I’m An Invisible Man In Philippines

Traffic In PhilippinesDo you ever get the impression that you can’t be seen in Philippines? Whether you are driving or walking, nobody gives way. It’s like you’re not even there.

Let’s start with driving. I have a few serious questions;

  1. Why do cars have turn signals here in Philippines? I get the impression that when you see the car in the lane next to you with his turn signal on, it means that you speed up to prevent his intention to turn or change lanes. Or you certainly don’t react in any way like you even see the turn signal at all. Ignorance is king. Ignorance is the culture here.  
  2. Have you ever tried to get out onto a busy, congested highway at peak traffic time? Traffic is just inching along, and you think you and your car is invisible discourteous idiot filipino drivers in Philippinesbecause even though traffic moved up another 8 or 10 feet, NOBODY will leave that hole open for you to get in. The stupid ignorant inconsiderate Filipino will not cooperate. The Filipino won’t even allow much more than 1/2 meter of space between his front bumper and the rear bumper of the car in front of him. And you know he sees you, but the stupid fucking ignorant typical idiot Filipino will sit there and just stare at you as if they have the right to be a stupid fucking dumbfuck Filipino. Because what he did, by any world standard, is an ignorant stupid dumbfuck thing to do. There is not a a single centimeter of common courtesy or common consideration, or common-fucking-sense anywhere on him, in him, or around him. Just a mindless ignorant stupid-fuck idiot who cannot think if his life depended on it.
  3. Why do they waste time and paint to paint lane lines on roads here on Philippines? Why?? I don’t understand it. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Enough said on this point.

Now let’s talk about walking….anywhere. Walking in a mall, on the sidewalk (in the rare case there IS a sidewalk).

  1. I don’t know how these idiots keep from bumping into each other. You’re walking, and a Filipino is walking toward you, complete with the mindlessly blank stare, and no real awareness of walking in Philippinesanything around him or her, especially you. If you don’t alter your course, they will just walk right into you, or so it seems. They’ll wait until they are about to crash into you then decide they better deviate from their trajectory. When Filo’s are walking, they’re like an asteroid. Just an inanimate object on a trajectory. It has no awareness that it’s about to slam into a planet or whatever else may be in it’s path. That’s the sense I get when I’m out in public. 
  2. You’re heading for a door. Be it an exit from the mall, or an entrance to a restroom. You’re 1/2 a meter from passing through and here comes the mindless non-thinking Filo asteroid behind you, overtakes you right in the doorway, even so much as nudging you out of his/her way. For them to think to slow their path to allow you to finish going through the fucking door would be Pinoy Asteroida god damned miracle! Such idiots!
  3. You’re in a crowded restroom. There’s plenty of people waiting for a urinal. You’re next (or so you think). The current user zips up his fly and as you’re walking up to take your turn, SWOOSH! Incoming stupid fucking idiot Filo with not a single gram of courtesy or consideration. He just walked right on past about 4 others waiting and swooshed his selfish ignorant asteroid self because Filipinos have this “ME FIRST” attitude. They pay no mind to who was there before them. Whether you are waiting for the pisser, or waiting at the package counter to get your things. Filipinos are worse that kindergartners. I’ve seen more order and courtesy by observing a trail of ants. Idiots.

So that’s just a few examples of why I sometimes believe I am invisible in Philippines. But then when I look into people’s eyes here as I’m walkingPhilippines is full of mindless people around the mall, I honestly see no real awareness or sense of anything. It’s like I can almost hear the sound of a blank radio station static emulating from their brains. Just an empty, open frequency of static and snow. It sort of reminds me of a zombie movie like “Dawn Of The Dead”. Especially when I’m in a mall. If you’ve seen that movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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    Gosh, you tell it like it is! Now that you are into the midst of the Summer season, I have an idea for you which I think you should post–one that hammers right at the heart of their culture. Please email me at my address of record.

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    “they’re like an asteroid. Just an inanimate object on a trajectory” –> dude you are hilarious I swear LOL. Great post and all true 10000% The “me first” attitude is mind boggling to say the least and the absence of common courtesy in some is even more so. I think the thing that pisses me off more than anything else is when walking in a crowded mall, there will be a couple – or family – walking side by side in a complete bubble. Strolling along down the hallway as if they are walking under the moonlight completely oblivious to the hundreds of people behind them that cant get by. Also – having been taught manners and decency by my parents – when I hold the door open for the persons walking behind me I typically always get the infamous blank-stare when a quick “thank you” would have sufficed. Not sure what thats about…but great post dude.

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    Right on…so funny. I find myself saying to my wife all the time: “in the wild, that person would get eaten by a (insert the first random predator that springs to mind)”. There seems to be a major lack of situational awareness here. That coupled with a super awesome self-centered attitude, is what makes the Philippines such a special place. I usually announce the fact that I’m using sarcasm when I do so, but I’m sure that you understand already. For those “special” folks that are having trouble following….”that’s sarcasm by the way”.

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    As an Australian I have come to the conclusion that much of the behaviour can be placed on the Americans. The disgusting food for example is down to the Americans. If a decent restaurant with a healthy Mediterranean menu was here in the Subic Bay area , I would eat there. No! Instead I have little choice because Americans and Filipinos love huge servings loaded with salt, sugar and oil! On top of that the buggers bring you a basket filled with sauces and condiments! What? Doesn’t the crap already have enough salt, sugar and oil?
    When I first came here I asked for some balsamic vinegar and olive oil for my salad. The response was a blank look! “We have Thousand Island ( full of sugar) ma’am”. Well thanks but no thanks! “Could I have a flat white coffee” (common expression in Europe and Australia for expresso coffee with milk). ‘ma’am we have brewed coffee (well isn’t all coffee brewed unless it is instant?)
    Then there’s the influence of American culture. The appalling dress sense of older American men in particular is a “hoot”. I have actually seen American men wearing Crocs and socks! Not to mention braces with shorts ( which are usually far too short). The Filipinos have adopted jeans as the standard dress code (no wonder the women have constant UTI’s). Their private areas are squashed into skin tight pants.
    The houses also reflect American culture. You can always tell an American/Flipino house. It is usually two storey (so stupid in this climate). The house will have a dirty kitchen (just one clean one does me) because that’s what the little woman wants. The outside has useless peaks on the roof and is painted yellow, blue, green or a combination of the three.
    Finally there is the matter of the pseudo American accent! Now Americans would deny they have an accent (I’m always told “Oh you’re an Ossy” (actually pronounced Ozzie). ‘you have such a strange accent”. I used to laugh it off but now I mimic the person asking (particularly if he/she is from the south). “Well ar declare! Ar had no idea ar had an accent. Arm so excited and ar just caant hard it. Ar know Ar know you just lark it! (thank you Pointer Sisters). So the Filipinos have adopted this annoying American speech which includes “inqeerie” instead of “inquire” and “waderrrr” instead of “water” etc.
    Oh well I guess I’ve pissed off (or should I say pissed off of) a few Yanks. Will finish off by asking why Americans drink that horse piss called Chillable Red?

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      Captain PFB Post author

      Might piss off some Americans if a single word of that were true. All this does is the same thing Filipinos do….blame others for their own choices, actions, and mistakes.

      Fault in “accents”?? Well that’s just fuckin’ childish. We all have an accent. How is that a fault? Sheesh! That’s not what this blog is about. Criticizing someone for an accent that they cannot help is like criticizing someone for being brown or black or white.

      Let’s stick to things we DO have a choice about.

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        You missed the point. Why is it Americans cannot understand parody or sarcasm? What I was attempting to highlight is that we all influence a culture if we colonise a country for many years! Many Americans really do believe that there is America and then there is the rest of the world.
        I would also appreciate the omission of f—ck in your retorts. It’s a great word but loses its impact if used too much.
        Just as Australians ruined former colonies by attempting to change the culture of the people, Americans have influenced the Filipino culture in negative as well as positive ways. While I agree with much of what you write, I get the feeling you have no respect for these people. I wonder if you are married to or have a Pinay girlfriend?
        We can all criticise a culture as I have done about the Americans. I’m sure many others can list the faults in Australian culture. The difference is that most Aussies have a sense of humour and know when someone is taking the piss out of them. Unfortunately many Americans just don’t get it!

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          Captain PFB Post author

          Sort of like you obviously don’t get Americans?

          Sounds like you need a FUCKIN history lesson. America didn’t colonize the filo’s. The Spanish did darling. Then when the Japanese invaded, America LIBERATED THEM. Duh.

          And uummmmmm no, I will not omit “FUCKIN'” It’s my blog, I’ll respond as I see fit thank you very much. And I know some pretty fuckin’ high achievers who use the word fuckin’. Get up to speed with the rest of the world hunny, FUCK isn’t even a bad word anymore. Using FUCK in speech does not indicate a lack of intelligence. It’s a common word these days. So please, come down from your high pompus horse. You’re welcome to ATTEMPT to tell me how to write and respond in MY blog. I welcome that so I can show you how FUCKIN effectve you were LOL!!

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            Whoa….Spanish-American War, dude. America took the Philippines from the Spanish and basically colonized for some 40 years before the Japanese invaded and drove MacArthur out. It was 2 years later that The US ousted Yamashita. The American bases that existed at Clark and Subic endured for another 50 years. The US military (I am ex-Navy myself)did a great deal of harm to the Philippines in those 50 years. The vast number of fatherless Phil-Ams is testimony to that.
            To most American servicemen, the Philippines was nothing morre than a whorehouse, and a damned good one at that.
            Oh, and I want to be counted in on the side of using “FUCK” sparingly in order to preserve its force. The word is in such common usage it doesn’t carry the weight it used to. and…imagine that, an Aussie counselling anyone on the use of profanity….fuck me!!!

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          Captain PFB Post author

          And it’s not that Americans or anyone else can or can’t understand parody or sarcasm, it’s that you can’t understand that parody and sarcasm often requires voice tone and facial expression, which you cannot do with text darling. Duh.

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      Sorry about your envy for the Americans. I visit Subic quite often and rather like it there. Your post has nothing to do with Stupid Filipinos and all to do with your jealousy towards the Americans you see at Subic. Given many retired American vets live there and dress like total douche bags; they’re old and don’t give a shit about fashion sense. Crocs with socks? Considering the perti dish streets it might not be such a bad idea.
      I am pretty sure the entire world, even the muzzies, have adopted jeans as the predominant ass cover.
      The Aussies I know in Subic have taken full advantage of the impoverished denizens and the droves of Expats who come to have their way with their children.
      One particular Aussie laut goes out of an evening with his Filipina trophy wife, but does not allow her to join him and his gang of rude, boorish, morbidly obese pals. No, she must sit quietly alone and is absolutely forbidden from talking to anyone. When he has had his fill of 50 cent beers he summons her from a distance with “hey, we goin’ nah”. Nice guy, and not an exception, his blokes arre of a similar temperment.
      Before you attack the American influence, check yourself and your rude boorish countrymen.
      Also, Subic has the best infrastructure of practically any place in the RPI, thanks due to the United States Navy.
      Take your petty jealousy of America back home to your winderful, wanna be America…Australia.
      On topic, Filipinos do tend to wander about aimlessly and have no civic sense whatsoever. They are rude and rush to the trough as soon as it is opened. Perhaps this is from being brought up in a one room “house” with countless siblings, fighting for the last bit of rice. Or perhaps they have learned to be rude from their visitors from a ways further south.

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        I have only just joined and so I really wont get into the war. But I will say “petty jealousy of america”. Not likely. We like what we have got.
        But why are you guys fighting over shit – most aussies and yanks get on well. What the fuck?

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        The Aussies have proven me to be the coolest group of Caucasians so far. The whites of the states are suffering from a lot of first world issues such as superiority complex, pedophilia if not being oversexed even when they’re supposedly past their due dates, among other things.

        It’s true that the US NAVY was the one that facelifted SUBIC.

        But then again, the Aussies are friendlier and way better-looking. LOL.

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          Captain PFB Post author

          When someone is truly superior in intelligence, it’s NOT a complex, it’s just a fact, regardless if the inferior mind sees it as a complex, which it begrudgingly and inevitably will, as we have seen time and time again. An inferior mind does not realize the true level of it’s inferiority, because of it’s inferiority.

          So it’s pointless to argue with the inferior mind about it.

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          Well it’s quite tough to generalize which group of foreigners are best to hang out with. But being that we are small insignificant population in this mess of a country, we gotta unionize and deal with each other the best as we can. I’m a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. I consider myself as race-lass, since I don’t quite follow my racial stereotype as well, but I tend to get a long with everyone just fine anyway, so hell, why does it matter to me? I even manage to get along with some of the locals, as much as they piss me off on a daily basis.

          Other than that, I had met some pretty great foreigners here so far, haven’t quite met one who was a complete dick yet, but I know it’s bound to happen.

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            Truth be told a lot of Pinoy working professionals like me would really prefer working with an Aussie and Irish (not the Irish born and grew up in ‘merica). They are so cool packed with humor in the workplace. Same with the Japs -they don’t scrimp on anything. I would like to hear more often from these 3 nationalities on this site about their negative experiences in the PH. They would make more sense.

            Because the Americans are generally idiotic enough as officemates/tourists/etc. to even say something stupid to the stupid flips. If an idiot kano marries an idiot pinay, that means they deserve each other. Regardless of whether you come from a 1st world or 3rd world country, an idiot is an idiot and wherever they are merits a stupid experience which they probably deserve in the first place. lol

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            Captain PFB Post author

            Please reveal the results of the survey you took of AT LEAST a few hundred Pinoy working professionals (those two words “Pinoy” and “professional” when put together really make me giggle) to come upon that conclusion.

            Or did you come to that conclusion based on your own preference and maybe another “Pinoy working professional” (giggle) or two that you might work with in the office?

            I have a strong feeling your idea of “a lot of Pinoy working professionals” is merely comprised of a few Pinoys you work with in the office, and that office happens to have 1 Aussie, 1 Irish, and 1 Japanese.

            So I can be pretty sure it’s only true to YOU, not “a lot” of Pinoy working professionals.

            Because I have never met a Pinoy, professional or not, in Philippines or in America, who didn’t fucking grovel at the chance to be a Kano’s best friend. And if the Kano rejects the Pinoy, the Kano goes from super hero to “idiot Kano” in a matter of seconds.

            That’s just the pathetic Pinoy way. And I see it right here, right now.

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            Captain PFB Post author

            How many of you foreigners knew just how mindlessly idiotic your Pinay wives were before you married them? How many of you fell in love online before actually coming to Philippines and marrying them a very short time after arrival?

            How many of us foreigners tried our best to make some kind of logical sense of Pinoy behavior for a very long time before giving in to the conclusion they are dumb as fuck and that’s the only explanation?

            How many of us are here because we trusted the word of the Pinoy/Pinay, only to realize they cannot be trusted, and kept that first impression good behavior up until marriage, then after marriage the true idiot came out?

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            I dont know about you because Ive never fallen for someone online, which is weird to me btw even though im very internet savvy.

            And I can very well sense that I dont think the same as you do when it comes to dating, or that we have the same precautionary measures when it comes to stuff like that.

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            and btw, just because i am anti-pinoy pride myself doesnt mean im gonna take a pass on picking on the stupidity of the non-flips.

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            I met my idiot Filipina wife in person and i was hoping for a work-in-progress when dealing with her. I tried to put her through college, but she failed miserably at it. I was hoping to start from scratch with her, but she doesn’t believe in production at all. Oh well, it’s hard to rebound from this. At least I can trust her with things that don’t require the use of a brain. Her true idiotness has always been out there, I was just too stupid to think that I can change it. Shame on me.

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    he Philippines was acquired by the US as a result of the Spanish American war in 1889. The Filipinos obtained independence on July 4th 1946′. By the way when you reply to me show some respect! I do not insult you by calling you “hunny” (Do you mean Honey?). I’m afraid your lack of historical knowledge does show you are uneducated! Of course you can express parody and sarcasm with text! George Orwell,Tom Wolfe and Terry Pratchett all wrote texts using either parody or sarcasm (satire). I wonder if you speak to your mother in the same manner? You need to mature and learn about the world around you. The Philippines is a frustrating place in many ways but believe me, compared to PNG, Vietnam and India, it is a cakewalk!

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      Captain PFB Post author

      No, I mean “Hunny”. Pompus again. Let it be official, nobody has to use textbook english on my blog, no matter what hunny darling says!. But Aussies have my permission to pronounce “No” as “Nory” (now lets talk about accents if you like) sheesh!

      No, I don’t speak to my mother in the same manner, but you are not my mother now are you? My gawd. < ===watch her say something about "gawd" and the way I spelled it. I know how to spell DARLING HUNNY. And the words I use are spelled correctly. I'm not using "honey" because I don't mean "honey". Bees make honey. I mean "hunny" which is a slang for "my god she's a stupid pompus bitch but I'll sound sarcastically nice to her anyway". You are very entertaining all up on your high horse like that hunny! LOL!!

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        Captain PFB Post author

        Oh, and I can copy & paste from wikipedia too! (but I won’t)

        As far as respect goes, I’ll reply as appropriately as I see fit. Respect earns respect. Right from your first comment blaming everyone but filipinos for their fucked up ways here, then you tried to claim it was sarcasm. Any idiot can see there is no sarcasm there. It says what it says, you were called on it, the you tried to weasle your way out of the stupidity you brought upon yourself. that’s when you lost my respect. Right from the first comment.

        You’re obviously clueless.

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    Captain PFB Post author

    Philippines has had MORE THAN 1/2 A CENTURY to make a little bit of progress. They have been self-governed for MORE THAN 1/2 CENTURY! I would say that is long enough to stop blaming America and start showing some kind of ability to take care of themselves and their country and join the world community. Yet still, most of the world community won’t have anything to do with them because of their blatant dishonesty, coruption, and stupidity. Bottom line. They just keep repeating the same dumb-ass mistakes over and over and over again. Idiots.

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      The United States gained independence only to start slaughtering each other! It took more than half a century for some American states to stop hanging their own people merely because they had black skin. It takes many generations to bring about change.

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        And Austalia has been so tender and kind to the “Abbos”. You are a supreme douche bag. Yes, namecalling is the lowest for of argumentation. There is no argument here, it is decidedly obvious, you are a douche bag.

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    You are showing yourself to be a very silly young man who presumes that others lack your poor manners and educational skills. History of Australia and the Pacific was a required subject when I completed my undergraduate degree. I do not need to look up simple history. As for the allusions to me citing an online site, I am a retired Media/ English Literature teacher so I do know a little about the subject. Some of your articles show promise. They are humorous and entertaining. Others are just downright nasty and insulting. You demonstrate a hatred for the Philippines and I am perplexed as to why you remain here. It is well known that expats come to a developing country for three reasons; to be missionaries, mercenaries or misfits. I suspect you fit the latter. By the way it might not be a bad idea to copy and paste from Wikipedia! You may actually retain some knowledge on the way! By the way it is “pompous” not “pompus” Keep practicing with your blog and try to accept constructive criticism rather than call someone a “bitch” because you have lost the argument!

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      Captain PFB Post author

      Oh I’m definitely a misfit here. I certainly don’t fit in. I am way too honest, smart, and productive to fit in here. Glad you got SOMETHING right! I mean, if I want to fit in here, I’ll just go get a fuckin’ lobotomy.

      And I will refrain from boasting about my degrees. I got nuttin’< ==(another word you'll freak out over I'm sure) to prove here. This blog is here for me as I explain in another part of the blog. But I won't stop anyone from throwing their tantrums over the truth of what I write here. I say it ADDS to the entertainment value of the blog. You included. It obviously affects you much more than you affect me darlin'. I'm untouchable. So carry on. I'll stop responding when you are no longer entertaining, and just plain boring darlin' granny.

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      It’s something i believe the blood i think, not matter how much they hate each other they simply can’t abandon each other. Family ties .

      You don’t abandon family because they suck.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        Maybe things would be a whole lot different and better if they DID abandon family if they sucked. This is why Philippines sucks. There are no consequences to dishonesty, failure, laziness, or corruption. It goes unpunished, and is just accepted. People who suck SHOULD be shunned.

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    I can assure you that I may be many things but boring or plain is not one of them! There is an expression we use in Australia called reverse snobbery. Usually when a person realises that he/she is not as knowledgeable, that person attempts to belittle the other by “bagging” his/her educational background through the use of insults. I have years of experience behind me and my mistakes have taught me to empathise with most people. I gather you are a Balikbayan and that you are attempting to build a business here. You may well succeed but you will never be happy unless you accept the way things are here. Having lived in various developing countries with my husband, I learned very early on that it was not my country and I had to acccept what was offered. We had no internet, no television, no radio and no cell phones. We kept in touch by 2 way radio and had to lock ourselves in a survival room at night. You will never have to experience the conditions many of us “boring darlin’ grannies” faced as expats. I overcame my hatred of the third world system by teaching and trying to improve literacy skills. I wish you well and please remember that respect for other people’s comments will help you to become a good businessman as well as a better person.

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    Dick Hammer

    Greetings FiloFail…as always, a great blog post!! Very ACCURATE and COGENT in your assessment of the situation/area that we live in. Stay the course, fellow MISFIT!!!

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    Jules, I have a feeling that you’re here in the Philippines because of a Pinay. See, there’s a difference in foreigners – ones that don’t get laid so they come here to get some and the others who come here because opportunities bring them here.

    I’m afraid you’re in the former. Please just admit it and let us live.

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    Yo, fellas….Jules is a TROLL. He/She is trying to gratify itself by stirring up an argument. Don’t feed it. Stay on topic and avoid any retort. It will go away so the adults can talk.

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    I am aussie too.
    Love it – the comments
    Brothers all, who cares.
    For sure Subic is great.
    For sure trying to do anything in Phils is a nightmare (EXCEPT GETTING LAID THAT IS GREAT)
    and for sure some things the yanks brought here, like sugar, and a bad dress sense, well those parts are true. On dress sense, well nothing more to say really. I mean crocs ad socks or shorts and braces, really, and its true.
    There is not enough Aussies here to have had an influence.

    But back to topic, of course you are invisible. Me first, Sure sirrrr.
    But its because they are out to lunch. Look at the pic above with the girls walking. Its reality here. Defensive driving, no need just use a double blank stare. Oh did I really almost run you over you fat white guy? so sorry, nope, never a word, just a blank stare, you dont exist.
    Ahh, you guys forgot the facts.

    The Please sir Mr David and Mr Michel and all that shit, they dont really like you, just the bucks, you are invisible before and after handing over bucks.

    Spose cannot blame them life is pretty bloody tuff. But have you actually ever got someone to do something for you when you asked. For example the salesman tries to flog you a condo. You say “ok get me the stats on how many are for sale in the block. ok” . “Yes sirrrrr. Three weeks later nothing.

    Or the airconditioner is new and not working. “Oi come and fix” you get, “sorry sirr it was the installers, not our machine” Hmm so you say “Oh so you have looked? “No sirr we have not”. Go figure, but always know once the pesos have changed hands thats the end of it. You become invisible.
    Cars roads business you are invisible. Oh unless you have a fist full of PHP.

    1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      Haha, when i walk through doors in any shopping center i yell out “ako muna!” (me first) and cut in front of everyone. Nobody has said anything to me yet, well besides give me the blank stare. Can’t wait for someone to say SOMETHING so i can just thank them for having balls and confronting a situation in order to resolve it, instead of totally ignoring me cutting in line lmao.

  13. Profile gravatar of Davo

    arrogant prick, good on yer go fer it, sounds like Malaysia but those pricks dont say a word just slam the door in yer face, stamp on your toes. and move past all synthetic shirts and extreme body odour.

  14. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I had this article on my mind while walking on my school campus today trying to navigate through the narrow hallways full of inconsiderate Filipinos walking in straight horizontal lines in my opposing direction. A fuckin line of 4 Filipina idiots were walking and talking coming to me in the opposite direction. It was just me vs 4 of them. I was wondering if one of them would’ve been nice enough to make way for me to pass by, or if I’m gonna have to force myself to to hug a wall as they squeeze by me.

    I had put up with enough of this shit, so I decided to stand my ground and see what exactly will happen. As we approached each other and collided, the little Filipina bitch had almost practically fell off her feet. I did take the liberty to walk on the far extreme right, but none of them still managed to make way for me, and look what fuckin happened! The girls looked back at me as if I was in the wrong, but of course Pinoy Mentality will cause them to think that.

    I’m gonna go back to my high school years while I was playing football and start bone rushing through these Filipinos if they don’t learn to make way and deviate from my path. They feel that THEY have the right of way at ALL times while walking, and that YOU should always make way for THEM! Gosh I’m starting to hate Filipinos and their linear way of fucked up thinking. The thing is….. THEY DON’T FUCKIN THINK! Damn fuckin morons!

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      Ever go to the mall and run into the following:

      1. The super slow walkers walking 3 to 8 abreast and blocking the way. I mean walking slow man, dragging feet and just blocking the way. Usually consisting of a couple of fat women, a couple of dudes in jersey’s and “popped” hats, and a housemaid/nanny holding 3 to 4 children.

      2. Walking in the mall and being run over by a dumbass with an Ipad and their face buried in it. I don’t get run over, I mean run into. Ill push a fucker down or out of my way.

      3. The people in the mall who walk the same speed as you but are basically so close behind you they are stepping on your heels. WTF? Back off man! Best thing to do is to STOP suddenly and let them run into you, its priceless to see their facial reaction.

      4. Go to the grocery store and come to an aisle completely FULL of people crammed in all leaning on their carts texting or looking down at their phones. You try to get through and say “Excuse me” They don’t hear you. You try to be nice and make your presence visually known by kind of standing there in their periphery, still, no response. So you lightly use your cart to easily and slowly push on their just a little, and they suddenly get all irritated with you and huff and puff and jerk their crt out of the way..

      5. Sitting in a jeep and you see couple of people in front of you sitting and aiming their cell phone at you, and you get paranoid that the are filming you.. This may just be me.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        Remember, all foreigners are handsome and a novelty here. They want to take your picture.

        When a Filipino is behaving normally (totally ignorant, rude, stupid, discourteous, etc), and you say something to them ever so lightly, they will almost always react as if you have infringed on their right to be an ignorant rude and discourteous dumbfuck. They will look at you as being rude for pointing out their own rudeness.

        Filipinos are so god damn fucking stupid, it’s mind-boggling!

        1. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

          Yes Filo, we foreigners are handsome, and a novelty sure enough. But, when we are accompanied by a lady suddenly we are considered not worth addressing and responding to…. and I get real pissed off when I ask somebody a question or say something to Pinoy or Pinay accompanied by the GF, and they don’t answer me, and instead answer talk exclusively my GF. like WTF? yes, stupid every day in so many ways….. And, one day soon I will leave this place and not come back.

          1. Profile gravatar of
            Krisna Ann

            Waipahukanu, maybe the reason why those Filipinos didn’t talk to you when you ask them something is that they’re not confident with their English skills. I’m a Filipino and I know my English and grammar are not good. So it makes us hesitant to talk to Americans. We’re afraid and shy that you will laugh at our English and you may not understand what we’re trying to say. So instead of talking to you they would rather talk to your GF instead. That way we can better express ourselves. I have read some of the comments and topics here and I believe these are all true. If only all Filipinos are open minded to accept the reality of what’s happening in our country.

          2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            I agree with this.
            90% of the time I can see a Filipino freeze like a deer in the headlights when they have to talk to me. I know they know how, but I think that the sudden need to have to speak english is hard. Like asking me to speak Tagalog, on the spot. I can but Ill get words mixed up or say something stupid. One of the biggest reasons I don’t speak tagalog, is same reason, I don’t want to look stupid, and I don’t want someone to laugh at me.

            I would just prefer the person talk to whoever they are more comfortable with, as long as I take my time they start to look at me when they talk which eventually leads to them being more comfortable and speaking english with me.

  15. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
    James Dinwoody

    Invisible or not, it could be pitch black with no moon out and if you are walking down the street, everyone on the block knows you are a foreigner before you even step foot on the sidewalk. “Hey Joe!” (Generally followed by “one-shot lang”)

  16. Profile gravatar of Joe

    I run the little rat bastards over…i’m twice the size as most of these little rice dick mother fuckers, and I don’t hesitate to knock anyone out of my way, with the exception of elderly people. I know it’s going to get me in trouble someday when someone pulls a gun on me, but at least I wont have to deal with being surrounded by these fucking shit for brain monkeys any longer. I am no longer polite to people either…i hold the door open and there’s not at least a nod, I rudely explain to these fucks how next time they had better say thank you. I really do appreciate being invisible tho when I go into the hardware store or the grocery market, or any other store that I frequent at the mall, but I have actually worked hard on that. Here’s an example at Ace Hardware just the other day…I track someone down and ask for assistance with an item…and of course, 3 people later, I had already found out what I was looking for on my own. I asked the guy anyhow, since it took 3 fuckers to assist me, and he tells me the item I am looking for is out of stock…so I tell him to go get his fucking manager. Manager arrives, and I demand to see the other 2 idiots involved. I made it very clear to them just how ignorant and worthless all of them were, and then proceeded to point out where a huge stock of the item I was asking assistance for was located…thats why people leave me alone when i go into the store, unlike before when there was at least 3 worthless fucks following my every move.

    Here is a bonus tip for you all. Ever go into SM Grocery and see that one line with 50 customers in it, and all the other lines are being manned by the girl with her thumb up her ass? Of course you have….it’s in every store actually. Well, sorry sir, you dont have a large shopping basket, so you cannot come into my line. Someone who thought they had a brain decided to label the lines for the types of patrons in the store….which actually makes sense when the place is packed, but for christs sake they have no fucking brains…they would rather stand there fingering themselves than take a customer with 2 items…all because his has the wrong shopping cart…When I go in, even if its for 1 item, I grab a big cart, and I grab a small blue basket, and put it in the big cart, so I can go to either type of line. You couldn’t imagine how many thumbs up I get from the poor ignorant bastards….still waiting in that long ass line..

  17. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    seriously most aussies are dickheads, I live there too, and it sucks balls its just the same as the united states, but we don’t have guns, I would say that’s all same greasy food and sugar…but i’m all shame here at least you guys had a civil war we didn’t have that kind of luck down under its still full of dickheads and im afraid to say it will always be full of dickheads…there..what its true, we are overbearing too…what im sorry did I say something wrong? proud of what weve got blah blah what bitches grovelling power hungry aussie brits

    im just going from a conversation that happened in this post earlier on .. but lets not accidentally skip the subject at hand.

    because skipping may accidentally portray some kind of happiness..where as we are talking about how we get around everyday….around this mental Asian block

    getting around in the Philippines is more painful than constipation after too much tanduay and bread. It doesn’t matter what age you are in the phils your going to have people push in front of you everyday, on the road, in the line, out the front of a mall, on the footpath, in the shop cinema whatever, ticket booth..i just walk closer to the person in front of me until I have my nose on their hair and dick in their a$$..yes they wear jeans and im all in them with my body.. trying to keep straight to not look like a monkey or ape at 9 am in the morning. I got so tired of people trying to squeeze one in. im hugging their back..but at least there is a chance they wont be angry , because I skip frustration and go straight to laughing like a maniac..

    and being cut off by trolleys and cars and bikes.. even if you are a pedestrian you still get cut off perpetually, yes mobs of people that take up the entire fucking footpath and play chicken with you (as if that’s the size of the mobs brain power combined anyway)..so yes of course your onto the road in the water and sh*t. pff or a whole family where one person gets in front of you at the mall and all of a sudden ten more fucking people get in before you.

    the bus is one of the worst. People just smashing each other for a seat. Ive seen people fighting with their fat a$$e$ just like you would imagine what happens in a black hole just bashing until they are all piled up. wtf sad but true. totally silent sometimes too..

    and in the countryside I almost had more head on collisions with those yellow busses than anything else-like zoom omg.

    even the kids at the video game arcade I just push out of the way haha, if they push in im like uh uh get the fuck out little one. and everybody starts pushing that little a$$ to the back of the line like its supposed to be. you gotta just put your straight body right up against the person in front of you when u get pushed in front of in lines (everyones shorter than u anyway so just rub your shoulder in their face) and also wield a trolley full of water or something to bash the other trolleys the fuck out man!! we gotta band together on this brothers