I wanna be…consequence free {Pt. 2}

Well, what a fun few days it’s been since my car got hit by that drunk scooter driver.  I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I thought I’d update you on how a big chunk of stupidity got molded and shaped into a fuckin’ masterpiece of supreme bullshit.

So when we last left the story, the blotter had been filled out, and they were supposed to get back to me.  Well, they did, by knocking on my door at 10am and telling me that I had to go down to the Barangay Hall.  So I get dressed, hop on the back of the Barangay police’s scooter, and off we go.  When we arrive, the owner of the scooter is there.  Apparently, this is the “let’s make a deal” phase of the process.  So I spend the next hour trying to convince the kid that, because it was HIS bike that he loaned to HIS drunk friend, that it was HIS responsibility.  An actual police officer came in and made it clear to him that it was his responsibility, even.

I know that it’s rare to actually catch someone in the act here long enough to nail them down for compensation.  If this doesn’t work, I’m staring down filing a complaint, waiting 6 months to a year (if I’m lucky), only to have a court order him to pay and then chasing down the money for the next 10 years anyways.  So I’m playing this carefully, but at the same time, I’m not letting him off the hook.  I graciously offer him an easy deal; give me the scooter and it’s done.  No jail time for his friend, no court, etc.  He “has to think about it”.  *sigh*  He’s going to play the long game, I guess.  But he says he just wants to talk to the family of the friend that drove the scooter, and we can all get back together again at 1pm.  Fine.  I call my Filipina and she takes a half day at work.  I’m going to need a translator here.

So 1pm comes around, and the kid shows up with his mother.  The next thing I’m going to tell you will scramble your brain as you try to understand the logic.  Without a pause, the mother actually says:

“It’s your fault for parking on the street.  You should have been parked inside somewhere!”

Yep.  So this is the logic going here as the toothless mother tries to defend her son and get out of this scot-free.  Fortunately, my Filipina is smart, and she has some Barangay officials that are more impressed with her than the toothless mother or her trike driver looking son.  So nobody’s buying it, and they keep pressing.  The whole affair moves to next door where more Barangay staff are siding with my Filipina.  We finally break them down.  A deal is made where I’m going to hold the scooter for 4 months to give them time to pay for damages.  If they don’t, I keep the scooter and sell it to get my money back.  Things are looking up, until the first bomb drops.

He hasn’t registered the damn thing in over 3 years!

ARRRGGHH!  I want to be able to use it, and I don’t want to be hit with huge penalties trying to register it.  So we work through that.  We’ll register it and the fees will be tacked on to the total amount they owe.  The deal is getting shakier, but it’s still in place….until the first bomb becomes nothing compared to the final fucking H-bomb that drops.

He doesn’t have a deed to the scooter!  In fact, the “OR/CR” he has is just a photocopy!

Yep, that’s right.  So this kid paid 25k for a scooter he doesn’t even own, can never register….nothing.  And because of this, the scooter is impounded by the Barangay until he pays me off.  This is so he can’t have the actual owner come and take it away from me by saying I stole it.

The end result?  A written and signed agreement that he is going to pay 1k per week to repay the actual cost of repairs to the car.  He’s to make these payments at the Barangay, and I can go pick them up the day after.  I got an estimate done by a repair shop in the neighborhood, coincidentally owned by one of the Barangay councilmen.  The discount is good…about 10k less than I estimated.  All in all, this kid has to endure 20 weeks of paying 1k a week.

Now, is he going to follow through?  Very unlikely.  But the Barangay assured me that they’ll harass him for the money if he doesn’t pay.  Will they actually do that?  Probably not.  But this kid ain’t getting’ that scooter back any time soon, that’s for sure.  So some small vengeance is mine.  Meanwhile, the car is being fixed…I should have it in a week if this shop actually starts doing the work.

So there you have it!  Stupid people buying things they can’t afford without verifying paperwork to actually own it. Then failing to even try and register it which would have informed him 3 years ago that he didn’t actually own it yet.  Then driving it around unregistered everywhere.  Then loaning it to his drunk friend.  Then denying responsibility.  Then taking a position that cars shouldn’t be parked on the street in case his drunk friend wants to drive on said street.  The list goes on and on.  In the end, you just say fuck it and be grateful for what you can get.

Speaking of being grateful for what you can get, I got one little perk out of it at the end.  As we were walking out of the Barangay Hall, I got to look at my Filipina (who’s gotten to hate hearing the negatives about the Failippines lately) and say “You DO know this would have gone down a LOT differently in the States, right?”  As bothered as she was, she couldn’t disagree.  She couldn’t argue the stupidity put on display that day.

I love it when a point proves itself.

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    Eve Was Framed

    They love to take responsibility for cakes brought to parties. At almost every Filipino party I’ve attended, the cake reads “Happy Birthday June-June, Love, Tita Kiki.” Or “Congrats Grad! From Mom and Dad.”
    It’s so TACKY. But what about this culture isn’t?

    Sorry to hear about your predicament. I really do hope the guy pays you.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      I’m expecting he won’t…but at least the desire to pay me back was there…my filipina even begged him to show me that Filipinos CAN take responsibility for things because I’ve seen so many bad things about Filipinos. Hope that hit home, but time will tell

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    Just back from the PI,
    My friend was returning from a local VFW Funeral, he attended as he had a van to take anyone who couldn’t drive there .
    On the way back he noticed a motor bike heading straight at him overtaking a truck, so on the wrong side of the road.
    He did the only thing he could he stopped on the side of the road as best he could so no CPA.
    Wrong the bike drove straight into his stationary vehicle.
    No helmets, No appropriate foot wear. You know how it is.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They called the Police and the Ambulance etc.
    Two bike riders in Hospital , 8 Eye witnesses how it happened including the Council Truck driver being overtaken.
    POLICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its your fault sir , But I was stationary !!!!!!!!, You have to pay they have no money for the hospital !!!!!!!!!!!
    They have NO INSURANCE. Motor bike is unregistered.
    But I stopped so we didn’t collide at 160 klph CPA.
    YOU HAVE TO PAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It cost him after 6 hours of Police Interrogation and denial of any legal assistance 95000 peso.
    But he got it in writing they were satisfied with the settlement and he has a copy of the Police Report which blames the Bike Riders clearly with witness statements.
    But the riders cant contribute to the POLICE RETIREMENT FUND.

  3. Profile gravatar of Penance
    Penance Post author

    Quite honestly, I would have stood my ground. Let them bring it to court. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SETTLE. At that point, they can get it recommended to court By the time they raffle the case off, it’ll be at least a year. Additionally, if they don’t have money for a hospital, they don’t have money for a lawyer, and there’s certainly no lawyers that only take money if you win around here. It’s always cash up front.

    Even if it got to court, there’s just no way they could win. You’re allowed to pull over ON YOUR SIDE OF THE ROAD. The bikers were in the wrong lane. There’s no way they could have won since LTO is completely on the van driver’s side on this one.

    One of the great mistakes Expats make here is being afraid of the bullshit stupid rules. I find that, more often than not, if I make a stand they back down. It’s just a matter of who’s got more stamina and facts.

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    Verify paperwork? Stupid me. Signed Deed of Sale notarized by a lawyer, purchased from home owner 2 doors down. Long story short, license being held until I pay P10,000 fine or he gives me back my money for the illegally sold bike and goes to LTO to pay the fine for the fake paper work. They act like he would do it because the sale was illegal. No help or interest in them doing it, PNP wants certificate from LTO to blotter it but LTO said that they can’t?????? It is fake, LTO showed me how they know, but not enough proof for PNP????

    There is more, but **

    ** I become incoherent, I suffer from analytical loop disease, short circuiting, must stop!!

    Now using a lawyer to deal with him and LTO, no faith and no clue. It’s nice to see his truck parked outside as I walk to get a taxi.

    Deed of Sale?? The kind signed by a lawyer?? The one that verifies the parties, vehicle and paper work??

    Stupid me, I thought a lawyer verifying the paper work and sale was a safe transaction.