Idiot Filipino Asks Lee Kuan Yew Irrelevant Question

How many times have you been asked stupid, irrelevant personal questions by a Filipino stranger? Filipinos have no sense of relevancy or appropriateness. I would love to have heard the thoughts of Lee Kuan Yew when the idiot Filipino asked his off-topic, inappropriate question.

Lee Kuan Yew

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    Captain PFB Post author

    Lee Kuan Yew is most likely still mourning his wife’s death, as it hasn’t even been a year since, and this dumb-fuck Filipino has to tell him his wife died and start talking publicly about her right in front of him. I admire Yew’s resistance to rip the shit-for-brains Filipino’s head off and shit down his neck.

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    Typical Filipino, wants to know your business. When I lived in Manila I would leave my apartment and pass this old man sitting in a chair outside his shithole house. Every time he wanted to know where I was going. I ignored him, I really wanted to tell him to mind his own fucking business.

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      I get the same thing with my fuckin idiot classmates: “Hey, where are you going?” Sometimes I would replay and say, “To your mom’s house.” No matter where I go at any given time, I am asked that. Why do they fuckin care so much? It’s like they are conducting some type of neighborhood watch program. Sometimes they fuck it up by saying, “where are you from?” I will simply reply, “MURICA!” Filipinos are so rude, annoying, and nosy. They are more comparable to animals than a human to me.

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    Pearl Of My Ass

    At the bank, at work, in any kind of office, even in the flipping elevator, the question I always get within 2 minutes: Are you married ?
    Seriously, is it any of you fucking business ? I want to transfer money at the bank and the cashier ask me that ? Incredibly inappropriate, unprofessional, and childishly noisy.

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    Yea Filipinos are very nosy, just ignore the question and continue to talk about matters at hand. Thats what they do when they don’t want to answer questions they don’t like.

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    So that dumb fuckin Filipino was granted a scholarship?!!! I bet he had that taken away quickly after the video. From what I see at my school there is no way I would grant a Filipino a scholarship…LOL.

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      Nope he’s still hanging on to it.

      It’s an MBA. I think

      But it’s stirring quite a bit of anger against Filipinos. People are questioning why he’s in and people on the Dean’s list cannot get a scholarship.
      And Filipino supporters on the other hand are calling Singaporeana racist (again) over this matter

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          Yeah, true to that buddy!

          Behind every successful man there might be a woman, but behind every unsuccessful, dishonest, corrupted, disrespectful, inconsiderate, and piece of shit Filipino, there is a line of other Filipinos (with the same negative qualities) who is pulling that Filipino down to be even worst than it already is (and yes, I said ‘IT,’ can’t give them enough credit to call them a ‘he’ or a ‘she.’). Don’t think it can get much worst than that. What does it takes for a Filipino to see themselves these days?

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        Everyone is racist to Filipinos. Yet Filipinos are the most racist people. They are nice to whites cause they see money. Then they really hate the Chinese and Indians cause they make money and are successful in THEIR country and then hire Filipinos as maids and drivers.

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    Actually that is an archival footage. It was in 2011.

    The Man now is sort of slow, he is 94 now.
    Need his son to help around.

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    The other day I was watching the news. High School students had a chance to ask President Aquino a question. So a girl stands up to ask the President a question. I thought this would be a good time to pin him down on his solutions to some of the many problems in the Philippines. Like, why are our electric charges the highest in Asia and some of the highest in the world? What is your solution. Or, since we are hit by over 20 typhoons a year why can’t we be better prepared and always have to depend on foreign help? Why does it take so long for victims to get justice in the Philippines? It’s been several years since the massacre in Maguindanao and there is no end in sight. You said you want to fight corruption but the scams continue and only seem to get bigger like the Pork Barrell scam. What can you do about that? There are dozens of good questions to ask. So what does this intelligent young Filipina girl ask? Mr. President, who is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen? What the fuck! How can this country ever improve with young minds like that ready to take over?

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      jimmy smith

      Probably his grand daughter or someone related to their clan. And for sure an arranged setup. Look at the kids in the streets playing, be it Manlia or the province and there is your bright future for the Philippines. Another generation of morons on the rise. Will be another 50 years atleast before any progress is made here. These “people” dont want change, its too much work. Old 500 peso bill says on it “the philippino os worth dying for” guess they will need to look for a very long time before they find this ONE person who will die for them. Its suddenly NOT going to be me ! Land of self deception and utter stupidity !!!

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    Pearl Of My Ass

    I think you nailed it Jimmy by saying:”These “people” don’t want change, its too much work”. I really think you did.
    I believe the laziness overcome the need to make ‘hope’ something reachable.
    It is so sad and somehow make them hardly respectable.

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      Why do they put a guy like that to interview? His pronunciation is just awful. Plus what kind of reporter kisses ass so much. He has to tell her how great she is and how great the movie is each time he asks her a question.

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        That’s because they are not taught to speak proper English Johnny! Try talking to them with the Queen’s English and they’d tell you “you’re too slang, I got nose bleed!”. So in the Failippines, old stupid teaches young stupid, what do young stupid learn? Stupidity, and that includes their use of the English language and grammar. Also Flips actively discouraged fellow Flips from speaking in English, accusing him /her of being “ma-arte” (pretentious).

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          To Sarah
          Well, ignorance is bliss, that is why these people are the happiest in the world!!!
          The only books I have ever seen them read are the fashion magasines!