I Have People in High Places, You Better Watch Out!!

I didnt know what to categorize this as so I put it under the “Pinoy Pride” categorie.

It is a link that was sent to me from a friend of a friend who had an incident in a swimming pool at his condo.
The following is essentially a quote of the incident as it is seen on the persons facebook page, which I will link at the bottom of the post.

I hope it is not too confusing, while most of it is in english the other parts were translated.

“6 hours ago on my usual swim here at the condo. An incident happened that I felt the need to share.

A few minutes in on my usual set. I encountered 3 kids playing. Being that its a public pool that kind of scenario is normal. And any swimmer is used to that since its always a public pool. So you tend to ignore kids who purposely splash you with water as you do a side breathe. One just gets used to that. Kids

So i didnt really pay much attention when three kids splashed me on purpose. I just passed them by without so much as a second thought. Doing the backstroke leg of my set I pass by the three kids again just before my turn. When I saw one of em with a mischievous grin on his face throw something at me.

Pain seared through the right side of my face as a hard solid object hit me on my right cheek.
Disoriented I lose bouyancy and sank into the deepend as chlorinized water entered through my nose.

I eventually found out that it was a stone. Picked from the nearby garden. The kid who threw the stone was laughing and pointing his finger at me.

In a raised voice I asked the laugjing kid. “Why did you do that?” followed by “I wanna talk to your parents! Get out of the pool and call your parents!”

When the kid refused i got out of the pool and called security and told them what the kid did. I informed them I wanted to talk to the parents.

Up to this point I believe i did the right thing.
What was an adult supposed to do?
This event wouldve been shrugged off as a petty squabble. But I’m writting this on account of the scene with the boys parents.

Security rang my door after maybe about an hour. Inwas summoned at the security office where the boys parents were.

I greeted them with a smile and an extended hand and said ” Hi I’m Tony”

The boys dad though started with: “Pare kilala mo ba kung sino ko?”
(Do you know who I am?)
to which i replied with 
“Hindi” (No)

he then introduces himself as a Nephew of a chief of police.

What follows is how the conversation went
Boys dad: Kaya kita ipakulong! Gusto mo ba kong makilala? May abugado ka ba?  (I can put you in jail! Do you want to know who I am? Do you have a lawyer?)
Me: Ahhhm bakit parang kayo pa ang galit?  (Uhmmm, why is it that you’re the one who’s angry here?)
stupid filipino do you know who I am?Boys Dad: Chief of Police! Kamag anak ko!!! Kaya ipa pick up ngayon!  (I’m related to the Chief of Police! I can have someone pick up and arrest you right now!)
Me: For what?
Boys Dad: Sinigawan mo yung anak ko eh. (You shouted at my kid)
Me: Ah oo pare nasigawan ko yung anak mo. Pero kasi binato ako sa mukha eh. (Yeah, man, I shouted at your son because he threw a stone at me and hit me right on the face)
Boys Dad: Wala akong pakialam bata iyan eh! Yung Asawa ng kapatid ko ang Head ng CIDG
Yung tiyuhin ko chief of police.  (I don’t care. He’s a kid! My sister’s husband is the Head of CIDG. My uncle’s the chief of police)
Me: Ok good for you
Boys Dad: Ikaw sino ba kamag anak mo?  (You, who are you related to?)

Being that I’m illegitimate I didnt quite know how to answer this immediately.
But i failed to see the point. His kid threw a rock at me. And his dad is threatening me with Jail Time and his relatives that are with the Police Department?

Whats wrong with this country?
Whats wrong is that this type of “patronage system” that makes people think they can do whatever they want because they are related by either marriage or blood to someone.

Well. I dont have that. I am where I am the old fasioned way. I worked very hard for it.

The boys dad struck me as someone suffering from napoleon syndrome on account of being small. And Maybe Uneducated on account of the way he spoke. He continued to rant about his relatives and threatened me more about his connections with the police a bit more. And i just let him.

I ended it by saying. “Look bro. Its up to you. I just wanted to tell you what your kid did, If you wanna scare me with all your relatives thats fine. Your boy threw a stone and hit me on my right cheek. Thats what happened. “

If he wants to raise a rotten kid who does what he wants. Thats his business One more asshole I guess in third world manila.

At this day and age people still cling to “I’m related to someone in office”.
As if a persons rights and value
is determined by how many relatives they have in high places.

Well I may not have relatives in high places but I have been blessed with classmates who did pretty well for themselves. I probably wouldn’t be short of Lawyers should I be “Jailed” for shouting at a kid.”

Again, this isnt me, it is the person in the facebook, friend of a friend. This shit man, burns me up simply because, I personaly dont know how I would have reacted to this, especially in a “filipino” sense.  These vindictive cunts will fuck your life for the slightest fucking thing because they can.  Personally, I would just sue the fuck as an individual and claim damages. But I dont know how for that would go. Interesting thing to note however is that I have met around 5 people al who claim to be somehow “related” to the Chief of police.

I dont know, I may have just said fuck it, ripped the fucktards bottom jaw of and hand it to his slut wife. Thats just me though, I don’t trust these fists of furryyyyyyy….. LOL,.. anyway.

The shit pisses me off and it didn’t even happen to me. But I knew where it belonged immediately.

So thoughts , opinions?

LINK>>>>  https://www.facebook.com/anthony.guanio/posts/10204233505254501

Some commentary here, others are also pissed about it.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Penance

    If it was me, I’d call him on it. I’m a bit of a patriot myself, and I’ll stand up to any of that crap. With things going on the way they are, especially with foreigners being killed and what not…I don’t think any chief of police wants to arrest anyone on trumped up charges. That’s some really bad press, and Rappler would LOVE a story like that.

    My response to the guy? “I apologize. I can clearly see now that stupidity breeds stupidity. Please don’t make any more babies. There’s already 100 million idiots in this country alone…we don’t need any more.”

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      After further consideration on the issues I have come to the conclusion that it has to do with filipino insecurity.

      Most Filipnos are quick to react in a defensive manner if they feel threatened.
      Here is a breakdown.

      This guy lives at a moderately upscale condo area, nothing to write home about, but certainly not a chitty place. In it are a huge variety of people ranging from uptight nit wits, to more laid back types.

      In the philippines, people are so fucking vindictive they may, sue or kill you for the slightest thing. WE KNOW THIS…

      Also, throwing a rock and hitting someone in the head while they are swimming isn’t something that can readily be taken lightly. In fact it can have a law suit attached to it if the person were so inclined.

      So I imagine it went something like this.
      Guy gets hit by rock, and goes to security. Security then goes and get the parents of the boy.
      Dad of the boy SHITS BRICKS and immediately assumes that there will be a law suit over this. His immediate and rather irrational thought process is to do the only thing he knows to seemingly protect his interests, and thats make bold threats.

      By being first out of the gate upon meeting the victim, and immediately threatening him, he has set the tone, and essentially taken control. He then proceeds to lambast the victim further with insults and “dangerous consequences” is he proceeds in the matter. In doing this he cuts the head off the snake completely. Then goes home, and wears his sons ass OUT! As he should or we can only hope.

      None of this is preconceived motive, but rather instinctual response to situations that are threatening the only thing a filipino has. In reality the victim could have taken the shit to court, and at the very least had the person pay damages. That in itself would have been too much.

      Here is an example of why I feel this is the case.
      A few years ago, my neighbors dog got out, and it likes to run and play and chase kids. Now in this country people don’t take chances with dogs, they tend to carry rabies more often than not. So when the dog snapped at a kid and bit his arm, in a playful manner, he went home crying.

      Fast forward 15 minutes…. The parent and a small group of stand by types came strolling up to my neighbors gate yelling and demanding they come out, like some lord of the rings shit.
      The owner did, and they proceeded to explain how they should pay for the rabies vaccine and on and on.
      Even said they may sue.

      Well, this obviously was a huge threat to the owner, who like the others didn’t really have much and certainly had even less to be taken in court in the way of cash settlement. The Owner whose husband worked in the office of the mayor seemed to be prime real estate for bold claims of power and authority.
      A similar incident took place as the story in this thread. In the end the victim ran away tail tucked between their legs. The owner did pay for a vaccine, but the matter was swiftly dropped.

      Moral of the story, Don’t threaten someone who feels they have nothing to lose.

      At least thats how I have discerned it, I may be wrong.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I would have took him up on that offer to meet his relative.. of course i have 25 years of police enforcement in the usa.. (that is B/S..) I would like to trade stories with you relation. ( see what the flip does next)

  2. Profile gravatar of Penance

    Meh…maybe it’s me, but I’ve long since learned to fear the ones that are quiet. My uncle was a very famous bounty hunter in the field, and he had a couple of sayings that still make perfect sense to this day. One of them was:

    “The empty barrel makes the loudest noise.”

    I constantly see that proven time and time again. Meanwhile, the ones that came at me calmly with no threats are the ones that hit me the hardest when I didn’t take them seriously. If, for nothing else, a “connected” person never gives away their connection like that. They just take note of everything you do and say and pass it on privately to their connection. Their connection will take it from there. That way, there’s less liability with no dots to connect.

    Wait…what am I saying?? That kind of thinking takes intelligence. I swear my mind leaves this country more often than I know.

  3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Boy have I got a “Do you know who I am?” dumbfuck Filipino story.

    Let’s go back 10 years. I am new in Philippines, barely been here two weeks. My Filipino partner and I are walking through the parking lot of the Shangri La Mall, heading up to the entrance. This is my first experience of seeing how totally dumbfounded Filipinos are with maneuvering a car into a parking spot (or at all for that matter). This brainless Filipino is trying to back into his spot. He’s backing up, and when backing up, one would think it wise to be watching all mirrors and carefully and slowly proceed in reverse.

    This brainless turd (better known as a Filipino) guns it in reverse, and a stupid Filipina is walking right behind his vehicle, in obvious plain site of his rear view mirror, and he hits her. Not hard, as he slammed on the brakes and actually came to a split second full stop, and it appeared to me he intentionally released the brakes to nudge the woman as a gesture of “who the fuck do you think you are momentarily impeding my trajectory into my parking spot!”

    My partner looks at the idiot, and they make eye contact, and my partner flips him the bird as we proceed into the mall. I didn’t make much of it, other than a moment of being a bit perplexed at what just happened. All in all, it was over (or so I thought) and we headed up to the restaurant to enjoy lunch.

    The mall was not at all crowded. About halfway through our lunch, we kept noticing a man hanging out, sort of slowly pacing just outside the restaurant, as if he’s waiting for someone. We finished lunch, paid the bill, and proceded on our way out the restaurant.

    The man who was waiting approached me. “Hey, why your friend flip me the middle finger?”

    “Why don’t you ask him, you see him right there 5 feet in front of me, go ask him.” I replied.

    “No I want to talk to you about it, you should teach your friend some manners” he suggested.

    “I’m his friend, not his mother, and he’s a grown adult, and so are you. Why don’t you address the issue with him, like an adult.” I suggested in return.

    “FUCK YOU!” he literally yelled at me.

    “Excuse me, but it was just a finger, you hit a woman, he saw you do it, he reacted. I’m sure if you ask him to apologize, he will, but I don’t understand why you insist on taking this matter up with me, I did absolutely nothing to you sir.”

    “Do you know who I am?” he said.

    “Should I? And to be quite frank, I don’t care if you’re Gloria Magapagal Arroyo or George W. Bush, I fail to see what that has to do with this small issue of a finger.”

    “Your friend insulted me! So FUCK YOU!”

    “Fuck me? How am I responsible for another grown man’s actions?” (The more logic and reason I threw at him, the more infuriated he seemed to become, and it was fucking weird and bizarre and pretty fucking creepy).

    “Sir, ok, I apologize for my friend’s improper use of his finger. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have things to do. Please try to have a good afternoon.” And we walked away.

    We didn’t walk 30 meters before we were surrounded by idiot mall security. I counted them, there were 5 uniformed security and 3 plain clothed security for a total of 8 mall security asking us to accompany them to the security office down in the basement.

    WHAT THE FUCK??????????????????? Remember, I’ve barely been in Philippines 2 weeks. I’m shitting my pants. I’m thinking I’m a fucking dead man, and I didn’t do a fucking thing to anyone! I asked if we’re being arrested, and if we’re being charged with a crime. Then 2 of the plain clothes idiots discretely grasp my arms, one on my right, and one on my left.

    I’m thinking I’m going to be on the next episode of “Banged Up Abroad” if I make it through this.

    But I held my ground. “Look, we did nothing. My friend flipped the bird at this man because it appeared he intentionally hit a woman with his car in the parking lot. That’s all that happened. If there is a law against sticking your middle finger in the air, then it’s my friend you want to talk to. I FUCKING DID NOTHING, SO GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF ME!”

    “Sir, we need to investigate a complaint by this gentleman which involves you and your friend.” said one of the security personnel.

    “May I ask what is the complaint?”

    “He said your friend flipped the middle finger to him”

    “Yes, that is correct, and I am a witness to it. That’s all. Why are your hands on ME, and not on the perpetrator of the great finger flipping scandal?????? That’s my big fucking question!!”

    “Sir, your friend insulted this gentleman in our parking lot, and we would like to get this sorted out.”

    (Why isn’t the woman who was hit involved in this? She’s the only victim here, but this sore ass dumbfuck is acting like he’s the injured party because someone flipped him the bird.) OH MY GOD, MY FIRST TASTE OF FILIPINO ASS-BACKWARDNESS AND COMPLETE INSANE STUPIDITY!

    So we head down to the office and the security people are practically groveling at the feet of the idiot who had the poor misfortune of seeing someone’s middle finger.

    “Do you know who this man is?” they asked me.

    “You know what, he can’t be anyone of much importance if he’s acting this butt-hurt over a finger. People of importance have MUCH better things to do with their time. But the main point is, I DON’T CARE IF HE’S MARY QUEEN OF SCOTTS! We did not break a law, and we would like to go shopping.

    “This man is the liason to china for the PBA.” said the head of security.

    “oooohhhhh…..ooooohhhhhhhh wow!! shall I bow down and grovel at his feet like everyone in this crowded office is?” SO WHAT???????? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH WHY WE ARE DOWN HERE?????? He’s still just some man to me. Do you know who I am? I’M MEL FUCKING GIBSON! ARE WE EQUAL NOW? GO AHEAD, LOOK ME UP ON THE INTERNET, FIND MY PICTURE!

    And if you don’t apologize right fucking now, everyone in this office is going to be looking for another job tomorrow! All I have to do is make one fucking call! (For all of my adult life, people have told me I look strikingly like Mel Gibson, so I thought I would give it a try, along with his signature insane mannerisms. Hey, might as well have some fun with these stupid fucking scared monkeys!)

    HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER!!! Three people in the office came to realize I was Mel Gibson (even though I’m not, I just look alot like him) while the others looked on the internet. All of their demeanor instantly changed, and now they are groveling to me.

    They instantly apologized, asking my forgiveness, including the dumbfuck who started this whole thing. I told the dumbfuck that he can kiss his liason position goodbye. I turned his game around and back on him.

    Oh what a fun day that ended up being.

    And what I learned is, I can use my Mel Gibson similarity to get star treatment where ever I go here. (If they know who Mel Gibson is). It has worked like a charm a few other times since I’ve been here, but it also has failed once or twice. But it sure is fun and a barrel of laughs!

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      FUCK, your story pisses me off!!

      I swear, I think these stories are the highest point of anger for me. Every new story I hear I start turning all green like the hulk, trying to keep my calm.
      At least yours ended well, but then again the shit should never have happened to begin with.

      THIS kind of thing will see me in prison faster than anything.

    2. Profile gravatar of Penance

      I’m guessing your friend was a Filipino, and you were the Foreigner. This reeks of an attempt to get money.

      I remember a similar story with this Brit that I knew. He was walking in Megamall with his IPhone in his hand. All of a sudden some Filipino idiot ran up and tried to grab it from his hand. The Brit, being former military, reacted quickly and punched the guy down to the ground. Then he called over a security guard to call the police. You’d think this would be an airtight case, right?


      The security guard says that calling the police would be a bad idea because the Brit assaulted the Filipino. “But he was trying to steal my phone!” the Brit replied. “Yes, sir…but he didn’t get the phone, and you assaulted him.

      So, though he was former military, the Brit was not too bright and had to PAY THE WOULD-BE ROBBER 2K PESOS FOR TRYING TO STEAL HIS PHONE. I kid you not. The Brit was likely here without correct visa papers and didn’t want the police involved.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
        Spartacus_killingus Post author

        I would have just taken fucking jail time.
        Then get kicked out of the country, (Assuming I ever got out of jail), and I would be blacklisted.
        I would then spend the rest of my life making sure the name of the Philippines and it’s people were even more tarnished by rubbing shit on everything they do, and everything they are known for.

        I would literally devote my life to seeing each filipino fail at everything thing they ever try. If I see them in another country, I would spread lies about them to get them fired. I would do whatever I could to ruin lives in general.

        But..but…That’s cruel and doesn’t really change anything, some people are innocent.

        Sigh………So was Ionce…..So was I.

        It’s not about the cell phone, it’s about principle, and failing to recognize this has long last and far reaching consequences.

        1. Profile gravatar of Penance

          To me, it’s an important reminder…always go to public places with a witness in tow….preferably one that speaks Tagalog. The game changes when there’s a Filipino witness with you backing you up because it nullifies the whole “Filipino First” mentality used to extort money from Foreigners.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          “I would literally devote my life to seeing each filipino fail at everything thing they ever try.”

          I think they do a pretty damn good job of that on their own Spart. That is about the only thing they’re successful at: Failure.

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      The end of your story is so fucking awesome. I wish I look like someone famous so I could do the exact same thing. It is so mind boggling trying to understand why they grovel at the feet of anyone with the slightest amount of importance. It has nothing to do with the issue at hand, but it seems like Manny Pacquiao can shoot 10 people in the street with witnesses and video as evidence, but because he is Manny Pacquiao all the victims with owe him an apology. I swear these stupid fucking Filipinos cannot process the simple concept of right versus wrong. A serial killer who is the son of a governor would be the victim and the people he murdered are somehow the guilty parties. I guess is easier than doing actual police work or for the Filipino mind to actually think. All you have to say is who has more importance and they are innocent. Or anything they say is true

  4. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Kaine thanks for the informative email on automobiles. I had sent you a thank you note but it got kicked back to me and into my spam folder. I just noticed it.

    Sparticus i think you hit the nail on the head. Filipinos will turn the most childish scenarios into huge dramas and “FILE A CASE”. That’s why they are so defensive. They have to be. Twice I have barely hit children with my bicycle and have had to pay for a “brain scan” when it was clearly the children’s fault for running across the road without looking. They threatened to “FILE A CASE”. When a Filipino does something wrong to you he instinctively defends himself because he thinks you will “FILE A CASE” aganst them. Filipinos don’t sit down and talk things over. They are like little children fighting in the school yard, crying and pointing their fingers at each other over nothing. They also know that the other complaintent will fabricate the story so they do the same. The last time I was in the barangay hall there was a man claiming he was going to “FILE A CASE” against a woman because she was telling everyone that he was a wak-wak. These people were well onto there 40’s. It was actually hilarious and even to this day it brings a laugh when I think about. If you want to understand the mature Filipino mind go to an American inner city elementary school playground and watch how the kindergardeners interact.

    Filofail. I have an idea that the man your freind insulted had a companion. If that was the case he multiplied the whole scenario tenfold because he lost face in front of someone. For the childish Filipino mindthought because he lost face thats more worse than catching ebola.

  5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
    Spartacus_killingus Post author

    Thought I would mention this, as it just happened.
    It kind of has something to do with this thread in a way, though not as “threatening”.

    It is more about Filipinos and their titles and how they perceive them.

    Some of you may already know I am a freelance Game artist. Well I get contacted by companies wanting certain things and I usually have no issues, I do the job and get paid.

    However this time, I was contacted by a well established game studio that decided to utilize local filipinos for virtual assistants.
    My first Red flag was when the person a filipino messaged me and asked me to send my skype. I did and later on he messaged me and a conversation of sorts began.

    I already looked up this guy as is common with me, I like to know who I am dealing with. I found out he was nothing more than a virtual assistant getting paid like $3.33 an hour to look for people like me to work for the studio based in san francisco.

    from the very beginning this guy was talking to me like I was some sort of “employee” in the Philippines. He referred to the company as “HIS” Company, and the games I was to work on were “HIS” games. and that “ALL” question, assets, information and literally everything will go through “HIM” Alone.

    I asked if he was the one programming, I needed to speak to a programmer.
    He said, no Im not programming but “I HAVE A GUY FOR THAT”…… Wha???
    I had to ask again, stating I needed to speak to the programmer to converse of the functionality of certain assets. “NO”, “he is busy you can ask me.”

    I tried to explain, and he didn’t understand what I needed as its not his scope of practice. I asked again, and he simply made it clear that he just talked to the programmer and then said “Anyway, what else do you need?”.

    I said I need to speak to the programmer before I can take any contracts. He then asked me what I charge. I explained in detail how I work and then out of nowhere he sends me a HUGE file of the clients assets……. HOLY SHIT DUDE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

    YOu never send company assets to anyone not under an NDA or in contract. Here I am this filipino guy just throwing all the company assets at me to get a quote!

    I then had to ask though I already knew the answer. “Are you the owner of the company or are you just a representative?”
    His answer, “I represent the company in general.”

    He seemed to be stuck trying to invoke some kind of title and control the conversation in a very deliberate way. Moreover he tried to embellish his status n a ay to make him appear as though he were above me in a hierarchy, which was ridiculous. LOL

    I almost Immediately terminated the interview at this point and told him to thank his bosses for the time. I then went to their site and wrote to the company personally along letter about how he costs the company not only quality work but also finances in lost goods.

    To Filipinos title and the Illusion it carries is really fucking everything man. I was so pissed talking to the guy I almost punched my monitor.

    He doesn’t know the business, and what do you expect from someone who finds logic in working for 3.33 an hour so he can try to be bossy to people getting paid 10 times more than him? You have no self respect you have no fucking CLUE, you pretentious fuck!

    Also remove that fucking graduation picture from your skype, makes you look like a douche bag!

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance

      Not sure if you knew this, but many Filipinos pretend to represent fictitious American companies to garner trust. The reality is, they want the lowest amount to pay with no way to trace them back if they don’t pay you. To be honest, I can’t conceive of any solid American company that

      A) Does all it’s interviews with complete strangers over Skype only and,
      B) Doesn’t have a means to allow you to connect with anyone else but them.

      Those are the red flags for me. I leave those alone. If I can’t email someone at the company address, it’s probably bogus.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
        Spartacus_killingus Post author

        I would typically agree to this, but having been in the business a while, I can tell you for a fact many of these companies, especially these game studios around the world outsource to various people around the globe.

        Anything thats considered non “in house” production. Same goes film production.
        A previous company I worked with had an entire development team in pakistan. Almost all the Virtual assistants are Filipino for some reason, usually women and tolerable.

        Game studio in Irvine California outsources to Singaporeans, usually.
        The reason for outsourcing is pretty much as I described. Cheap labor, that dude in particular was only making 3 bucks an hour for some crazy reason.

        As far as skype interviews go, many western companies are realizing that it is a preferred method of communication over telephones obviously. Most of my interviews are conducted via skype, either video or typing. I have never been interviewed but twice by a Virtual assistant, this was the second time. I prefer to talk to someone who knows what is going on.

        I also receive emails from the company when they need something. I have a variety of ways to get contacted. This VA was just being a little dick.

        Briefly partnered with the owner of a rather large company in the states that wanted to open an office here. I say briefly because the “pinoy” element, pretty much fucked that all up. This one guy, that was hired as a manager, thought because I was paying him 100k pesos a month he would act like gods gift to the world. He did everything he could to manipulate more money from me.

        Tried to go around me at every turn to the owner of the company to attempt better accommodations.

        Told the owner that his team needed a home office in a wealthy subdivision with a pool. I put a stop to that shit real quick!
        Same routine, pinoy guy gets a little power, and thinks they are a god.

      2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
        Spartacus_killingus Post author

        “Not sure if you knew this, but many Filipinos pretend to represent fictitious American companies to garner trust. The reality is, they want the lowest amount to pay with no way to trace them back if they don’t pay you. To be honest, I can’t conceive of any solid American company that.”

        Been here since 2000, belive me Im aware of most of their tricks. LOL

        But good looking out.

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    one time in leyte.
    an iceland company came to leyte to set up a geothermal plant,, built roads,, leveled locatios, built a pier…
    whne the drilling rig arrived ,, the local mayor came to the site and announced they needed a license to unload the drill rig ..
    to drill a geothermal well needs a lot of expertise and money,, but once you get it running it is like a money making machine.. pump water down,, up comes steam!!!!
    The white eyes took took this peice of work into his office and told the flip ” there are cctv cameras all over this location. So, we are going to charge you for every car and ship that used our location,,, Can you imagine that flip rolling his eyes around trying to see the cameras??? hhahahah.
    i do not know what happened next,, but like all else in this hellhole,, we can imagine.
    nice to see back in action,, fafi.. i missed u
    shoot me dead

  7. Profile gravatar of constantino

    i remember back in the early 80’s up to the mid to late 90’s people (even in Metro Manila) generally were courteous and pretty much kinder to one another. nowadays when you watch the news there is always an incident of street brawls even among children under 12. not to mention when you drive around, instances of road rage occur almost too often, yes even here in Bacolod cases are on the rise.

    i remembered something i read before, (and took time to check it out before writing this comment) a research done by an American ethologist John B. Calhoun about Behavioral Sink. well to cut to the chase, in his experiments showed the collapse in behaviour on rats subjected to overcrowding, the rat’s were placed inside enclosures with food and water. as the experiment progressed over the years and the rat’s began to breed and occupy more space, more aggressive behaviour and fighting would occur and even the young were left to die.

    now applying this to our current situation, we are now 98 million (as of 2013) and growing 1.7% annually. it may be safe to assume that we (not only Filipinos) as a species are heading in that direction.

    quoting Joe Rogan on one of his podcasts: ” The idea should be is that you should have a sense of community where everyone contributes and everybody helps everyone, our real problem is that there is too many people. you cannot have a community of 20 million people, otherwise you will get a diffusion of responsibilities. you will get to a point where there is too many people that would not care. the biological evolution of the human animal can not adapt to this system of this community being intensely and incredibly larger than it used to be….”

    i am quite sure as our population surges, traffic worsens, inflation rises there will be no shortage of people running around with an axe to grind just because our environment has changes drastically that courtesy and respect for one another are secondary or even ignored traits. so i am very sure this will not be the last time we will encounter stories of people being unruly just because they have relatives, friends or worse acquaintances in high places

  8. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    I’m always surprised there’s not more road rage here and often wonder how many fights, even murders, you’d see increase in the west if everybody started driving like filipinos.

    Some good points there, Constantino, on the rats experiment. Over-population could be to blame for a lot of this country’s issues – which leads to poverty, which leads to desperation, which leads to stealing, cheating and scamming – but still doesn’t excuse the sheer amount of dumbfuckery inherent in its citizens. Scary to think what the place will be like in just another 35 years. Another 50+ million hungry mouths to feed. They can’t even take care of each other now.

  9. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
    Spartacus_killingus Post author

    Scary to think what the place will be like in just another 35 years.
    You think it will make it that far?

    About Road rage, I agree. Though I think I have seen perhaps no less than 1a dozen situations where someone was raging in one form of another with their vehicle. One incident not realy road rage related, was when I was coming back from the mall, I got a cab. Went through the normal haggling process and was sitting in the back seat as the driver took common wealth at Mach 70.

    It was night, and some J walker ran right out in front of us. The guy flew over the side of the cab, breaking the mirror off and got a face full of speeding motorcycle carrying two passengers. Not sure if he lived or died, but we didn’t hang around long to find out.
    So the cab driver is cursing at this point and pulls over about half a mile later, and I figure he’s going to call for a police officer sense we are near the police dept. Instead he gets out and walks around his car and get pissed his mirror is missing.

    He gets back in and takes me the rest of the way I opt to get out early of course, I don’t want to be in this cab. I didn’t have anything to write with nor did I have a phone to take a picture of his vehicle ID number. What I could remember no one seemed to give two shits about.

    No one seems to give a shit about anything here. Anything at all, including other people.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      I’ve seen a few accidents, or at least the remnants of, with people lying dying in the road surrounded by scores of people just gawping, sometimes taking pictures, not one trying to help. One time I saw a little old lady down in the middle of the road, blood pouring out her head and there must have been at least a 100 people just watching her die. So whenever I hear the, “We’re such caring loving people” I just roll my eyes. “Yeah right.”

  10. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    I have one really sad story to tell.

    I was in Makati about 3 years ago. I was sitting at the bar there (now called Cheers). It was daytime. I heard a scream and the sound of something hitting the ground. The power cables in the street were bouncing up and down. I presumed a hotel sign had fallen off so didnt think too much of it. I couldnt see much to my right from where I was sitting.

    Eventually a huge crowd gathered in the street. A friend said let’s have a look. We went over and people were talking selfies and photos of a young white guy who was laying in the street and partly across a small fence with spikes. One spike was in his skull causing blood so spray over the street and his body was smashed to pieces.

    Eventually an ambulance came and the crew pushed the crowd away to take him away.

    Turns out he jumped from the Makati Palace Hotel into the street.

    For says after, I saw security guards and some others texing eachother pics of his smashed body and closeups of his face on their cellphones and going ehehhehehehehehehehehheh!! look! hehhehehehee!

    Incredibly people thought it was hilarious. The look of joy on their faces was unbearable.

    The man died the same day in hospital from multiple fractures.

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      Not surprised in the least. Im actually more shocked that you didn’t see them going through this poor guys pockets. I will never forget a newscast I saw a few years ago discussing a bus accident on EDSA. They had CCTV of the aftermath and people rushing to the scene presumably to assist with the recovery efforts and look for survivors. NOPE – they were running out with cell phones, purses, and wallets.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike


        It was in the last two years, last year I think. A pinoy was drivi g to NAIA to get a floght to Singapore. Well he had a heart attack while driving but did get pulled over and stopped. Here comes three MMDA to the rescue and rush him to the hospital.

        Well needless to say he died. But what did MMDA do? They swiped $1,500 of the $2,000 he jad for the trip along with his laptop.