Hi,I’m a Filipino,and I have something to say

Before continuing,I would like to say that yes,I am guilty of being a lazy,idiotic filipino who is a native of this country.I have been visiting this website for the past few months and since i have just signed up for being a member of this site,I,for some reason,am feeling obliged  to tell you about my opinion regarding this site(I am a filipino after all,so maybe this’ll get intersting)


My gosh I love this place.Every post here is true and candid to the core.The voices found here are exactly the ones that are needed to be heard by this country.Am I correct to say that one of the purpose of this site is to encourage change to each Filipino?If that’s the case well….then yay,I guess.Reading the articles here gives me knowledge(yeaahhh it is a bit ……just roll with it,kay) while making me immensely interested.This site is an eye-opener while being funny and that makes me happy.



(Before continuing,may I remind you that I am not here to troll and stuff like that.I am just here raising some opinions on things that I think are really not that good.I mean,sometimes criticisms make a person feel more empowered ,right?And I still like this site and all the people here.)

So ummm,where to begin…Well,there seems to be something that feels too mean-spirited around.Well,I should have expected it since the site name blatantly spells it out but still I feel a bit hated in here.Maybe it’s the caricatures and memes.Or maybe it’s the use of cuss words.While I do respect the belief that hating is a part of life,I don’t really like it.

Now,to Racism.I want to believe that you have no intent  of being racist.But,I do feel that if someone reads some of your comments by someone regardless of nationalityt,there is a chance that they will accuse you of being racist.I mean the statements”Filipinos are dumbf****” or “Filipinos are clearly not humans but are monkeys” while not to be taken seriously  or literally does at least have a some lil racial undertones to anyone.Then again at this moment,maybe being racy to the filipinos is absolutely necessary for at least an individual to open his/her eyes.

I respect all your views about religion,I really do.It sometimes bug me though that some atheist perceives religion as being “OMGZZZ he’s dying ,I should totally pray and do genetic religious  ritual #5675676 instead of actually doing something like call 911 because RELIGION” .I do realize though that most of your comments about religion is actually criticisms about how stupid we practice it.But still,eating sh*t as a metaphor for religion is,eh.BTW,I also don’t like how religious people perceive it as”OMMGGGG,i don’t care if am spiritual within or not,i’ll be fine as long as I exactly do rituals and rituals only”.

I think it all points down to how I feel that you slightly lack sensitivity(then again since you assume that usually expats visit here,sensitivity towards the filipinos are not needed).For me sensitivity is important and I do hope you think of that too.People can still exploit the foul poisons of a place while being sensitive,right?(For the record,I always assume that you are always sensitive to others when in public)

That’s all I have to say.It’s just my opinion,just ignore it if you feel like to

Being a filipino and all,imma be writing some of my personal observations about this place

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    Captain PFB

    Hi Marcus,

    First of all, I want to thank you for your honesty and courage to admit the problems of your country instead of join the overwhelming vast majority who would rather pretend they don’t exist, and just hold their fist in the air and shout “PINOY PRIDE!”.

    As you admit, “Every post here is true and candid to the core.The voices found here are exactly the ones that are needed to be heard by this country”

    So then you will understand that we’re not racist. And we don’t hate Filipinos, we hate that Filipinos hate Filipinos. If you loved each other, you wouldn’t lie, cheat, steal, scam, and drive like rude ignorant assholes. If you loved each other, you would push the brake pedal instead of the horn when a mother and her baby are crossing the street in a pedestrian crosswalk. We observe your hatred for each other every day simply by watching how you treat each other. And all the lying, cheating, stealing, and no consideration for each other is not loving behavior. It is the behavior of hate. So you see, we don’t hate you. We talk about how you hate each other.

    You can all talk with your mouths how loving and caring you all are. But your words mean NOTHING….your words are EMPTY, VOID, UNSUBSTANTIATED if you do not BEHAVE in a loving and caring way. Your behavior is the complete opposite of your words and claims. And it’s your behavior we see. And we watch how far separated it is from your WORDS.

    We just write about what we see and experience here in your country. That does not make us racist.

    We observe mass stupidity every day, every time we step out our door. The stupidity, failure, corruption, ignorance, and dishonesty is epidemic in Philippines. And then you all shout about how proud of it you are. That is idiotic.

    If you were actually smart, but we were calling you stupid, then I can see some racism there. But that is not the case.

    Fact is, it is very easy to prove utter fucking stupidity among the overwhelmingly vast majority of Filipinos, and we just write about that truth here. So it’s not racism, it’s just truth, as you have agreed.

    Hope that clears things up.

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    Point by point analysis.

    About me: I don’t hate Filipinos, I hate what a lot of Filipinos do. I came here, because I also hate what Americans do, Ill elaborate some other time, moving on.

    About you: Thanks for not being an overly sensitive person, we all have problems, we all look stupid at some point.

    1. “sometimes criticisms make a person feel more empowered”
    When I was in the Army there was a saying often heard. “If the shoe fits wear it, if not don’t worry about it.” Referring to criticism, and how it can sometimes appear to be a blanket statement. If you don’t make a habit of cheating someone for example, then such criticism does not apply to you.
    Secondly, “sometimes criticisms make a person feel more empowered”
    This works both ways, we bitch and complain here because we have no power to make a change. We do it to empower ourselves to carry on; not sure if that makes sense.

    2. “Maybe it’s the caricatures and memes.Or maybe it’s the use of cuss words.”
    What the Fuck dude…Sorry Im joking.. Seriously though, the memes some of them are ridiculous, I just made one quickly that was utterly moronic, but basically represents how I feel. Have you seen the “People of wall mart memes” ? Thats pretty terrible also. The filipino people represented in this blog site are the equivalent of trashy people in the states or other places, 9 times out of 10.
    Most of my issues come from stupid pinoy trash, what would be “white trash” in the states. Low IQ people with no job and no prospects.
    Every other thing that annoys me is simply cultural difference. Also, Western people curse a lot, and we military veterans curse twice as much!

    3. “Now,to Racism.I want to believe that you have no intent of being racist.”
    Sigh,…Im tired of hearing the ‘R” word thrown around so much. But anyway, being Filipino is not a race my friend, it is infact a nationality. It would be as stupid as saying im part of the American Race, it not only sounds ignorant, it also sounds arrogant. Agian, this goes back to the “If the shoe fits” saying. I personally dont care if you are filipino, Thai, indian, Irish, or Martian; If you act like a moron, you should be called out on it. If your whole nation acts like morons, then HOLY SHIT, we got a blog site! Im sure there are a few on America as well. In fact I know there are. *Face palming for the whole American Race….LOL

    4.”I respect all your views about religion,I really do.It sometimes bug me though that some atheist perceives religion as being “OMGZZZ he’s dying ,I should totally pray and do genetic religious ritual #5675676 instead of actually doing something like call 911 because RELIGION” .”

    I’m not Atheist, I’m an imperfect person with an abundance of colorful metaphors (Curse words) that strongly believes in God, Jesus Christ as being the son of God and believes in their being meaning to existence. Therefore Im a Christian, and to many atheist that makes me a hypocrite. (So be it) lol…
    I just don’t get preachy to people especially those I know are atheist . The biggest reason for that is because I respect their views 100% and also understand why they can’t believe in a God any more than I can believe in a zeus or a Vishnu.
    If someone tried to convince me of one of those I would refuse until the day I die, because well…..”It’s simply ridiculous”. I get that. I believe how I believe, and they can believe however they want. Thats the way the world is, people are people.

    5. “I think it all points down to how I feel that you slightly lack sensitivity”
    Some of us, like Filo who have been here I think more than 10 years (Not trying to speak for him), and myself since 2000, and still others probably 20 or more, originally started out with sensitivity toward the peculiarities of the Filipino, without a doubt. At least I know that I did.
    Then over time, those quirky things that were amusing became annoying, and the annoyance became a frustration, and that became a repetitive problem which turned into disgust and in my case anger and even hate in some cases, I won’t lie.
    Sensitivity may be lacking, we were all innocent once.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “we were all innocent once.”

      Yep that is true. I cried a lot for the suffering and conditions I saw in my first year here. But I came to see that the Filipino has chosen this way for their country. The people are no less corrupt, deceitful, selfish, lazy, and back-stabbing than their government. They are all just one big pool of idiocy and incompetence and hate for each other.

      It doesn’t matter who they elect. They will always be electing their own people. And the people by their very nature are what Philippines is. It will never be any different here. There will never be revolution. The only array of hope Philippines has is evolution over 100’s more years.

      1. Profile gravatar of MC Klopa
        MC Klopa Post author

        Yes,it really is depressing .What really makes me depress is the fact that a lot of us are very ignorant.

        Id say about 50 years though since back in the early 70s,the country was once clean,rich and disciplined (though it can be argued that filipinos back then were smarter and much better at other things,the people back then were probably still having problems with laziness and some lack of common sense.People mostly hid their bad side back in The martial law era.Unfortunately instead of entirely removing it,they brought it back from hiding once that era ended.Talk about abusing your freedom)

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          It’s known as a brain drain. All the smart ones went overseas and made a life for themselves, only to be eternally obliged to send remittance back to their far less competent family in the form of Dollars or Euros and Balikbayan boxes.

          The ones left behind are far more incapable than those who left. IT IS TRUE……Filipinos of the 70s and early 80s do seem far more intelligent and capable; we are talking by huge orders of magnitude.

          They were generally FAR harder working, and remind me a lot of how Chinese still run their families. What I mean by that is, school didn’t just come first, you also better get straight A’s and honor roll, or your ass is toast!
          These days everyone plays…………That is all.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Reminds me of the Chinese in my country.. They carry books home from school, work at their parents business, study and in a few years ,, they leave us locals in the dust.. seen it lots of times.
            Also. rich Chinese in the Philippines will donate money for good Chinese students to go to school. The locals just keep stabbing each other in the back,, demonstrating against merica at the embassy and generally doing jack shit.
            And anybody ever lent (barrowed) money to a flip to get ahead in this world,, you won’t get the time of day back let alone any money or interest..
            SHOOT ME DEAD

  3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    I have said this many times to people here, but I seriously think the only immediate hope this country really has is to just let China have full and complete control.
    Someone made a very good point the other day, I can’t remember their name. The point being that for all the bitching and complaining this country does over china, they never boycott china, let them put up malls, vacation to china, and so on. So Filipinos talk out of both sides of their mouth.

    This country, would be better in two ways.

    1. Allow another country to have full control.

    2. Revert back to tribal people in grass skirts.

    I see nothing happening to this country for the foreseeable future unless drastic changes are made. Moreover, I suspect that the nation of the philippines will eventually dissolve completely, and melting into other nationalities for survival; similar to what they are currently doing.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I have said this many times….as a matter of fact, it was the first slogan I gave the blog when I first started it a few years ago.

      “Put 98 million kindergarten through 3rd grade school children on a group of islands and tell them to be a nation and govern themselves, and you’ll have the equivalent of Philippines”.

      It’s like 100,000,000 children playing country, like children playing house.

      Philippines continues to prove that they are incompetent to govern themselves. Every single Filipino I have ever employed has needed continual supervision hour by hour. I have hired and fired literally over 100 in the past 8 years. Out of those, 4 have managed to perform well enough to keep their job for the past few years. 4 out of over 100.

      With ratios like that, it explains why this nation is such a mass pit of incompetence and failure.

      1. Profile gravatar of MC Klopa
        MC Klopa Post author

        I think a lot of the problems of an everyday filipino roots back to their school days.As astudent of the Philippine Education system,students either have low self-esteem and do poorly in their studies.Instead of the problem being solved,a lot carry these problems all throughout their lives resulting in poor office performance.I still see plenty of college students having said negative traits.

  4. Profile gravatar of Penance

    I’m going to just chime in with a little bit myself, since I’m insanely busy these days.

    It’s not racism. It’s not hatred. It’s frustration with trying to understand why Filipinos bitch and moan about how so much has gone wrong with their country while they sit quietly with their 7th bowl of rice. It’s pathetic that they don’t stand up and do anything about any of the problems. They just let their government pile on bureaucracy to the point where the problem gets forgotten, and the rich keep taking more and more. It’s the stupidity that Manila is the only place people choose to have a business, and so everyone and their whole family crowds the place because they think the jobs are here (spoiler: they aren’t!). It’s the crappy customer service that’s controlled by the world’s biggest asshats (the Chinese), and the Filipino nature of bending over and grabbing their ankles for said asshats.

    It’s the job discrimination, and the government pretending it’s progressive while it supports such discrimination. It’s the government tossing a family 600 pesos a month and calling that welfare. It’s the sad way that Filipinos let the church tell their politicians what to do, instead of the people. “Bahala Na” is for mindless drones who are too lazy to think for themselves.

    I could go on and on and on and on. But you get the point. If what you see on here bothers you, realize that it’s the perspective that comes from the rest of the world that’s a lot closer to sane than this place. Then go out and start making some change.

    Oh, and Atheism, no matter what you believe, at least applies common sense. We don’t simply just “accept” bullshit without logic. For example, we think it’s stupid to give 10% of everything you earn to the world’s richest organization. Besides, what would a god who created the universe need your money for? Does he have another illegitimate kid he’s paying for? (Still trying to figure out how raping women is bad, but a god raping Mary is good.)

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “Oh, and Atheism, no matter what you believe, at least applies common sense.”


      An all-powerful invisible man in the sky who can speak a universe into creation in a moment, create earth in 6 days, rapes virgin to impregnate her with himself in order to be human so that he can reconcile back to him the creations he condemned to begin with by creating satan who appears as a talking snake in a magic tree by allowing said condemned creations to beat the fuck out of him and nail him to a cross so he can die as the punishment we all deserve because the first couple listened to a talking snake. Then floats up to heaven, which I’m not sure why he didn’t just float down from heaven to begin with instead of raping a virgin.

      Then this all-knowing god who knows everything, even the future, knows his creations will discover many proofs and many things, and will become more civilized and logical. People will see how ridiculous the bible is, and not believe, because they are using the mind that this god gave them to come to the conclusion there is no god. Then in all of god’s loving mercy, he will condemn them to eternal suffering for not believing ridiculous shit.

      Why would anyone want to worship this horrid, mean, trickster called god????

      But anyway, it’s written, so I guess I gotta believe it. MAKES PERFECT LOGICAL SENSE TO ME!!!!!

      Tell a Christian his wife is cheating on him, and he’s going to require solid evidence. Tell a Christian that pigs fly, and he’s going to require proof. Yet he’ll believe RIDICULOUS STUPID SHIT LIKE THE BIBLE and dedicate his life to it without batting a fucking eye.

      THAT my friends, is the height of idiocy.

      1. Profile gravatar of MC Klopa
        MC Klopa Post author

        Well…ummmm….I still respect your beliefs I suppose.From my own perspective,lets just say that i compare God,the Bible and Christianity to a scientific story about connecting a brain,a polgygon,an equation on how the earth will be engulfed by the sun when its death is nearing,a hair that looks like it has been applied with ultra gel and a walking and talking robotic cat that has japanese voices but somehow outputs it as english with a scottish accent(yes,im not making any sense and im stupid),but once you know about it’s whole,your mind will feel,less screwy(im still stupid and not making any sense)

        You know what,forget what I have written.As long a someone won’t apply stupid logic to their lives , as long as someone will still be objectively rational and as long as someone won’t hurt anyone because of things that are truly deemed stupid,I think it is okay for someone to still have a religion(YEs It is possible.).I think what can make religion do good to someone is how the true essence or spirit or whatever of it will be carried by a person(Looking at the innermost core of it and carrying only what is purely good and essential to life,if there are any).

        Maybe it’s like some of those “so bad it’s good” sort of thing or maybe(yes,I have realized it still have made zero Logic.Oh irony,why do you always stick to me)

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Saying that religion tells us right from wrong is a complete insult to human intelligence.

          I don’t believe in any god, I don’t believe in any religion, but I do believe that we should feed the hungry, be kind to one another, be civil to one another, help each other, be generous, and don’t lie, cheat, or steal. This I know because I am a human being who can think and feel.

          But look at all the religious idiot flips. Religion is not having any good effect on them whatsoever.

          Religion is bullshit. Religion does way more harm than good. Religion tells you that you are a horrible person deserving of eternal suffering, and that you are in need of a savior. Christianity examples that someone else can take the punishment for your transgressions. It removes personal responsibility (and it removes a good portion of your brain). Religion tells you to stop thinking, and just believe, no matter how bat-shit crazy it’s claims.

          Take it from me…you are not as bad of a person as your religion says you are.

          The only thing religion is good for is showing how fucking stupid and gullible mass amounts of people can be.

          I do good because, as a human being, I believe it’s right, NOT because some invisible man in the sky told me to.

          Religion is for those who are too fucking lazy to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

          1. Profile gravatar of Todd

            Dude, tone it down some with calling people stupid if they believe in God. Everyone has a right to believe what they want too. Don’t generalize that all people who believe in a god are stupid. There are plenty of well educated people who believe in God. You remarks come off like you are better than Christians or what ever. I respect your opinions because I am that way but name calling is not going to get you respect from people who are religious!

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            “Everyone has a right to believe what they want too.”

            Hey man, respect my belief that people who believe in invisible all-powerful men in the sky are stupid! That is my belief. According to you, it’s my right to believe what I want to.

            Belief in invisible men is stupid and ignorant of reality.

          3. Profile gravatar of Todd

            That is your opinion! I will leave it as that! I disagree with your intolerance but I don’t call you stupid! Anyway, I said what I have to say. you know now how I feel!

            Anyway, on the brighter said, I do like your site and I think you all make great points even though at times, I might now agree how you might go about it. That is my opinion and I hope you will not think I am stupid but if you do, I could give a fuck! Just trying to be honest!

          4. Profile gravatar of MC Klopa
            MC Klopa Post author

            Woah boy, i think nobody truly understood my comment(sorry for being too convoluted).
            I never said that religion dictates right or wrong.What I was saying was that if a person is smart,then he would know that the bible is full of stupidity and nddhehdj.He will also realize there will be at least one positive thing written in it bec. lets face it,for every “kill the baby”, there is a “you must never kill”.And if he is truly clever,he would know how he would fully utilize these positive things while making sure that no stupidity of the bible or religion or whatevs will enter his mind.

            While I do want to talk about the paragraph with the robotic cat,id just end up being the stupid one.It best be saved when Im intelligent enough to defend it.

            Curious though what is the purpose of people not making them think for themselves through religion

        2. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
          Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

          No need to “…respect your beliefs” where atheism is concerned. Atheism is all about a LACK of belief. Think about the word “a”-“theism” – a lack of belief in any theology. The theologically driven do not need to respect the “beliefs” of the atheist, as they have none. It is the atheist who is often forced to endure and “respect the “beliefs” of others – regardless of how transparently idiotic those beliefs are – or how they directly impact the day-to-day life of the atheist.

          With Christianity (or any other religiously based ideology) belief (faith might be a better choice of words) is in fact a prerequisite. The reason that faith it is a prerequisite is because there is NO EVIDENCE to support the belief. Evidence would make it a fact (not a belief), or at the very least provide a rational basis for some reasonable theories. The religious make a range extraordinary claims – and extraordinary evidence is there fore required in order to substantiate those claims. Thus far, not one shred of evidence has ever been uncovered to support the many “…life in the hereafter” and other such beliefs held by the religious of virtually all persuasions.

          Mass belief does not make Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, Scientology or Pharaohism any more realistic or provable. Does the “Eat shit, 50 trillion flies can’t be wrong” train of thought hold true? It makes no less sense than applying appalling levels of mass delusion as “evidence” of the truth of a particular set of beliefs that are unsupported by evidence. Thus far, not one shred of evidence has ever been uncovered to support the many “…life in the hereafter” and other such beliefs held by the religious of virtually all persuasions. If your God is real, provide some evidence. Argument over! Faith no longer required.

          Many smart people do believe in all sorts religious nonsense. This is because it is completely possible to be both smart, and irrational. There are plenty of smart people in the Philippines who believe the Christian nonsense that is spoon fed to them from cradle to grave. The same applies in the west. That could be because of ignorance, lack of education, lack of curiosity – or more likely (as is the case right around the world) – pure intellectual laziness. In the Philippines, I’d suggest that it’s all of the foregoing. That being said there is just no real excuse for that in this day and age. I’d call it willful ignorance.

          @Todd, people who believe in God may not be stupid. If they can read (which many can) at the very least they are willfully ignorant. If you are still harboring belief in all-knowing spirit men in the sky, I’d respectfully suggest that you need (for your own sake) to open your mind to some alternative views of reality.

          1. Profile gravatar of Todd

            Thanks for your opinion CybreGod. I do have an open mind. That is why I respect others opinions even if I do not agree with them. There are many things about Christianity I do not agree with but, it is their choice not ours. Going around calling people stupid because of a difference in opinion is not going to change a thing. That is what my problem is. So much damn hate in this world just because people don’t see things the way others do. Who fucking cares as long as they are not doing anything to hurt other people because of their views.

            Just an example. I don’t know if you have ever heard of the great Rock guitarist, George Lynch. He is a true blue Atheist. He is working on an album with Christian rocker, Michael Sweet. People were trying to instigate a problem with this album because of the guys’ beliefs or non-beliefs. George Lynch made it clear that the two have the utmost respect for each other even though they have different opinion. They are not bashing each other because of it. Total respect for the two in my eye.

            So, do I believe in God? That is no body’s business but mine so I will keep it to myself. Besides, I don’t like people preaching shit no matter what it is. Anyway, I am done with the topic of religion. I will not comment on this anymore. My point with my post was that people should agree to disagree and keep it respectful. No need for name calling! laters!!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Who’s calling names? Stupid is stupid. It’s not a name. It’s an adjective. Would you prefer I say “unsmart”?

            Willful ignorance….a kinder, gentler way to say FUCKING STUPID.

          3. Profile gravatar of Todd

            When you call a person stupid for something that they believe in and it is something you do not agree with, I think that is name calling but hell, what do I know right? Who cares if its a noun, adjective or a verb. Is that a grammar rule in the English language? You have your view point and I have mine. Nothing is going to change that so I won’t make any more posts on name calling or what ever you want to call it. I know where you stand and you know where I stand. That being said, I will continue to look at this site because I do think some of the stories here are just unbelievable and it is interesting to read about the situations other foreigners go through here in the Philippines. If I post, it will be about the content of the post and not the adjectives…LOL!!!!

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            If you believe that 3+3=87, then there are few that would argue that you are not too smart (better known as stupid). It’s not “calling names” it’s calling something what it is. If I see a bridge, and I call it a bridge, I have simply stated a fact.

            If I see someone who actually believes in an invisible man in the sky and actually believes the earth was formed in 6 days, despite all the scientific proof of the contrary, you are not only ignorant, but, in my humble opinion, stupid.

            If I told you I was the messiah come to save the world from their sins, and I told you the other dude a couple thousand years ago was a fake, you’d think me crazy. But you’ll believe ancient desert scribblings that have been re-written and re-translated 1000 times. Because it was written in ancient desert scribblings that a man walked on water and turned water into wine with a wave of his hand, you will believe he is god. But if I do it, you’re going to say, “hey, that was a good trick! How’d you do that!”

            Religion sucks your brains out of your head and even instructs you to NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF. Why do you suppose the bible tells you not to think? Because what the bible wants you to believe REQUIRES YOU TO SHUT DOWN YOUR BRAIN. And then it threatens you with ETERNAL TORMENT IN HELL if you don’t believe that bat-shit crazy crap. YOU MUST shut down your thinking in order to believe such ridiculous nonsense.

            CyberGod is correct. Jesus says in the bible “the only way to be saved is through faith” (paraphrased)


            So what a dirty little trick your “loving, merciful” god plays on his children. Give them a brain, make it intelligent, then tell them NOT TO THINK, and just BELIEVE in senseless ridiculous crap, OR YOU WILL SUFFER FOR ETERNITY.

            Sounds real loving and merciful, eh?

            What a bunch of stupid crap. And to tell the truth, when it comes to religion, I got no mercy for it.

            Here’s what I believe, and my belief isn’t by faith. My belief and opinion is FACT BASED: BELIEF IN INVISIBLE SKY MEN IS FUCKING STUPID. That’s not name calling, that is just stating reality.

          5. Profile gravatar of Todd

            FiloFail, I could careless what a few think of me. I am not here to be everyone’s best friend. Just here to read about other foreigners experiences they have had here in the Philippines and possibly tell others about mine. I am a tolerant person though and I feel everyone has a right to their own ideals, beliefs and opinions. If you hate religion, then that is your right. You think it is stupid. Okay, I have no problem with that but when people attack others personally just because they do think they way you do, then I have a problem with that. I see a lot of that on here from what i have read. In my opinion, if people would take less time to find a way to slam others faults and more time trying to educate people, maybe the earth will be a better place to live in. You will never be successful in educating someone if they feel like your attacking them though. JMHO!

            Now, I got nothing against you and I respect your view so I am going to leave it as that. I will no longer make anymore posts on this topic. My fault for expressing my view. I will hold my tongue in place next time. I will keep it experiences only.

            By the way, I am far from religious. I do not attend any church of any kind, pray or even read the bible or any other religious book. Heck, I might even be like you. I just think we can have discussions without slamming others in the process. This is your group so you can do as you please. I will just ignore some of the stuff written. Anyway, for sure this is the last I will say about this. I am done and getting off my soapbox! Take care and goodnight!

          6. Profile gravatar of MC Klopa
            MC Klopa Post author

            Isn’t a more accurate definiton be “To believe something that you do not know at all”?

          7. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
            Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

            @Todd, it isn’t my opinion that religious beliefs lack evidence. That’s a fact. It isn’t my opinion that religious beliefs relies upon faith, due to a lack of any evidence. That too is a fact. It isn’t my opinion that believers are willfully ignorant. That is also a fact. Additionally, it’s a fact that I didn’t name call, and never once accused you of being stupid. I suggested (with respect) that you consider a world view which doesn’t include belief in invisible sky fairies and miraculous happenings (if that is indeed what you happen to believe). Like it or not, religious beliefs are stupid – even if you are not – and that too is a fact.

          8. Profile gravatar of Todd

            CyberGod, believe what you want and call it want you want. I don’t totally agree with you so lets just agree to disagree because I am not going to waste my breathe on this topic anymore. I have nothing against you and for your info, I do study “a world view which doesn’t include belief in invisible sky fairies and miraculous happenings.” I try to learn as much as I can because to me, it is amazing how stuff like this forms different cultures. I love diversity and it makes the world a unique and interesting place to live. Anyway, thanks for sharing and have a good night (if your here in the Philippine).

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    //2. Revert back to tribal people in grass skirts.// – No way dude, im a dual national. My legs would look awful in a grass skirt.