americans, who only occupied them for 10 years (I hope my history is correct), then Philippines was an independent nation for almost a century, and still no progress except for cheap merchandising of foreign goods. They don’t manufacture shit. I haven’t seen any credible product exported from Philippines during my stay in America. Some would say,”Made in China, Made in Japan, Made in Taiwan, Made in Viet Nam, BUT NEVER MADE IN PHILIPPINES!” I wonder why I haven’t seen any products made in Philippines? Because they are not smart enough to make decent shit that is worth selling! NO FUCKIN SHIT!
      Korea was completely conquered almost 80% of the way by the North back in the 1950’s and here we are less than 70 years ago, and look at them now! But I do give him credit for one thing, America is stupid for defending Philippines. Why is it that America is so stupid to defend a country that the rest of the world hates so much? Philippines is trying to talk out of their ass towards China trying to argue argue over oceanic territory, it wouldn’t be much of an argument if the US wasn’t there. It would be an annihilation! Philippines so lucky that America has their back, for some unknown stupid reason.

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        To be fair and balanced, one big reason the Philippines doesn’t export anything is the Bureau of Customs, which imposes import “taxes” even more outrageous than actually mandated by law (which are bad enough). This has two economic effects: firstly, manufacturers can’t get the equipment or raw materials they need; in the Phils, you literally can’t get the tools to make the tools. They’re in the stone age. Secondly, it was demonstrated about a century ago that a tax on imports is mathematically identical to a tax on exports (in the long run). Of course, the Philippine intellect is about two centuries behind everyone else, so they haven’t caught on to that one yet.

        Then, of course, you’ve got the BIR, which will destroy any business that looks like it’s making money with fabricated tax demands so they can meet their annual target. So nobody in their right mind would bother manufacturing anything anyway. What’s the point?

  10. Profile gravatar of crosstown

    It’s nothing to do with hatred, but the posting writer does have a horrific inferiority complex! Which is apt, for most locals. Actually, it’s more like, nobody with an ounce of sense enjoys being exposed to idiocy, primitive stupidity on a daily basis, while at the same time having to tolerate insults to their intelligence! It just beyond a state of sympathy. This is one of the few places on earth, that when you step out of your door, you step into the past!!!

  11. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain

    Unfortunately the post is just a clanging cymbal. Pointing to a few stains on an American shirt does not compare with the fact that flips are wallowing in the shithole they have made this country to be. What fortune500 company came out of the Phil? Has the Phil apart from being managed by foreigners produced anything entailing intelligence that he can offer to the world? Why does the Phil always make it to top10 in many “Worst X” surveys? The post is like comparing a dilapidated jeepney with a BMW that has a scratch. Phil is just 70years behind in almost anything. Need to start doing more walking forward than talking. Wake up dude.

    1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      Many of those surveys about Americans is false. Furthermore YouTube is not a valid source to retrieve concrete information about the General IQ of a population.

      In America YouTube is an entertainment outlet. I guess in the Philippines it’s srsbiz judging by how the op is using it as a source in an attempt to validate his madness.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        The discussion on national IQ average of Philippines and America (and other countries) were already mentioned on this blog a few months ago, but for a refresher, Philippines is still at 86, which is one of the lowest IQ averages in Asia (not the whole world), while America is still laying at a whopping 98. I think IQs can speak for itself in this argument alone if this dip-shit wants to compare countries that are obviously more superior to his. I am totally non-bias, I just experienced the two and know which one is FAAAAR better. I’m not even that patriotic to America, I have yet to find a country that deserves my unconditional loyalty.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          Well, my IQ is 112 (above average) and I absolutely don’t believe its 98 for Americans. Most kanos I met both oline and offline are dumb as fuck… with the exception of a few of my relatives. You also had it way too high for Filipinos. BUt whatever, I just wanna say IQ is not equivalent to how logical/functional/hardworking a person is. There is also what we call super genius or ‘idiot savants’ yet they are ZERO functional in the society. Your argument is stupid, and worse than that rugby-sniffing Pinoy troll.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Those IQ averages are not from what I think, it’s not an opinion thing because I actually researched the national IQ scores myself, and several different sites had provided the same results. Check this out.
            As you can see, I can bring food to the table. You can even google it up and find other statistical websites with similar answers. Your 112 is quite impressive, only 9 points higher than mine, which I was tested for it in June 2006 (103), I don’t know where it’s at now, but I sure as hell not going to get it tested here in Philippines.

            As for your Americans being dumb as fuck comment. I can somewhat agree with you on some parts. But then again, it’s usually the smart ones or the ones who have access to testing centers are the ones who are usually tested. I don’t think you can get some idiot working at McDonalds to take a day off to get their IQ tested. I don’t know where these statistics come from, but most likely they are taken from some elements of those standardized/ACT’s/SAT’s tests that are conducted in schools. So that 98 might’ve came from a survey of students from different universities or high schools across America. Some Americans are dumb as fuck, but at least American stupidity makes me laugh hysterically. I would prefer American stupidity over Filipino stupidity any day 🙂

  12. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    I can’t tell if this op is serious or a victim bent so far backwards he’s passing on himself.

    BTW my neighbors found out I’m running gas generators so they all came over and invited themselves in to charge their phones.good thing I set up my router to not.broadcast it’s said.

  13. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    If my electricity and internet wasn’t down for a day due to the typhoon, I would’ve responded to this post yesterday. After reading it, this isn’t even worth commenting on. I’m sorry, but my eyes and ears can clearly see the difference between the two countries, and my experiences between the two is the ultimate judging tool I need to differentiate which is better. Of course both countries are not perfect, they are both fucked up in their own way. But ultimately; The good outweighs the bad in America and the bad outweighs the good in Philippines. Anyone who had ever been to both countries can easily agree with this. I’m not going to say in what aspects of how each are better or worse (because there are so MANY ways), you just need to figure that out for yourself.
    I would like to respond to one part thought regarding the religious part. America is a country of many nations. America is not narrow minded to the point where we brainwash everyone to believe in ONE national religion. We allow you to be free to believe in whatever the fuck you want, even if that is to not have a religion at all. I would rather be free to choose my religion and have it respected, than to have ONE religion that I may not agree to be shoved down my throat.
    Overall, if you like quality, professionalism, and the fresh of clean air and a urine-free sidewalk, then America is the place where you want to be. Other than that, you are a typical biased Filipino who has yet to experience a better way of life. You can’t say that the grass is greener on your side unless you have hopped the fence to see for yourself. By the way, you pretty much generalized everything towards everyone. We are NOT Filipinos, therefore you can’t say that WE ALL NEED RICE TO SURVIVE. I’m saying that because almost every Filipino is has an identical feature that specifically makes them a Filipino, and easy to generalize. Americans differs in many ways, and are unpredictable. No two random Americans are so similar to the point where you can guess what we eat everyday and what religion affiliation they belong to. But I can pick out any two Filipinos and automatically guess they are Catholic and eats rice everyday. How predictable right? And I bet I will be right. So in other words, we have more leeway to assume shit about Filipinos than Filipinos can assume shit about Americans, and other foreign nationalities.
    Well, I know I’m pretty much arguing with a brick wall, so I’m just gonna stop right here. You are Filipino, and I can also automatically guess that you are going to contradict every bit of information I have against you. So writing this comment was completely futile and a waste of 15 minutes of my morning.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      In America, they have customer service. That’s where you call a customer service number, and you actually get someone with enough brains, knowledge, authority, and training to be of help, and can USUALLY resolve the problem within that single initial phone call.


      In Philippines, you get some robotic moron who can’t do anything but read from a script in front of him/her, then simply “forward” your concern to someone who is no more equipped to help you than the one you’re talking to, but not before going through the standard attempt to blame the problem on you, then argue with you that there is no problem. If they can’t get rid of you that way, they move on to the 3 F’s: Forward, follow up, & feedback (the latter two you only get when they have failed to call you back as promised, and you call them back and bitch about them not calling you back as promised.

      If it wasn’t so damn frustrating, it would be funnier than The Golden Girls.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        In FAILippines, the only people who have any kind of authority or decision-making power to resolve your problem are completely kept out of reach of the customer. The paying customer ONLY has contact with idiots who can’t do a fucking thing for you. They are there as a firewall of protection for those that can actually help you.

  14. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I liked the part of his story about using toilet paper and sticking his finger 3 inches up his butt. Then I pictured RugbyBoy taking a shit, wiping his butt with his bare hand, sticking his finger up his butt and then returning from the C.R. to the dinner table to start eating his food with his fingers all the while helping himself to the rice and other food with his hands so he can share his C.R. experience with all the other people having dinner with him.

  15. Profile gravatar of Eric

    This meatball is too good to be true. Every Filipino stereotype we have ever laughed at or vented about since the glorious inception of PFB.com – all balled up into one burping/pissing/LOUD example of why shit is the way it is here. Well done @RugbyBoy – just waiting on your encore, I know you won’t disappoint

  16. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Filipinos not trust worthy??? Huh??? Back in 97 when the currency crisis hit an american buddy of mine thought the banks might fail and withdrew $14000. He was very religous and became a visayan speaking priest. He was so reilgous he had his own chaple. He decided to bury the money under the chaple and made sure that nobody was watching him. One of his best and most respectd friends was the head priest at the local church. This priest was very well respected throughout the community with 1000s of followers. My buddy didn’t trust his wife because he had known her for over 3 months(lol) and didn’t tell her where the money was. He had to tell somone incase something happened to him to ensure his kids would get it. whos the most trusted person he knew? Of course his best friend, one of the pillars of the local society the priest. He told the priest. About a week later my buddy started thinking about whether he had made the right decision in telling his best friend the priest. He decides to dig it up and bury it somewhere else. It was already gone. Amen.