Idiot Editorial Writers

In Carmen Pederosa column:

She pontificates “Filipinos cheered when the USS Washington steamed into Philippine waters to show its might and power. It is described as  “the second of two battleships in the North Carolina class,” in Wikipedia and the third ship named in honor of the 42nd state.  There was praise for the speed with which the battleship was dispatched to the Philippines. But there were also skeptics who wondered why the US should have to send a battle ship with a huge contingent of soldiers. These remained musings of amateur political analysts”.

Wikipedia really says: “USS Washington (BB-56) was a North Carolina-class battleship launched in 1940, decommissioned in 1947, and scrapped in 1961”

If Pedrosa had turned on her TV she might have noticed that the USS George Washington that arrived here is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier who’s helicopters are distributing aid to Typhoon Yolanda victims.

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    Gern Blanson

    Wow FiloFail just another example of the laziness of the native Filipino, would taking 5 minutes to get your facts straight kill her? how do you call yourself a journalist and not pursue the most basic of facts. Damn!!

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    Nothing accidental in this case, the is pro-China propaganda crafted to incite the ignorant. This writer is noted for her anti-US and anti-PH blathering, and she’s not alone.

    For years I’ve read similar editorials, like “today another brave Pinoy pilot died when his Vietnam-era Huey deathtrap fell from the sky, disposed on us by the uncaring US.” Really? Last week I read that the USMC had turned in it’s last one for reassignment, likely to the USAF, as more of the new Yankee-class 4-rotor craft become available.

    US-China spy games in storm-hit Philippines?

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    Daanlungsod hit it right on the nail (but I am not surprised if I have accurately guessed who he is).China is paying 5th Columnists to stir the pot and sadly, many will suck it up like pancit.

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    Her column today is raw sedition: How to remove a tyrannous president

    It is becoming increasingly clear that the Aquino government needs to be removed after its unconstitutional acts (using PDAF and DAP for bribing legislators) its dismal failure in managing the Yolanda tragedy not to mention that questions have been raised about the conduct of elections in 2010 and 2013.

    Since we do not have a parliamentary system we will have to make do (for the time being with how to remove the president) with the presidential system. For this, we need once more to return sovereignty to the people and the support of the only nationwide organized groups – the Church and the military.