I Wish I’d Found This Blog Sooner!

I met her online while she was in Australia. She was leaving to go home not long after but we chatted alot and within a few months I flew her from her city and met her in Manila. It was a good 10 days and all seemed legit and my mate who was with me also found everything fairly above board. Her cousin did arrive from nowhere but I realized their family was fairly important to them and thought nothing of it.

Four months later i returned but this time flew to her city where I met the friends ,family and even attended the church. Then it started…id like an airconditioner…my phone is broken. I went home again and it continued…i cant call cos my battery in phone not good. Can u get a pig for church party. My niece needs a cake for her christening. Can mum borrow 5000 pesos for travel she pay u back. Stupid me went along with it thinking oh ive been to the church and surely she wouldnt be scamming someone she took to church.hahaha..

I went back again in 4 months to manila. She was sick this time. When I got home again I sent money for her sons xmas present. I saw pics of them in the shop with a bike but when xmas came and went she was not able to be contacted for 2 weeks and then finally rang and said they were broken into and the bike and her phone were stolen. How sad. Another phone purchased. Then came pics on hospital. Pay for operation. Now shes better and was all good for a while when all of a sudden …gone again. This time she was mugged so couldnt call. Can I get another phone please so I can call..sent money for new phone and shes gone. I know I shouldnt have been so stupid, but it really did seem believable for a while. Anyway ive woken up to it now and realize that they can play a very good game and nothing is off limits. Anyone out there, if it does’nt feel right, its not, and family, church, or anything wont stop these chicks taking you for a ride. Im glad I finally worked it out or this story may have ended a lot worse for me. Worse part is she seemed so legit, that you are left wondering …what if she is. Truth is though, if your not there you just don’t know.

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    Welcome to the suck. Now you know how most, both male and female filipinos are. They will screw you every chance they get anyway they can. Help them once and they expect it for life and it’s always give us more. What you did not see though was how the pinays will sit a a computer chatting with 2,3,4,5 men at the same time telling sobs stories to get them to send cash.

    I was in Manila and we had an internet cafe right next door. So one night my wife and I go over there to get online. Well I’m standing behind a pinay who has 3 or 4 (this was 2007- 2008) yahoo messangers open talking to Western men telling each one he was her only boyfriend and trying to get them to send her money. The good part was she had them all on webcam and they could see me in the background. I could not resist the temptation.

    I just leaned close and asked which one of the 4 was her real boyfriend since she told them all the same thing. Looks like your just a scammer huh? Instantly they all turned off their webcams and closed Yahoo. Damn did I get a sour look from that bitch.

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    Captain PFB

    When EVERY person in a society feels they have a good and valid reason and justification to lie, cheat, scam, and steal, but others don’t, and they criticize everyone else who lies, cheats, scams, and steals, you have Philippines.

    Ask a Filipino why he/she is “proud to be a Filipino”, they will all tell you “We are loving and caring people”. This is, as just about everything that comes spewing from their lips, is an all-out blatant delusion and lie.

    Loving and caring people do not drive the way EVERY SINGLE Filipino in this country drives, like inconsiderate ignorant “me first” assholes. Loving and caring people do not speed by you at 49kph honking their horn at you while you’re crossing in a PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK, as if you, a pedestrian, have NO RIGHT to be crossing the street in a PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK while they are approaching.

    Loving and caring people don’t cut in lines.
    Loving and caring people don’t scam each other every chance they get.
    Loving and caring people who work in restaurants serve you hot food.
    Loving and caring people who work in restaurants coordinate so that your whole table’s order arrives together, instead of 1 dish every 10 minutes.

    Loving and caring people who run businesses GIVE YOU WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
    Loving and caring people don’t make promises they have no intention of keeping.

    This list is never-ending

    Filipinos are the FURTHEST THING from “loving and caring”. But as usual, they are incapable of letting their actions match up with their words.

    NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER NEVER EVER Trust a Filipino. And NEVER EVER EVER send them money!!!!!!
    Because there is a 99.9999999999% chance that whatever they’re saying is PURE BULLSHIT TO SCAM YOU OUT OF YOUR MONEY.

    11 years in Philippines, and I have NEVER met a trustworthy Filipino. Never not one. You cannot rely on them, you cannot trust them. Ever. Not even one. At least that has been my experience in 11 years here.

    Oh, and I just love when the idiot Filo will reply to this and say, “Well you have only met a few out of the 99,000,000.

    They don’t have a clue about “sampling”.

    If I have been all over Philippines over 11 years, and never found a single one I could rely on or fully trust, I would say that’s a pretty darn reliable sampling enough to give legitimacy and credibility to my statement.

    Oh I’m sure there are some fully reliable and trustworthy Filipinos, but that number is so infinitesimal in relation to 99 million, it’s not even worth mentioning.

    Proud to be Filipino….I want to roll on the floor laughing every time I hear a Pinoy idiot say that.

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      Pinay Lover

      I love the response they make putting all odds and statistics aside, “but it’s like that everywhere! That happens in every country! Not every Filipino is like that! Why don’t you leave then!”

      So why don’t I leave if I don’t like getting robbed, cheated, tricked? How about improving? But no, YOU have to improve your tolerance to them. It’s YOUR fault and YOUR problem because you don’t enough patience and tolerance for their “CULTURE”!

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    A female Eddie Guerrero, lyin’, cheatin’, stealin’……this site would be a kick ass source of stories for country and westerrn songs…….. “She stole more than my heart”…:)))))

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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been following this blog for a while and I’m noticing that the behaviour of Filipino women seems very similar to the one of the so-called Eastern European “mail order brides”. I lived in Eastern Europe for a while, and it was quite common to see a young woman with a much, much older guy. I saw scenes in which the young woman, if the older guy didn’t buy her the ABC or XYZ designer purse, shoes, clothes, etc, they threw a major attitude, screaming and stamping their feet as if she were 3 years old. Then, I heard many sob stories from these older, Western guys that married their supermodel look-a-like Eastern European blonde, took her to the US (or Canada, Western Europe, OZ, NZ…) and then trouble started. So, these guys ended up buried in divorce papers and sucked dry of their wordly possessions; many times, these guys also discovered that they were supporting their wife’s family (and many times, former husband, that they planned to re-marry once obtained a Western citizenship)…or they found out that their wife had a child in her homeland (but she presented her Western husband the child as “his nephew”…) Well, I tell my friends that if a much younger woman that you barely know “pushes too much” on the marriage button after 2 months you met (maybe online, maybe not…) it’s a HUGE red flag. I have an example of a friend of mine, a Western guy in an important city of Eastern Europe. This guy went steady for a while with a very good friend of mine, a Western European woman that maybe she didn’t look like Adriana Lima, but she had a good heart, was sincere and was really willing to start a family (I knew this young woman for a long long time and I can tell you, she’s one of the very few ppl I could trust blindly; I’ll call her Anna, here). One day she comes to me crying her eyeballs out, I consoled her with pizza, Haagen Dasz and 10 packs of Kleenex when she told me what happened: her bf (I’ll call him Mark here), left her, out of the blue, for an Eastern European girl (I’ll call her Lana here) that he met a few weeks before on a bus. Well, Anna told me that Mark always told her that “he wasn’t in a hurry to get married”, “he wanted to take his time to work on a family”, sort of things. Well, I spoke to Mark and he was completely smitten by Lana. I also met her and she seemed to be cold and arrogant. Moreover, there were many things that Lana didn’t tell Mark (such as that she had a child from a previous relationship and when Mark found out, she absolutely refused to talk about it honestly and openly) and a lot of lies, also (where she worked, where she was exactly from, her family, etc). I told mark that his relationship was showing more red flags than the old Victory Parades in the formers USSR, but he didn’t want to listen to me and I warned him about the dangers of building up a serious relationship on lies. Well, after 6 mths that he went out with this Lana, Mark told me not just that his dear Lana had vanished unexplicably, but also that she was mixed up in a sort of shady business. I answered him “Well, I can say you asked for it. “I smelled a rat” from very very far in your relationship with Lana”.

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    I will second that… and WITHOUT exception. NEVER EVER EVER EVER send a girl money – especially one you don’t know or have not met in person. And even then, I would not do it unless she’s your wife or you are about to marry.

    If you meet a girl online (which I also DO NOT advise one bit) and she asks for money, immediately tell her to fuck off. End it right there. Once (and if) you end up in a relationship with here, the money demands will come soon enough.

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      “Once (and if) you end up in a relationship with here, the money demands will come soon enough”.

      And some wait out for the big prize….. visa to your country and citizenship. And if you’re lucky, she might let you keep your life!