Idiot Foreigner Husbands

I need to vent my frustrationHarry Doyle and his Filipina money hungry wife Jane Doyle charged with his murder for his money. on this one. We all know already how pinoys/pinays love to use others as their ATM and to take advantage of them. But what amazes me the most, is how many foreigner husband willingly go along with the flow. That makes them equally idiots like their pinay counterpart.

Example Idiot 1

An acquaintance of mine married a pinay years ago. He told me that before he was allowed to marry her, he had to make a “financial agreement” with the relatives. Of course it was just a deal that he would be submissive to be used as their ATM whenever they wanted to. He had to open an account over there and give them a bank card. He told me that when he was not fast enough to transfer his hard earned money there, they would make a drama. Typical pinoy assholes. But my mouth simply fell open when he told me that it was a “good agreement”. What the fuck ?? One time he went on a trip to Philippines, when they asked him 10 euro and he was not willing to give it, his brother in law ran after him with a knife. Still, he visits those assholes and is happy with every arrangement. For me, he’s equally an idiot like his wife.

Example Idiot 2

Another Idiot I know is happily supporting EVERY kid that is born in the parasite clan of his wife. They fuck and breed like rabbits, yet he’s supporting ALL of them. When again somebody get pregnant over there, his wife is telling him : “Daddy, my sister is pregnant again”, another one added to the list to be supported. That man loves the philippines so very much. His wife is happily boasting around : “My husband loves my country more than I do”. Here we go again with the Filipino pride. Loving the country for no apparant reason.

Example Idiot 3

This one is the husband of a pinay friend of my wife. He’s eating every day fruits and vegetables not to live healthy, but to save money on food expenses, so he can send more to the Failippines. I cannot immagine. That slave is hungry every day because he WANTS to send his hard earned money over there. He’s begging for it. He’s thinking like that, he can BUY the love of his wife. Whenever I see them together, they call each other “honey”, 10 times in a single minute, like teenagers. I’m thinking : “You shit fuck, just stop sending your cash and it will be finished with being “honey” all the time”.

And of course my wife criticizes me whenever one of these idiots are visiting us: “Look what a great marriage they have and look how nice these men are with their wifes”. Fuck them, all those marriages are just based on 1 thing : money and to be willing to be used as an ATM.

For me, these guys are total idiots, equally dumb idiots like their wifes. I doubt if they even notice they are being used…

Happily venting….

Regards, Steve


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    Haha, I was an idiot boyfriend once.

    I went to Fails with around 20kgs of pasalubong, like you do. Realising there was a few tins I included a tin-opener. Silly me, they still preferred using a huge knife until this day.

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      My wife died recently here in the Philippines. I am going to SELL both houses and land. Foreigners can’t own property, so sell it and get out of the country. The Filipino In laws are going crazy saying how can yo do it? I can and I am doing it before May 11, 2015, in accordance to Philippines Law. Now, I am using their own laws against them. I have been an ATM too long! The ATM is now closed. Now, her oldest son can screw himself. He has 2 children from his LEGAL WIFE and 3 by his mistress.

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    My wife was treated as trash by the family, the brothers who were sitting on there asses wanted her to bar fine herself so they could have money.
    They never show their faces near me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The mother disappeared after I heard her say ” I DON’T HELP ENOUGH” I tore her a new asshole as I had Just finished paying private school fees for the wife’s niece, the bond on the sisters house so she could move as she had run up a heap of bills and used up the bond ,Paid for an hospital for the sister.Paid to send a brother to another Island for a job .Which he quit after one week and arrived back in town .
    But her GLORIOUS SONS let the 75 year old mother work every day for a pittance and milk her for money, I am sick of the continual glorification of the lazy sons.
    I used to hear about the Chinese and how they spoil the Little Emperors. They got nothing on my fucking mother in law.
    Any time now I hear it I have the perfect answer.
    What did your sons give you for your Birthday????? FUCKING NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XMAS ??????????FUCKING NOTHING

    My wife never saves, why because she doesn’t get Interest off the bank, she cant understand that even if there is fuck all interest you still have the money for the future and It haves’t burn a hole in the pocket.and the family cant get it if its too hard to get.
    But I now have her budgeting since the A$ has gone down so much even she can understand we have had a 25% pay cut.
    But will she let me cut her weekly allowance 25% NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  3. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

    Amen brother!

    Sometimes it feels like there’s more idiot foreigner husbands/boyfriends than there is greedy Filipinas… if possible. Some of the girls I know have few boyfriends sending money.

    One foreigner I know pays her girlfriend’s and her sister’s school, gives pocket money, pays the family monthly allowance etc. I think he even built house for them. And if the girl gives her pocket money to her leeching family the guy gives her more.

    The girl, no surprise here, belongs to the category idiot; she hangs out with prostitute(s) who at times bring her customer to girls night out. She also advices her friends to break up if their boyfriend isn’t ATM like hers, and told my ex that if her boyfriend wouldn’t support her, or if he stops that, she would look for another one.

    I don’t know how much her boyfriend knows/understands/cares, but apparently he’s happy being an ATM.

    It’s just freaking weird that so many guys put up with it even there’s almost unlimited supply of new candidates and slight possibility to find better one. How many of the same guys would support their girlfriend and their family in their own country? Probably none.

      1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

        It might boil down to the investment thing. The more you invest into something the more difficult it’s to let go. Be the investment money or time etc. Many couples, even unhappy, don’t divorce because they’ve been so long time together. We humans are weird.

        The irony is that finding a sex toy is trivial in contrary to west, but try to find a decent girl and you’d be lucky to find one.

  4. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    Never have i encountered a race of people so infatuated with money and so rude, disrespectful, self entitled and greedy. I know why some wealthy people hang onto their money. Because thats how you make money and become wealthy. Pinoys dont seem to understand this concept. They just look at those hard earners as greedy snobs and want to take their money.

    Ive sent money only once for an emrgency only to find out my wifes parents are just a pack o liars. “We are getting kicked out of our home. We need money for a new place.” One year later and they are still living in the same place that they claimes they were getting kicked out of.

    They arent worth your hard earned and any foreigner that sends heap loads od cash a month is just a sucker.

    They will easily kill you and use your blood money hastely. Funny thing is, because these filipinos/filipinas are so fucking stupid with money, they will just spend it all in a matter of days and wind up broke and worhtless again. Ha. Their stupidity is purely deserved karma.

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      I had a Mate who is married to a Filipino has been for over 30 years.
      He is an expert on STORIES from the family.
      Luckily for me I heard them all over the last 30 years.
      I’ve even got rebuttals already for them WAITING AND WAITING.

      The best I ever heard is they sell the GREAT IDEA to someone else for a commission. If a scam works they on sell it to another flip.
      Why waste a good scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
      Steve Declerck Post author

      Typical things I also experienced, especially making dramas and lying, and yes, they all spend it as soon as possible, instead they save a part of it for when the need arises

      1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

        They’re very good at making the dramas. Once girl I knew was kicking and screaming on the floor like 2yo because I didn’t fill some application forms for her. After a while she started to play dead because I didn’t give my attention. I think she laid almost an hour on the floor before she went back on staring the computer screen.

        It’s amazing how selective their skills are, filling simple school/work related form is next to impossible but creating profile to dating sites and social media is easy as play.

      2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        They had their chance with me to earn respect and they blew it. They proved to be liars and cheats.

        They took my vacation away for 2014. God knows what the actually did with the money. That was the first and now last time they will receive money from me.

        I dont talk to them, nor consider them worthy of my time now. When i see contact with my wife and them, there is this overwhelming feeling of “financial threat! Financial ruin”.

  5. Profile gravatar of Penance

    When I first came over here, I brought my life savings (about 1M PHP). Being new to this game, I treated it like an American marriage (what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine). I actually gave her the debit card and pin and told her to take what she needed when she needed it. To just about any expat, this is a horror show in the making. I should have been cleaned out.

    But I have a mutant Filiipina, and she never touched a dime. In fact, she uses her money to support her and I, and if she ever gets a request for money from her family, she goes over it with me first. In that respect, she comes from a very prideful family that would rather starve than beg for money. Aside from a couple small and real emergencies, we’ve never been asked for money.

    The real idiocy is that many foreigners think with their dicks, and not with the right head. The easiest way to tell what kind of Filipina you have is to do a couple of tests randomly. Give her a few thousand pesos and see what she does with it. If it’s spent at the mall in a day, you know what you have. If she refuses to take it, or puts it aside to save, then pay attention…you could have something to work with here. Test a few more times randomly to be sure.

    Of course, the family she comes from is the best indicator. All of them will have those relatives that want to drink with you (read: have you pay for beer). If they’re immediate family, and your Filipina makes excuses for them, get away. There’s plenty more out there to try. If they’re just cousins, or your Filipina is the first to jump in and tell them to fuck off, then you may just have a keeper.

    1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
      Steve Declerck Post author


      You are right. There were visible signs on the wall before we got married, I just ignored them.

      Sign 1 : We e-mailed over a year before I visited her in the Philippines. In all of these e-mails, she was always talking about her relatives. I noticed it, but it didn’t think anything bad of it. Of course she was too attached to them, and that would be a free ticket for them to turn into parasites.

      Sign 2 : To get a marriage permit, we were separated in the embassy for interview. She was so very dumb to tell to the employee of the embassy that she wanted “to help her relatives”. The employee told it to me after the interview and I was equally dumb to ignore it. I thought he was just making up a story.

      Giving some money and look how she deals with that is a good idea…

  6. Profile gravatar of Speaks

    WOW!! These stories are horrible!! I never sent a dime or spent a dime on any of my wife’s family, (well except a couple of real medical emergencies). I never understood why men would ever give money to a woman (this is beyond the Phils). My wife has told me some stories of filipinas that she knew that had around four different “boyfriends” who would send money and visit different times of the year. In matter of fact her sister-in-law had a boyfriend who would voluntarily send my wife’s family money every month and it was a large amount. I on the other hand told my wife I would not send money, period. She said she liked that in a man. Where the man is concerned about the future and thinks about savings and not just spending money when he has it. She herself would save a couple of pesos a week, hey its a little amount, but she did save. She would use these pesos so she could talk to me at a internet cafe, since I did not send her money to even use at the internet cafe.

      1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
        Steve Declerck Post author

        A friend of me said one time, give 50 euro to a pinay and she will spend 100. My dumbass wife refuses to save and get’s irritated whenever I pronounce the word. She’s living like there is no tomorrow. Saving ? No way, never…

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover

          Jesus…you really have to lay out the future and show her what will happen to you guys if you don’t! With the oil going down and another recession hitting us, this would be a great time to show her who’s boss! My wife is generally on the same page as me….the only time I feel those financial threats is when she is talking to her parents on Skype. You know the drilll….they talk all nice to her for the first 5 mins and then shortly after it’s nothing but talk about pesos. …..

      2. Profile gravatar of Margarett

        Pinay Lover, i am a Pinay but has savings and investments. I may have been fooled by my own family for a couple of years but NOT ALL of Filipino is as dumb as your wife. I take my finances seriously that i have a spreadsheet (cash flow) to monitor how much i am earning, saving, and investing. I even know how much my taxes should be. And No, I Am not saving/investing for myself alone – it’s for OUR retirement. I don’t want to burden my future children just like what my parents are doing to me. But yeah, most Pinays are money morons but not all, just saying.

  7. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I and other friends have had the “my family is ashamed at me” bit. Also the ex-gf had pressure from her friends. why? because the family said why hasnt your foreigner boyfriend bought you house and lot and put property, condos in your name and other assets.

    Man the self righteous sense of self entitlement in this country leaves me astounded. why the fuck would a guy fly half way around the world to meet a girl who has NO Job, no income, no education, 1 or 2 kids to two different fathers (i met one that had 4 kids to 4 fathers and was proud to say she wanted a 5th!) .. i mean give me a break. They expect you after offering nothing to offer everything and filipino will drag you down to the last peso and then when you cant give any more …LEAVE!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mara

      Where did you meet her? Internet? on the street? it seems like you’re looking at the wrong place. .. I wonder what you’re doing at the wrong place too. . . . lol

        1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

          Sorry to break it to you, but the women that dude is describing are spread countrywide. Can’t get away from them. Only thing you can do is manage and find yourself one with some sort of brain activity.

  8. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    Here’s a tale of filipinos in London.

    I dated a filipina who has been working in london for 3 years.

    She’s doing ok since her accommodation is paid for by her employer. Same as her gay friend. For 6 months I took her out to expensive restos, country trips, bought a stack of wine for us to drink, cinema etc. She stayed over most weekends and I’d make sure to take her new places.

    Often the gay would tag along – of course, he didnt pay for a thing but being mr generous, that was ok. He seemed nice.

    After the 6 months she told me she was looking for a new place to live with her gay filipino friend.

    Once night, around midnight, I texted her to see how her house hunting was going. She said her gay friend found a place in central London where they would both stay.

    Great, I said. Only problem was that they had to put a deposit down for the apartment. She said she had no money and the gay’s money was all tied up abroad and couldnt access it until the following morning. So…could I get out of bed and do a bank transfer to the “landlady” there and then for nearly 70000 pesos? I told her to wait until the morning and get her friend to pay the deposit first thing.

    “Forget everything!” was the text I got back. And that was that, never saw her again.

    The shocking thing was that we got on great, had many great days out and weekends together, then, because I dont stump up the money in the middle of the night, it’s all over.

    Incredible – Watch out guys!

  9. Profile gravatar of Feral Aussie
    Feral Aussie

    What about the most stupid foreign husband of all time…

    For me that was LANG HANCOCK of Australia. Billionaire mining magnate who got sucked in – literally – by a filipina whore by the name of Rose Lacson of Bacolod, Negros. She was in Western Australia, via Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia, in 1983 on a 3 month working visa and, through having more arse than class, landed a housekeeping job at the mega rich widower’s premises. She grabbed him on the cock, he lost his load – and his mind – and promptly married her.

    She then proceeded to drain his bank account as fast as she possibly could – on anything her monkey brain could think of. This included a monument to herself – an ostentatious mansion she named “Prix D’ Amour” – which translates to “The Price Of Love”. Fortunately for Lang he was so rich his wife was like a mosquito sucking the blood out of an elephant. But she fucked and nagged him to death – which was only six years after the wedding.

    But she eventually got shafted out of most of Lang’s fortune by his hard nosed – and ugly as sin – daughter, Gina. She is an arsehole too. But at least she chopped Rose out of most of the cash.

    The rest you can read about on many websites…and there has even been a mini-series produced about the characters concerned…which is playing now on Australian TV.

    But, for me, Rose Lacson/Hancock/Porteous is the mother of all filipina leeches. All filipinas who have heard of her I’m sure would aspire to achieve what she has – if they could only get their arses out of bed…and their twats off the webcam.

  10. Profile gravatar of El Barako
    El Barako

    Nice site!

    Warning signs of impending disaster….

    1. You are 1000 years old, girl is 16 (errr 18 years old).
    2. First encounter (bar fined date)
    3. You think you can change the bar girl in her.
    4. You actually marry her.
    5. You are highly educated and well trained in your craft and you marry household help.
    6. You think with your dick.

  11. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
    Zurina Alvarez

    This makes Filipinos sociopathic. I’m sorry –fuck that, I’m not sorry. It’s the fucking truth. All they care about is themselves and other people’s money. Filipinos are materialistic and this shows that they lack empathy. Then again, I can’t blaem them because they grew up in poverty. The reason why majority of Pinoys are like this is because the country is poor.

  12. Profile gravatar of Severance

    I am guilty as charged of being an ATM as well. And I hate spending money on another person, no matter who they are. I have a daughter in Angeles City. Her mother is from Mindinao, and milked me for years using my daughter as leverage. I seen all that coming, as I am no idiot. So, I have her on a very tight budget now.
    I think the only shot you have a getting a decent woman here in the P.I. is to go to an orphanage. There, they might have someone who came of age and is still living there, helping out. She’ll have no ties to the outside world. No family. And maybe, no clue. Too bad I don’t follow my own advice. I am now living with an Illocana. She doesn’t ask for much money, but we’ll see how long that lasts.