If You Want Loyalty, Get A Dog, Not A Filipina

Thought I would share my story with you all. I have been going to the Philippines for 3 years now and have yet to find the elusive unicorn. Had a few relationships but every single one of them ended because the girl I was seeing basically could not stay loyal to me and ended up screwing around on me. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you here as the fairy tale that dating sites tell you about a land of beautiful faithful virgins awaiting their prince charming couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a land of opportunistic sluts who even after securing themselves an elusive foreigner, who will offer them a better life, they will still play the field in hopes of more sponsorship.


This brings me to my story. It is the story of my latest girlfriend or should I say ex girlfriend. After a few hits and misses I decided to meet with a girl who I had known through chatting as a friend on facebook for around a year. She had been very supportive through a breakup I had a few months earlier and I had also helped her through a breakup she had a few more prior to that.


Anyway, July 2014 I met her and there was chemistry right away. She looked fantastic and had a personality and sense of humour that matched mine. I had planned just to meet her for a day or two but things developed fast and I spent the full 2 weeks over there with her. She was awesome in every way possible.


In Sep 2014 I decided to fly over for a week and surprise her for her birthday. I got to meet her family, dropped around 20k peso for her birthday celebrations (lechon baboy, booze etc) and things went great again. She was a keeper I was thinking. I organised a passport and tourist visa for her to come visit me in Australia which was granted in November.


Late November I flew over to pick her up and we came back to Australia together. The tourist visa was a 3 month one. Things were going great together and she integrated well into Australia. January rolled around and decided to extend the visa for another 6 months out to August 2015. Within a week of doing that I started noticing some changes in attitude and she had become highly protective of her phone and her Facebook.


To explain the attitude change best to throw in a little history. We had met a couple in early December. She had a relative in law who was an ex bar girl and had married a guy here, and been here for 7 years. That meeting this trashy relative offered to find her a younger man. My girlfriend was shocked and disgusted by this and told me when we got home that night. Roll forward late January. This trashy relative was having her 30th and we would meet again. We also did the obligatory invite back. The third meeting was just after the visa extension.


February I copped more and more attitude, and one night something she said got me suspicious. She told me she wanted some money to put on her train pass as her pass had run out of money. I asked her how this happened and she said she had been practising using it around the city. Now transport is free within the city so alarm bells started ringing. I had her pass registered so I thought I would check her transport movements. When I checked it, BAM, there is was. She had been spending the last two weeks catching a train to meet the relative and then carrying on to somewhere else (most likely the relative’s younger boyfriends place). 


I didn’t have any solid proof of her cheating but enough circumstantial evidence to come up with a probable scenario so I confronted her about her cheating and she confessed to everything. Told her she had two choice, me or them, and she begged my forgiveness. I decided to give her a chance to prove herself but as she didn’t know how I tracked her in the first place, she went off an cheated on me again within a week so I kicked her out my place.


After that I basically got daily messages from her for three weeks saying she missed me. I found out about her new boyfriend. A younger guy he was, but unemployed, living in a crime ridden suburb. He is basically an Australian version of a trike driver. When I mentioned she downgraded this idiot cracked it and sent all sorts of threats saying him and his friends were coming to my work and to my home to discuss things with me face to face.


Roll forward a month and now I find out she is 2 months pregnant. She went from living with a loyal guy on a six figure income in a great suburb to this unemployed idiot, in a crime ridden suburb, with no ticket home. Her family now has no support. I gave them 50k peso to fix their place after it was trashed in December by the typhoon amongst other things but the new guy can’t even afford to buy a 5kg bag of rice for them.


By all accounts he plans to marry her and thinks this will qualify her to stay in the country. However the cost of a spouse visa and pregnancy in Australia along with the strict requirements to get a spouse visa will see this stupid girl back in the province in a year or two with her baby and her idiot boyfriend with a heap of accumulated debt and little to no chance of being with her.


I think I have dodged a bullet on this one and she definitely qualifies as a failipina. She had it all but by choosing to let a slut turn her into a slut she has nothing now. Her relative cheating on her husband had the beans spilt on her by yours truly and is facing an impending divorce in her near future as well. 

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    Pinay Lover

    Since a lot of Filipino’s really lack critical thinking and can be gullible and naive as a child, it doesn’t surprise me that she was easily influenced. You could easily go up to a Filipino and say to them whatever bullshit you want like ‘hey, I see you’re having fun with that guy, what if I told you, you could have double that fun with another guy?” Now a logical thinking person would say, “Ha, sure, what kind of proof and evidence do you have to persuade me into this? Give me in details what I’m missing out on here and what this secondary option will give me that this current one doesn’t?” At this point the person persuading her sure as hell better have some good convincing shit to go any further with her con job, but you see, the average Filipino just goes “something more fun? cool, I want to have more fun” and they are off.

    Dude, if anything this cheating behind your back saved you. Imagine if you had a kid with this girl and she cheated afterwards? She is obviously not marriage quality and man oh man, that is hilarious she picked a deadbeat guy who’s only going to make matters worse. Sounds like a really poor quality Filipina.

    I hate how gullible they are. I’m freaked out to even let my wife go to a bar without me, since some pickup artist could probably easily cast a spell on her and pursue her.

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      Kiwi Post author

      Yeah, her choice of guy was a laugh but she did not intend to be living with him. She intended to enjoy the luxury and security of living with me, having her and her families financial needs catered for, while fucking around with this new guy while I was at work. The best of both lives so to speak, like her slut relative is doing. She had a choice to fly back home or go stay with this unemployed bum but her end agenda is to stay in Australia so she chose the latter. She will ruin this unemployed idiots life, especially now she is pregnant and has guilted him into a possible marriage. But I don’t feel sorry for the guy. He is a complete wanker and the misery she will deal upon him is well deserved, as will be the eventual deportation of her and her child. By the end of 2016, she will be back in the province with her kid, with no hope of emigrating to Australia and a worthless bum of a father who will ultimately neglect any financial assistance and in time ditch her.

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        Pinay Lover

        I feel sorry for the kid who will grow up with 2 children as parents. All to common the Filipina opens her legs to various men and ends up destroying her child’s life, her life, the fathers life and causes a ripple effect to everyone and everything, which they are experts at. Parasites consuming and ruining economies, families, marriages, children’s future, you name it. It’s “a part of the culture” after all!

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          Kiwi Post author

          Do you know what is funny. I was telling guys at work how she got pregnant and they asked what her parents would think of doing something so stupid. I just laughed and said the parents would say it is a blessing. He scratched his head with a WTF look and I explained to him how failipino culture works. How family planning is non existent and despite living on $10 a day in a 30 sqm nipa hut it will not stop them breeding and having 10 kids, living is filth and squalor, because the catholic church teach them children are blessings from god.

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      I agree with Pinaylover. The girlfriend you had is not a good one. But there are still a lot of pinay that are loyal and loving. Hope you will find one (even just a friend) that will make you think that not all pinay are like your ex girlfriend.

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        Pinay Lover

        Exactly, my wife is not perfect, but I would pick her over any western girl any day. If her parents were NOT in the picture I think our relationship would be really good, but these “family values” that are really exploiting values has to stop. Filipino children should not be slaves to their parents and provide for their parents. That is and never was a child’s job until the parents were elderly. TO rob a child as soon as he goes abroad of his future is criminal and happens to often in this “culture”. Ends up ruining marriages, family connections, prospects of the child and so on. The more I understand this culture, the more I despise it.

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    You’re better off without her. There are countless of Filipina women who easily give in to temptations. Although I wished she grew a brain and thought of what she was doing. Seriously? Who would spend a man’s money to meet another guy?

    At the least you didn’t have a child with her! Or she’ll most likely be asking you financial assistance from you.

    Sarcastically speaking, I wish I wasn’t Filipina by blood haha!

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    “bahala na”. You have to remember that ALL Filipinos operate on a moment-to-moment basis. Nothing beyond their immediate needs and immediate desires even enter their mind. It really is the mentality of a child. It is a nation of children, and very bad children indeed.

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    Pinay Lover

    Here’s an example of how gullible Filipino’s can be:

    Co-worker told me he knew this girl that got one of those bogus emails saying “you won”. Inside it stated she was entitled to a million dollars or something. What does she do? Quits her job and tells them to shove it, “I’m rich now, who needs you!”

    Well, being employed in the Philippines is rare and if you do get a job you stick to it and do whatever you can to keep the job since there is a line up of thousands behind you who would like to take your place. So as you can guess, she wound up with no money and no job because her critical thinking brain did not chime in and question this bogus email.

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    Hmmm, superstitious? Just stumbled across this.


    Mixing menstrual blood into food to make people more cooperative. OMG. That is so far over the top. It does not look like it is confined to just one country though.

    Might be a good questions to ask “have you ever been attacked by an aswang or a wakwak?” “Does putting menstrual blood in food make the diner more cooperative and pleasant to deal with?” “What are you most afraid of?”

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne

      What did I just read??

      I have heard similar story but not mixing menstrual blood BUT saliva! My helper back in the university has been with me since my freshmen year, and has made friends with some of the househelpers in our building. She told me once on how disgusted she was when she saw one of her old friends spitting on the food this certain househelpers has been sharing to them!! She was furious, they have been friends for more than a year only to know she’s most likely been spitting on their food for a while already. When she confronted her, she reasoned out on how she believed sharing salivas give them ’emotional connection’!! After that, most of the maids never talked to her until she left the building (bec. her ‘alaga’ already graduated).

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    My filipina wife’s family keeps the light on in the basement at all times in order to keep the spirits away. Of course who do you think is paying all of the utility bills? Me, or rather my wife who is supporting all 14 of her relatives. She is only 28 years old and she supports them all by having a wash and fold business, an ice delivery business for the local market and a computer shop. All of these were started by her after she returned from the Middle East where she was an OFW for a few years. There is not a single peso saved or any thought to what the future will bring. In fact, her 18 year old brother already has a baby living in the house along with his 17 year old girlfriend. Her other brother has three young children, all with their teeth black and their gums infected who also are supported by my wife.. His wife actually was pregnant with their 4th child when the baby was born stillborn. The idiot brother had to ask my wife to pay for the hospital bill because he didn’t have a single peso saved for a rainy day. My wife is a gem, a one of a kind who gets it. However, she has confided in me that she is worn out and at the end of her rope. I used to send her money all of the time thinking that she was the recipient until I found that that her relatives were sucking her dry. She will be coming back to the good ole USA to live a wonderful life with me soon and her relatives will be left to fend for themselves. I have about a hundred stories I would like to share. This is my first rant but certainly not my last rant about all of the crazy things I have encountered these last two years.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover

      Please submit your stories! Any freeloading stories or breeding stories are of the utmost importance since they are the most TRAGIC of all the problems concerning the Philippines.

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    I had an Aunt who used to do this with her then lover. “He lapped it up” she said, while grinning from ear to ear. If it worked, the effects were not indefinite because they separated sometime after we moved to Oz.

    Hope the hot water kills the bacteria, germs and viruses. But what if she mixes them with Coca-cola?? Aww, YUK!

  8. Profile gravatar of oblivious

    I would not blame the relative for anything. She did not turn her into a slut. Your ex girlfriend is not a kid, she can think for herself and it is her decision to be with that other guy. She was probably thinking to do that (find a younger guy) even before she set foot in Australia. Based on your story, it seemed to me that she only used you to get to Australia and was planning all along to fish for someone better once she’s there. You should be celebrating, it is far better to be alone than to be with someone who does not care a bit about you. I wouldn’t be able to forgive her in a hundred years though if I were you. Just imagine, she was doing stuff with both of you at the same time, she could be transmitting all sorts of STDs from him to you. No matter how much you love the person, you would completely shut off when that kind of betrayal happens. If she cares a little bit about you or if she has any respect on what the two of you have together, she won’t be able to go to bed with another person at all. No second chances for that kind of situation. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    If you want loyalty, (nope, don’t get a dog) leave some respect for yourself. It will save you from a lot of troubles and heartaches and will lead you to the right person. goodluck!

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne

      “Based on your story, it seemed to me that she only used you to get to Australia and was planning all along to fish for someone better once she’s there.” It maybe true that the Filipina used him to experience a better life in Australia, but I do not think she was looking for someone ‘better’ that him. It’s more of just ‘younger’ since by how the article was written, it’s pretty obvious that the writer is a lot better than the new guy. It just so happens that new guy is YOUNGER compared to him. I have family members and friends, who have moved to Australia carrying a working visa. From what they told me, it’s not really hard to get a job there. Even construction workers and waiters get a fair pay (I have met an Aussie, who was going to meet his Pinay gf here in Manila, and he told me he’s employed as construction worker paid at $11/hour back in Perth).

      In my opinion, the relative should also take the blame. They would not meet if the relative did not introduce the younger guy and played cupid for the two. The relative also has no respect for the writer and his ex’s relationship, why the fuck introduce her to a new guy when you know she’s taken??

      1. Profile gravatar of Anne

        P.S. I met Aussie guy in the airport. He borrowed my phone to call his friend, who would help him surprise his girlfriend. It just happened that my flight back to Manila was earlier than expected and my father was just on his way, so we had a chat. We have been friends now for almost a year, and I was the one who caught his ex cheating on him twice… He doesn’t have facebook, which is why he once asked me a favor to check his gf’s (now ex’s) profile (I did not add her, not interested). Found out she was dating a college friend for 2 months already. I’m not a stalker, but her profile is public and all her other social media accounts are connected to her facebook. To think he was planning to bring her to Australia after she graduates college.

      2. Profile gravatar of oblivious

        I said she was planning all along to look for someone better (by her standards), but I did not say she succeeded. 🙂 I would not blame the relative because she is not important, she’s just an outsider, not part of the relationship. She can introduce her and play cupid to a thousand other men, if the girlfriend (who is a part of the relationship) does not want that, nothing will happen.

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    I was just at a resort on Samal Island where I met a bloke from London, (no pun intended, I am a Yank) who came to the Philippines to surprise his girlfriend. Apparently, she had hit him up for burial money for her grandmother the month before. Well, when he arrived un announced at the grandmother’s house, he was surprised to see the grandmother alive and well. The girlfriend was nowhere to be found. She was actually living with her filipino boyfriend in a different town. Hence, he wound up at my resort trying to pick up the pieces. I consoled him and then introduced him to this website. He was blown away with the many similar stories that sounded just like his. WTF

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “He was blown away with the many similar stories that sounded just like his. WTF”

      Indeed, stories like those that Anne and the OP shared are as common as the next sunrise in the Philippines. I’ve been a bridesmaid to a Pinay who obviously was just using the Aussie guy for visa….and 3 months later she left him despite the Aussie laws that she was supposed to stay with him for 2 years or else she’d get deported. She was not deported. In fact, I have yet to see someone get deported for leaving their Aussie spouses. Even Pinoys who left their Aussie citizen Pinay wives after a short marriage never got deported.

      The pattern amongst the Filipinas here in my city seems to be: Pinays marry Aussie guy, leave Aussie guy after a period or time, then marry Pinoy man, he then leaves and marry Aussie-Pinay. Karma at work or visa scam?

  10. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

    Ok, I am not finished ! I am getting the hell out of here on Sunday. Going back to then States! I came to spend a month with my filipina wife, hoping that our immigration interview would be waiting for us but I was mistaken. Anyway, I am at the end of my rope. I have visited here 8 times, over 28 weeks in just the past year and I swear I will never come back again except for the final visa interview. This place sucks. Even just today, our hotel in Davao was out of stock for coffee, the movie at the mall was out of stock for butter for my popcorn. The internet was not working at my hotel and all I kept hearing was sorry sirrrrrr! I am not a Grump Kano for real! I must have been out of my mind for even thinking about retiring here. I keep being stared at and of all things, I keep hearing men and women making comments as my wife and I walk by out in public. ” how do they do it. ( have sex) ? The next time I hear that I am going to grab the next man who has the balls to say that in front of me and shove them down his throat. If his wife is the one with the comment, I will still grab his balls and crush them. Keep in mind that I am 6’4″ and weigh 240lbs. I am not the aggressive type. In the States, no one in his right mind would make a comment like that to me. However, I have had my scraps in my time and I have no problem taking on 3-4 Flips at once. Easy pickings in my book! Just today, at the movie at the mall I had to kick the seat in front of me because of the asshole texting during the movie. I just did the same thing the other day at the same mall. They all had the same dumb look on their faces when that turned around to confront me and just melt at this grumpy kano’s meN demeaned. Anyway , thanks for letting me rant

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      I feel your pain, brother. I once read that the average expat lasts only 3-5 years before he packs up and heads back to civilisation. There are many places in the “Yewess” where you can live cheaply–even on Social Security–and not have to deal with the immeasurable levels of pride, ignorance, immaturity, and stupidity that you will experience in the Turd of the Orient.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Let it all out Grumpykano! That’s the whole purpose of this website. We need to release the constant frustrations that come from every hour of every day living in this shithole of mindless idiots called Philippines.

  11. Profile gravatar of marhead

    What pisses me off the most are expats who come here and promote the Philippines as if it was some kind of paradise. Knowing fully that it’s a shit hole, but telling people who are looking for a place to retire that it’s great. Name one thing that is great about it?, aside from a few nice beaches it’s a nightmare. If you like filth, smelling piss all day, rude ignorant locals, traffic gridlock 24/7 yeah it’s great. I would encourage anyone considering moving here to do a lot of research.

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      The biggest problem with living there as an expat is that your “freedom” is restricted to the various social clubs/bars/restaurants that cater to expats. You can get away with roaming around a better-quality shopping mall by yourself, or even taking a walk/bicycling in a gated community (should you live in one), but if you want to venture out into the city or even the countryside on foot, on a bike, or even in car by yourself you are taking a big chance. When I get home tonight (around midnight) I will walk both of my dogs around the neighborhood without a care. Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, I may take a nice bike ride. Try doing that in the Land of Imbeciles. In fact, in my visits there the people who hosted me would not let me out of their sight for fear that something bad will happen to me.

    2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

      One common mistake Expats make when they decide to sell everything and move to RP, is not stepping outside the “Tourist/Expat Bubble”. My definition of this Bubble is the area where Everyone says “Hello Sir, Thank You Sir” or where everything is located within walk distance from their favorite resort/hotel. It is only when they walk past the Line of Death that they smack into the “filth, smelling piss all day, rude ignorant locals, traffic gridlock 24/7″…ie..The real Failoppines. These Expats that sugar coat everything probable have never stepped outside of the bubble.

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I would my bottom dollar those expats who brag up the Philippines have some sort of money making business. It could be hotels or resorts to suck those tourists into paying big money.
      If you want to know the truth, follow the money.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Spot on. They are definitely up to something. If you insulate yourself you can fool yourself. If you have only stayed here a short amount of time you can be fooled by the Smiling Assassins. But these guys promoting the wonderful girls, family values and culture of the Philippines are lying through their teeth. I would of thought foreigners would stick together here. There are a lot of good ones here, but beware, besides the online lairs I have heard other foreigners talk about some really nasty ones who will fuck you royally any chance they get. I am having difficulty not treating everyone as a liar, and I have gotten burnt because of it. It really sucks.

        Housing is cheaper (but that is because houses are built a lot cheaper, many you can bore through the cement and blocks with a simple nail on a stick, they are not supported by taxes that provide proper sewage and water systems, schools, roads, and other services property taxes pay for in the U.S., the plumbing is extremely substandard, electric is running $0.1775 KWH. It is not ok to pay the Kano price, you are not getting Kano quality, not by a long shot.

        Alcohol is cheaper, if you want to drink yourself to death, this place is for you.

        Cigarette are 1/10 the price, this is where I seriously save money, so I can smoke myself to death. The sooner the better, just hope for the heart attack and not cancer.

        Young girls, if your aim is fuck and chuck you have it made, if you are looking for something real, the “family” values you hear about, it is just an illusion.

        Eating out, bottom barrel is cheaper, but the higher the quality the more you pay in excess of U.S. prices and it still lacks the true standard.

        Taxis, they are a LOT cheaper, in Davao City 90% of the time they deal with you honestly, in Manila know that 95% of the time you need to be prepared to argue big time to keep them from trying to fuck you over. If they do treat you honestly in Manila you should tip them, cost of living there is high, but if they try to rip you off, no tip. I don’t tip in Davao usually, I can take a jeepney for less than even a small tip and only takes a few minutes longer, I already paying 10 times more just for the aircon, just doesn’t make sense.

        Food, can be cheaper if you are selective, but quickly exceeds U.S. prices for most things I enjoy. I have heard Gen San is the tuna capital of the world, the price and quality of their canned tuna fish is ridiculous, just can’t figure it out. There is no such thing as sales so you can stock up, if it is on sale look at the expiration date and you’ll know why. Always check the expiration date, especially imported goods, they have no qualms selling spoiled foods. I stopped buying Hershey bars at SM because they are expired and they do taste funny, I noticed they still have the same expired ones there and just increased the price, I think its been six months I have been checking them and they still have the same date code, all that has changed is to the higher price.

        Dental, a lot cheaper, but you can also be ripped off.

        Medical, cheaper for doctor, tests, x-rays and room. Meds are more, forget about good pain relief if you ever have a serious pain problem. If I ever need surgery and unable to fly home I am a dead man, just will not do it here.

        I can’t think of anything that is cheaper here except vehicle insurance, which is useless and not worth having. I would rather have the high premiums back home if you could get the same quality, but you can’t.

        Understand that if you can except sub standard things can be cheaper than in most places in the U.S., but once you seek quality, the price is more than you will pay in the U.S. Electronics and computers you pay more for it and get less and the warranty ranges from practically worthless to totally worthless. They do honor the warranty on aircon compressors, all you have to do is PAY for it to be shipped to Manila and after a few weeks if you are lucky they will ship it back to you.

        I really don’t want household help, but the couple of times I did try made me believe they deserved to be taken advantage of by a Pinoy.

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    Barry Smyth

    You are one lucky guy to escape you are the one blessed,I intent to write a story about a romance gone south after 5 yrs but on leaving me she had another to move right in with and was at the Clark Airport meeting him while I was arriving he was on the same flight from Australia.
    And yes the LIES have started this guy asked have you ever worked in a bar answer NO L.O.L. I can name 4 bars she worked in but her excuse is but I did not work there very long SHE HAS LIED its that simple.
    I was lucky in some ways with her and being who I am kept a short leash on her listening and and watching all the time you need to do the same thing THEY LIE AND CAN NOT HELP IT —-Did you work in a bar no, as I said she worked in 4 bars even if only for a short time they were bars SHE ALSO HAS LIED but sees nothing wrong with that.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Never been out with a bar girl. Never been to Angeles. I stay away from those places. Some compulsively lie and know they are lying. A lot just want money and know they just want money. Some are after a visa and they know it. These are the easiest to spot and move on quickly. The problem is some do not even know they are lying, I kid you not. With my ex wife, towards the end of the relationship (you can’t really call it a relationship) contradicted herself in two back to back sentences about the money issue. I tried to point out the contradiction and she couldn’t even see it. She really couldn’t see it. I was floored. The selfishness is unbelievable. They have no ability to reflect on their own actions, only yours, they can only blame, never can they take responsibility. Once working in the U.S. my ex enjoyed all the money she made, she either sent it back to her family in Phil or spent it foolishly. But the added expenses in the U.S. were all my fault. She helped with nothing. Not even the cost of transportation to take her back and forth to work, that alone cost me a couple of hundred dollars a month. She really did see it as she earned the money in the U.S. and it was all hers, but the added expenses to go to work were my fault because she was living in my country. It didn’t matter that I had supported her son while we lived in the Phils and in the U.S. until she started working, and when she lost her job through her own arrogance. It is really a lack of empathy, they really don’t see you as a person. Maybe they feel they prayed for someone to love and save them. When they snagged you they felt God had answered their prayer. You have become their gift from God. You are there to fulfill all their dreams and their families dreams. When you do not do that you are bad. You’re the demon for not living up to their fantasy world and they are justified in using and abusing you. You are not human. They thought you were an angel from God. But you tricked them (although you told them the reality of how things really are and the truth about yourself) you are really the abusive devil. They suck you dry, with your own empathy and belief you can help them learn reality given time. You can’t. At least for me personally it is my empathy that worked against me and their total lack of empathy that works for them. Empathy is what puts the humanity in humans, their lack of it puts you into hell. No good deed goes unpunished.

  13. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here’s one for you all.

    An aunt of my wife lived in Manila and started asking my wife about Michigan, English slang, what a certain kind of company does. So I answered my wifes questions best I could. Then I was told Auntie met a man online from Michigan and they were getting serious. How serious? Glad you asked. Dennis decided to fly to Manila to see Vangie so Vangie does what any leech would do. Move the boyfriend out before Dennis arrived then move him back in after Dennis left. Of course Dennis knew nothing about the boyfriend and Vangie did not offer the info. So they continue to chat when Dennis pops the question, Vangie of course says yes so they set the wedding date. Well just before Dennis arrives Vangie moves the boyfriend out but moves him back in after the honeymoon.

    But you should also know Dennis was married in the states when he married Vangie. American wife was sick with cancer. So what happens? Dennis get Vangie a visitor visa to the U.S. where they are going to get married. So what if the American wife is still married to him? Neither Dennis did not care and Vangie cared even less. It just happened that as Vangie was flying to the states the American wife passed away. So now Vangie is a big bragard on Facebook ( Eveligina “Vangie” Paquil Miller) and the pinoy boyfriend is sick and living under a bridge somewhere in Manila.

  14. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Oh, Dennis owned a cleaning company and house in Kalamazoo, Mich. Vangie talked him into selling the company and house. Vangie even talked him into building her a house in the philippines. We all see where this is going right?

  15. Profile gravatar of own3dripy

    Her lack of loyalty has nothing to do with the fact that she is a filipino. The fact is no young good looking western girl would give you the time of the day, thats why you went to Philippines. The girls there have no choice but to date you, they want a way out of their miserable life even if it means riding some fat 50-60 year old guy. She was in it for the money all along, when she came to Australia she had access to far more options so she fucked around with some young stud on your back. She was probably planning on dumping you as soon as she got her work permit or PR.

    Moral of the story, never bring these girls to the west. None of them are keepers if you’re a fat old guy. Would you date a fat old lady if you were some good looking young guy provided that you didn’t have any financial troubles. Can’t believe how some of you can be so naive.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      If that is true then there is nothing wrong with dumping them instead of getting them a visa and/or staying with them, right?

      She lies about love but will dump for money and work permit first chance.
      So he should lie about marriage and dump for new ass first chance he gets.

      Fair is fair, only wish I would be fair to myself then.

      All those girls complaining that foreigners used them and didn’t marry them must be really crying that the foreigner didn’t allow her to use him. Karma, good.

      1. Profile gravatar of own3dripy

        You got my point very well. This is what you guys should do. Never take them back to the first world. Date 5-6 of them at once, dump them whenever you’re bored. If you bring her back to the first world when you’re fat or old, she’s gonna cheat on you at the first opportunity she gets. If you were some young attractive Filipina, would you ride some 60 year old fat guy, or a muscular young stud? She’s gonna ride some stud on your back and come back home later for financial security.

        Whenever I go to phils, I lie to the girls that I’m looking for the one, I date 5-6 of them at the same time. All of these girls are whores, they’re only in it for the money. They are very good actors. A guy should be objective and ask himself how come when no attractive girl looks at them in the west but these girls from the 3rd world chase after them? What is it that they seek? His looks? I don’t think so. His fat beer belly? This is not a filipino problem, all girls are like this. Since the girls in the west are financially secure they don’t have to ride some 50-60 year old guy for money thats why they completely ignore you when you try to hook up with them.

        There are a few exceptions, if you’re young and fit, or middle aged and fit, you will get the attention because of your looks. But if you’re young and fit you wouldn’t have any problem hooking up in the west either. So thats why most of the guys who come here are the ones who can’t get any at home. I come here for another reason, I have mild aspergers, I’m 25 and quite good looking but I lack social skills thats why I come to phils because its so easy here. Yep I’m one of the weird ones as well!

        Play dirty my friend!

        1. Profile gravatar of bmo8127

          i agree that a lot of Filipinas are like that, they just want your money, just want security, it is very common in the in Philippines. i guess you haven’t find the descent filipina one yet.
          i am a young filipina, not to brag but good looking, i am married to a guy who is older of almost half of my age. a lot of younger and good looking men here in the US trying to put moves on me. but because , i have a respect and love for my husband i will never do such things.
          my husband is a poor guy but a good person, treated me with respect as well.
          proud of me and my family even if they are poor but never bother me or him to even ask a single centavo.

          1. Profile gravatar of bmo8127

            scumbags are everywhere wherever you go. liar, cheater, user, manipulator, robber you name it, you can find them anywhere. i live here in the US for 7 years note it is a first world country, but we have neighbors who like to steal from us.

          2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Yes disordered people are everywhere, in every society. But when they are spotted they are avoided. They get a reputation for their behavior. They can’t use “culture” as an excuse. “I didn’t know” as an excuse. Business dishonesty spreads by word of mouth and they go belly up. Bureaucrats are reprimanded or fired for severe incompetency, any act of corruption, dishonesty, playing games with the public they are supposed to be serving. Discourtesy to the public gets you reprimanded and then terminated if they don’t straighten out PDQ. The odd thing is, Filipinos come to the West and are aware of how they are to be properly treated, they have a FULL grasp of the concept. Yet they can’t grasp how they should treat others? Yes, they come from everywhere, but they are a small percentage, in the Philippines they are the vast majority. People like these are a disease, their lands are dysfunctional from the cancer, their numbers exploding feeding off of the healthy “tissue” and spreading to the first world. The first worlds immune system is capable of identifying and warding off the cancer grown from within. But it seems to be a bit blind to the cancer being transplanted into it. Many think it is fresh, new, unique tissue that will both assimilate and add to positive growth. The smiling faces mask the malignancy within.

    2. Profile gravatar of Kiwi
      Kiwi Post author

      Own3dripy….old and fat I am not. I am mid 40’s but look mid 30’s, in good shape and go to the gym regularly. Western girls do not appeal to me because of their attitudes. My mistake was bringing her back to my home country because the playing field definitely falls in her favor. If I lived in the philippines I would have my pick of almost any girl.

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Good point Kiwi. Guys like us in our 40s are often given a pick of divorcees and other such “ladies”. I dated many many women last year at home but didnt keep any of them. Most suffered in the looks department, they get fat and dont take care of themselves. I’d rather have a trim asian lady like most guys would. Sure there are many toothless slobs in the philippines who just want some young pussy but I notice an increasing number of good looking young guys now date flips in the manila area.

  16. Profile gravatar of beameup

    The truth is that a “fat old guy” can get a decent looking Filipina and she will take good care of him. I’ve seen plenty of them in my 6 years in the Philippines. My neighbor is wheel-chair bound 72 year old diabetic and has an attractive 50 year old Filipina taking good care of him. Of course, the key is not to take them back to the “1st World”. That’s why I returned after 7 years in States.
    PS: It also helps to know a LOT about the P.I. and Filipinos… the “good”, the “bad”, and the “UGLY” (lots of that).

    1. Profile gravatar of own3dripy

      I would never trust any filipino. I have three accounts on filipino dating sites, one is my real one, the other two are my fake ones. What I’ve noticed in particular is that these girls will talk to three of us at the same time and even agree to meet me and my fake accounts on the same day.

      They use all the same sweet words on all my accounts.

      They are very desperate, but not desperate for sex. They want a way out of poverty, they will use all the means to escape poverty even if it means hooking up with a man their grandfather age. Once they come to the first world, they will try to stay loyal to you until they get their PR or whatever. Once they get it, they will dump you. No exceptions.

      What i advise everyone is to use their money as leverage, know the fact that these girls are only in it for the money and treat them accordingly, like whores. Date 5-10 of them at the same time, take your pick. Fuck a different one every day. DONT GET EMOTİONALLY ATTACHED. Act like you’re in love with them, play dirty.

      1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

        Dripy…Their are a lot of “whores” on the internet sites, and Buy-me Drink bars, but I’ve also heard a few good stories. The good stories have always been after the woman (and guy) has been vetted and everyone has entered the relationship with all both eyes open.
        Your decision for coming to the RP is really no different that of the Old Guy. You are both looking for something that is lacking back in the Real World. Maybe one day You’ll meet a woman and think that you can Change her or she Different.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Dripy there by his own admission has three different accounts to meet girls here so he can come here, fuck them then go home. He’s the kind that give us a bad name. Dripy is nothing but a sex tourist, that’s what it amounts to, no more. Why go the long way around the barn in saying it?

          1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            I’m will to bet a few people have bought ladies-drinks before…I know have. But I would like to think that when i was a tourist buying the drinks, it was more about partying with a handful of friend…and a lot of booze to smooth out some of those harsher angles that pop up.
            I’ve heard the Tourist’s today now show up with a full blown portfolio of clients they’ve met online.
            Anyway…back to marrying a Pinay. Even though a marriage certificant is a legal document, maybe in some (most) instances a full blown doc in black and white might be the route to go.
            1. I fully intend to support you NOT THE FAMILY.
            2. Pinay will cook, clean, sex, etc…
            3. If this contract last 2 years/5 years/10 years/etc…a money bonus is paid.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Going by what Dripy posted in reply I have to stand by my reply about being a sex tourist. He lines these women up before he even gets here. By the way,,,, what is sex? I heard about it before.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Seriously though, you did hit on something. In the rest of the world it is a marriage LICENSE but here it is a CONTRACT. Big difference huh?

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            You may be right about Dripy, but……. My ex wife had a friend who was very attractive and had a child. The very little I saw seemed she was nice (but you do not really know until you are involved with them and behind closed doors sometimes). She found out that the guy was really doing stuff like Dripy describes. Island hopping, the whole nine yards. She confronted him, still hoped, and it seemed the guy was a jerk and stringing her along. Fast forward a year, the guy had stopped contact with her a while before. I guess they were watching his Facebook because the guy got married and they said the girl was ugly. They were puzzled and laughed that such a playboy had settled for someone they considered less than themselves because of how she looked.

            I was also a little puzzled. My ex’s friend was attractive, she seemed nice on the surface, but did he see a side of her not seen by others? Did he have the conviction to act on his instinct, where I required overwhelming proof once I let myself get involved? An experienced Island hopper settles for a less attractive Pinay. I had to wonder.

            I know some are pure sex tourist. But are others just aware enough not to fall in the trap, to spend their time playing the game, waiting for the one that doesn’t display the slightest red flag before committing for real. Observing along the way the tells and not doubting them. Did he see in this girl he chose something they never would have or understand?

            I don’t know, but I do wonder.

  17. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

    Last year I sponsored a party for my stepdaughter’s 6th birthday. It was actually a combination of sorts with some of the many cousins celebrating their communion with the priest and all that goes with it. I paid for the roasted pig, food, you name it. I also provided cases of beer and many bottles of brandy. As the night wore on I noticed that more and more of the locals were showing up to the bash carrying bottles of beer and brandy. I thought to myself, “:wow” they are actually bringing some things(contributing) to the party, just like we all do here in the states when we have a party. Boy was I wrong! It turned out that one of the relatives set up an account in my name(rich Kano) at a local sari sari store and they wound up ringing up a bill that was in the hundreds of dollars. I found out about it the next day.Then I also caught some friends of my brother in law loading up bottle of rum to take home with them at 3am in the morning. I blew my fuse and declared that this will never happen again and that this is the last party that I will ever pay for again. This is just ba tip of the iceberg. I have many more stories to tell. In due time.

  18. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    If you didn’t open the account at the sari sari store WHY did you pay it?????????????????
    I would have stuck off and left them the bill to sort out.
    Fuck em.!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thieving guests at parties are the norm in the PI, get used to it and watch who you invite.and who they invite without your knowledge.
    I had a whole 30kg lechon disappear once within an hour of carving with only 20 guests

    Ive started using resorts and restaurants myself now, despite how ever many times the child bride says its cater at home.
    Ive never had a party yet including our wedding or my 60th birthday that’s cost me over $300 including an open local drinks including booze bar and no left overs , no take outs, no uninvited guests, no mess to clean up, just the ever present argument with the family about not inviting some fucking relative Ive never met or even heard of.
    They get over it eventually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Too right Don! If you’re paying, you dictate the terms!!! They’d soon learn they can’t mess about with you…. or do they learn?????

  19. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    They keep on trying!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got a new one Sarah,
    We just arrived, we have been here one week exactly.
    The child bride says , the baby in the PI, you know the one, needs milk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WTF, why tell me ?????????????????
    He has a father !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has a Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then I find out they are raking up my leaves , supposedly ?????????? So i need to give them money for the little blokes milk.
    Why could this not been organized before we left .
    Then the suggestion I email one of my kanoe mates to lend them the money for the milk.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bloody Hell, it will cost more to pay a transfer fee to Western Union the the bloody milk costs.

  20. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

    Also, I had my favorite hat stolen at that party and my wife had these really expensive shoes taken. You know, when you leave your shoes outside the entrance of the house and expect them to be there when you return. What a bunch of thieves.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      We were in the process of moving when this happened. The fuckers walked off with my Hush Puppy shoes I brought from the states, just try finding half size shoes in this country. In addition they also walked off with shirts, pants, shorts and so on. Then one was caught walking out with our basins to wash clothes in, a large cooking pot. The pisser is they worked for us! was going to go to a sari sari and went to put my flip flops (filipino national footwear) on when they were gone. So I see them on the feet of someone I don’t know and pretty much don’t like, saw the asshole around a lot. So I say something and get them back. Assholes excuse? “I didn’t know they were yours”. Me “But you do know they are NOT yours”.

  21. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The biggest load of bullshit naive foreigners might be fed is that filipinas make loyal..good partners. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many have a past.. Driven by greed and envy to get the fuck out of the country..others are driven by family nagging for ‘support”. Don’t feel sorry for them. No matter how much you give and help.. Something is never enough and you will be entering the realms of a bottomless money pit.

    Both aims are different..you coming to retire to the philippimes might be so far removed from what a Filipina (/and her lazy fucking brothers or family) want. The “audience” is egging on saying your FOREIGNER has money he can pay.. When are you leaving the country (so you can make dollars not pesos) all waiting for THE FOEIGNER to PAY EVERYTHING starting at passport to visa to spending LOADS AND LOADS OF TIME as filipinas consume sorting out them and getting them out of the shit. It becomes them jUMping up.and down making the demands… What the fuck. A poor uneducated girl and useless family in shitsville Philippines thinking THEY have tye god given right to be making demands that they are wanting YOU to save this person from poverty out of 90 million other sticking arsewipes in the country seething with problems.

    So what I said is you may likely end up with a flipper that is living a different dream. Your dream is to stay in the ph..her dream is to no live here and get the fuck out. Don’t get suckered into this especially where she is buying time and sticking the kid through school etc and then after all that say I need to fuck off as I net some guy online in the US and he is showering me with gifts etc to win my heart …

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      All do not appear to be after money, or even a visa necessarily. Instead there are other issues, watch for inappropriate behavior. Tantrums over stupid things not even to do with money. Loss of control of themselves while trying to control you. Super lovey, even over lovey, but prone to severe drama over the ridiculous. Talking to them doesn’t calm them down. They create high drama situations, then blame you for the results. Be careful if you think you have the right one just because they seem loving and are not buy me, buy me. It’s a mine field. Watch, observe, what was just odd behavior I didn’t understand, slowly grew until I really didn’t know which way is up.