I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Street Food Again!

I’ve often felt nutrition is a good reality check for measuring the health of a society based on paradigms such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Nutritional insecurity is an issue faced within every modern society and culture as nutrition is essential to human existence.  And because food is such an integral part of every society and culture, I felt it would be worth making some observations on the dysfunctions of Filipino society and culture through the prism of food, as others have done in the past on this website.  But since we’re talking about the Philippines, I thought it would be best to talk about food, society and culture in terms of street food.

One of the more irksome attributes of Filipinos and how they like to talk about food as if they were gourmets when in reality the food representative of their society and culture is rather vile and disgusting.  I could go on and try to pontificate about the dissonance between fact and reality but Agness Walewinder has a marvelous article (with pictures of unappetizing Filipino street food) on her website that does justice to this topic far better than I ever could and is definitely worth sharing on this website:



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    Just not much to comment on, there is nothing you might say wow that’s good. And a lot to say yuck or that’s fuck’en gross.

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    Phil Doh

    That article has been edited from the original, or at least the title has. She received so many butt-hurt pinoy comments she changed it to add street food. You could argue it is all about individual tastes, but filipino food is just dog shit in general. If of course you can find it available.

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    Yeah, I remember this article. It came out on Yahoo. There were so many crying Filipinos on it. Apparently taking pictures and giving first-hand testimonials of your opinion makes people I mean Filipinos angry.
    Then even the more educated the Filipinos said they would not be street food and that is not indicative of Filipino culture. However, the author has traveled to many countries and I personally have traveled to China and Thailand where street food is so good. Their street food is equivalent to or even better than a restaurant at times.
    So the Filipinos commenting have never left their province let alone their country. They’re crying just to cry. Funny cuz the author even stated to some hateful Filipinos that she could have just said he was the greatest you ever had and won many fans.
    Filipinos would rather hear how great they are than hear the truth.
    I think that’s what I will say now when someone asks how I like the Philippines. I’ll say, “do you want the truth or do you want me to tell you how great it is.?”

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      “would not be street food and that is not indicative of Filipino culture. “, I bet they didn’t offer a dish and restaurant to back it up.

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      Haha, I will remember that one. “do you want the truth or do you want me to tell you how great it is.?”

      Hey Mike, I still haven’t forgotten about my old promise to deface the currency: “The Filipino is NOT worth fighting for”.

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        I was thinking about getting a little ink stamper made up that says that. The new notes left that out so cannot write NOT in the motto.

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      Sorry for typos. Was stuck in traffic and using my phone.
      If anyone has traveled to Thailand or China, you would know good street food. Even Mexico has great tacos at some of their carts. When I go to Thailand, I actually look forward to the street carts of little vans converted into food/ drink stalls. So that is what the author was trying to convene, I think.
      I actually applaud the author for willing to try street food in teh Ph. She could have caught some serious disease from it. Filipinos have stomachs stronger than goats. They can eat food that is dirty or been sitting all day, we can’t.
      Then if the food stalls arent around, the next step up is the canteens or eaterys, which are just as disgusting. The food sits out and flys land on it all day. Even the bottled SML seems dirty there.
      If you look on the girls website, there are so many Filipinos blasting her. I remember when this came out on Yahoo Philippines, they were outraged. Yet, I would like to see some of them eat that crap. They said she did not eat at the right places, or she had a bad guide, or she needed to be invited to a house for home cooking. They completely missed the point of a tourist just wandering around. That is the Filipino mentality though. 1. Deny 2. Blame the messenger. 3. Deflect and say you did something wrong.

      Bottom line: Filipino food does suck. Look at any major city. They have Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, but you rarely see any Filipino food. I liked a couple of Filipino dishes when I got here until they started to make my heart hurt. There is only so much Lechon and Crispy Pata a man can eat before getting an early heart attack.

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        Don Quixote

        Hey the Gold Coast has one FLIP restaurant.!!!!!!!!
        I took the child bride there once for bangus or something she was whinging about on her first trip to OZ.
        just to shut her up.
        At that time everything tasted better in the PI.
        I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gotten that whinge.
        AMAZING thing she never wanted to go back. I quite enjoyed it to be fair, cooked in clean oil and tasted nice and clean.the lumpia was exceptional.
        More like what we would expect. in a Resto.
        I guess it didn’t have that rotten oil fly blown smell for the child bride to enjoy.
        Jesus Christ she even whinged about the ripe tomatoes being toooo sweet.

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          Yeah, most flip restaurants are near flip communities. Westerners are going for halo halo when we have Gelato and ice cream shops.
          Only Filipinos will eat Filipino food. Put a Filipino restaurant near any Chinese or Thai place in the USA they’ll go out of business in 2 months.
          That’s too funny your wife didn’t like clean flip food.

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            There’s a flip restaurant in London called Josephines. It may be the only “proper” flip resto in the whole country. Anyway I tried it out about 5 years ago. Food was rancid, service slow, prices high. I went down to the toilet and saw the squalid kitchen down there…sinks filthy, CR filthy etc. Just checked trip advisor and it’s still going.

            The replies from the management are hilarious and blame the customers of course for posting fake reviews!

            Here’s one of their pathetic and hilarious replies to someone who didnt have a good time there:

            Manny Paquiao’s (Manny Paquiao being the most Famous Filipino in the World right now) Trainer Freddie Roach even went so far as to say our food was the best he’d tasted both here and in the Philippines and he’s been around the Philippines many times! We even had some people from Philippine Airlines with us, Look at the photos! They’re all smiling for you rvgg

            We get alot of people from all around the world eating here and our Staff don’t recall you rvgg or any males from Doah aged 50 – 64 year old men on the day you dined with us, which leads us to belive your review might be fabricated? The question is possibly the rest of your reviews might fabricated too? Do you have High end Fabricated Reviews of places you’ve never visted rvgg?
            For REAL LIFE CUSTOMERS, check our Photos in the TripAdvisor Photosection and our Facebook Page too! We Love You All!

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            Captain PFB

            Notice they only respond to negative comments, and instead of being humble and apologizing for their customer’s bad experience at their restaurant, they venomously deny and negate the honest review, even accuse them of fabricating it. This is how Pinoy Pride works. Filipinos have absolutely no sense at all about customer service. How do you make yourself look good in light of bad comments? You apologize for your customer’s bad experience, maybe evaluate the quality of your food and service, maybe even ask them to contact you by email and invite them back for an opportunity to give them a more positive experience at a discount, etc. There are many ways to reconcile with unsatisfied customers. But the Filipino cannot fathom that they are less than perfect. And when someone points that out to them, they spit venom at you. HOW VERY FILIPINO!
            Self preservation at all costs!
            If that were my restaurant, I would be keeping a close eye on reviews, and finding the ratio between good reviews and bad. If there is a significant number of bad reviews, then it’s time to respond and step up the game. There are a lot of people who will just be nice and not be truthful, and simply write a nice review, even though they didn’t like it. You know the type…”If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.” They just won’t return.

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            I just read the TripAdvisor link. That is too funny. The owner says the customers are the problem. Basically Manny Pacquiao has no other tastes and it’s the only flip restaurant in town. So this guy brags about it and everyone else can kiss his ass. Reading the owner replies was just too funny. I can’t believe how angry he/she is. It’s typical pinoy pride. “Just say you’re great no matter the reality.” one person even said the red horse beer was awful and the owner basked him to say the brewery has existed for since 1896 like that has anything to do with a person’s opinion. Those replies are just more evidence of Filipino stupidity. Further evidence Tampa Filipino food sucks to 80% of people who are any Filipino.

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          I just read the TripAdvisor link. That is too funny. The owner says the customers are the problem. Basically Manny Pacquiao has no other tastes and it’s the only flip restaurant in town. So this guy brags about it and everyone else can kiss his ass. Reading the owner replies was just too funny. I can’t believe how angry he/she is. It’s typical pinoy pride. “Just say you’re great no matter the reality.” one person even said the red horse beer was awful and the owner basked him to say the brewery has existed for since 1896 like that has anything to do with a person’s opinion. Those replies are just more evidence of Filipino stupidity. Further evidence *that Filipino food sucks to 80% of people who are any Filipino.

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            Yeah it’s hilarious how dumb and patronizing the owners comments are. “PAL staff even eat here!” wow! really? “Manny is the most famous filipino!”. My god. In fact, I think Josephines deserves it’s own post here of PFB, it’s a trainwreck too good to be true to be passed over!

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            Yeah, if only Manny, Freddy Roach, and PAL staff were there everyday, he would not need the customers he hates so badly. He could just have happy customers all the time. Or maybe the people complaining are paid bashers as he claims.

            “Filipino food sucks to 80% of people who are any Filipino.” – I meant to say *aren’t. It’s tough to type these comments on a phone. I think that is how it got loaded 2 times.

            Yeah, that tripadvisor link is awesome. I could not stop reading it.

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    foreign man seeking relationship

    Well I’ve been in Butuan Philippines almost 2 months. I leave in a few days I am so happy about getting away from the ignorance here. Since my arrival had stomach problems such as diarrhea and severe food poisoning. I rented a home so we had a kitchen and could prepare our own meals. I never felt so unhealthy here. The second ingredient in their bread is sugar and you can even smell the difference. The same with spreads for bread all heavy in sugar same with their spaghetti sauces, drinks etc just about anything. They only seemed interested in eating fried chicken or adobo and rice. Even fresh fruit they add salt, soya whatever. I love just the taste of fruit., eating veggies and if I eat meat must be lean and well prepared. Funny thing here too chicken wings/legs, pork belly etc unhealthier meats are more expensive and what they purchase the most. I’m happy buying chicken breast and fish at the prices here. I was told by a pharmacists to not eat foods cooked in oil or salty foods due to my stomach issues. But my gf knew only to cook with palm oil and used it for everything including cooking veggies. Even despite the pharmacists telling me that she continued to cook this way and they love to eat salty snacks cookies even as a meal with coke. I was so disgusted watching her and young kids in her family eat like this with a mouthful of rotting teeth.I began to insist they eat healthier and not between meals but they wont change this is a stubborn thick headed culture. She prepared one dish which could be healthy using egg plant and eggs but she was using about 2 cups of oil to cook it. Today she served it again to me for breakfast.I tried to eat it but couldn’t, too greasy salty. I handed it back to her. She is so thick and really isn’t capable of learning anything like most I met here. The ignorance here is just to much for me to relate to now nor want to lower myself anymore than I have here. As far as her and I are concerned she will be history when i leave here. She has just been using me to pay for her and her family and only reason she stays with me. She also is aware I have fallen out of love with her and feel less and less for her and her mooching family as i go on. I could not have a partner like this as she is not open to healthier ways of eating, I find the have disgusting and unhygienic eating habits and manners. Cannot properly clean or store food out of laziness or ignorance. I would suggest eating in restaurants run by foreigners. Philippines has been horrible experience for me and also the way they exploit expats.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      They really hate adjusting. The country will always be 3rd world cause as a culture, they hate any change job matter how much easier and beneficial it would be.
      I can relate about the food. I feel sluggish and bloated eating it and even if I eat at local restaurants I feel the same. So much oil and sugar! No to mention such lazy cooking cause they can never serve a meat dish without the bones.
      Get away from that girl asap. She either is too stupid or doesn’t care to change to assist you. You might just have to find a decent butcher and have him prepare some meats for you. There us a Swiss guy near me who is an awesome butcher and only buys from growers he can trust.
      Good luck! Get some better food and enjoy it. Learn to cook while at home and open a small cafe when u get back. Us expats are always looking for a place to eat.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Does anybody here feel sluggish and downhearted?? I feel like I am missing in the food here as compared to my home country???
        Is there any good steaks to buy in Manila?? Maybe Sm would have something to cook at home?
        Thanks Al

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Depends what you like Al. I can get tenderloin at SM and slice it up. I have found McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning at G Mall.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Johnny.
        yes, butchers can cut the proper meat and tell you how to cook it properly.Even with the internet,, these beaners do not ”get it”.
        the local butchers just swing an axe and hope something falls off.. The sell it by the kilogram,, so no problem
        container al

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I know. They are just swinging an axe with no regard. Then throw it in the pot and let the person eating it pick the bones out. Just throw the whole fish into the stew pot and let them pick the bones out.
          It’s so funny cause I hate cooking, but I had to learn how to do it now. I can’t find food I like and I don’t think its very clean.
          I’m about to put an article up in a little while regarding the cleanliness.

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      If it was pineapple they added the salt to that is for a reason. If you get a fresh pineapple and eat it without salt it will cut up your mouth, that’s the way it feels anyway. Salt prevents that.

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Da flip frying pan has a oil level indicator,, It is called the rim. Then they turn the heat up high and stand 4 feet away from it to avoid getting fried.
      Canola oil is made in Canada.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          The frying pan has an oil level indicator on it. A dipstick from a Freightliner is NOT long enough to measure oil in a flip frying pan.

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    Food and some restos in the PHILIPPINES are crap! Even international food chains are managed illiterately. Cold white rice everywhere. Food portion sizing is small like fucking kiddie meals served with a BIG ASS container, which makes you think they serve you a lot ! WOW! (not all but most likely by my experience). Fast food here is NOT fast. They don’t accept cards. Service is slow like fuck even though the fast food chain has fucking 3-5 flipheads operating the cashier and it’s still slow like a flipmonkey sniffing ass (as if they know how to). Flies in FLIP fastfood chains most likely everywhere. In SLC there’s only 1 cashier dude and service is decent and fast. What went wrong here?! HOLY SHIT! !!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. But looking at your avatar the first thing that came to my mind was a steak cooked medium with salad, baked potato, veggies and the works. I have had ONE steak since being here. When the waitress ask me how I want it cooked I say “Warm and pink on the inside.” Joke goes over thier heads. Head huh? I better stop now.

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        Looking at Andreas’s avatar, with his arms folded and a white top like that, looks like he is in a strait jacket. Appropriate, don’t you think? Andreas was driven insane by the Philippines.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          But Andy might know how to cook a good steak. So here’s the plan. I will show up at your place in Sarah’s Jeep but give me time as Don i will be pushing it (Sarah did not give gas money). Pick you up and Don pushes us to Andy’s place where we have steaks that Sarah paid for. Now you might be thinking “What about Don?” Don’t worry about feeding him because after all that pushing he will fall asleep on Andy’s couch. MORE STEAK AND BEER FOR US!!! After all he needs his rest so can push us back home. But before we let him sleep we send him out for women, again at someone Else’s expense.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I bring steaks from OZ all cryo vacced packages of melt in the mouth restaurant quality steaks.
            I buy them off a restaurant supplier and he cryos them for me.
            NOT CHEAP !!!!!!!!!! A$9 a pound for you imperialists.
            I grill them myself on my bbq I sent over as well. RARE STEAK mmmmmmmmmmmm
            NO marinade or sauce let the steak do the talking,
            I have a mate from USA he brings over a box of long horn, t bones grain fed from his ranch.
            Where the steers scratch their backs on an oil well head .
            We look forward to his Barbeques too.

          2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @Don. I picked up a tenderloin from SM for P498 a kilo and sliced it up. It may not be able to compete with yours but definitely beats anything I have been served in a restaurant here.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            What’s your address again? Grump, Beavis and I would like to know.

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    @Mike Speaking of steaks Mike. When I was in Tagaytay I told the waitress “I like my steak to be medium rare please”. 30 minutes later. YESZZZ 30 minutes later. I got my steak well done. Is it that hard to cook steak? Tried a resto here called Tender Bobs like a year ago (In my head looks decent). I didn’t really get what I paid for what I was expecting. Steak is horribly cooked. Its thin as fuck.

    Conclusion: I bought my own steak and I cooked steak by myself. Are there any great steak joints in Manila? Even the steaks in buffets are just okay.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I liked the Outback in the past but the last time I went I was disappointed, they didn’t have prime rib and the service was awful. I don’t know if it was a bad night or just another example of the Flip race to the bottom. I had prime rib at the Manila Pavilion a couple of times, it’s good, not great, but good. The dinning room was empty, they have a grand piano and singer. They come over and place a cloth napkin on your lap. I do not recommend getting a room there though, any problems with the room and you get the typical Flip shit on the customer, waste their time and don’t solve problem bullshit.

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    Don Quixote

    Yup Ive tried them all, I had a good supplier in Angeles for Black Angus too.
    But he got arrested as a Pedophile so I ripped up his phone number.
    But even when I find a good steak over there they fuck it up when they slice it.
    I don’t know how many cryovac ‘s Ive opened up and not one but three or five pieces fall out
    Just another rip off they wrap it up like its one piece with all the trimmings they cant sell to a restaurant.
    Ive had plenty of tasty cubed steak, but a single piece was rare.
    So I bring my own, even bacon, how the fuck do you fuck up bacon. and they charge like a wounded bull for it.
    All those fucking pigs in the Philippines the ham and bacon is for shit.

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    Don Quixote

    I bought 2 kilos this morning so the child bride can take it back with her when she leaves Singapore , for my Sepo mates.
    A$7 a kilo beautiful lean fucking bacon too. whats that about 230peso a kg.
    Lots of specials at this time of the year, they are slaughtering for the XMAS ham season, so cheap, pork everywhere.

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    Elias Loco

    LOL. The Peenoise comments are just dumbfounding and very typical. I guess most of them are missing the point of “experiencing the local culture” wherever you might be. So why do they keep telling that she went to the “wrong” places? She did mention Pagudpud though which is supposed to be a well-promoted tourist destination. Clearly, there are some things that are falling short here but instead of finding out what, they retaliate with perhaps bruised pride sensitivity and giving warm approach then sharp insults after.

    The author was very objective, pointing out to what is and what not. I believe she did do some research as well. She even pointed out CNN Travel which is enough to be considered a reliable source. So what surprised her is based on her experiences that she has to write about it that maybe someday, maybe just someday, people of whatever this country or how you call these people or how you spell it, whatever, may make some improvement, if ever.

    And it’s like they’re so brilliant when it comes to making excuses and justifying, esp. by that comment of jhun, very Pinoy with the H in the name. Hilarious but really on-point reply from Emilie. This country can be paradise, but I don’t know if it’s being under-utilized or over-abused, always both ends of the spectrum, such an imbalance. Maybe that’s why China is being aggressive because they have means to utilize what could be valuable resources that PH keeps on undermining or putting to waste.

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    I only eat the food my girl cooks for me, cause we normally get quality ingredients from the supermarket. I would never touch street food there, ever. My girl cooks stuff that won’t kill me like chicken adobo, chicken tinola, chicken afritada, tuna belly, and the occasional sinigang with pork (try to limit pork intake overall). Never eat beef there unless it’s imported usa or aussie. I try to stick mostly to vegetables and fruits (not rotted), while there. Back here in the good old usa eating my family’s dominican/puertorican food now. Gotta hit the gym a bit more cause it can be a bit much lol 🙂 … I do miss some dishes my girl makes though 🙁

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    “Filipino food is the BEST food in the world! We rank #1 internationally!”

    Yes. Chicken intestines, fish heads, pig ears, chicken anus, pig tails, cow knee, pig head, ATBP…

    I took my wife abroad once and when we were at the delicatessen, I asked if she wanted to to see if the butcher would let her have their garbage. Ha, ha!