How to conveniently EX communicate Pinoy Inlaws!!

Hey y’all! It’s been while!

Just thought I’d give some advice to some of you who have a Filipino wife/girlfriend (or boyfriend/husband for that matter) and you HATE their parents guts! You know? When your wife/gf is talking to them on Skype and your heart starts racing, your hidden rage and disgust for them suddenly develops a big lump in your throat and you just want to disconnect that bloody internet and not see their deceitful, freeloading, money grubbing, back stabbing, emotional black mailing, filthy rotten scumbag manipulating faces anymore? Ya, you get my gist.

Well I was pondering, thinking what could be done about cutting these maggots from my sight, because honestly, I hate coming home after a hard day of work to see these parasites faces on my computer screen and my wife, yet again, being persuaded and fooled by them. I don’t need her getting conned once again and I don’t need my families safety in jeopardy. I know these maggots want to see their grandson and I’m pretty damn certain they don’t want him there just to “see” him, but to use him as an item for ransom and money. So with this in mind, and from what you’ve read from my earlier posts about these parasites, I have due reason to cut them and fuckem over with good cause!

So you can’t just block Skype, because your wife will catch on and know you are cutting the connection. Being that the average Filipino is probably not the most computer literate person, you can probably pull something off a little more discretely and not get caught. Well, I have a solution, and it’s not perfect, but it does help!

I looked up ways to limit bandwidth to certain programs. My original thought was just to block all bandwidth to Skype, but that would be too obvious, so instead I discovered a perfect program to LIMIT bandwidth! So I found a program called “Net Balancer” and this program is freaking GENIUS! I can pick whatever program I want and limit it to a certain kb/s ratio. So that’s what I’ve done for Skype and being that these parasite parents of hers are on the other side of the planet, a disconnection or weak connection is COMMON! SO they will never guess why they cannot connect and get a video feed. If my wife is lucky, she will get an audio feed or will be stuck with messaging. SO she still gets a little contact with them (although, these parents of hers don’t even deserve their daughter in my opinion)  and for me, I don’t have to see their ugly, thieving, lying, bullshit faces which is one of the most comforting things, especially after a hard day of work. It’s the last thing I need. Just about every fucking conversation ALWAYS ends with money and some petty argument, and it’s not the energy I need in the household for me, or my son. So to subtract their faces in my house creates a sigh of relief.

Well, there you have it! Just get a net balancer and rid those parasites. You shouldn’t have to be subjected to seeing them, so do what I do and rid them from polluting your home with their bad energy! Now, the next plan I need is some perfect solution to keep my wife here and not have her vacation there in the Philippines with my son. If you guys have any ideas, throw me some suggestions! I’m all ears!

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      Pinay Lover Post author

      I’m just waiting on those parasites to drop dead. Hoping there is a typhoon to wipe them out, then I can breathe easy and live my life, free of worry.

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          Pinay Lover Post author

          Hey Sarah. There is another saying. “the good die young” and seeing as they don’t have much good in them it might mean another ten years. Let’s hope not.

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    I would suggest a pay cut in your salary would help. Make up a fake pay slip or something<,,,
    Blame it on the recession,, shove a financial paper in front of her nose.
    Blame it on Obama…

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      How dare you suggest such a thing. I mean he could say that the company hired filipinos and had to give some of his hours and pay raise to them.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Yes,, I frigged up. that is exactly what happened in Canada when they had the ”foreign workers program. The flips swamped our country.
        Good idea,, sometimes even americans have a bright idea!!!! hahahahhah

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Good point Al! Steadily falling creativity from Americans! Must be the mixture of racially inferior inbreed, political correctness and obamaism! Soon the only thing Americans can invent are new designed diapers for their outdying white geriatrics! Let’s see if Fat, lowlife black, Hispanics can step up to the challenge! I doubt it strongly! Exscept their gasoline guzzling dinosaurs of course!
          Don’t get me wrong! The republicans are of course even more deprived of any intelligence than the former mentioned!

          Canada is a better bet!:-)

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      Pinay Lover Post author

      I’m not paying for jack squat. I don’t pay for anything of hers. We have our own money to spend and she doesn’t ask a red cent from me. It’s all up to her if she thinks she has the money! (which she doesn’t). She will just get back in debt again like she always does and fuck herself over. That’s fine by me, now. I get my portion for the rent and bills and she fucks off and does what she likes with the rest. Fair game.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That is too funny. Protesting local, blatant corrupt politicians in their home town would have been easier and more impact full. Filipinos always have to fail so big font they?

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      How is it possible to have so much pride and zero shame at the same time? Oh yeah, its fake pride and typical Filipino shamelessness. Sounds like those morons just wanted a free vacation under the image of being proud!! Typical. I just can’t get over it. It’s so funny cause it such a Filipino thing to pull some BS like this.

    3. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      That’s hilarious Al!!

      They all forgot that promises mean jack shit in flipland.

      “stranded in Puerto Princesa after the groups that promised them financial assistance backed out.”

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    Filipinos are the worst people you could be in a relationship with.
    They come to the table with EXPECTIONS and DEMANDS and not real underlying values.

    What i mean by this is they come wanting something from you.
    largely help.
    The more you give, the more they think you love them.
    Its a no win situation.
    I’ve had guys screwed whereby they even bought the brothers trikes,
    land for the girl etc. and she would say — “i dont think you still love me”

    Theres another one.
    The filipina says that old VERY VERY TIRE LINE
    im not like the rest.
    sorry, but your fucking lazy family is like all filipino
    eventually the big ugly head of need and greed is raised
    they will heap SHAME on the girl to get to you
    saying …”your foreigner boyfriend doesnt give you ….”
    you dont have a house and lot in your name etc.
    fuck they are morons.

    THE FAMILY also said after not living in a squatter house
    for 15 years and the guy having a top job in Dubai
    AND investment properties
    he wanted me to pay for concreting and paint because i was living
    in the shit hole chasing mice every night.
    wtf?! i put the daughter through fucking the best school in the area
    and paid for utilities and food and whatever needs doing
    ….and guess what
    their bottomless cup can never get full
    and they will keep asking for more.

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      Yep. In fact not only the family will get at you it will be friends, coworkers, little Suze at the shop. Basically any flip that knows a girl has a kano.

    2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      Hence you will always hear the line “You have to….” and sometimes it’s in conjunction with “…because you’re a foreigner.”

      What these cunts never realise is that Mr Kano DOESN’T have to and will take his wallet somewhere else.

  3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    This is something I head an American guy did. He was suspicious of his Filipina GF.
    He put a “keystroke logger” software to learn the passwords of his GF. Then when she was gone for the day, he logged into her Facebook account and immediately looked for any guys she was contacting or just long messages to close friends she had. Well since it was all in tagalog, he used google translate. It wasn’t perfectly translated, but he got the jist that the GF had another pinoy boyfriend and was simply using him for his money.

    Of course this is something more for the guys who meet their gf’s at a girlie bar or when she has everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  4. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    Lol well said Mr PL. Love the line “hidden rage and disgust for them” LOL. It’s a gnawing feeling that eats you away from the inside if you’re not too careful. Thing is though it’s hard to disguise it after a while let alone keeping your mouth shut to try and maintain your current relationship if it can be called that.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Like I told my work mate, “As soon as those cockroaches drop dead, will be the day I actually marry my partner”. We are common law, and I’m keeping it that way because I know these people are trouble. My wife on the other hand is just a child, manipulated by them and it’s so true, those parents will say everything they can to make me look like the bad guy. It’s not working very well though! I still have leverage!

      SO far things are well because I have cut all there is to do with those fucktards from my life. As long as no words are spoken about them and I can go about my day, it’s all good.

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    This is gold and I could use it for many things. Some days I would love to put it on facebook and youtube but then I would need to do that to her phone and it is pretty much glued to her hand. I am pretty lucky actually as my in laws are not a problem and like a wild horse I am slowly breaking my wife in, the trouble I have is her dead beat Aunties. One in paticular drives me mad. She lives in the West here and was how I met my wife but she tells soo soo many lies and it used to drive me mad until I started reading and learning about these people. She upsets me so much and my wife knows it yet they still chat, tells me in her culture they HAVE to respect her because she is a aunty. I have banished her from my house but first day back at work from the holidays and when I get home there on the bench is the rice cooker the Aunty was selling, which means she visited. I am moving soon and as alot of my business is, how do I put it, not black and white but Grey, I really can not afford for her to know where I live so I have bought a 16 camera security unit and organised a German Shepard guard dog as the whole property is fenced. If I ever come home and she is on my property I will be doing this and I have told my wife I will be cancelling her visa and she will be gone in no more than 28 days.
    I have a couple of family members who have treated me like shit over the years and until they apologise they are done. I find it amazing how in Pinoy culture they treat each other like shit, spread lies, steal off each other and then the next day all is forgiven. It is like when they go to bed at night their memory is erased. I used to put this down to poverty and the need to rely on each other, now I know better, their culture is shit.

  6. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover Post author

    “Pinoy culture they treat each other like shit, spread lies, steal off each other and then the next day all is forgiven. It is like when they go to bed at night their memory is erased”

    So true. They feel perfectly comfortable telling “innocent” lies and ripping their own family members off. My wife laughs and tells me her and her sister used to steal money from Dads wallet. I didn’t find that funny at all. A man working on a low income with no wife working, trying to make ends meet and they laugh AT ADULT AGE about taking money from him? I’m learning more and more that to make it in the Philippines world is to allow being raped and used. You see, if you fight back, they will ostracize you and banish you as a “greedy non-giver” and you can easily be ex communicated by your peers. To be excepted you must submit to being raped, used, lied to and cheated on. That’s the Filipino culture in a hand bag.

    Weird how different they are in the Western world. The majority of them I’ve met here do not carry those bad traits as much. It’s becoming apparent they are a product of their environment. Oh, on another note, I have to fucking laugh. My wife’s sister spends hoards of money and flies to the Philippines to see her robbing parents! Just crazy, the last 3 years they have been pocketing money she has sent which is supposed to go to land. But all is forgiven like you say! Hey, stab me, cheat me, rob me! That’s OK in the Philippines! I’m beginning to understand why my son has so much disrespect for my wife! They don’t earn respect! If you just let people walk all over you, you’ll end up getting spat on. My son hits her just about every day…..guess that’s what shes gets for TEACHING HIM HITTING IT GOOD. She has done it numerous times during my absence, then she begs me to get him to stop! Fuck that, you get what you deserve!

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    “if you fight back, they will ostracize you and banish you”. So true and here is a crazy example for you. I have been looking after my wifes daughter over there by sending money for her up keep until we are ready to send her out, and it will be very soon. I send more money each week for that kid than her school teachers (and it is an expensive private school with only nine kids per teacher) get paid. One of the cousins tips me off that the mother in law (her carer) has been going to the casino a lot spending money I send for that kid. Well I confront my wife about it and next thing it is not her mum who is screwing up, gambling away money sent for this poor kid, no it is the person who told me who is the bad person. The person that told me has now been shamed and fled our village with her 1 year old child, went towards Quezon city is all we know. I could have ripped my wifes head off when I found out. It is not the mother and everyone else looking at her and shaming her for her wrong deeds, no it is the person who told me about it, they are the bad one as they are causing trouble. Such a shitty culture. I used to dram of moving there and living the dream but as each does passes, and the more I learn, I hate that place more and more.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      It’s all about status quo. Don’t offend ate or nanna. Dont embarrass nonoy. Little Suze is a bitch but don’t say anything. Be polite to that nosey bastard at the bank.

      That’s why nothing will change.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      At least in the western wolrd you can go to the bush or beside a river and mellow out and get your head together,, here it is never ending stupitidy, greed,, face saving ,, excuses of all sorts not to do anything,,, outright scams and blatant dishonesty every friggin day!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Pinay Lover Post author

      God…so your wife has a daughter from another man? That could spell trouble. Your story reminds me of my sister in-law. So I tell my wife, “they are cheating her, pocketing money. They don’t deserve respect because they don’t respect their own daughters. Your own Father stole money from you!”. What’s her answer to her sister? “Oh, it’s her fault for giving them money!” Really? So there you go, they protect and excuse any immoral actions by the parents and find a scapegoat answer to divert attention away from their thievery. She’s basically saying “I don’t care about my sister who is caring and giving and honest, I only care for my abusive pimps who are lying, cheating and stealing. It’s her fault for trusting them and being good spirited and generous”

      So that in a hand bag, is their way of thinking. Anyone of older age and guardian status, has full reign to do whatever they please. They can use, abuse and fuck their kid’s over all they want, and guess what? They will get respect and praise for their actions! Imagine that? You can walk all over your own kids and you get rewards!

      About half a year ago, my sister in-law was finding out about them pocketing money and balling her eyes out over the phone with my wife. What happens after that? They buy a shitload of useless merchandise, stuff it in 2 big boxes and send it over there. Next, she saves up and flies over there to visit! Really? They are the most contradictory people working with backwards logic! So to put it in simple terms!

      Lolo and Lola:
      1. Parents lied to me
      2. Parents robbed me
      3. Parents emotionally black mailed me

      1. That’s ok because they are may parents!
      2. They stole from me, so I should give them more!
      3. They make me cry, so I should make them more happy!

      They are pimped to perfection! It’s no wonder the majority of them are so submissive and obedient. They get bitch slapped and black mailed if they don’t and that’s their whole child life!

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    I’m really tired of supporting her family problems.I made just one commitment to her and her mom they have tried everything under the sun,from land deals bikes,cars,remodle,last one was her cousin close to her been jumping power for long time and was caught they estimated his bill @ 120.000 piso back bill.his only option was to sell the lot and move out…and guess what she asked if I wanted the lot.I said he’ll no in a polite way..end of story.however they still have the lot and didn’t move..