I Have a Headache…Could You Please Make More Noise?


Noisy stupid FilipinosOk…I’m sorry but I don’t get this at all. The Filipinos in my household, both the workers and the folks who live here, are, by American standards, very loud. Ok, so I buy headphones and laugh it off most of the time, but sometimes its just damn baffling.

Today someone in the house was having a headache, so much so that he went to lie down after taking some meds. Following this, the decibel level of the rest of the house actually increased!

When I asked why when they knew someone was sleeping off a headache they would actually choose to be louder, I got the characteristic blank stare and was told I was mean. It’s a free country, we can be loud, that’s how Filipinos are…get used to it…we’re in the US folks, I didn’t move to the Philippines. Stop acting as though I am impeding your rights when I suggest you be a bit considerate. I feel like I’ve been dropped off in some Filipino outpost where I need to assimilate to nearly constant Tagalog, and extremely poor English from folks who are actually “proud” to speak poorly. 

The fondness for inane examples of “Filipino culture” as the offerings on TFC and GMA Pinoy. I’ve tried, and I’m still trying, but I just don’t get it…


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    Hi Deacon45,
    Not here to bash you, but if you are in the States, why are you allowing this b/s to happen. It sounds like you are allowing your “house guests” to tell you how to live.
    A good friend once told me “Never lower your high standards if you are in the right”…especially dealing with philipinos.
    As a side note, 2 weeks ago I finally allowed my GF to move into my apartment Theirs been a few hick-ups, but no big problems. I’ve told her that I’m not perfect, but…I will not lower my high standards. Although I haven’t directly said it…she knows that she can always move out if she doesn’t like it.

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    Marius O.

    What he said. You might your resident fuckwits that the reason “free countries” work (unlike, say, the Philippines) is because people recognise that they’re living side-by-side with others. You might also remind them that in a free country, you can tell them to GTFO if they insist on behaving like animals.

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    I cah hear where you are coming from.. the tv has to be at maximum so the frigging neoighbors can hear, they love brass bands, koroke,,, dog s barking,, mega speakers,,
    if you pay the bills ,,, tell them to quiet down or get the fuck out…

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    Being ass raped here by stupid people who are by their very fucking nature inconsiderate cunts is one thing. If you stay here you will simply just have to bend over bite the pillow and accept the dry roughness of it all.

    HOWEVER……If this were happening on my territory I would bring hell down on that shit and fast!!
    There is not even a reason to debate it with these fuckers any more than you would debate with a 5 year old to clean up their room. “JUST DO IT!” you say, end of story.

    I Do not adapt to fuckers when I’m in my own house, they adapt to me, or they can take their sorry asses back to wherever they want to go. Thats just me though.

    I long for the day to give these fucks a huge dose of their own sick medicine. I’ll be called mean, cruel, inconsiderate, and many other pinoy favorites. MUSIC TO MY FUCKING EARS!!!!!!!!

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      Captain PFB

      Yeah, for sure. I do live in Philippines, and I do have 2 live-in helpers. I don’t care if I’m in their country. As long as they are in the house I PAY FOR, THEY ARE IN MY “COUNTRY”. They’re on MY turf. And they WILL learn respect, courtesy, and consideration, or they will be OUT.

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    Where ever I live, it’s still fuckin ‘MURICA’ to me! I don’t give a shit who it is that is living with me, if you wanna bring your pinoy habits with you, then ‘YOU’ and your ‘PINOY HABITS’ can find some place else to go! If you don’t have a ring on your finger that I gave to you, then you better conform to ME, not the other way around!

    I’ve kicked out Filipinos before for behaving like an ignorant Filipino. I make them think they are stepping in another country when they come to my house. I pretty much have to shove PROPER ETIQUETTE, DISCIPLINE, CONSIDERATION, and other FOREIGN PRINCIPLES down their throat in order for them to stay.

    If they don’t abide by my rules, they are out for good. If I like them, I may offer corrective punishment to allow them access again. And yes, this had happened before.

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    In relation to the title of this article, I can also relate to this while performing my studies here. I get so damn fuckin frustrated and fed up with loud fuckin pinoys screaming, yelling, and disrupting class. In the past, I would normally tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP! But the result only ended in them making more noise than when I initially told them to STFU. These days, I just drag a pair of earplugs around, but sometimes that isn’t even enough to drain out the noise. They are such fuckin ANIMALS! Even during exams they are like this.

    Does anyone have a way to nullify the sound of Pinoys besides snapping their fuckin neck? If so, please tell me!

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      “Does anyone have a way to nullify the sound of Pinoys besides snapping their fuckin neck? If so, please tell me!”

      Mack’s silicone putty ear plugs purchased near the front counter of any true value hardware store work pretty damn well. They are kind of pricy but worth it, also you can only wear them about 5 to 7 times before you need to buy new ones as they will lose their adhesive qualities. But they have gotten me through some rough times. I suffer from misophonia and misokinesia, (a neurological problem ) which literally makes me want to MURDER A FUCK for the slightest god damned thing, especially sounds, obnoxious fucking bassing sounds. If not for mack’s I would have been in prison by now no doubt. If only someone could enter my mind and see all the violence I wish to inflict…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Such beautiful and exquisite suffering.

      Will it solve the problem? Hell no, but it may help alleviate it just enough to keep you out of prison.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Thanks for the advice Spartacus, I’m sure that will come in handy. I was tempted to just fill my ears with silicone glue and clog it up for good. Being deaf in this country would be one of the greatest gifts I can ever ask for. But I gotta be careful of what I wish for.
        Alright, I’m gonna check out Ace Hardware on my next visit to my local SM. But honestly, I would rather snap their fuckin necks. Asking them to shut the fuck up isn’t really asking for too much. It’s just a basic principle that should come as naturally as breathing, but Filipinos haven’t figured out that concept yet. They’re just too fuckin stupid.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          You might find them at ACE, I haven’t, I only found them in Ayala branch malls, and specifically true value hardware, but you may get lucky. Obviously you cant ask someone to show you where the ear plugs are, they will blue screen.

          Went to a hardware store a few months ago, and just to save time, asked for some batteries, the guys said ” batteries?” yes batteries, he then proceeds to walk me to the paint section. *FACE PALM………

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    Marius O.

    There’s an awesome device that some Japanese university invented. It uses a microphone and a directed sound beam (uses an array of ultrasonic emitters) to pick up the voice of one particular speaker and play it back to them with a small delay. Apparently, it confuses your brain (should be even more effective on Filipinos, of course) and you become physically unable to speak.

    Sounds like you need one of those, although I guess if the entire class is behaving like a troupe of retarded monkeys, you’ll need to place a bulk order.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      I have considered a variety of things to use on filipinos that are considered “less than lethal” in the states. Microwave crowed dispersal devices might work to break up the videoke hub. Especially if they can’t determine where user is located. They would probably assume the videoke machine was possessed or evil and hire a priest to do an exorcism. That in itself may be fun to watch for the LULz. I’m just going to microwave them again tomorrow.

      Basically I want a device that shuts down their electrical system at a distance, or causes them extreme discomfort. Every fucking time they touch their device or I hear that echoing “HELLO , HELLO,……. HELOO, *High pitched microphone sound*” Im breaking out my device and Im using it to disperse the vermin. I wish I were smarter, I would make a device like this, and market it to all foreigners who want to live here. I would do more than shoot fighting roosters with a pellet rifle from a window. The filipino is the problem and I need something that debilitates the pinoytambay, red horse drinking, jobless noise making fucktard, without killing them.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        google the net for any devices. I have read where you can point something at a speaker and you say or put anything thru it??
        It said it is highly illegal in the usa,, but here???
        Or something that will blow the speakers would be real handy.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I love your idea, but that sounds like a pricey device that may be quite difficult to find. I will try googling it or see if ebay has any similar results of a product like that. A Filipino not talking? Ha! that’s like pigs flying! I would love to see this thing work! 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        >> A Filipino not talking? Ha! that’s like pigs flying! I would love to see this thing work! 🙂

        Yeah, sadly, it just occurred to me that since the Pinoy doesn’t actually have a brain, there’s nothing in there for the device to confuse. The mouth will continue flapping regardless.

        As for microwaving the fuckers: I’ve had that evil thought at various times. In theory you could fit the magnetron from a microwave oven at the focus of a parabolic reflector and get a nice directed beam. You could mount it on the side of your house and it’d look just like a TV satellite dish. Get one of those fancy motorized mounts and a pocket laser, and you’ve got yourself an aimable Pinoy-zapper. I’m pretty sure it would at least take out a KTV machine. I wouldn’t aim it at roosters – Filipinos may be thoughtlessly cruel to animals, but I’m not stooping to their level of barbarism.

        One interesting possibility is that you could go around microwaving their gonads, so at least they don’t spawn more idiots. Take quite a while to do all 100 million of them of course.

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    look on google,,,, i seen it on the internet, there are pieces of equipment you can buy that you point at a speaker and you can put your music or noise into the speaker. or completely destroy the speaker.
    the kids used to do that to Walmart… ””hey shoppers,,, first 50 customers get free groceries”””,, and watch the bedlam.
    i was in malaysia and they even had a street band outside my hotel room,,,,, 60 years and no headache and they gave me a headache that night..

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    One could get a magnetron and its associated HV power supply out of a scrapped microwave oven at a junkyard, or failing that, buy an inexpensive unit (I’ve seen them as low as 2500 PHP brand new). An aluminum-and-glass shop would yield a piece of rectangular duct of the correct size (2″ x 4″) for a TE10 waveguide at 2.45 GHz. A satellite-TV offset dish with az-el mount that at this frequency ought to give 15-18 dBi gain in a 6 to 10-degree beamwidth is readily obtainable.

    Lessee, that’s approximately 15-30 kW EIRP assuming a 1 kW mag and 50% feed efficiency (more could be gleaned with a little care in feed design). Unless my math is off (entirely possible due to lack of brain exercise since being here; the Filipino Effect aka Stupefaction), the beam footprint at say, 20 meters distance would be 2.4-4.0 square meters giving a power density therein of 3.75-12.5 Watts/sq. cm. That’s 750-2,500 times the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) limit of 5 mW/sq. cm at this frequency for a maximum exposure duration of 6 minutes.

    Taking the average Filipino as having a body surface area of 1.5 sq. m., each person in the unobstructed beam footprint would absorb between 375-1,250 Watts…Ding!

    First things to go would likely be the sound equipment and the noisemakers’ eyes…followed shortly by the brains (what little they have) and other internal organs. The beauty of microwave ‘cookery’ is that the initial exposure is painless and it takes hours for the internal damage to cause death; long enough for the crowd to have dispersed, to stagger home in a blind stupor (who would know the difference between that and normal drunken Flip behavior?), croaking at their respective places of residence when their catastrophically-damaged organs finally deliquesce, oozing from every orifice.

    Maybe one could rent such a rig out to foreigners in need of some peace and quiet… shiiit, they’d get rich!

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not advocating harming human beings here.

    1. Profile gravatar of MalditoKano

      Fuuuuckin hell! I did fuck the numbers royally! No, I did not invent an overunity device, you don’t get out more power than you put in, duh! That would simply be the result of my grey matter developing rust-spots like an old jeepney.

      Should be:
      Power density = 2.5-4.0 W/sq. cm; 500-800 x MPE resulting in
      140-225 Watts absorbed by a Flip of 1.5 sq. m. area at 20 meters in beam footprints of 2.4-4.0 sq. meters. Right? Fuck!

      Still quite enough to turn testicles into popcorn. But damn, this shit used to be second nature, now I have the intellectual prowess of a typical Pinoy. I gotta get the fuck outta here before I forget how to perform basic bodily functions!