Here’s A Song For Your Next Party ?

Sorry about the image to this post wasn’t related to the content but now your here…

Here’s a tune to play at the next party, sure to get a lot of blank stares trying to relate to the lyrics.

Anyone who has been to Thailand or the Philippines and been on the dating scene will relate to this
song and the lyrics straight away.

What do you get when you combineĀ a foreigners take on Thailand women
with the a complex blend of Filipino dancers?

Here’s the result … Enjoy!

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Oh this is hilarious!

    “Give me money, give me motorbike, buy a house for me, give all stuff that I want”
    “Oh my grandma she have accident, she need money from you”

    Should be the national anthem for Philippines! LOL!!

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Just gotta love the video. Was that party at Jason or Bob’s house? As to the picture, I would love to see the rest of it. Is shitting there so bad they had to pass a law to get filipinos to stop shitting in the sidewalk? Only in the philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      LOL!! Nice dig and Jason and Bob!

      Btw, I actually have a pic of a dude taking a shit on the sidewalk. It was this old homeless guy. I had just left the office one early morning and walked past the guy not really paying attention and I smelled it, Fresh shit. I turned back and saw the guy simply squatting down and shitting in that little drainage thing between the sidewalk and the road. I’d post the pic, but I posted it on FB a while ago and someone will be able to identify me if I do.
      Some of my American friends in the USA at the time were working with Filipinos. One guy said a flip at his job kept telling him how great the Philippines until he couldn’t take it any longer. He showed the flip all the failure pics I had posted on my FB page along with the guy shitting in the street/ sidewalk. He said all the coworkers were stunned at how awful it looked, plus they started laughing at the flip cause the “image” he was portraying was completely the opposite of the Ph. He said the guy quit talking about the “greatness” of the Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

        Seven years ago (when I was still naive and foolishly thought I could help bring positive change to those smooth-skinned baboons) I went to a slum, alongside the Cagayan river, under a bridge to sponsor a feeding programme. There was a little boy who went onto a rock about a meter into the river, squatted down, and emptied his bowels into the river. As soon as he finished, another boy did the same. And there was a CR just 5 meters away! Not only that, but mothers were washing clothes and bathing their children just two meters from where the boys performed their daily constitutionals! And as if that was not bad enough, I saw a young girl squatting down, playing with something in the dirt. It was poop! Then, as I was about to get into the van to leave, I stepped in something squishy. So I used a stick to clean it off at the river’s edge (away from where the kids were bathing), and the smell worked its way up to my nostrils. It was flip poop (notice I did not say human).

        Later in the day, we returned to that slum, and right where the boys pooped just a couple of hours earlier, another boy was filling up water jugs.

        Later on, I called the gf (who I mistakenly married 2 years later) to tell her what I saw, and she just matter-of-factly replied, “Oh, yeah, they do that.”

        I’m sure that it does not change when they get older. Sigh….

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Eevry left wing, tree hugger politician should be made to see and get thrown in that river. Instead of staying in 5 star hotels when they come to these shit holes and give them foreign aid

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Silly canuck builds a house, All is fine for awhile. He employs the next door neighbor mother as a helper.
    Somebody next door buys a whoop ass speaker and stereo system . The bass rattles his bed. Calmly goes over aand asks to turn it down.. The war was on.. The flip gets drunk with hiss buddies and comes over and wants to kill said silly canuck
    Needless the helper and mother to these sons of satan quits her job. But she owed 4 month wages to Canuck.
    ‘Never do a kind thing for these perps

  4. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    These fine Pinoy specimens are living proof that extensive birth control should be introduced in the Philippines with no further delay.