Ignorance? Check! Hypocrisy? Double Check!

Ok, I’m back with yet another reason to point and laugh at the buffoonery of politicians and religious leaders alike here in the good ‘ole Failippines.  This time, it’s based on one of the longest running gag reels of Failippines culture and law…


Yep!  This is now back in the spotlight after the latest polls show that at least 60% of Filipinos are in favor of having a divorce law in the Philippines.  Now, for the uneducated, the Failippines is the ONLY country in the world (aside from the Vatican) that does not have a divorce law.  This is largely (aww hell, COMPLETELY) because of the Church.  Over the centuries, they’ve removed most of the Filipino common sense and replaced it with programming to blindly follow whatever the Church wants them to believe.

So what’s the problem now, Kaine?  What’s your beef?  We all knew this crap anyways!

Yep…but it gets fun, as it always does, when the CBCP (the big boss of churches here in PH) gets their knickers all bunched up whenever there’s a hint that they’re losing control of their mindless minions.  In this case, as mentioned, a survey was done that resulted in a majority of Filipinos in favor of divorce.  This then prompted some politicians to publicly “mull over options” to bring the topic of divorce up for debate in congress (read: talk about whether to talk about it..then table it…then bury it in peat moss for 20 years…then dig it up and throw it away).

As you can imagine, any such “progressive” statements have gotten the CBCP all riled up, with the spokesman for the CBCP even telling the politicians to ignore the will of the people because it is not the will of God!  Really? I have yet to see any fiery bush or hear any booming voice from the clouds command that divorce is taboo.  In fact, the only voices saying that it’s a bad thing is the Church.  You know..the same guys that only have sex when they rape little boys?

But why does the title have the word “Hypocrisy” in it?  You’re off topic!  Naw…I haven’t gotten to the fun part yet!

In response to a politician pointing out that the Philippines is failing its own people by not having a divorce law, the CBCP had this to come back with:

“Why then would one want divorce if legal separation, annulment and declarations of nullity are juridical options already available?”


 “divorce allows an already married person to have another go at it, despite failing at the first.”

and even…

If indeed a spouse proves not only to be overbearing but oppressive and cruel, there are already sufficient provisions in the Family Code, specifically those that provide for the legal separation of the spouses, and, in some cases, even annulment of voidable marriages.

So…what you’re saying is…you’re against divorce as a WORD, but not in it’s action since you’re just fine with the overpriced, prohibitive measures already in place.  You’re not against couples breaking up, you just want to make sure everyone and their brother makes bank in the process.

More succinctly, the CBCP doesn’t give a shit about the people, or what the people want.  You hide behind a stupid book that, even 2,000 years ago, was abusive, unfair, and full of shit.  This begs the question…since the Church can’t be bothered to adapt to the people’s needs, do the people still need the Church?

My answer, of course, is no.  I have no time or patience for ignorant idiots that live in a fairy tale.

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    “If indeed a spouse proves not only to be overbearing but oppressive and cruel, there are already sufficient provisions in the Family Code, specifically those that provide for the legal separation of the spouses, and, in some cases, even annulment of voidable marriages.”

    The above options are only affordable to the rich. And even if you have the money to apply for annulment, there is no guarantee that this will be granted. Any wonder why spousal murder is viewed as the easier solutions?

    When the divorce laws was planned to be debated at the senate a few years ago, the Church leaders in Failippines threatened to excommunicate any politicians who planned to vote for the bill. Any other person outside the Failippines would have told the church to feck off. Not so the RP politicians. The bill was quickly put aside. I mean really, who cares if the church ex-communicate their parishioners?

    The local Catholic priest in my town here in Oz loved Filipinos. Why? Because they fill up his little congregation!!

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    Penance Post author

    Even more hilarious was what they did immediately after the RH bill passed.

    Two separate politicians submitted bills to make it UNCONSTITUTIONAL to even bring up or talk about divorce in congress or the the senate. I wonder how much those guys were paid….

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    I bet those2 politicians were lawyers! I was informed that annulment costs run from P250,000 upwards. Bearing in mind that there are no guarantees that annulments are given, how many Filipinos can afford to throw away P250,000? No wonder tandem bike riders with full helmets are becoming a popular solution. Why pay P250,000 and up when you can solve the problem for far less?

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    Pinay Lover

    I don’t see the divorce making any positive change for these people, since men take off on women and cheat and leave them high and dry with a litter of kids anyways. Many have multiple partners. Divorce won’t change that aspect of it. Also, how the fuck do these women just allow themselves to get rapped up in this mess and get pregnant is another problem divorce won’t fix. They keep pumping out offspring and make stupid decisions for male selection. It’s a huge cost for themselves since if they choose an unfaithful abusive partner they are stuck with him if they have babies since there’s no social system to protect the women and their obligation is taking care of the kids.

    I don’t see divorce making any improvement unless it gives power to the women to hold men accountable if they try to take off. Hell, if there was at least child support maybe men would be more careful before engaging in sex with a women. As for the dumb women that keep getting pregnant like fuckin jack rabbits, I don’t know how divorce will help them.

    I still can’t understand how Manila has the busiest maternity ward? Filipino women must be really low on the iq rating. It’s a huge cost an risk to them having offspring. Money problems, less food, possible abandonment, no social system etc. it takes an especially retarded person to commit the same mistake over and over. As Britney Spears says”whoops, I did it again”.

    Kids are like their pets over their. It’s sickening.

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      It might not make much difference to the lives of most people. Nowadays, the Filipinos just shack up anyway, I don’t see the churches turning people away just because people are living in sin. If the Churches start turning people away for this, they will find their churches and coffers empty!

      Perhaps divorce might give (mostly women) the people a 2nd chance at life, without scaring the new BFs (Kanos in particular) of a potentially expensive and uncertain annulment costs.

      “I still can’t understand how Manila has the busiest maternity ward? Filipino women must be really low on the iq rating. It’s a huge cost an risk to them having offspring.”

      Well, they fuck like rabbits, don’t they? Also Filipinas in particular liked to use their “ace cards”…..pregnancies in an attempt to manipulate/force the man into marriage. Yep, they are low in IQ alright because they never think of the consequences, such as “what if he won’t marry me anyway? what if he decides to abandon me despite the baby? would anyone else marry me if I’m a single mum?”. Even considering that by becoming a single mum, her chances of a decent marriage to a well to do Pinoy goes down from 50-50 to zero, the women still gamble with getting pregnant and hope for the best.

      So guys, take it easy on the philandering Pinoys. While many indeed abandon their GFs upon falling pregnant, in a lot of circumstances the guys were not consulted. My half-German cousin became a victim of such trickery with his Nurse GF. I mean, really? A Nurse who don’t know the existence of contraception?

      She can thanked her lucky stars that my cousin is a decent guy and did not abandon her. Seems strange though that half-Kano cousin and his mestiza looking (now) wife produced a dark skinned, slanty eyed, flat nosed kid? Auntie said the baby inherited most of his features from the wife’s side. I told Auntie that I’d pay for DNA. I was turned down.

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    Captain PFB

    The last thing the men behind the curtain want is a conscious, informed public capable of critical thinking. Which is why a continually fraudulent zietgiest is output via religion, mass media, and the educational system. They seek to keep you a distracted, naive bubble and they are doing a damn good job of it.