I Have No Fare To Return Home

One thing I cant understand after living many years in the Philippines is the level to which Filipinos go to live their daily lives “in the moment”. You know the old saying, “let’s cross that bridge when we come to it”, well that’s exactly how many Filipinos live… from moment to moment, with no thought as to forward plan or consequence of their actions.

One of the stupidest things I experience Filipino’s doing, on quite a number of occasions was to go somewhere, sometimes quite some distance away and not have money for transport fare home.

At first i thought I was being scammed  but over time realized that they really do go to places and literally get stuck with no money and then start ringing around their friends to piece together enough money to come home.  It was when my local friends told me stories of frantic phone calls that I came to realize this was not just a ploy to extract money from foreigners but actually really another case of Filipino stupidity.

Let me give you some travel related examples:

  1. Male friend flew from Cebu to Manila and was stuck over one week staying with people because he didn’t have enough money to buy a return airfare. As I recall he was terminated from his job because of his no show for work.
  2. Girl: caught a bus to visit her parents for holy week and then started ringing people after the weekend asking for for a bus fare back, as I recall she was stuck for some days away.
  3. Girl: took a boat to Mindanao and then rang me over the space of a couple of weeks asking me for her boat fare back! Now everyone’s had the case of bullshit from Filipinos asking for money (most do!) but this was a person I knew that genuinely went home and I could trust she was not lying to me that she didn’t have a return boat fare.  She rreturned to find her things outside her boarding house room as the landlord thought she had disappeared and rent was unpaid.
  4. Girl: went for a job interview and did not have jeepney fare to return home.  She sat on a bench for over 12 hours before she managed to meet a friend to give her money home. The fare would have been less than 50 pesos but too far to walk.

This happened with both my male and female Filipino “friends”, has anyone experienced this?public transport in the Philippines

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    Captain PFB

    This exact thing has happened to me before. Had some friends go a long way away to a resort for a jolly good 3 day fun filled weekend. And they oh-so-typically didn’t think about leaving themselves enough money to get home.

    I can just read their twisted filipino thought processes; “Oh well we have a kano friend on which we can call and lay our irresponsible, thoughtless actions. We’ll go all out and spend all our money and let someone else pay our way home.”

    Unfortunately for them, it didn’t work as planned. I simply told them that the best way I can help them is to NOT send them any money. That this is a very valuable lesson in RESPONSIBILITY AND PLANNING AND FORWARD THINKING that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. I then reminded them of all the times they boast to me about how resourceful the Filipino is. I suggested they would be much better off standing on their self proclaimed resourcefulness, than to shame themselves into using a non-filipino (me) as a resource. I then wished them good luck and hung up the phone.

    After that, they no longer considered me a friend and I never heard from them again.

    What they don’t realize is, a REAL FRIEND does not TAKE ADVANTAGE of their friends by being fucking irresponsible and laying their irresponsible actions on them as an obligation for friendship. Typical Filipino stupidity.

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      I am curious, in many cultures there are some irresponsible people. In the phils it seems you got 100 million irresposible people.

      Where does this stem from? Could someone please elaborate?

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        They just seem so happy-go-lucky and the Lord or the kano will provide. Strange attitude! Is it an island-malay thing? Do other s.e.asians have the same mentality?

        We can’t give the spanish blame for everything. (Or can we?:-)
        This…party-crashing, house-warming attitude seems related to this as well?

        Some elementary errant logic seems to be at play…. Or is it just that they are uncapable or unwilling to plan this far ahead?

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      When I lived in Cebu, I’ve met a few wonderful Pilipinos. To cut a long story short, a friend of mine brought three Pilipino women in my place. I didn’t have a problem having visitors at all. To cut a long story short, I allowed them to sleep in my place. I fed them as well. The next day, I visited my fridge. I was shocked that these imported chocolates disappeared like bubbles. These goodies were there for many months. I gave them some and the remaining chocolates were supposedly for my future visitors.

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    Happened to me over and over and over! The Bakla cousin is very, very good at this. He’d arrive in the city to meet me to collect his pasalubong….then he tells me “Ate, I got no fare to go back home”. So sucker Ate digs into the wallet for P100 so his pathetic ass can get back to college. Last time I was in the RP, I told him “if you have no money to get back home, don’t come!”.

    Last July, I decided to take city Aunt and her family to dinner. I told the bakla cousin who’s in the province “if you’re in the city, you are welcome to come”. He turned up. But I did not know that his mother took P500 from the money she’s holding for me to give to him as fare so he can get free feed and outing from me! When it’s time to go home, I gave Bakla P200 to return home. The dishonest little turd did not tell me that he had money to go back home – my money that his mother had dipped into from the money she’s holding for me (it was money owed to me by another Aunt that she’s holding for me till I get to the province). One lesson I learned from this: The bakla will never be invited by me to any dinner in the city and he’d be lucky to get a block of chocolates from me as pasalubong.

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      Happened to me multiple times and I am not even a foreigner. One time on my Field trip, my classmate bought so many gifts, items and such on our tour, which costed her some money. After a while, she beg for money to our classmates and lastly to me because she don’t have enough money to buy foods, drinks and a return trip. I on the other hand did not buy anything, just look and go away, except for some food my family kept talking about that I should taste. So here is the main event XDD. I bought a decent lunch for her with drinks, and asked her if she wants it. So she refused and said she don’t eat this kind of food, and instead ask me for some money, so I gave the food to my best friend and she accepted it. I have a 10000 remaining (out of 10500) money at that time, so without a change, I gave her the 1k and told her buy what she wants and give me back the change. What got me at that time was she bought the same food and drink I ordered for her. And bought her 3 friends food too, and she did not give me any change. So basically she spend the remaining 750 change buying stuff. So I did not bother to yell at her, because my bestfriend said she’s not worth yelling and ruining my own good day. And after going back to our bus, she cried like a baby, because she don’t have any money for a return trip to her house. So she beg, and I was angry at that time, because I am fairly sure that what I gave is enough, because I only spend on my behalf a total of 1,503 not counting the money I gave her. While she spend her entire 4k money + 1k she got from me buying random things and gifts. So because of my kind bestfriend I remained cool and gave her 100 pesos. Well ffs after we got to our school she spend that 100 pesos buying food because her father was waiting for her on the school. Well I basically just want to stab her with my ballpen at that time. But ooh well. And many fruck things happened on that day, not gonna tell everything. But for dessert, my entire classmates used their camera with flash on picturing stuff on the museum even though their is a super big sign telling them not to picture with flash on.

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    This is a regular malady of the Failipinos! This is the story of the Failipino who to play we’re so poor and all the while, they have held enough money to do everything, including returning home. I learned my lesson a long time ago and now say to them, if they spend this for something that’s not related, their out of luck! Now, I have done that to a few people and they now are more careful with me!

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    They don’t take care of the stuff you give them. They use you for money. I keep saying it but you don’t listen. When they ask for money or your going to give them gifts send it to me instead!!! I just a poor kano.

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      It has been a steep learning curve for me. I don’t know if other Asian cultures are like these. If anyone has any experiences with Thais, Malays, etc, please share.

      Yes PhilippinesBasher, Flips are very, very good at playing poor when they have money in their pockets after all. I have never seen such entitled, lying, scamming race of people who are so money hungry, they’d sell their own sons / daughters for money.

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        Well, chinese are stingy! They did control a lot of the economy in the phils..(probably still do) A “Mestizo” is a mix of pinoy and spanish blood, but I forgot the name of pinoy-chinese…Mr. Rizal was a chinese-pinoy. (Even telling this simple truth would probably send some uneducated pinoy into….feedingfrenzy….)

        I think I’ve discovered a simple fact: A people So uneducated, with No understanding of Own common history are soo vulnerable to the Vices of the Net! “We’re Not stupid, we’re Smart!” says it all, actually!
        The aggression, frustration and the pathetic stupidity of this simple sentence contains All! Its not just sad!! Its….Way beond that, I think!

        It shows so clearly, that the Root of “Pinoy Pride” is not true Pride at all!
        It’s actually hoplessness, frustration, lack of understanding of own history…..etc…. Making an amalgam making any litterate poreigner knowing this want to stay far….faar away! (Like they themselves most eloquently abbreviate: “We dont need u, poreigner, if u dont like it here, fuck off!”….

        I just think its beyond sad! Way, way beyond!

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      FHPS Post author

      Yet Mike they certainly don’t take care of the stuff my exgirlfriend gave a friends clothes to wear and had to go around on number of occasions to try and get that clothing back (typical, the take advantage of someone that is nice) and in return the grandmother gave it not the friend when my ex went around their for the 10th time.
      The return was that the clothing had cigarette stains, rips and those people never phoned my friend EN that’s how they treat each other like dogs. They have no respect for each other or property.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        This is the second time I sent this, thanks Smart. You mean to say anything loaned was actually returned?
        My experience is “Can I borrow?” “Will you loan?” means give me.

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        Aw Foreign, that just reminded me of another Pinay “friend” who borrowed costume jewelry from me because her daughter was running for the Miss Australia-Philippines pageant.

        When she took the jewelry, she came to my house and the jewelry were in case. When I returned from the Philippines, I had to go to her house to retrieve the jewels – they were returned in a plastic sandwich bag. I asked “what happened to the case?”. “Oh, someone stood on it and it broke” Pinay replied. No apology, nothing. Worse, she loaned another accessory (a beaded veil) to another Pinay without asking me first if it was OK. The second Pinay who borrowed the veil then refused to give it back! Till I threatened her with the Police. I told her I’ll charge her with thief if she did not return the veil. She eventually returned the veil when Dad when to her house. To be honest, Flips are not welcome to our house here in Oz anymore. Not for any reason.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
          FHPS Post author

          yea.. good story. i knew of a overseas student that hired staff to sell his jewelery so he can make money. I said your mad.
          he handed the jewelry on consignment:
          1. the jewellry was supposedly sold (money never given to him) she fled and said i sent it by LBC but couldnt provide a consignment note. never even rang to say sending if that was true.
          2. another fled with jewellry – ditto – uncontactable.

          …. totally unreliable people and they have a good laugh at each other as thats Filipino “style” always shoot for the lowest common denominator.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Nope. It’s a dance veil…. a’la Salome in John the Baptist’s beheading 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Sarah! Your humour is cracking me up!!:-) (I had to restrain my own laughter by ur comment!!:-)

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Foreign, if the setting was the Failippines, that’s to be expected that Flips will never return anything. I thought that once Flips are in Oz, they’ll have plenty of money to buy their own, would have learned to take care of and return borrowed items. How fucking wrong I was!!

          The decision to ban Flips from our Aussie house was everyone’s decision. You just can’t trust them! Wanna throw a party inviting Flips? hide your valuables and anything that are likely to break. Valuables could get stolen or “borrowed” or asked for as a “gift”. Breakables will break because Flip parents will not control their brats!!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Funny you should mention brats. You remember Grace right? Well she kept telling me how her Korean husband liked quiet and they moved in next door. Well now it turns out their son yells and screams when he does not get his way, very loudly mind you. For people who like quiet they are the loudest ones in the compound. I told my wife that kid needs a good old fashion spanking. The reply, blame shift,,,,, “Koreans do not discipline their children.” At that point I reminded her of of ill mannered and misbehaved most filipinos are.

            Now, I expect your and my children to be well behaved and mannered, all 20 of them.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Meanwhile this exquicite, quality upbringing has been successfully exported to Europe! Obviously a World-wide success-story!….:-(

            If this development continues I will greet the coming Comet!;-) Do you know the story of Mark Twain? He “came in” with Halleys…..
            I think, ca. 30 years before he died…he said: “Well, I came in with that..
            I will go with it too! And! So he did!…Almost spooky…….

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    Hello to all
    Funerals are the worst for long lost relations. For 30 years,, no mail or text,, all of sudden the long lost idiots show up at the door. Free food, lodging,, etc and then the old bus fare trick comes out. Of course the fare has to be extra becos the buffalo is dieng too.
    The bamboo telegraph is amazing!!!!!!!! My wife had one cussin in merica who never contacted her for 20 years, All of a sudden, my wife gets a balikbayan box from merica. The cussin was being nice when she heard about me.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Yeah the don’t even think about burying the dead it’s always a last-minute whip around and there’s always a panic because the cost of the burial is increasing day by day because the funeral parlour supposedly starts charging more money for the length of time they are holding onto the body.

      If only these people realised that there is reasonable cost funeral insurance and other costs can be covered for as little as 50 pesos 200 pesos a month e.g. palawan insurance or M hullier pawnshop have an insurance product – and if they haven’t seen it there must be blind because these two shops tend to be well, second home to them

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          No Mikey, Pinays actually prefer American ex-Servicemen because your pensions continue to Pinay widows even after your death. Unlike the Aussie widows, once you die, your money and pension (if provided by the Aussie tax payer) dies with you. Yep, these gold diggers do their homeworks very well when it comes to marrying / shacking up with Kanos.

          If I were you, I’d make sure you’re more valuable dead than alive.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Hmmmm where can I find a female Am-ex-servicewoman?……My Bloodline normally lives very long! Probably this Blood will not save my longevity in phils….. I would have a Stroke within 5 years…..if I weren’t shot first! My bloodpressure would hit the roof at ninoyaquino…..even before getting the obligatory bullet (n my baggage!)
            If I were pinoy I would be Proud! ,”Oioi, we’ve reached a New Level of shamelessness!” 🙂 Amén!

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        Don Quixote

        I have one, the child brides father passed away, quickly without pain and not in a hospital. YEEHAH.
        The pamily wants to go to Negros for the funeral, NO MONEY.
        We were in Australia, Again YEEHAH.
        No money for the funeral.
        I offered to match what the entire family put in for their share, I would pay 50%
        BUT UNCLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have no money, then the child bride started in on me, txts from the family were continuous.
        The father, generous soul that he was, kicked out the child brides mother and her 4 children and got himself a new bride and had another 5 children. Now they ring the child bride to pay and the wife ( Mother in Law ) wants to go to the funeral .
        and has no money, are you all starting to get this cluster fuck. We paid for five to go one way, bus and RORO
        The child bride BORROWED money off me to pay for the funeral, Since paid back !!!!!!!!!!!
        When the dead assholes Social Security and Pension was released there was a funeral plan paid for by the Asshole himself. Where did it go ?????????????????
        To the eldest son who contributed Zero.
        Did he pay his sister back for her funeral costs, I think we all know that answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        They will never darken my door ever.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          To Don
          I think they have a special alter where they pray to ”devils of misfortune” to send troubles their way.
          More troubles,, typhoons,, more money from the kanos and ofws

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Don, Grandad died in 2013. He was a poor man. But what did the Manila family do? They gave him a King’s funeral!! Chosen by the social climbing, pretentious, show off, lazy perennial student favorite grandson. Two years after his death, they’re still paying for his funeral. Oh of course, not before they try bled us for more money. Mum gave P10,000 and that’s that and told them they have to find the money since it’s their fault for choosing a grand funeral parlor. “But Tita, the funeral parlor was nice, it’s air conditioned and they even have a big flat screen TV and you can put DVDs on”, said the social climbing Flip Grandson. WTF??? Who the fucking care about flat screen TV and playing DVDs?

          Lots of “mourners” came….for the fucking food!!!!! So they complained that the P10,000 mum sent was only enough for one night! But where did the alms go? Isn’t it Flip custom that if you visit the wake, you give alms? (limos for the dead). “oh, Tita, not many gave alms”. Fucking bludgers! I told perennial student cousin “tell the mourners not to bother turning up if they won’t even bring their own food or give alms!”. Stunned silence….. I just loved it when they get stumped. 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            not one ounce of courtesy and respect at all!!!!!!!!! I wonder what do card games with money has to do with showing respect to the deceased????

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Mikey, I would not marry me if I were you. In fact, you American ex-service guys should never marry any woman who works in the medical / nursing field. Remember guys, you are worth more alive than dead! We can murder you easy, no trace, no suspicions. And in a place like the Philippines where cremations can be rushed at the wife’s request (or any asshole for that matter who has a profitable interest in your death) before the police even gets to your door, nobody will be questioned about your demise. Crime do pay in the Failippines, you know. A good example is Jane Doyle, lapping it up in Canada with her murdered husband’s millions and her chocolate brown baby.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          David, I actually never tried it, but…..apparently strangulation at the point of orgasm intensifies the experience. Folks, don’t try this at home. 🙂 To female readers married to US vets, you can probably try it. After all, you got nothing to lose and plenty to gain 🙂

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    My neighbor in our condo unit, who I think owes upwards of p50,000 in beer utang had his brother, the engineer, come and illegally install an electric box in his unit. The original was long removed by Meralco. When he was done, he refused to pay him, or even give him bus fare home. He said “No! I will give you nothing! You are my brother!” Would have been an only child after that if it was me…

    Never had anyone ask me for fare home. There have been a few times I did not have the fare and rode utang. One time a bus just let me ride for free. And I do it to jeeps regularly.

    When I go out, I usually do not take more than p50-p100 with me. And sometimes I buy stuff out and what not. If I am going on a big journey, I of course prepare.

    The living for the moment mindset is very disgusting. What I do have is neighbors in my barangay that will have a MASSIVE birthday party, hired bakla host, bidyoke, catered food, beer, rum, and empi-light delivery, Jillibee, and so on. And the next day they will come knock on my door and ask me to help them pay their Merlaco! Why the fuck would I do that? You didn’t even invite me to your party! I have no clue who you are, other than the loud neighbors that I respectfully say “magandang araw po” when I walk by your house.

    And what is with the DAILY fucking birthday parties? Growing up, mine and my brother’s birthdays were 2 weeks apart, so we celebrated them in one party. If a family literally has 20 birthdays in one month (WTF?) why not just have one big party?

    Which was funny the one and only time I was snatched and they got something like p30 in pisos… Ha, ha!

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    I think they teach something different now, along with the “all humans are African” nonsense. But when I was younger we learned that the European brain had a part (frontal lobe?) that was more developed and allowed for more forethought than any other race. And that this is the reason many other places are not developed, and why minorities commit most of the crimes in the West.

    Of course now they teach that whites are garbage and minorities are the victims…

    Have no clue what races people are here. I am not racist. But I do have unique ideas and am forward with my thoughts. So no offense to anyone…

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Actually the latest I read (discovered in the last 2 years) is they have found traces of Neanderthal genes in most of the worlds population except Africans. Homo Sapiens were (are) much better at planning and forethought than Neanderthals were and Africans and the rest of the world are Homo Sapiens.

      So, there is a difference, but it is us, not them, that have the “throwback” Neanderthal gene in US!! Considering Neanderthals seemed to of been most heavily populated in the European area it could be possible that the “throwback” gene may just have a bigger effect on Europeans (that’s my own made up conjecture 🙂 ).

      One thing about Neanderthals, those guys with poor planning genes compared with Homo Sapiens, they are believed to have had better memory. The different papers I’ve read about this drew no conclusions on the effects of this on the modern races, if any at all, only that we have trace amounts of Neanderthal genes and they don’t. And in our PC world we probably never see anyone dare to hypothesize on it.

      But I have a thought….

      If Neanderthals had better memory (and scientist/anthropological geneticists said they did).
      If Homo Sapiens had better planning ability and forethought (and scientist/anthropological geneticists said they did).
      What effect would having genes with better memory mixed with genes of better planning have on a race?

      I could be wrong, but I think Neanderthals were more prevalent in Europe and parts of northern Asia, maybe Flips never got enough of the memory gene. They can plan well to take/scam/steal from the neighbor they don’t have to remember is there. But have no memory of what happens when there is no neighbor to steal from. Think about it, what would be the difference on future planning based on a good memory opposed to future planning based on poor and/or inaccurate memory?

      BLX2, part Neanderthal and proud of it. Neanderthal Pride 🙂

      P.S. “I think they teach something different now”, this latest genetic discovery I think they will avoid teaching as much as possible.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I have a better theory….when God made Flips, he asked “would you like some brains before I let you loose on earth?”. Flip thought “WTF would I want to go by train for? Hell I want to go in style!” – He thought that by saying that, God will send a Lear Jet to send him to earth. So he told God “thanks but no thanks”. So God kicked him in the backside and Flip fell face down to planet earth…. and that is why Flips have got flat noses to this day 🙂

      2. Profile gravatar of

        Saying that different races have different qualities will make people flip out. But it is perfectly OK to have different breeds of dogs and cats…

        Race is NOT “only skin deep”. If that were the case, why are most flips 5′ tall, weigh 100lbs, have large cheek bones, flat nose, small round head, and so on?

        I actually have 3.2% Neanderthal blood and am very proud.

        Neanderthals were first found in Neander Valley, Germany.

        And despite them saying 3.2% means nothing, I, (and many other Euros), look very similar to Neanderthals. I even have the large brow ridge(supraorbital), large elongate nose(which makes Pinay wet), large frame, with barrel chest, the rear gap behind my teeth, increased facial circulation, thick robust fingers, straight hair, fair skin and hair, and I even have a very prominent occital bun. A genetic anomaly from the Neanderthals that an extremely small number of modern humans still possess. All my boys have these qualities as well! I have 4 little German boys with tans! lol

        Yeah, interesting stuff. I am no fun at parties…

      3. Profile gravatar of

        Oh, and the question of why Neanderthals became extinct is not about an inadequacy in anything. They were smarter and stronger. The actual reason they became extinct, was because the early humans that came out of Africa had just a massive population, they killed off all the Neanderthals, or breed them out.


        Sounds like Europe today 🙂

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      David Harden

      Very true, I have read several scientific papers that explain about the under developed frontal lobe of the Filipino.

  8. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

    GF said to me “it is amazing how many people know you and I are involved.” Asked her “how is that?” She said “people she barely knows have been showing up at the gate, asking for handouts.”

    She’s tough on those asking for a handout. More than willing to ask them “why haven’t you repaid me from last time? Kuripot? Who cares? She knows who she can lend money to and who not to not lend it to. Burn her once and it is all over. She won’t lend anything to any of her former husband’s relatives.

  9. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    It is the bamboo telegraph!!!!!!!! They have social media like face book,, twitter to keep inofrmed of any kanos in the area,, etc.
    If one has a successful scam or kano sucker, the news is all over da feelippines. That is why feelipino scammers who have grade 2 education can keep 10 kanos on the hook at one time…