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    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    Dear KRO. If a single website could make a nation of 101.6 Million people “all look bad” then it would be far from “pathetic”. Indeed it would possess truly awesome power of almost biblical proportions. However, this website refuses to take any credit for making your country the cess-pit and hooker-factory of the world. You guys accomplished this all by yourselves; and as a nation you are rightfully proud in the same way as a dog drops a steaming turd and turns around to proudly admire its ass. Job well done, and may god bless you.

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    It’s interesting when as a kano I got past the being polite stage. Now I tell all flips I meet about the 99% rule. It causes massive offence but then again so do they. They just can’t handle it when the rudeness and truthfulness comes from a kano.

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    “Any country that re-elects Estrada has no problem looking bad on their own”.

    That is another reason Filipinos will never succeed. Most believe the problem is saying something about the problem, as opposed to actually fixing the problem. “You’re making us look bad” put the blame elsewhere in this persons mind. How could he/ she ever start to fix any issues if “other people” are making her country look bad?

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      I know. I could not believe when a friend told me the Marcos family was back in politics. This was like 5 years ago and I had to look it up. I said, “there is no way Filipinos would ever elect anyone with the last name Marcos. They is no way they are that stupid!”. Well I was definitely wrong on that account and now the son will become VP. Bunch of fucking idiots.
      Yeah, Lee Kuan Yeu was probably astonished Imelda and family never went to jail and the overall stupidity of Filipinos.

      Estrada is the most current stupidity on display for Filipinos. Any country putting that known drunkard, thief, and womanizer cannot claim intelligence. I mean, he had 11 mistresses, and even his kids along with his wife were caught stealing. It’s just pure stupidity on display.

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        Captain PFB Post author

        Just the fact that Estrada was tried and convicted and imprisoned for plunder while President, and the unbelievably brainless fucking Filipinos elect him back into a position of power again, is all you need to prove sheer fucking Filipino stupidity on an incomprehensible scale.

        You don’t even need to mention he was a womanizer and all that other shit. It’s so insignificant when you think about it.

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        Captain PFB Post author

        And it also proves the narcissism and complete shamelessness of Filipinos like Estrada. I mean, to come out and even ask the people for your vote again after being convicted of stealing from them is mind-blowing. In any other country, you would remain reclusive and try to live a quiet peaceful life out of the spotlight for such a shameful act.

        Nope! Not with the Filipino! They have no shame at all. No brains at all.

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          Yeah, you and I share the same “how can they be that stupid” attitude with Filipinos re-electing Estrada. When I saw a picture of him in the paper voting, I did not read the article. I asked my friend, “Can he really vote if he was convicted of plunder? I mean, in the USA, you lose your right to vote if you’ve been convicted of a crime.” My friend looked at me with confusion. He said, “he’s not only voting, he’s running for mayor of Manila!” My jaw about hit the floor as bad as when someone told me Imelda Marcos was a congresswoman as well as her kids.

          “And it also proves the narcissism and complete shamelessness of Filipinos like Estrada.”
          – Exactly!! The dude was embarrassed for the entire world to see and listed as the 8th most corrupt leader in the world. The fact he had the balls and audacity to run shows Filipinos have zero concept of shame. The fact Filipinos were willing to elect him shows they must be the most idiotic race on the planet. Plus the fact he is like 75 years old and will not retire shows he’s a complete narcissist. The fact he blames outside influences for his demise instead of accepting his failings and deceptions shows he’s also a sociopath.

          It is probably the least important of the infractions and his failings. The only reason I bring up the womanizing point is because it hits on so many contradictions of moronic “religious” Filipino culture. The dude had 11 mistresses he put up in a house each!! A nice house at that! So that leads me to think of the complete irony and highlighted stupidity of Filipinos:
          1. How does a politician afford to have 11 mistresses and homes for them? Obvious he’s stealing
          2. Exactly how dedicated to the job can he be if he is maintaining 11 mistresses and a wife?
          3. Doesn’t the wife feel any embarrassment or shame in all of that? Of course not, she became a thieving politician herself.
          4. Doesn’t this directly conflict with the teachings of the RCC? I mean its directly in the open, everyone knows it, yet they look the other way. Still somehow these fucking imbeciles are against divorce to the point they talk shit about how ungodly the USA is because we allow divorce.

          So filipinos show how retarded they are when these same evil people have been elected over and over. The same names have dominated their gov’t for like 35-50 years being in and out of court/ jail, acting sick, and going back to power. Estrada, Binay, Enrile, Revilla, Marcos, Arroyo, Singson, etc and yet we are supposed to NOT laugh at Filipinos?
          Further, with all these characters in their 70’s still fucking things up, how hard can their jobs be?

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    The defence used is that the government is corrupt. But no one will admit the whole population is corrupt, from the lady at the sari sari shop who short changes you to the maid who steals from you.

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    Dear KRO, NOT ALL OF U ARE BAD, there your right but 98% of your countrymen are simple the pure bad. Your country is such a beautiful place of nature but your people fucked their own culture too much up. They have no logic thinking, the most have even no feelings of right and wrong ( means the feel to lie and drain money out of everyone is their fuckin god given right,) they are nearly all lazy and not working.. ( i wrote here NOT ALL but nearly all ) Go and think about every single set the foreigners did post here on the whole website..think about and while you do it look outside of your window and see the truth . Can you do it ? if yes then you r one of a few Filipinos where I have still a bit hope for a change to a better .

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    Captain PFB Post author

    Don’t behave like dishonest, corrupt, mindless, hypocritical, illogical, unreasonable, moronic idiots on such a grand scale, then maybe people wouldn’t write about it and talk about it.

    You want to behave like utterly stupid corrupt morons, but you want people to believe you’re the smartest, greatest nation on earth.

    You want to go about your lives like ignorant, undisciplined retarded children lying, cheating, stealing, rude, but you can’t stand it when people notice it and say something about it.

    That idiotic in itself.

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    Remember, “Not all Pinoy (of Pinay) like that!”

    And it is true, for if 99.99% of flips lie, cheat, steal, use ‘Kanos as ATMs, give false promises, never pay back loans, commit ritual child abuse on their sons, elect/re-elect corrupt politicians, have a “Que sra, sra/Bahala na” attitude, etc., it means that there is .01% of Pinoy/Pinay out there who don’t do that stuff.

    The challenge is finding that .01%.

    The bigger challenge is finding a .01% with a family that is also in that .01%

    Good luck with that. Methinks you will have a better chance of hitting the Powerball Lottery for $500 Million.

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    I am a Filipino and I would respond, “the truth does hurt – tough shit!” I like this blog and I read it a lot and I would encourage other Filipinos to read it. Why? To know what the hell we are doing wrong and fix it. Yup, I have experienced first-hand about almost the all the bureaucracy, corruption, etc. in this blog. It’s not only once or twice that I personally wanted to shove photocopies of paperwork to some government employees mouth in frustration for their inconsistencies and numbness to change. Paying business taxes is equivalent to flogging yourself in the back during lent – at least during lent, you know that there is an end to it. Yes, I am a Filipino. And to all Filipinos who are angry at this blog, I would say fuck your egos! This blog don’t make Filipinos look bad. Filipinos make Filipinos look bad! Instead of denying what is presented to your face! Accept it and change! Share this blog to all your Filipino friends and maybe we can make some decent change for once – and maybe lynch one or two congressmen along the way! Pucha!

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      I like TT. A few million more with his attitude could make some changes in the Philippines. I think the giveaway is that his English is really good, meaning he is above average in education and intelligence so he realizes how things truly are. But you know shit floats to the top in politics, only the ruthless ones and sociopaths usually survive and have no compunction in lying enough to get elected by the ignorant masses. No different in the U.S. I’m afraid. So changing the politicians won’t occur until enough of the people are changed one by one.

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        “So changing the politicians won’t occur until enough of the people are changed one by one. ”

        Of course, why the country is corrupt? Because the politicians are corrupt. Why are the politician corrupt? Because people are corrupt. You can buy them and later they will complain that everthing is because of the politician. If you want to see how is the people in any country look on their politician.
        Im affraid that the times of honour and values are gone even in my own country, however since last election something is changing and people getting more pissed which is a good thing and which I cant really see here.

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    So true PK. In the U.S. people have swallowed political correctness and we no longer judge right and wrong either. The over 50 crowd are still holdouts for the most part but we keep our mouth shut less we enrage the lynch mobs. One of the reasons why Trump is doing so well is that he is tapping into the anti political correctness sentiment.

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      I’m proud to say I am one of the over 50 hold outs, or to be “politically correct” OLD SCHOOL and damn proud of it. I grew up watching The Lone Ranger, Batman, Johnny Quest cartoons and little series. Then there were shows like Bonanza, The Big Valley. Movies with Glenn Ford, Chuck Conners, John Wayne. We called our teachers Mr, Miss or Mrs depending on martial status. We were taught that when an aunt, uncle, mother, father grandparents entered the room we gave them our seat. We were raised to give our seat to women, handicapped and elderly on buses and to hold the door open for them. We were raised not to talk back , sass our elders. Our tv shows and movies taught us morals and lessons, taught us to think for ourselves and ask questions, to learn. If we had a fight with another boy we went out back and duked it out and win or lose were friends after that.

      What do I see today? I see cartoons that are completely stupid and teach nothing, movies that are nothing but blood and gore with no plot really, Saw series, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm street just to name a few. No they have no respect for elders including parents. Instead of fighting like a man they do drive bys, kill someone for their sneakers. YES, I AM OLD SCHOOL AND PROUD OF IT!! FUCK POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!! Let’s hear from other OLD SCHOOL.

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        Esteban Magtaka III Jr

        Couldn’t agree more Mike. I too am old school, 47. My own home country (UK) has been completely ruined by political correctness. Anything that may “offend” anyone (particularly gays or muslims) is banned, and anyone who dares to voice a conflicting opinion is swiftly labelled a ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’. Freedom of speech has been completely stifled. A whole generation is being denied the intellectual challenge of debating conflicting views because of this sickening over-sanitising of society. One of the main reasons that I decided that I wouldn’t be going back. Ever.

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        I was born in 1952 and a redneck and proud of it. I watched the same shows as Mike. If we wanted somethign to do for fun,, we busted beaver dams, chopped trees down etc. We hauled water with a pail to a one room school a quarter of a mile. No the laws would not let that happen!!!!!!!!
        We were raised with Natives, Ukrainians, Polish. Italians etc… A man’s word was good enough for us. We had a garden and a gun and 2 horses to feed us.
        Now the lefties are tearing apart Canada,,, with their PC B/S
        I wonder when it all went wrong????????????????

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          Your 11 years older. I grew up in small towns and farm country. We had to keep our room clean, do our homework and so forth. We could ride our bikes around the block but had to stay off the street and be home when the street lights came on. We had milk delivered each morning in the quart bottles on our front porch. Yes as a young boy I did get spanked by my mother but not enough to call it abuse. I can also say I never got a spanking that I did not deserve and missed a few I should have gotten.

          Back home I could sleep with my windows open, doors unlocked and keys in the car while in the driveway. Try that here. I played poker with men who had the silver star, purple hearts, bronze star and one had the Medal of Honor. I could go pee and leave my money and cards on the table and no one cheated. Make a deal with them and did not need a contract, hand shake sealed the deal.

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    Let me get this straight. You left a country that is known for great writers like Dickens, Shakespeare just to name a few. Has world renowned IVY League schools of higher learning and is considered an intelligent country though intelligence is declining as you say. Then move to a country who has no world renowned schools of higher education and intelligence has never existed in the first place?

    Hope you see this is meant as humor and not insult.

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      Esteban Magtaka III Jr

      The Ivy League is solely a US thing. But my country certainly has a proud history of invention and achievements which I fear will never be repeated . I believe a once-great country has declined beyond the point of no return. Mohammed was the most popular boys’ name for boys born in the UK in 2014 & 2015. Enough said.
      I live in Malaysia, not the Phils, working in a once-profitable O&G industry (!) Luckily, as a former British colony,and through various partnerships with UK universities,it retains a reasonable( if somewhat dumbed-down)version of the British education system. For my sins, I am married to a Filipina. She goes back for a few weeks every year, but I avoid the place like the plague. My single trip every year is basically to bring her back through immigration at NAIA so that she avoids the bullshit inquisition that they are given when they travel alone. This annual trip is coming up in 2 weeks time, and I am looking forward to it about as much as I would look forward to a dose of the clap.

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    Polish King, yes, I think something is stirring in “the country of Denmark” as Shakespeare would put it. ‘Tis not only the ph!

    Tis a Disease of the World! Now, to my mind the Pinoy is actually the “Canary in the Mine”.

    Showing us all where we are on the way to. Now, this my seem strange, as they are a 3w.c. But!

    They are Full! They are poor! They are mixed! Perfect laboratory of the World to come!

    As our places of origin also fill up they will more and more resemble the ph!

    Did I mention the Water? Because of the outlet of Methane which is happening Now! There will be no “2%” in the future!

    The Future is here already! For those of you who are so lucky to be alive in 20 years you will have the enjoyment of seeing the Beach approaching?

    If you are a good sport you will not whine or moan. ‘Tis the Future we All have to adapt to!

    Methane,,,, in Biig numbers,,, it’s Not tomorrow, it’s happening Today! That’s why things are happening so fast! Better get used to it!

    Forget the “2%”!!! It was a scientists Dream, made political Truth! Well! The “Truth” is in fact a Lie!

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    Well, there is always for all your brainwashing needs.
    I am perfectly at home with the honesty and forthrightness of this site.
    Someone should be there to give us the prompt bollocking we need for my countrymen’s asinine behaviour