Idiotic Filipino Beliefs I Have Been Told

1.) Do not have the fan blowing on you when getting a massage. The fan will force air into your skin and you will get sick.

2.) Pregnant women have to sleep with the windows closed because if open witches will steal the baby. If closed the witches will scratch on the window trying to get in.

3.) Leave food out on the counter to keep rats out of the other food.

4.) A child is sick because it stepped on the toes of the ghost of a white woman standing under a tree.


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    When I was about 10 years old, we were in the Philippines on a November month. 1st of November is All Soul’s day, while the 2nd is All Saint’s day. We were at Grandma’s and there was an altar full of statues of saints and food. I was told the food were offerings for the souls and the saints. I was anxious to try some of those delicious food.

    Me: Auntie, can I have some of that food on the altar?
    Auntie: no you can’t, not until after the prayers (which involved the lengthy rosary beads)
    Me: why do I have to wait until after the prayers?
    Aunt: because the souls and the saints need to eat first and they will eat after the prayers.
    Me: But they’re just statues, and the souls are dead, so how can they physically eat the food?
    Auntie: Oh, they just smell the food while we pray. Therefore, we have to wait till after the prayers before we can touch the offerings.

    At such a young age, what can one do but believe the BS that was told? Thanks to my Dad who gave me a more balanced and honest view of that culture. “honey, it’s just the way they are. You don’t have to follow them if you want to be an Aussie” my Dad told me.

    And I preferred to be an Aussie, so I did not follow.

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    Don’t forget “Don’t look someone in the eyes who is homeless, or you might get sick.”

    That Fan one 1.) Do not have the fan blowing on you when getting a massage. The fan will force air into your skin and you will get sick.

    Is famous all over Asia.
    Check out this link:

    “Fan death is the belief that death can be caused by sleeping in a closed room containing a running electric fan. There are no verified cases of the alleged phenomenon, but it remains a widely believed urban legend in South Korea.”

    On a side note when I was 20 I was taken to a provincial “witch doctor” who tried to suck the sickness out of my navel and blowing cigarette smoke in my face.

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    I was horrified to see a Grandmother chew Guava leaves shoots and put this on the grandaughter’s leg wound!! supposedly because the Guava leaves has anti-septic properties!! WTF? If the Guava leaves had anti-septic properties, it sure has disappeared by the time Grandma chewed it and placed it on the little girl’s wounds, saliva and all!!

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      If the logic here is to get at the antiseptic proteins within the leaf wouldn’t it make more sense to grind it with something other than bacteria infested human mouth?

      Yes….yes it would.. haha

      Can someone explain the medical significance of wrapping banana leaves around ones arm to relieve high fever?
      Why do I ask?
      Because the same person who blew cig smoke into my face and tried to suck it out of my nave,l also on another occasion did the above with banana leaves while attempting to force feed me a raw egg.

      Now some may ask why the hell I went to this guy twice, and they would have good reason to ask.
      1. He was my father in law, very provincial a “Healer”and wouldn’t let me go see a doctor.
      2. I was too damn ill to fight back.

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        Never heard of the banana thing SK.

        In the Visayas regions, they had an ailment called “Pasmo”. For the life of me, I really can’t think of what that is in conventional medicine. But the symptoms are fever and a general feelings of malaise. It could very have been a mild case of the flu! Anyway, the cure was to re-boil a quantity of old rice in a piece of banana leaves and a bottle of soft drink, usually coke or pepsi, place the person under a sheet to inhale the steam for about 20 – 30 minutes, then the person eats the re-boiled old rice and pepsi. Seems the person does get better, or coincidence?

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        These witch doctors can be dangerous. Prescribing anti biotics way under recommended doses that are easily checked on the internet. Brother-in-law spent money going from witch doctor to witch doctor for hemorrhoids. Early in the process I told my wife the medicine to get. As usual I was ignored. After 3 months a friend from the UK told her the medicine used in the UK. I told her two alternatives they would find here (same 2 told 3 months earlier). And of course they went to the bottom, but alas when they couldn’t get the U.K. stuff they finally looked into my recommendation.

        What a pain in the ass.

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          Pinay Lover

          I can agree to this. The winter drives us Canadians crazy! They are so long! This year was freaking good though…..spring came in March practically…..very little snow……The only sane place to live is in BC Canada….anywhere else is hell for winter! Why did I go further east? AH!

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    I did not mean winter, though it is horrible andexpensive, i find canucks morehigh strung andwantingto do the work faster.
    I haveworkedin about tendifferent countries and i find canucks more a more hurry sup and go ,,,

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    Mike Post author


    I’m from the midwest in the states where we also get snow and very cold winds. Have to move fast to stay warm.

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      “we also get snow and very cold winds. Have to move fast to stay warm.”

      A-ha! now that explains it! 🙂 The Kano purposeful, brisk walk as opposed to the Pinoy waddle. It is hot in the Failippines, therefore Pinoys walk slow, take their time with whatever it is they were doing. Walk, work. etc. Except eating. They eat fast and with their mouths open (disgusting!) I’m surprised not many are choking to death!

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        Mike Post author

        Eating with mouths open making slopping noises, talking with full mouth and don’t forget brushing the hair at the table while others still eating.

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          And don’t forget they also put make-ups on anywhere, even when the others are still eating!

          And don’t forget texting, texting, texting! Just no manners! I had to discipline a few cousins re-appropriate use of cell phones at meal times. I am sure that if others won’t mind, these Failippinos will have sex right on the dining table while others are still eating!

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    used to be that seal bashers had to work hard!!!!!!
    Often, we grew up on farms and small towns, where u had to protect your reputation.
    Now,,,, all a4e in the cities,,so they canhide their stupity

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    1. im tired of sleeping with lights all on – scared?
    2. im tired of finding food left out and not put away (and then told – only in your country you will get food poisoning if the food is out over 24 hrs after cooking)
    3. Im tired of having the water turned off at 9pm and on at 5am by the Barangay captain to save what? power, water? but everyone turns the taps on full to find “oh no fucking water” but dont CLOSE OFF THE TAP, so at 5am when im asleep all the taps are running full ball .. WASTING WATER.
    4. im tired of the lack of respect for peoples sleep here. The bread guy at 4.30am with his bike horn stands at the gate beeping it
    5. on sundays im tired that the church will play the sermons on speakers outside from 5.30am and DISTURBING MY SLEEP — i dont give a shit if theres a law that can have me charged with disturbing religious experience
    6. im tired that at 4am christians will come past with loud hailers carrying a statue and praying
    7. Im tired of the expression “not all filipinos are like that sir” — well MOST FILIPINOS i say, not all Yes 🙂 not all but most 95% is most i have encountered, 100% is all, sorry 🙂
    these are idiotic ways of acting your life out

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      Mike Post author

      My mother in law will not sleep unless the light is on. Her excuse? She can’t breath if the light is off. I noticed though that no problem breathing during blackouts.

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        Yea Mike
        just on sleep…
        do filipinos sleep? they seem to ring at all hours of the night .. 2am, 4am etc
        oh thats right
        they go to work to sleep … got it ..
        nice Airconditioning going and a nice table to lay the head on.

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    Don Quixote

    The child bride is bitching about no lights here in Australia.
    I finally got it out of her, people can see in and we cant see out in the dark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She has to have external lights on in the PI, what is she worried about a burglar tripping over in the fucking dark and suing us.
    Then at 0530 she wakes me to get to run fast and turn off the lights to save electricity .
    GO FIGURE has the fucking things on all night then bitches if they on an extra 5 minutes.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      arrr yea ..
      “saving” … filipino style

      turn off the water at 9pm and back on at 5am at the mains for the village. i guess to save
      but… everyone turns the faucet one way and not back to close so i had not running around to turn off the lights but running around turning off all the open taps running before they spilled over …

      and on the food
      just leave the window open ..
      the cats will come in and start to eat and then youll see the food put away at night

      on the littering .. dunno .. i get pissed off about this habit
      i just don’t want to go out with litter bugs

      The ghost shit is alive and well, fuck me…
      the trees are possessed, houses, the white lady etc
      its on tv even during the day .. all the movies and shows in daytime for the kids to watch
      no wonder they are brain washed about swaying trees and devils and evil
      eventually they become evil themselves…