How Muppets Vote….

In civilised countries voting is really important – Legal, Open, reasonably transparent and safe….

Nobody wants that in the Philippines – Even the Police just laugh.

The basic requirement of voting is that you can do it in secret so no voting bribes can be made to stick. In the Failippines the voting is conducted in open windowed rooms where ‘observers’ can see what people are voting.

I know an area where the Mayor is offering 7000 Pesos per voter so that she can get her and her councillors back in. She can only do this when she is confident that the money paid will result in a vote for her and her coterie.

If the voting was done properly and in private this would not happen – I guess the Flips will get their comeuppance again and continue to elect the worst people.

Stupidity rules the roost…

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      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        Love that video. It sums up exactly what every sane person in the world thinks about Duterte. I saw a flip post earlier where they posted pics of duterte crying over his parents graves today. The poster said something along the lines of, “I know people say he is a monster but this proves how much love he has.” Yeh right, I’m sure Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin etc all loved their families too.

      2. Profile gravatar of Attila

        I just don’t get it why they compare him to Trump. Anyone with the right mind can not place the two of them on the same page. Very dishonest.

      3. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Just wait, the powers that be will JFK his ass. Then things will get messy.
        You think the looser will just walk away, and say “Oh better luck next time”??? No F-ing way

  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Its so funny. Its like a bunch of neanderthals learned how to vote. It’s only been for the last 75 years and with so many advancements in technology since. Oh well, maybe by the year 2050 when there are 300 million Filipinos.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      I will console you Johnny. When the oceans soon dead, no money from Saudi-workers, business and agriculture declining, westerners who thought this was paradise are gone, the sweet consequences of global warming like more powerful storms, droughts etc. Maybe some infighting because everybody are in despair…mmm…my estimate would be about…70 mill. Evidently they are Good fuckers so they will not disappear.

      Then they can gloat of getting rid of all those disgusting whiteys and enjoy their pig-sty in blissful tranquility, except the dogs, of course..

      P.S. I think you do the Neanderthals grave injustice. They didn’t turn everything to garbage.

  2. Profile gravatar of IrishPat

    Thanks I always wondered how that worked. I used ask my wife how the guy paying the bribe could be sure you didn’t cheat him. Never got a proper answer except you vote for the one who gives you most. I didn’t realize the ballot wasn’t secret.

  3. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    It ought to be interesting to see who the “official” winner is. A few days ago, someone posted a link to an article that made the accusation that Grace Poe may be the candidate who is favored by the CIA, and if that is true, and she “officially” wins, that would be favorable to american interests.

    But then, perhaps the CIA would like to see a meltdown of the Philthappine government, in which case Duturd might be their man.

    Whatever the “official” outcome is, I am glad I burned all my bridges with that poor-excuse-for-a-nation. Now, I can sit back and enjoy the show.

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      That was me that posted that story. But no back-data in that story at all. So take it for what it is worth.

      HA 🙂 i got a front row ticket to the freak show here in the center of DU30 city.
      JFK anyone????? I give him less than a year.

  4. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    Well, well, it seems Mr Duterte is now President Duterte, it will be interesting. Probably nothing will happen. If he goes after the rich fuckers (as he pledged) something could actually develop. If they feel really threatened by him they will…the p. way…simply kill him, after all that’s why they have kept their wealth for so long.
    So for him what would be most convenient is some easy window dressing. Which is what will probably happen. Maybe some death-sentences on druggies too, to show “strength”. Anyway I don’t think he’ll do a worse job than the former fuckers.

    Surprise us, Mr. President.

    1. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
      Rice Ganda

      I can’t wait to see how many jealous Pinoys treat this as open season for filing false accusations of drug-dealing against their fellow Pinoys who have bigger houses/more chickens than them; Just in the hope that they will be eliminated by government death squads! Its more fun in the Failippines!

      1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

        Fellow pinoys? How about those poor expats who accidentally caused one of those smooth-skinned baboons to “lose face” (translation: their “pride” was wounded)? Or the girl-of-their-wet-dreams goes on a tampo-on-steroids-rage and reports their bf as dealing with drugs or child trafficking (which may happen shortly after she learns that she gets the lion’s share of his estate and/or is the beneficiary of his life insurance)? I keep saying that this dictator-to-be will be dangerous for expats and Western tourists, since these baboons are too prideful to admit that they are the cause of all the problems in the country and will be looking elsewhere to lay the blame. Hope I am wrong, for the expats’ sake.

  5. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    I give Durtiturd a year. They have to give him that long so the populace abandon all hope. I havent looked today but the vice situatiion is close. I expect BoingBoing will get it and step into the vacated presidency. Then watch as the shit storm begins…
    I read yesterday ppl praising the election for being “non-violent”. With over ten ppl killed I wish you all NOT to have a non-violent day!!

  6. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    Oh, and by the way folks……….., in typical Peenoooy style he says he is gonna stop all his rudeness once he is in office on……WAIT FOR IT……the thirty-FIRST of June!! HAAAHAHHA priceless prick!!

  7. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    I am back guys…had a long business trip into the CIVILIZATION 😀
    As I wrote in a few comments, The Phils need a guy like Duterte !!! Now ! Because the Neanderthals under them, understand only one language : Pain and consequences.
    This does not mean that I Idolize Duterte ( of course not because I am not fucking stupid and blind to see that he appears in his statements like Jobe Smith from the Lawnmower Man movie. Just take a fazit….the country wont change, will not raise as long their culture has not changed… and in this point I gave already up on them, the freeloading and lies are too deep inside their culture so that it will take generations to repair that . Give me the conclusion, Duterte will clean a bit up but as more he will kill as more freeloaders get born. I just want to mention something very important. When i talk here in general does that not mean that I point out all Filipinos ( the good ones under them have to carry this burden actually, because the mass of them are simply low minded)

  8. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Hes a communist.
    Duterte will have NPA on his team (he stated that)
    The oligarchs and corrupt will live in fear.
    Duterte will redistribute wealth away from the Oligarchs
    The army will get pissed of the agreements with NPA – they hae suffered casualties too.
    Both the army and the oligarchs under the communist inspired Duterte will feel threatened.
    …… do i smell a coup?

  9. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Anyone remember the old saying “People get the government they deserve.”? But here is something I heard. In Surigao City the Romates were buying votes for 4,000 each and paid it at basketball courts. The people lined up, took the money then voted the opposite party in office.

  10. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    Politics in this country is both a business and a popularity game. Invest a couple of millions to buy votes and when you make it, you spend the rest of your term building a reputation that you are the right man for the job so you get re-elected. You do this by being visible to your constituents during weddings, baptisms, wakes, public occasions, graduation ceremonies and most specially right major disasters. You gotta show these folks that you are a caring politician.

    And to further grab their attention you allocate a portion of your budget for public works. All these roads, bridges, basketball courts, waiting sheds come with your name and picture associated with them. Now all these projects are awarded to a contractor who is either a close family friend or a relative who will overprice the project, use low quality materials and cut corners for a deliverable that will last probably a year. The contractor collects the money from the government, deducts his project costs, gets his cut and delivers the rest to the politician. That’s the long and the short of it.

    These crooks are not after the salaries but are more interested in the power and influence that comes with the elected position. And that’s were these scoundrels make money.