I Challenge YOU!!!!!

So in the last two weeks something odd has happened to me. First the cable company showed up when they said they would and got the job done same day. Second, my son had a tuli  (cut the pecker foreskin) set for Tuesday but no doctor in office. So the nurse call doctor ( Get ready to shit your pants) doc came in special just to do him. But now wife says not till 11 years old. But I go off subject. Here is my challenge to members who know the filippinos, philippines and mindset, READY????

Here we have FEU, Smart, NBI,PNP and so on right? Since none of these actually do what they say I suggest we rename them using their own letters /names

BI= Bureau of Incompetence

PNP= Plunder N Porn

FEU= Fuck Up and Excuses University

BI= Basically Insane

DOJ= Department of Jokers

BJMP= Bureau of Jackasses Manipulators and pimps

BOC= Bureau of Corruption

Well by now I’m sure you get the idea but remember, don’t forget the private companies!




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    DSWD = department of social worthless deviants! (or should that be department of sexually worthless deviants?) 🙂

    SMART – Stupid, Mindless, Arrogant, ReTards.

    BTW, what does BJMP stands for? Oh, aside from the obvious.

  2. Profile gravatar of beameup

    Circumcision in the P.I. is a “rite of passage” into “manhood”. Lots of peer-group pressure on that one, cuz, you know, Filipinos are like macho “rabbits”.

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    The thinking in the U.S. during the Spanish-American war of 1898, was that the Philippines was “unable to govern themselves”. As well, there was legitimate fear that Japan and Germany were interested in “colonizing” the Philippines. So, the U.S. was “forced” to throw the Spanish out of the Philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      Would you allow an small edit to your post about 1898? The U.S merely kicked out the old babysitter and became the new babysitter. If you want to read something interesting look up a book called “Witness to History” by Charles Bohlen. A thick but but you one need the chapter titled “Exile in Manila”.

      As to “unable to govern themselves”, I was reading past articles when I read the one about failed states and done a little research. Ready for this?

      In 2013 the philippines ranked 59 on the list with number one being the worst. Well I then read an article in Philstar where the new list was out in June 2014 so I pulled up that. Philippines went from 59 to 52!!! SEVEN moves closer to the worst in one year!!!!
      They were also well ahead of the other countries they complain about, China, Indo, Malay and such were in the 70 range. Only country in Asia worse on the scale than the philippines is Cambodia!!

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    I see some T-shirts in my future I did one with the Smart logo, but with the word Tanga – it was a huge hit with the foreigners – the Filipinos, not so much… Not sure if I can link an image here