I Used To Get Angry

When I first arrived in this country of my origin, having grown up in a country with an environment of a much higher level of logical thinking, reason, accountability, care, concern, cleanliness, intelligence, rationality, honesty….well I could go on and on, I was SHOCKED to discover the complete opposite in the minds of native filipinos. Not much of anything was logical, honest, intelligent, rational, reasonable,….well you get it.

It seemed nearly anything I bought with a 1 year warranty fell apart or stopped working within 4 months, and honoring the warranty was simply denied by using some stupid, illogical, irrational, conflicting alibi or reason, regardless of what the written warranty stated, OR instead of just walking over to the shelf and getting another new one in exchange, they tell you they will send it to Manila to be “checked” (not repaired, mind you, “checked” by the idiot at the corporate office in Manila, because apparently they don’t believe me, and they’re not fucking smart enough to check it themselves to see that it doesn’t work.

If it’s the case of not believing me, that maybe I’m as stupid as they are, and I just buy things only to bring them back for a refund. Why would I buy it in the first place if I didn’t want it? But the native filipino mind cannot process such simple logic.

But with all the stupidity, ignorance, and filogic that I had to deal with every single day, it was really getting under my skin. I wasn’t used to living in such mind-boggling stupidity. And every little thing began to anger me.

That’s when I realized that if I’m going to survive emotionally and mentally here, I had to come to some kind of level of acceptance that life here is going to have to be a process. The days of making a phone call to customer service and getting a person who doesn’t try to blame the issue on me, and getting a fast and reasonable solution without an argument were over. I’m in Philippines now. The process has changed. Now a call to any customer service line is answered by a powerless idiot with no authority to make any kind of customer service decision whatsoever, and is only there to read from a book of responses and tag words, such as “follow-up” and “expedite” “open a ticket”, and “we’ll get back to you within 24 hours”. These words make them sound official and customer-servicey, giving you the illusion you’re being heard and your complaint is being registered. But you can be guaranteed you will not get a call back…ever, nor will the problem be resolved. A couple days later, after you were fully dissed and forgotten by them, you go through the exact same fucking call again, and 24 hours later, again, and again, and again, and again.

Idiots…I mean utter, complete, undeniably idiots. It’s really sad. Filipinos must know this is all true, but they live their lives in such a pit of denial and ignorance about it. So that’s the way it really is here. Most native filipinos will stupidly deny it all, and say how great their country is, regardless of the fact the whole world can SEE otherwise. But they believe words speak louder than physical reality and their actions. Just say it, and what you see or do simply will cease to be. It’s what you say is real that is real, not what you see. This is Philippines. Land Of Illusion and Delusion.

So anyway, I decided that getting angry was not good for my health and blood pressure. Getting angry at a filipino for being a mindless delusional dumbfuck is like getting angry at a puppy for eating a hot dog on the floor.

So in order to make a change, you have to stop bending over and taking it in the ass from your fellow countrymen, and start seeing reality. If I need a complaint resolved, I need to bypass the powerless mindless idiot at level one. I need to work my way to the person who hoards the power of decision in order to get resolution. I need to threaten a complaint to the government regulatory agency that handles such complaints, and force them to simply do what is right: GIVING ME WHAT I PAID FOR. Because filipinos don’t seem to understand such a concept.

And I do it nearly every day. And eventually, I do get what I pay for. I do, in the end, get resolution, or a refund. Imagine if every filipino stood up and fought for their rights, how much better a place this would be. But nope, the vast majority just cowardly do nothing, and continue fuck each other over on a daily basis, and nobody says a thing, they just take it in the ass with full acceptance.


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  1. stokkevn

    I have had similar experiences as you, mine was with an electric kettle that within a few days leaked onto the electrical connections, light stopped working and steam burnt your had when poring. I returned to the shop with it and after the assistant insisting that it was OK, I got the manager out who agreed with the assistant so I told him to fill it full of water and plug it in. I then asked him to touch the metal side of the kettle to see if it was getting warm. There was a quick scream and he shot backwards into a rack of cups which fell and broke all over the floor. At that point I said, Oh yes I forgot to tell you it also gives you an electric shock if you touch the metal bits. After threatening to report him to the police for selling dangerous and deadly equipment I got a refund.

    Unfortunately with the Philippines all the stuff comes from China, but this is the same stuff that they sell to Europe and USA. When something fails the quality, safety and design requirements of Europe, USA and Africa they box it up and send it to the Philippines along with a couple of dollars to get the Philippines quality mark as the Filipinos don’t know any better.

  2. Jho Almaden

    You really entertain me with your comments and assumptions. Most of them are harshly true but labeling “the Filipinos or Filipinos…” in your posts is as if you don’t belong to the same genome (somehow). Think about what you’ve said and how you’ve said them. I just don’t agree on how you get your point across, at least in this blog. I believe you are much more educated than your reactions here.

    1. filofail

      If most of them are harshly true, then they’re not assumptions, correct? And if they’re mostly true, as a filipino who recognizes it, why don’t you do your part to make the change, so that people like me won’t make blogs like this?

  3. Nusquam Humanitus

    I’m on a anti-Filipino reading and commenting tear! I’m having a damn, good time!

    Genetics and culture are two completely different things! If Mr. Fail never entered or lived in the Philippines, he would never have experienced and starting blogging in the now. I wish I had heard about this blog sooner! It’s therapeutic!

    1. filofail

      Therapy is exactly why I made this blog. Helps me release the utter inability to understand why anyone could be that fucking unbelievably stupid in every way as Filipinos are. No logic, no reason, no common sense, no common courtesy, mind-boggling ignorance, blatant hypocrisy…..

  4. Nusquam Humanitus

    I have absolutely no doubts on the poll. I agree with you on a lot of points! I disagree with you on a lot of points too. I have been laughing my ass off reading your posts. I love your writing prose and I can’t say your logic is flawed in most cases. I just disagree on the causes of the realities in this country. I’ve been living in Cebu City for over 2 years and have experienced most of the sadness you have written about. It’s very sad in a lot of ways. It should never have gotten to this point. A complete failure! As you have pointed out!

  5. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    The problem is, how much time and patience do you have to keep complaining about the product, internet, water, phone, etc?
    The plan is to wear you down to just give up. I made it as fun as possible when I purchase something I think will break down. I ask them repeatedly about the warranty and replacement. Of course they promise it over and over, then I bring it right back to them. When they start giving me the BS, I say, “So you lied to me”? That really freaks them out. Filipinos love to lie, cheat, and steal, but for some reason they get so scared or offended when it gets discovered for everyone to see.
    Of course, they will keep saying they did no lie. To which I reply, I think you did. You said one thing and now you are saying something else. You were lying then and you are lying now. Most times, they go to the back and don’t come back out.
    It’s kind of fun, especially if you do it in a passive-aggressive manner. Otherwise, I really want to choke them.

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    tell them to put their lies in writing,, If they dont,, tell them they are lieing .. I will have to try this sometime and watch the little shitheads squirm.