Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse… Even When You Make Up Laws!

Have you noticed the hand drawn signs around the country where private property owners have signage warning people of an offence (eg. Dumping rubbish, urinating, horn blowing, parking etc) as well as an amount of the fine written on the sign?

Maybe after reading this post you will be noticing these signs with regular and annoying frequency.

Basically if a private owner starts asking someone for eg 1,000 pesos as a “fine” for dropping rubbish in their front garden bed.. Isn’t that extortion?

As we know.. extortion can be part of everyday life in the Philippines.

So its a stupid Pinoy who thinks they are above the law to be making up fines as a money making venture and its even more stupid the ignorants who believe these fines are true.

The highest “fine” i’ve seen is 5000 pesos for dumping rubbish at the front of a property owners fence.


I asked Filipino’s whether they believe these signs are for real.

The response –  they seriously believed the signs and that the owners had power to impose a “fine”  I said wtf!? these bastards don’t have the power to extract money from you and the filos that i asked have so far said property owners do have the right to fine “offenders” for one reason or another.


When i said to the Filo’s that fining people for dumping offences was a local government matter through local ordinance laws.. The replies have been.. “Well…this is the Philippines”.

That reply is about the length of thought a filipino  mind stretches when it comes to thinking about anything.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Balikbayan Box
    Balikbayan Box

    Gullible gullible gullible…

    The PINOY is the most gullible race in the entire world!!

    Have you seen these INC cult idiots on television protesting because MANALO told them to? “The government is going against our freedom of religion because they are investigating me for kidnapping my own mother and brothers and locking them up in my church!”

    And Pinoy idiot INC followers gladly go out and block EDSA with their protest because they are GULLIBLE MINDLESS RETARDS.

    Hey PFB, I’m starting my own religion. It’s called “IGLESIA NI MGA BALIKBAYAN BOX”, would you like to join?? The only thing we believe in is the right to break whatever laws we want because our God, Balikbayan Box, decreed to us at the Holy Bureau of Customs that all laws are not applicable to us, the chosen box followers!!! DOJ, PNP, BOI and NBI can go to hell! Now give me coin!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Iglesia ni christo …they have 2-3 million voters and will vote what the head of the church says. Man theybhave churches everywhere but… I heard they locked non INC members out of the churches during typhoon hynan

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Ever see the magazines they put out every month or two? It will have pics of INC churches in other countries and the members are all filipino. Looks to me that INC nothing but a cult.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I had some bring me about 12 of their either monthly or every two months magazines so I read them (bored). In them members asked questions, there were lessons and such which they gave the answers to by quoting book, chapter and verse. But I notice something and go a pen and paper to write down what I saw. Going through all of those I found 26 different versions of the bible they quoted. NKJ,NIV, Old English, New English, etc, etc, etc. Guess shopping around to find the one that gives the answer they want to hear.

          2. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

            I was going to comment this bit about INC’s cult-like behavior. If you fail to attend the weekly events there you’ll be suspended.

            Half of my family trusts that cult for some unknown reason.

            And this one is amusing and somewhat funny: I accompanied a cousin that attended a doctrine that took place onto a garage of a jeepney driver, who is a member that will handle the teaching. It reminds me of those typical underground cult hideouts that you see from those horror or comedic movies.

            The jeepney driver wasn’t even dressed properly, and the garage is a wreck that has lots of potteries, junk and unused containers that act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. You can tell that they sprayed Baygon before the doctrine. There’s a faint smell of it.

            But too bad, hours later the spray wore off and the mosquitoes started to feast on my cousin and the other poor teenagers there (and presumably the the jeepney driver too and his henchman). Thankfully, none of them got dengue.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          There will be a sprinkling of some deluded kano in amongst the crowd, too
          They were caught by the ”kano dick trap”
          Container Al
          Shipping to all parts of the world.

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Oh pinoys love a good sign, except of course when it’s needed to warn of dangers. A resort will plaster signs all over the rooms telling people not to flush sanitary napkins down the toilet, but won’t bother with signs on the beach warning about no lifeguard on duty and strong currents.

  3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “The PINOY is the most gullible race in the entire world!!”

    An expat once told me the story of an Irish guy called Frank who always wore the same black shoes, black trousers and black turtle neck. If he had a little strip of white on his collar he’d have looked exactly like a priest. For fun a few expats started a rumor by telling pinoys that he was a top bishop visiting from Ireland for a few days and would be taking communion at his hotel room at 3pm on sunday. Hundreds of brain dead idiots turned up. Poor Frank was not amused.

    1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

      Hahaah…I was talking to a hot little waitress today.
      Me: You and your Canadian BF still getting married ???
      Her: yes
      Me: I thought you are already married to Pinoy ???
      Her: yes but Canadian BF will pay for annulment
      Me: Wow he must love you a lot…200,000p a lot
      He: yes he’s rich
      Me: (Just Joking) Why don’t you just kill your Pinoy husband. It’s a lot cheap for 10,000p
      Her: Hmmmmm….Yes that is good idea. Will you kill him for me ???
      Me: Oh shit…Check please.

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Filipinos largely make things up on the hop.

    They never want to anticipate or foresee, therefore, your terms and conditions of an agreement all boil down to zero or be changed (to.suit them). To us..fulipinos look like liars
    Changing goal posts to suit themselves (by the way a filipino would say? What? Goal posts? As they dont understand analogy, irony sarcasm etc)

    CAKAGE —,now that gives me the shits. I went to a place one time and they wanted 400 pesos for bringing a cake in from the outside onto premises. I said.. Guys.. Its a birthday party. Im about to have 20 people turn up..we will be buying food..booze.. Songs. Way way more than your stupid “cakage” charge.

    Reply– sorry sir..we have to charge the cake charge..owner said.

    Me—,wtf? Are you serious you would rather see me walk with my 20 friends and go elsewhere (as they say in philippines— dont like it LEAVE!)

    Filo—,sorry sir.. (Yes sir..no sir…3 bags full sir),DOOR MATS THEY REALLY ARE

    So this fucked up business lost a birthday party of 20 people because of its insistance to charge cakage of 400p and on principle i said sorry!!

    This is how business works. Thats how they keep failing …they would rather get their cake fee + our patronage …and make ys lick tgeir bums…and everything…. And have no flexibility at all. ALL OR NOTHING approach

    ITS OK.. NO Cake fee ..refuse business and make no money for thr night (guess who pays for wages, electric etc?)

    Another example of filipinos being… Filipinos

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Flexibility is not in the Filipino vocabulary. Has to be black and white.
      I was staying in Cebu city 2 years ago. Like most Aussies, I loved my cup of tea in the mornings and was able to buy hot water from a 7 -11 store.
      Well this particular morning, 7-11 ran out of foam cups. No problem, right, since they can sell me the soft drink cups? Wrong! Here’s how the transaction went. SB is for sales boy.
      Me: So you’re out of foam cups for hot water, well then you can sell me the cardboard cups for soft drinks?
      SB: No ma’am, it’s for soft drinks.
      Me: I know that! But I don’t want to buy soft drinks, I want a hot cup of tea! Why won’t you just let me pay for the cup like you would if it were foam?
      SB: Coz it’s for soft drink Ma’am.
      Me: You’ve already told me that!
      SB: If you really want the cup, you’ll have to pay for the soft drink, P20, tip it then come back for your hot water.
      Me:you have got to be kidding me!
      SB: (blank look and a shrug as if saying “I don’t give a fuck”.

      Well he probably don’t give a fuck. He’s only an employee paid with a pittance, likely on contract that can be terminated anytime. Why should he care if his boss makes money or not?

      1. Profile gravatar of Pissnoy Allergy
        Pissnoy Allergy

        I had a similar experience with my ex girl friend telling me: “I could not wash my hand in that soap because it was written on it that it is for face wash”. It was the only soap at hand for the time being, and I had gotten my hands dirty, so I used whatever I had available to clean them.

        I tried to explain that “if that stuff is safe enough to get in my eyes, nose, ears and on my lips, then it surely will not hurt my hands. Don’t think she understood the line of reasoning at all. There are reasons she is my “ex”

    2. Profile gravatar of Pissnoy Allergy
      Pissnoy Allergy

      “Changing goal posts to suit themselves

      Are any of you familiar with the cartoon series “Calvin and Hobbes”? There is a recurring theme there, where they play a ball game of their own invention. Little Calvin does not seem to be good player, by the standard of his peers, so he plays his own game with his toy tiger, which he believes is alive. The main purpose of the game is to change the rules faster than the opponent along the way.

      Kind of makes you wonder if the creator of the cartoon went on a research trip to the Philippines before coming up with that plot. 😉

      There is a hilarious scene in one of these stories, where Rosalyn, “the evil baby sitter” beats them at their own ball game. I guess she is to Calvin what Joe Foreigner sometimes is to pinoys. 😀

      “(by the way a filipino would say? What? Goal posts? As they dont understand analogy, irony sarcasm etc)”

      Another thing they have a hard time understanding is the small word “IF,” that there sometimes is some condition to be met, before something can happen.

      Pinoy: “But you promised”
      Me: No i did not, I said if this and that happened, then…. But this and that did not happen, so….

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “but you promised”…. yes indeed, you promised. But if they’re the ones who did not keep their promises, you are expected to forgive, after all they’re just “human”. (I’ve come across this a few times).

        Sorry, never heard of Calvin and Hobbes. Might have been before I was born, Pissnoy? 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of Pissnoy Allergy
          Pissnoy Allergy

          Might have been, they were popular particularly in the nineties.

          And please call my by my entire user name “Pissnoy Allergy” Calling me just “Pissnoy” would be like calling someone suffering from another type of allergy “Pollen” 😀 😀 😀

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        It really is a Completly Different “Culture”.
        I think think my blood-pressure would rocket if I were to adjust to that mentality every day……

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Regarding INC above. No where is stupidity more prevalent in the Philippines than through religion.

    Gullible people flock on hope. Have you noticed h0w filipinos are being strung along on the words “the future” and “hope”

    Its a cheap “show” by donation only to watch father up there giving hope. But the true cukture of selfishness comes out in these prayers. Filipinos are selfish and think the world owes them something and that the world will satisfy this hope.

    Filipinos are ungrateful. They thank the Lord at church for answeref prayers but ask for more…and more..and more…like a deep hole. They dont show appreciation in any way in daily life. When they walk out of church they fall back to their true selves.

    POLLUTERS— Throwing rubbish everywhere.filipino dont give a fuck about gods planet

    Hey PORK fucking EATERS…dont your ten commandments say “thou shalt not kill”

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To 4innor.
      The scams and church run along the same ”’themes”
      You have use the words ”only for a select few”’ then they have convert other people in to the group,, ”promises of future benefits”’ ”give and you shall receive” and on on and on.

      It is the monkey see, monkey do syndrome. In my country,, if you put a rusty piece of junk in ur yard, told ur neighbor you bought it for 100 dollars,, next weekk the same rusty peice of junk is sprouting up all over the place,,
      They cant wait to get their hands on it.. hahahahha
      Big, Trashy Al
      We buy trash,, sell antiques

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Maybe it’s about time that someone tell the Filipinos that hope is a poor investment/financial planning strategy?

        But then, to be honest Foreign, hope sells better, and is widely popular to Flips. You know why? Because you don’t have to put an effort in!! You don’t have to get up early to work your ass! You don’t have to bust your back shoveling sand or dirt! You don’t have to risk betting a cut on your hand from harvesting the crops. Far easier to go to church on Sundays, or Saturdays (depends on religion), kneel, give some money and get patted on the head by Padre, and you go home and stroke your fighting cock for the rest of the day while drinking Tanduay. That’s the Filipino financial planning. And oh, babies are not included in those plans by the way. We’ll worry about that when it comes (and as a Flip, they’re guaranteed to come, but we won’t think about that for now).

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    ”’shopping around to find the one that gives the answer they want to hear.””
    Yes,, they apply that theory top all of their frigged up society. If they dont like the answer,, just shove theri head up their ass,, ignore,, waddle on to another answer.
    All of the religions cry about separation of gov’t and state,but they all want their tax free status.
    On my walks through the odors of manila,, i am always searching for a real estae deal. So , I am looking at at church sign, i look way up,, lo and behold i see a 5 story apartment building. I wonder if that sign is a tax scam to hide rental income????? The churches hold massive amounts of stock, businesses,,
    It is all about MONEY,, and how to steal it

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      There was a story about a year ago. The Catholic Diocese had to make a decision to renovate or tear down a very old church, like one of the oldest churches in MAnila. The cost was like P40 Million or lets say $1M USD. So they came up with the idea to have the people donate it.
      They put the word out and donations came pouring in. The CEO of Smart personally donated about $1M so their “prayers” were answered. They started renovating and after about $4M USD into the project they still had not finished the project and I think they started to ask for money again. It turned out they were not so much fixing it, but getting a little luxurious with the expenses.
      Then people started to ask questions. They started to say, “Uh, since we are donating every week to a non-profit, tax free religion that only needs to pay salaries and fix the places of worship, what have you done with the rest of the money we’ve given for the last 50+ years?” So, some people did a little investigating. You know, like, “why haven’t you church people spent any of your own money on this ever-increasing renovation?”
      Well, it turns out the church is very secretive about their assets and their money. So no one outside can ever truly know how much real estate they own, how much rental income they generate, how much they get in donations, where the donations are actually spent, etc.
      However, they were major players in the Philippine stock market. For some reason they had to declare their assets as a corporation if they wanted to invest in the stock market. It turned out they owned over P30 Billion in stocks. They are the biggest investors in BPI, San Miguel, and Globe I think. This is not the Vatican, this is just the Philippine diocese.
      My numbers could be off so I included the articles. I could make this an article, but I don’t see the “post” button anymore.


    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      So, INC has done it again! They did the same in Cebu city last year. They chartered most of the buses going North and South Cebu. Southern Cebu copped it since they had their convention near the SRP, effectively blocking traffic for hours. It was frustrating trying to get a bus to get to the province. I heard from the passenger, bus drivers and conductors that INC were offering bags of rice to attend the convention! There you go! That’s their secret, and not necessarily because they loved Jesus Christ!

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    To Sarah
    The definition of frustration i ”the overwhelming desire to beat the living crap out of some asshole who truly deserves it”
    No shortage of assholes her in the feeippines!!!
    If you go utube ” type Steptoe and son” I kind of look and act like the old guy,, hahahaha
    Purveyor of fine antiques!!!