Hodge Podge, Gossip And Such.

Just a little bit of everything in this post about little of this and that. I guess it’s a flea market kind of post, never know what your gonna run across.

1.)During my sons birthday party I noticed a furniture store across the hall and went to check it out. Like most stores it was so overstocked there was barely room to fart should you need to without the person beside you feeling the warm air in their pants. So I’m looking around when the owner comes in (an Indian) and we talk where he already knocks 800 pesos off something I’m looking at and this piece is the same they have on the junk floor at Gaisano. Only this is in mint condition and about 4K less than what Gaisano sells it for. So last week wife and I went back to do some shopping at this store and picked out a queen size bed, import foam, dining set and what I first looked at. Total price 53K but he knocked it down to 48K with free delivery and set up. Yes they did deliver the next day like they said but were late, they did call though. Can you tell this store is not run by filipinos?

2.) Yes we have a brand new road running by our place with very little traffic. So why do I mention this? Well the road is standard width and about 150 to 200 yards long on private property. So watching them build the road I saw the signs up, “This is where your tax money goes.” The owner got the city to put in a road on his property at city expense.

3.) Our new maid told our niece that if she decided she did not want to work she would take her day off and leave but leave her stuff her and send someone to pick it up for her.  Maid was out on her day off this day. Wife told me this and that wife would give it to the one sent. I told wife that is a very bad idea to which I got the blank stare so I had to break out the crayons on explain. What if you give it to the person she sends and things are missing when she gets it because the one she sent took stuff out of it and tells her it is what they were given? No, she wants it, she comes and gets it. Does my thinking mean I have been here too long? Learned the filipinos? Am anti filipino?

4.) So one of neighbors ex maids comes around a lot as no job but is eye candy. Well last night she visited and asked my wife if it was ok if her boyfriend came over to which wife said yes but he cannot sleep here (this was told to her several times by wife). So boyfriend shows up and they sit and talk out front then comes the filipino planning. They asked my wife if he could spend the night as all transportation back to his place has stopped and no way for him to get home. Wife stood her ground and said no, they knew when trans stopped and were told before he came he could not spend the night. Then they ask if he can sleep outside by our front door. Wife sent both walking down the street.

5.) Went to 7-11 last night and picked up a drink, newspapers and such along with one of their rewards cards. Got back to apt and went online to activate the rewards card with info asked for, name, address, date of birth, cell number, address, sex. Since I don’t have a cell phone I asked wife to activate it using her cell number to which she told me it was already active. How could that be since just got it and I did not do it. She said the 7-11 staff told her they already activated it. So my rewards card is in the name of someone working at 7-11. Any ideas what this is about or how it works from PFB members?

6.) Pinay neighbor has 2 kids with a Korean but not married to the Korean. Said pinay cannot keep help as she does not feed them nothing but mostly noodles, they are not allowed to drink coffee and such. Well they went to Singapore and her and wife got in a text fight after pinay said she did not understand why could not keep help, pinay use to be a maid before she met the Korean. Wife told her not to forget where she came from and that she use to be house help and should know what they do and how to treat them. That made pinay mad. Now wife knows a lot about what this pinay does so now pinay scared and keeping the Korean away from us when he comes to town. Said pinay sneaks out and goes to discos and let’s the men grope her for one. Last month she got another pinay mad at her because she was meeting that pinays man behind her back. Now pinay neighbor told her Korean not to come in Sept and Oct, he comes every month from Korea and stays a week. Why she tell him not to come? She has it set up to meet an American flying in from the states in another city. How do I know? She put my wife on the phone to talk to him as she was afraid her English not good enough. Wonder why she does not want my wife talking to her Korean?

7.) Doors. Well our front door is tight and have to slam it to get it to close and lock. I told wife to have them shave it done a little bit. Their reply? “There is nothing wrong with the door. Doors are made like that so you have to slam them shut.” Me: “Why?” Them: So you know when someone goes in or out.” Me: “That’s bullshit and you know it. When you going to fix the door?” Still waiting for an answer.

So now you know some of what has happened in my life. “It’s more fun in the philippines!!!!”

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  1. Profile gravatar of Balikbayan Box
    Balikbayan Box

    (Regarding #2)

    I am so fucking tired of power tripping FLIPS.


    WHY doesn’t she let them drink coffee? POWER TRIP plain and simple!! “Haha I drink coffee, I better than you, you my slave!”

    “Haha I eat chicken while only noodles for you. I rich and powerful, you poor and weak! Hahaha, watch me eat chicken while you starving with only noodles!!”

    That is why they throw garbage on the floor, don’t clean up after themselves ANYWHERE (even at a fast food place where in civilized countries it’s EXPECTED to throw out your own fucking trash!) and are rude as fuck to any janitor, security guard, driver or anyone perceived as LOWER than them.

    Except that PINAY EMPLOYER is dumb and ignorant, and the distant between her and her maid is a walk across the park while the distance between her and anyone with actual intelligence is a flight to the moon!!


    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      You know the worst master is a former slave. The poor maid reminds them of their past working for an employer out of hell.
      I am sure each of us could write a book on maids. Well after 4 years of suffering with idiotic maids, we got one that worked 24/7/365 for next to nothing and was HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!
      Well suffice to say,, she finally bit the bullet and escaped.

    2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      Could not agree with you more BBbox.
      Seems everyone here is a cop. Or a General.Or Admiral. Or some other such non sense.
      If I had a peso for every flip that told me he was a cop…..
      It IS all about power. Or perhaps it is because of the lack of power they WAY over compensate.
      “I’m a cop…well I’m General” Well I’m a Admiral”..no-no I’m Jesus Christ him self
      Just a game of 1-up
      3&1-5&1-7&1 coffee………. flips… just like little children. So predictable.

    3. Profile gravatar of Eric

      Of all things this drives me absolutely crazy. Going out to eat and trash is left ALL over the tables while the garbage can is literally RIGHT next to them. When we bus our trays and trash after eating you should see the stares we get from customers and the absolute shock from staff we get. Security guards run over SIR SIR! I’LL GET IT!! jeezus….so used to the bullshit power trippy-ness

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Same here Eric. Jollibees are the worst! Why do Flips order food as take aways, then eat it at a table leaving all the trash, paper bags, cups etc, etc on their table? I just so hate that! They behaved like pigs too! Loud, obnoxious and uncouth! Then when they finished, they get up and leave with everything strewn on their table and under it! Why, oh why could they not confine their mess on the table??

        One time, a young Flip and his GF were eating in Food Court SM. They spilt some food with soup on the table. But they carried on eating as if the mess did not exist! Yuk! I had to move as I could not bear to look at it and eat my own lunch!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike
          Mike Post author

          You said they behaved like pigs and therefore answered your own question. The spilled soup was for them to wallor after they finished their slopping.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike
        Mike Post author

        I get the same thing. I just say or tell them loud enough to hear:
        1.) My mother does not work here, I clean up after myself.
        2.) My mother taught me to clean up after myself.
        3.) Only slobs and dirty people leave their trash for others to clean up.
        4.) I’m not that goddamn lazy someone has to clear my table and throw my trash away.

        As you can imagine I get the looks from others but wife knows what to expect and just stares them down.

    4. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      Last evening, I went to the admin for the condo I live in to to obtain a “move out” pass for this Sunday. The sole imbecile in the office informed me that we could only move out between the hours of 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm. As I had been expecting pure mental retardation before walking in the door, I didn’t even get angry. I had just returned from having a root canal done, and it would be fair to say that I wasn’t in the best of moods. I pointed out to the brain-dead-zombie-creature that this would mean we’d be moving into out new condo at around midnight, and that I wasn’t sure the other condo would allow that, as their move in time differed to that. I then said’ “No doubt this sort of thing happens often. Perhaps you could put me in touch with all those removalist who are prepared to park their trucks on the street all night, full of furniture, after moving people out of here? [blank-stare]

      I’ll be going down to fight the good fight on that one this morning. Such mindless, worthless fucking imbeciles.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angel


        This is because they are trying to “save face”, by not having people know that their tenants are leaving. No shit given to the inconvenience and hassle that they’re gonna be imposing on you guys. Good luck!

        1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
          Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

          That’s actually true at the moment. It’s a 26 story building (actually an “alleged” 5 star hotel – such as they are in the Failippines) with two lifts – one of which just started working again just this week – after two and a half months out of action. Add to that internet which is unusable much of the time (PLDT is the monopoly provider to the building) and enough is enough. We are the third tenants on our floor to leave in the last month.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            So what do they do if you just start moving out anyway? Fuck their time frame it’s not like your stealing your own stuff. Maybe you could claim illegal detainment. Then what happens if you half only half your stuff out at 10 pm, they lock you in? I would tell them to fuck off and if they insist on those times then would tell if anything stolen while in truck in front of new place at night, will send them the replacement bill.

          2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            “send them the replacement bill”, like they’d pay it, now who’s delusional Mike 🙂

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike
            Mike Post author

            Never know, it might work. So that little sucker thing (minds out of the gutter guys) That they use to suck the blood and stuff out of mouth, they use that on the wallet too?

          4. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
            Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

            @Mike – still have to fight the good fight on this one. I need to visit admin this morning to discuss the matter with the chief imbecile, who wasn’t in yesterday. My agenda is to get the fuck out of here, regardless, so if that means negotiating and letting the brain-dead-zombie-creature appear to have a win, I’m fine with that. What I won’t be doing is moving out between 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm.

            If he’s insistent, I’ll explain that I only need his co-operation to get the truck inside the building, at which point he could ensure my complete co-operation in moving our belongings out through the rear of the building, rather than through the lobby and ornate front doors of his 5 start hotel. Failing his co-operation with permitting the truck into the building car park, I’ll have it parked directly outside the lobby doors (right in the taxi drive through area), and have our furnishings, etc moved out through the lobby. I’ll also explain that if necessary, I will hire my own armed guards to to ensure that the process goes unobstructed.

            I detest power hungry, mindless little fucks, and have enough sense to avoid dealing with them, whenever possible. Probably best if I let my lovely lady deal with it, if possible. I already want to give that little maggot a good head-stomping.

      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        ” just returned from having a root canal done”, I have to admit, getting a root canal here was one of the least painful transactions I’ve ever done here. I kid you not…..

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “That is why they throw garbage on the floor, don’t clean up after themselves ANYWHERE (even at a fast food place where in civilized countries it’s EXPECTED to throw out your own fucking trash!) and are rude as fuck to any janitor, security guard, driver or anyone perceived as LOWER than them.”

    Ever noticed them in the supermarket knock things off the shelf and then just walk away, leaving it on the floor. Like you say, it’s all about the power trip.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Enough said guys, Filipinos choose to live in TRASH and this is the way they want to live. I guess you can’t change stupid lol. They choose to be dirty, filthy, illiterate, give away their dignity for glue lolz, and multiply like roaches. They’re not motivated for change and to improve their situation in life. Click the link for proof > https://goo.gl/g5HKTZ