How I Deal With Encounters Of The Filogical Kind (Part 2)

After posting on my new blog and submitting an article on this website, I realized that I am writing something that may not be as relevant to the older folks as it is to the younger ones. In Part 1 of this series, I spoke about having a zoomed-out view of things and focusing on what matters most, which is our emotions and how they affect our lives. If you’re a young man, that’s how you look at things. You’re looking to move forward and position yourself in a life situation that is better than today, then better than next year, then better than the following year, and so on. I’m not too young of a man (I’m in my early 30’s), but I’m still at a point in my life where I have to work hard to be able to do exactly that.


If you’re trying to move forward in life like I am, you’re going to think of different alternatives to the status quo. Instead of being content in a zoomed-in view, you’re going to try to zoom out and see what can be changed from up there. If you’re zoomed in on this issue of Fili fail, for example, your concern would be about how blameworthy the Filipino is or how I seem be taking sides with them. The truth is, I’m not too emotionally invested in those things (though I agree that Filipinos are blameworthy but I disagree that I am siding with them). What I care about is what’s the best way to move forward. Not that there’s something wrong with what you’re doing, but I have to mention that so you know where I’m coming from as you read this post.


I’m trying to move forward but we all know we can only do so much to try to change such a jungle of a country as the Philippines. Tarzan can try to landscape the whole jungle and ask the leeches to stop being leeches and the snakes to stop being snakes, but that is not only a tall order, it is an impossible one. If something is impossible, you turn your head and look for what else is possible and then work on it. That’s the mentality of a man who is in a zoomed-out position, and for this post only, that’s the position we’re going to assume.


Our situations may be different so what applies to me may not apply to you. But remember, this post is not about ‘How To Deal With Filogic Encounters’ but ‘How I Deal’ with them. Whether you learn anything that you can apply in your life is totally up to you. If you’re married to a filogic-prone Filipina and you live outside of the Philippines, probably very little of what I say here will apply to you. But then again, I’m not talking about how you need to do things but how I do it. And how I do it is what works for me. Sharing is caring, and because I care, I share. But what I share may or may not work for you.


If from time to time I seem to be suggesting that you do this or you do that, understand that that is just my way of effectively explaining it. As I said in Part 1, you don’t have to throw PhilippineFailBlog out the window. But to the younger folks out there (and some of the older ones as well) who can relate to what I’m going to say down below, you may want to use it in conjunction with PFB therapy.


If we’re talking about sanity maintenance, I’m probably more open-minded in my approach than you are, which is why in Part 1 I talked about the possibility of adding a counterbalance to go along with therapy. Therapy is like taking a bullet in your body and having it removed. A counterbalance is like wearing a bulletproof vest. Not all the bullets will hit the vest so you may still need therapy anyways. But if you ask me, given a choice I would much rather choose to wear a bulletproof vest than not have one on.


I used to get irritated a lot by the rampant and never-ending manifestations of filogic and filethic. Like I mentioned, the sheer abundance was overwhelming. I was taking bullets here and there all because I wanted to cause a change in my family and I was very opinionated about the government and the neighbors and the tricycles and the people’s attitudes and lack of common sense. It used to drive me crazy, especially when close relations were involved. As it turned out in my case, one counterbalance (my childhood experiences) was not enough. But the addition of a second counterbalance made the whole thing shift to the other side. I’m not talking about dumbing yourself down to adapt to filogic. Pretending you have a small mind just so you’re able to adapt in a small-minded world will never work.


Just to make sure we’re speaking the same language here, take note that the language we’re going to use is emotional/mental health, and I’m speaking about it like a young man who’s looking forward to bright things ahead. If you’re going to speak in the language of Filipino blameworthiness or how I’m contributing to the diseases of this country, you’re missing the point. You need to do a little bit more zooming out. I’ve been setting an example and trying to educate people on my views ever since I became an adult and I’ve been landscaping my part of the jungle on other fronts, so don’t try to accuse me of anything just because I choose to cause change without sacrificing my own mental health and well-being. But again, that is a whole different topic altogether and it’s something we’re not going to delve into here in this post.


With that said, here’s the counterbalance I use, which is essentially how I deal with filogical/filethical encounters:


Imagine you are about to rent a house for $1000 a month, but before you sign the lease the landlord tells you that she may decide to raise the rent to $1100 after a year. You say, okay, deal. You sign the lease and get on with it.


A year passes and the landlord tells you, ‘Hey, I am increasing the rent to $1100 beginning next month’. So you say, ‘well, okay.’ You like the place anyway. Maybe you’re not happy with the fact that you are now going to pay an extra $100 every month, but you’re kind of expecting it anyway. You are not surprised that it happens, so it’s not too much of a big deal.


Now imagine the same scenario, but this time the landlord does not tell you prior to the signing of the lease that the rent might go up to $1100 after a year. So you rent this place for $1000 per month, and again you like the house, the location and all. A year passes and your landlord calls you and says, “Hey, beginning next month your rent will be $1100.”


This time you react emotionally. All of a sudden the extra $100 is a big deal. You feel bad about it because you have no expectation that it would happen. You may even find yourself arguing with your landlord or cursing her privately. It affects you emotionally. Unlike in the first scenario, you have to go through this kind of stress and negativity just because you don’t have the right expectations about life.


But here is the question: is it reasonable to expect that if a landlord can increase the rent (assuming it is perfectly legal), she’s going to attempt to do so? Yes! Because that’s just how people are. People want to make more money and they will try to do it if they can. It is definitely a realistic expectation to have. And because it is, you can save yourself the hassle of going through that kind of stress by not being surprised that it happens. If this is your way of thinking, it wouldn’t affect you that much. You can recover and move on to other things more quickly. It may not be as smooth sailing as in the first scenario where the landlord forewarns you of the increase, but hey, in real life we’re not always reminded of everything. We can just reason by ourselves and not depend on other people telling us what to expect.


Now let’s fly to the land of pesos and ask a similar question. Is it reasonable to expect that if a Filipino can do the most illogical and unethical things in the world, he’s going to do so? Yes, absolutely! That’s what experience tells us and that’s just the reality of it. These things really do happen and we cannot do much to change it. It is a fact that the peoples of this planet do not have the same rate of intellectual evolution, history and physical environment as each other so there can be a flawed nature in a certain people, such as the Filipinos, that you can only hope would evolve faster. But while it is what it is, you have to live with it.


That’s the way I deal with the whole thing. I have an expectation that filogic and filethic will manifest themselves. I don’t always think about them, but whenever the manifestations occur, I’m not surprised.


If I have a reasonable expectation that something may happen and it does happen, I don’t react emotionally as if I’m surprised about it. In the case of the Filipinos’ behavior, it’s not even just a reasonable expectation. It’s not like it’s your first time to experience renting a place and being told that your rent will be increased. It’s more like you are forewarned about it over and over again by your past experiences.


Being aware that filogic and filethic exist is like knowing beforehand that the rent might increase by $100 after the first year. So whenever I see filogic manifesting itself, I try not to react emotionally as if I’m surprised that it happens, because the truth is I already am fully expecting that it will happen.


Instead of reacting emotionally by feeling bad or angry about it, I react purposefully. If I know that I will leave a filogical encounter unharmed anyway, I don’t let the thought escalate to me being irritated about it. We all know we can’t do anything to change them anyway. We cannot change an adult’s IQ any more than we can change his height. So if I overhear a Filipino saying the most illogical thing ever, it wouldn’t do me any good to give any further thought to it. I am fully expecting that something like that will happen in the first place, so it’s not much of a big deal.


But if it can potentially harm me or another person (or the public), I do something about it if I can but the rule is, I react purposefully. This is not without exceptions, though. Not all filogical and filethical manifestations are the same so in some cases I really have to react emotionally, especially when I need to right a wrong where if I don’t show I’m mad, they will not act on it. But at the same time, I react purposefully by not letting the emotion affect me longer than necessary. Reacting purposefully means going after positive results, and to me no positive result can be had by trying to change the Filipino or feeling bad about the fact that they have all these flaws. I already know it. I just accept that by nature they have those flaws and I cannot do much about it. If I feel bad about it, then I’ve got a lot to feel bad about and that’s going to be pain in my life.


If for whatever reason you cannot leave the “house” of the filogical Filipinos, I’m sure you already know what to expect so try not to react emotionally as if you still don’t know that filogic and filethic exist. It doesn’t help to be hating on your “landlords”, either. You’re going to be “paying that extra $100” whether you like it or not because you decided to stay after the 12th month.


What does help, however, is this: instead of letting yourself take the bait and go straight through the negative emotion, try to go around it until you reach the other side, where a positive result is waiting, either for your benefit or others’. The emotion might be ‘thick and heavy’ so if you try to go straight through, you might end up getting stuck and failing to get any result other than the fact that you’re now wrapped in that emotion. Sometimes it’s thin but it doesn’t matter. Thick or thin, if you go through that emotion you’re going to have to wash it away afterwards. In a sense, that’s what this website helps people accomplish — it’s a wash basin for all these emotions. That is why you’re doing this ‘for therapeutic purposes’. But I don’t visit this website for that purpose because frankly I have no negative emotion to wash away. I go to this website purely to enjoy logic being articulated, because logic is so much more enjoyable when it’s articulated where you have never seen it articulated before, in a way you have never seen it done, especially when it’s about something familiar, such as life in this country.


But as far as dealing with encounters of the filogical kind, I try to separate myself from the emotion by circumventing it instead of going right through it. My mind just says ‘that’s expected’, then I do what I have to do. It’s not always perfect but by reacting like this, I have nothing or very little to wash away later. If I’m tainted then I wash on the spot.


It’s similar to fighting in MMA. You have to separate yourself from the emotion and focus on the game plan. If you let your trash-talking opponent get into your head, you may react emotionally and lose the fight. But if you deal with it purposefully, you will not allow something like that to happen because in your mind you’re always looking for results.


To me one important result is to have peace in my heart and a positive rhythm in my life. If you let the Filipino get into your head, you’re not going to get that result. You’ll lose the fight. You don’t know it, but he beats you. He’s going to walk away and he’s never going to know the difference. Meanwhile, you’re left with the task of washing away dirt from your body. And this process goes on and on.


If I see a Filipino manifesting the dreaded and sickening “pinoy pride,” for instance, I’m given two choices: either hate that person (which is usually followed by extending that feeling towards Filipinos in general — because it reinforces similar thoughts in the mental cache) or not allow that emotion to occupy any more cerebral real estate and just move on to other things. I always choose the latter because frankly, it doesn’t surprise me anymore. After all, hate is an ill feeling and when you feel bad over and over again, you lose. Again to me it’s all about not taking the bait of going straight through the emotion and just reacting purposefully.


Again I do not intend to force this principle upon the expat. What I’m just doing is sharing with you what it is like from my perspective. And from my perspective, instead of only one factor there are three factors that interact with the manifestations of filogic and filethic: my bigger, more reasonable mind that is easily irritated by such manifestations, my having experienced not being irritated by them during my early years, and my stoic approach to the expected, which helps me deal with this issue in a different way. One being counterbalanced by two, makes my life in the wild a little bit more peaceful.


Not reacting emotionally to expected things is something that I use in other areas of my life as well, specifically during stressful situations. For example, if my business fails or a girl rejects me, I might feel bad about it but not to the point of being devastated or incapacitated by it in the days ahead. Why? Because I have a reasonable expectation that it might happen. That’s how businesses and women are. They fail and they reject men, respectively, under different circumstances. Even before I start a business or approach a girl, I know that it might fail so I’m ready for that kind of result. I’m sort of expecting it anyway so it’s not too much of a big deal. I simply move on. In the words of youtuber Malkhaz Geldiashvili, from whom I borrowed the rent scenario, if a friend stabs you in the back, you either let it affect your life or get over it sooner rather than later. The latter is better. After all, what are you expecting? Friends have been stabbing each other in the back ever since friendships even began.


If you’re wondering why I look at things this way, it’s probably because I’m zoomed out and you’re still zoomed in on the issue. You’re never going to see what I see from that position, just as you’re not going to see the whole Asian mainland if you’re zoomed in on Beijing. I am able to zoom in which is why I can agree with you, but you’ve got to be able to zoom out to see what I see.


If all you can do is look at things from a zoomed-in position, you’re going to ask me questions like, ‘Are you saying let’s turn a blind eye to the Filipinos’ transgressions? No wonder this country is shit’. Look, brother, all along I’ve been speaking in the language of mental and emotional health, and up to this point you’re trying to speak to me in a different language. Turning a blind eye like that is spoken in the context of not trying to right a wrong, but as much as I agree with you that we need to right the wrong or at least address it, I’m talking about a different thing here altogether, which is how I deal with filogic and filethic on an emotional level. And like I said, I react to it purposefully and I do something about it if I can, so I’m not turning a blind eye. I take notice; I’m just not surprised.


I’m not 100% bulletproof, but I’m doing better with the vest on than without. It works for me so it might work for others too, especially the open-minded and the younger generations who need to move forward in life with as few emotional distractions as possible.


I’m aware that it’s all a matter of preference. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to keep my sanity by using a counterbalancing mindset over maintaining my sanity by exclusively undergoing an endless cycle of dip (in the negative emotion)-wash-dip-wash-dip-wash-dip… Who knows, you might not be washing it away after all but only collecting it inside.


In the end, I’m not a leech and I’m not a snake. I’m not the one who’s making your life difficult here. I’m a friend, and I’m just sharing my point of view.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Great post Gladman. I couldn’t agree with you more. My sole objective in dealing with Filogic is simply to figure out where the hoops are, jump through them as quickly and cheaply as possible, and get the fuck away from the idiots that I might otherwise have to deal with. That’s my bullet proof vest. Once in a while I cop a bullet in an arm or leg, but most of the time it works for me.

    I’ve long ago ceased asking “why” with anything here. I understand that there is no actual reason for most things. It’s sheer ignorance and mind-boggling stupidity at work. There are things which could be done to counter some of it. The problem is that it simply isn’t worth the investment of my time to try and fix it. Not my country. Not my problem.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      They have a set of rules and are scared to deviate. Scared to make decisions. They aren’t scared to lose their job it seems. Like dogs being kicked upnthe ass they’ll say “arr ok” and go on “standby” as they refer being out of a job and find anqother.

      The stupidity is eg I had a friend collapse at a venue the staff had to wait for the manager to ask them whether to call an ambulànce!
      Yes. I’ve seen where a guy got stabbed and the cops stood around as they are scared to help or don’t know how. I’ve seen a guy passed out on the ground of SM outside and the wife there trying to wake him and the guard isstanding there talking to his walkie talky. You might recall the CEBU movie theatre ceiling collapse. Apparently same. People had to wait NO INITATIVE guards scrammed.. They don’t want to put their balls on the line..

      NO FILIPINO WANTS TO STAND OUT AND PUT THEIR.BALLS ON THE LINE unless.. Theres money..a tip..a FOREIGNER involved so they think they’ll get a big tip.out of it or.a payment
      On business owners are cumts too—
      My mate drank at a place and hadn’t finished his beer. The kid waiter said you bring bottle and glass back tomorrow. Ok he went there everyday. The owner heard a glass this kid to get in the car with his bag of gear and said piss off ..over a glass …and Filipino use the word kuriput?!! Haah

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Decisions, decisions…
        It was only after 27 minutes in a smoked cabin that the passengers were allowed leave the plane by coming down emergency slides…
        Additionally, the plane’s cockpit and cabin crew reportedly did not open the plane’s doors for 27 minutes after the botched landing and there were no rescue trucks when it did open.

        Fr Tabora’s letter continues:

        “After the irregular landing of flight 5J971 the plane caught visible fire before it came to a stop off runway… It was only after 27 minutes in a smoked cabin that the passengers were allowed leave the plane by coming down emergency slides… What if the engine had exploded?”
        More at:

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      This is pretty much the way I operate, and you have all read many posts and comments of mine from the past. Bottom line is, if you’re going to stay here, or if you’re stuck here, you MUST find some way to have happiness here. Regardless of the cause of what makes these people so fucking god damned STUPID, you will never fix it. You have to expect it, and deal with it the best you can.

      The frustrations will always still be there, and that’s what this blog is for. Better you rant it out here, than end up hurting one of these clueless souls. Because it can happen if you don’t have some way of release. We come from a completely different culture and set of rules. And there are major parts of us that will never understand why these people refuse to make life better for themselves. And we have to accept that in order to keep moving forward here.

      And I have learned the same method as CyberGod. I can accurately predict just about every failure, every stupid thing they will do or say. So when you fully expect it, you should always have your contingency plan in place, and always be prepared to let as much of it as you can just slide down your back.

      Never expect anything to be done right the first time, expect to have to prod, poke, complain till your blue in the face before things are right. It’s just the way you have to operate. And when you expect it, when you’re prepared for it, you get less upset. You almost need to make a game of it.

      Happiness is every man’s ultimate goal in life. Why live it unhappy? Better to be dead. Well, I’m still alive. Because I’ve learned how to be generally happy despite these idiots.

    1. Profile gravatar of Gladman
      Gladman Post author

      Eric, if you have read the latest post on my blog (Po and Opo Origins) I mentioned racist and pinoy pride stuff being taught in Phil. elementary schools. I’m not sure if that’s still the case today but I have a few things to say about education in the Philippines so I hope not only you but Filipinos as well would visit the site. Thanks man

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    By the way Gladman, thanks again for your insights. I think we all understand what you’re saying. And certainly your posts are a contribution to the purpose of this blog. It’s focus isn’t on changing the Filipino, nor is it for the Filipino. It’s for the expat and visitor. It’s on changing us, the expats trying to find a way to exist here with some level of contentment and happiness. And importantly, a way to release.
    Most of the posts here are releases. I started this blog initially for my own release. Then it grew and became a community.
    It also serves to inform people thinking about coming here, and/or taking on a Filipina bride, who may be as clueless as I was to the realities here when I decided to come. I went by the words of Filipinos and tourist photos and descriptions. I was taken by the ILLUSIONS that this country puts out about itself. People can come to this blog and read our experiences, then they have something to gauge against the bullshit and lies that Philippines puts out about their country.

  3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    I’ve been zoomed out for quite a while now. Understand that because I still write about experiences, it doesn’t mean I’m upset about them. I write about them MORE for the unknowing potential immigrant, and/or to just keep the blog updated with shit to talk about. When I’m typing “god damned fucking idiot” I’m not upset, I’m really not. I’ve been here nearly 12 years. I’m way past that (I will make one exception; pedestrian crosswalks. That is just one pet peeve that continues to piss me off, probably always will, but not enough to keep me from a general sense of happiness and contentment. We can’t always be happy-go-lucking every minute in every situation). I’m actually laughing. The stupidity no longer upsets me much anymore, simply because I completely expect it. But it will always be laughable. It will always be fun conversation. And I accent it with colorful words that are often associated with upset. That is not the case with my use of colorful fucking words.

    “what a fucking idiot! hahahahaha!!” is basically what I do. I recently saw a video that was floating around facebook of a small monkey at a zoo who was literally jerking off and sucking his own penis. It was fucking hilarious. Filipino stupidity these days is fucking hilarious. The same Filipino stupidity that used to piss me off every day in my first couple of years here, now just makes me laugh, just like the monkey jerking and sucking his own cock.

  4. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    Ah, just read the post. What if you rent the house for 1 year at $1,000 and after you move in they tell you after 2 months they are going to raise the rent to $2,000 effective immediately and you have a signed and witnessed lease. And then you find out the landlord had an electrical jumper on the meter, you didn’t use the power from the sockets that were not metered. You report it to the land lord and he drags it out for two months. You ask him if he wants you to move or report it to the electric company. He tells you to report it. The meter was never moved to the road like it was supposed to be and is behind a gate. You report it. the electric company takes the meter and says in order to get a new one someone has to pay for it to be moved to the road. You also are the one stuck with the penalty, not the land lord who took your deposit, knew about the electric problem and now you have no electric to the house. Worse, the land lord blames you for not hiring an electrician who would of moved the meter to the road where it should of been at your cost, furthering his claim it is your fault because you could of gotten the electrician to cover up the illegal jumper behind the meter.

    You are actually screwed a multiple of the rent agreed upon, he holds your deposit and you have no electric to your house from the grid.

    So really you can plan on paying 3 times as much and not get what you payed for in the future. And to fight it it will cost you even more and you probably will get shafted for it. You can’t trust anyone to fulfill anything, government, police, business’ s and even lawyers that won’t respond where the case is so you can move it to a lawyer that will try to do the job competently.

    You have to treat everyone as a thief, and even if you do all that you think is required to protect yourself they still burn you. They don’t care they are dishonest and do illegal things and neither does anyone else. And the government often finds a way to charge you a victim fee if they are involved in anyway and does nothing to the thief.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      You certainly have had fun with Fucking Flip Landlords.
      BY LAW, they cannot raise the rent by more than 7% providing the rent is no more than 10,000 peso a month.
      Rental Control Act RA 9653. extended expiry date until Dec. 2015
      The issue with Electric company is defiantly Buyer beware, as they attach the arrears to the property.
      So there my be 250,000 peso out standing on a property and once you take over it , you are responsible, and I GUARANTEE the fucking landlord would not tell you jack shit until he got his 3 months deposit.
      The only thing to do is get a clearance from the Electric company IN WRITING SO NO ARGUMENT IF THEY FUCK UP , LATER before you proceed and whilst you are at it, get the water bill checked too if you are on town water.
      Renting in the PI is almost the same as buying you need to be a fucking lawyer.
      It can get even more complicated. I know of a bar, that had a deal with the Meter Reader, they paid him to replace the meter every month , so the bill was always cheap, that meter reader went on holidays and they were caught out.The bar owner was giving his girl the money for the electric she had a deal with the reader spliting the money.
      The bar owner was then owed all the back power they guesstimated plus penalties.
      FOR ONCE HE WAS LUCKY IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT. the bar was in the girlfriends name as we know foreigners cannot own property and must have a 60% flip partner.
      He threw her out , and sold the bar. for $1 . told the new owner what the outstanding power bill was. Now lives bar free. Told the electric company where the GF was hiding.
      From what I heard they do nothing about chasing debts, that’s why they attach the debt to a property.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        @Don. It’s the same land lord I wrote about in earlier post, I just skewed it here AND WAS OFF ON A RANT 🙁

        I took exception to prepare and expect using a $1,000 rent getting increased to $1,100 after a years lease is up. I think I saw it as all too reasonable and the expectations of problems with filogic as minor issues that can be dealt with rationally and that was the key to survive. At least that was the feeling I got when I read it last night and I was in a MOOD. I’m kind of between a rock and a hard place at the moment. Agreements, Rent, Vehicle, Marriage, I have held up my end, I have gone above and beyond to try to help them hold up their end. They lie, blame and create exponential cost, stress, aggravation and time to me for their failure.
        I guess I just looked at the post wrong in my mood.
        I saw it as anticipate the problem before they happen and prepare and I wanted to see something about pushing back on the problems, on the wrongs, instead of just taking it. That as individuals we try to put the problems right back where they belong regardless of our extra effort, that by doing things right individually maybe slowly others will take notice and get a sense of fairness. My brains a little scrambled at the moment.

        But anticipating the problems here ahead of time is right. I am in this mess because I let others opinion (peer pressure? feels like back in school) make me feel I am too anal about how I do financial/legal transactions. That I should just go with the flow. When the shit hit the fan I tried to fix it the right way. Road blocks galore. Ducking of responsibility of others, told to do things that are no more than time and money run around, if not a way to make the hole I am in even deeper. I blew up on an expat friend last night, I like him but his ideas just make the problem worse, I already let his opinion influence my better judgement, I wasn’t in the mood for anymore dumb ass opinion from him. The cat has 9 lives, he may of gotten away with it here, but he has been lucky. He doesn’t think ahead either, just jump and take a big loss here into something that will cost me P100,000 or more in the long wrong just to make this problem disappear.Lol, it was the same shit as my wife, do things illegal, do things that have a guaranteed future cost that get you out of this position but put you into another one you don’t want to be in that would be no ones fault but my own for doing it. A quick, overly conservative cost projection rattle the numbers off to make the point their idea doesn’t make sense. Fat, dumb and happy doesn’t work for me, I know better. Last week the wife said something about it not even costing me one months check (actually it would be 1/2) and she didn’t like it when I snapped back that if it was so little how about I take it out of her allowance, she wouldn’t have any left, she’d never have any!!! I said it to make a point of what was really going on. She still didn’t get it. I’m ranting incoherently now.

      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Actually the Electric Company portion of the problem was actually really reasonable and I was going to pay it until the land lord fucked everything up. Because of that the process stopped dead and I didn’t pay it. The wife got a 24 hour demand for payment and threatened with court action if not paid. I had planned to go talk to them and also push back on it, my thinking was the land lord would have to pay it if he wanted to rent the place out again and trying to delay us paying it would force him to pay for his own problem. But now the wife is gone and I feel I should pay it if the land lord doesn’t step up real soon, I don’t want it hanging over the wives head. Finding the right place to move is going to take time unless I’m lucky. Actually I would clean the mess up on the house but not without a notarized legal agreement allowing me not to pay rent until I am reimbursed for every peso I have to spend to fix it and then paying month to month until I find something that is suitable for me. As it is now they are getting nothing more as long as the electric is off the grid and the electric isn’t getting fixed by anyone. What is obvious is they don’t have the money to fix it, so they want me to fix it and throw money at them at the same time and trust them to pay me back and my deposit in the future.

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            But Mike if I don’t I am the arrogant foreigner that makes them feel small.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Whether do do or don’t your still the arrogant foreigner.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    filos have expectations and are manipulative
    all they want is money
    and delivering it in toxic messages and guilt trips is the way they deliver it.

    insanity is another word coming to mind ..
    they all want to be setup in a business by a foreigner
    and be spoon fed …then using emotional blackmail to get their way
    and then when they got the “gifts” they dont give a shit the ungrateful fucks.

    disfunctional is the word
    they all want subsidies
    setup the family
    setup the brothers in a business
    support the girls
    support the children
    ….all want to be setup in a life
    no matter what cost …

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Well, I granted a few requests from cousins. Handbags, chocolates, perfumes. Only one out of four said thank you….so far. The ungrateful fucks! I used to bring lots of chocolates to these losers…till I found out they then distribute them to their barkadas. Never again!

  6. Profile gravatar of Beavis

    Come on, Sarah – how many times have you said “never again?” How many times have all of us said “never again”, truthfully?

    I will admit, I have said “never again” too many times myself. The end result is that they only treat you with utter contempt, because then they have learned that you are not someone to be taken seriously. Then when that “never again” day really comes… awwwwww, shit. Time for some real drama.

    Never again should and must really mean never again. Your self-respect demands it, because the drama and manipulations do have a way of slowly chipping away at any remaining self-respect that you may have.

    Never forget, this is all a game to them. *** The only way for us to win is not to play. ***

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Give me coin hell!!!! I’m Westerner and so are you! I expect nothing less than a $10 bill, USD or a gold coin of course. After all you are the rich American.

      1. Profile gravatar of Beavis


        Can I borrow 4000? I get paid at the end of the month and I promise to pay you back then. I really need it because my grandmother needs medicine and my brother needs books and school uniform and my cousin just gave birth and has a hospital bill to pay and my aunt needs glasses and I have a wake to attend and….

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Funny how they come across that eg 4k is a small amount.. Just hand the fucking money over white asshole many must think.. It’s ONLY 3000 pesos… It’s only 2000 pesos …I’ll pay you back Pr0miC 🙂

          First tourists don’t experience this constant barrage of they defend Filipino as being nice people
          Second never trust a Filipinos word. Once they got the money they never repay. They think white people have the capacity to pay
          Next.. They confuse the English word …lend ..with give…

          Next… My default rate in 10 years is 100% but filipinonbelieve their own lies and defensive cunt themselves by using words that roll off their lying tounges like well oiled engines “I’m not like the rest” “not all filipino are like like that” and say don’t judge me.. Don’t compare me to your other girls.. THEN THE FUCKERS DONT PAY…LOL so they are but as I say.. When the money gets do the Filipino. Theres no need to hang around an empty fruit tree!

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            I meant that they seem to come across that 2k 3k is a small amount yet will work all week even 1.5 weeks to earn the same wage .. Goes back to either they cannot differentiate value or they don’t value their time!!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            To the amazing Milk Order.
            I posted about the child bride asking me to Barrow some one to buy milk in the PI for her nephew.
            We would not send the family money, as we thought maybe a scam as they know we like the little bloke, and just paid for his hospital , so we worry about him.
            I got a American mate who has a young child to buy some for them when he went to SM next time.
            He buys a quality product for his daughter , not the crap they sell the flips.
            I promised to fix him up when I returned.
            The child bride went home to the PI early.
            So I txt her last night to ensure she went and paid my mate back,.
            Well, I got the usual garbled txt , about usual paranoid bullshit we are all saddled with.
            The upshot, SHE HAD ALREADY DONE IT without being asked.
            Hence the Paranoid Rantings.
            OK She paid with the money I gave her for traveling by saving it and only having one coffee!!!!!!!!!
            BUT SHE PAID WITHOUT BEING REMINDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Well I live and learn !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Profile gravatar of Rottt

    Seriously for a minute. My wife and 18 year old daughter both read the article and said ” well written and he makes sense” 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      You being serious? That’s like me being serious. Keep it quiet about an 18 y/o daughter. You know how us perverts are. BEAVIS!!!!!!!!!

  8. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Another fucked up filological pattern I call is the “sari sari store” mentality. As filos don’t value their time and are horribly fucked at maths they simply go into failed businesses that aren’t commercially viable. Eg locating a sari sari store next to another one simply because they think they will offer something bigger or better or different product. As you know its the same old shit hanging from the hangers (kopico..satchets of shampoo, offer same drinks, load etc). These are scraping by businesses and many will fail. Again they don’t value time and would sit there in the caged store from 5am to midnight. Point being they must love this POV mentality feeding in I’m working hard to survive (but not making a business viable) but I’m highly bored… And lack ideas to change what everyone else is doing building stores.

  9. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I have this theory about businesses in the Failoppines.
    Someone , anyone this is a theory. will come up with an idea. Say, I will grow watermelons and sell them out the front of my farm.
    The first year it is a great success.
    The neighbor sees this and is jealous about the success , they think I can do that too. He grows watermelons too.
    The second year the first farmer makes half of what he did because of the competition.
    Another neighbor sees this, and thinks I need to get into the watermelon business Its a gold mine.
    The Third year passes and the first farmer makes a third of what he did,
    This goes on and on.
    That’s why we see a whole line of stores on the side of the road all selling watermelons, all the same , all the same price.
    I can apply this theory to any street in the Philippines .
    How many Sari Sari stores do you need selling the same shit in one street.
    How many Sash Door shops do you need in one city block,
    How many steel/ stainless steel fabricators in one city block.
    Why do beach vendors all sell the same shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It may be they are forced there by Local Govt. But I doubt that
    NO ONE WITH AN ORIGINAL IDEA., no one can remember who had the first original idea.

  10. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    The hardest part is living with one and having that “zoomed out view” which you speak of. I’ve gone the exact path you speak of, but sooner or later, if you are around them 24/7 you can not just let everything pass over your head and twiddle your thumbs. As a point of view speaking of being a witness and not a participator, I think it is possible to be tolerant to this fucktardery, but once there is a relationship bound to the filogic mind, it is next to impossible not to blow up once in a while and just call it like it is.

    Being a spectator with a “zoomed out view” can only go so far.

  11. Profile gravatar of Robert Haighton
    Robert Haighton

    “I used to get irritated a lot by the rampant and never-ending manifestations of filogic and filethic.”

    I am guilty of all the above. I used to get frustrated after yet another stupidity I experienced while being in Cebu.