In Philippines, If it’s too Stupid to be True, it probably IS True

The other day I happened to get one of those talkative taxi drivers. He was a nice man, and of course he noticed my white skin and devastatingly handsome western features, and typically, his first question was, “Are you American?”. I often try to subtly emit disinterest in conversing with taxi drivers by giving short, two or three word responses. But he kept the questions coming. 

He then began to tell me about Davao, where he’s from, and how I should try living there, because it’s the safest city in Philippines because of Mayor Duterte. I couldn’t help but respond by saying, “Yeah, so I’ve heard! He’s that guy that kills people he thinks are bad, right?”

And here’s the rest of the conversation as well as I can remember it:

TAXI DRIVER: Yes! He kill all the drug lords and criminals.

ME: Do they get arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death by a jury of their peers?

TAXI DRIVER: Oh no, he just have his intelligence sources and he decide to go kill them

ME: So basically, assasination based on “intelligence”. Sounds like a military state, not a democratic state. Is Mindanao as much a part of Philippines as any other region?

TAXI DRIVER: Yes sir, of course!

ME: So Mindanao falls under the national law and due process of Philippines, correct?

TAXI DRIVER: Yes, of course sir

ME: So Davao, being in Mindanao, is under Philippines due process of law, correct?


ME: So how is it that Mr. Duterte can go around killing people he thinks are bad, without a fair trial? Isn’t he disrespecting the law of the land? Doesn’t that make HIM a bad guy? A criminal?

TAXI DRIVER: Oh no sir, he has intelligence information that proves they’re bad, then he go kill them.

ME: Well, no offense, but that doesn’t sound very intelligent to me. Why not use that intelligence information to arrest them, charge them, and bring them to a fair trial? If he so sure they are guilty via his intelligence, then he should have no problem convicting them in a court of law, right?

TAXI DRIVER: {{{{{blank stare, a few audible ticks and clicks of his mouth}}}}}}}}

ME: So he does not respect the laws and due process of his country. Seems he feels he’s above the law, and he is judge, jury, and executioner. So Davao is the safest city in Philippines by way of militant fear, intimidation, and criminal process. 

TAXI DRIVER: No sir, he has intelligence people.

At this point, I could see the conversation would now just be a perpetual circle of idiocy. So I discontinued. I knew he was just too fucking stupid to form any concept of what I was trying to say. Nor could he form any concept of how law works to protect and preserve a society.

Now let’s bring in the opinion of our good friend Mindanao Bob

This scared little (well, actually BIG if you’ve seen photos of him) foreigner gone native wrote an opinion a couple days ago about the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” concerning Duterte.

Here’s what he wrote:

I would think that if Duterte were the monster that some people made him out to be, those who had lived under his rule would be against him being elevated to the highest office in the Philippines.


Another thing that I found very curious was that a number of people made comments that Duterte would be the next Marcos, a budding dictator. Talk of finding bodies along the streets, salvaging and such.  Some of the people who said those things also made comments about what is good for a Democracy, and how they were very supportive of the Democratic system.  Under the Democratic system, we have something called the “presumption of innocent”.  Simply put, that means that you are innocent of a crime unless you have been proven guilty.

So, is Duterte a murder?  Does he salvage people?  Dump them in ditches along the roadside?  I guess not, because over the years (even decades) many people have gone after Rody Duterte to put him in jail (or worse) for killings and human rights violations.  So far, as far as I know, he has never even been officially charged with any crime, even after some pretty serious investigations.  But, people say that they “know” that he did these kinds of crimes and that is why he should not be elected President.  If these people “know” then why has Mayor Duterte never even been charged?

A number of years ago, I believe that it was during the Arroyo administration, Leila de Lima was the head of the Commission on Human Rights.  She launched an investigation against Mayor Duterte to prove once and for all that he was a criminal.  She never found anything, never filed any charges.

When Mayor Duterte runs for election as Mayor (or sometimes as Vice Mayor if term limits don’t allow for a Mayoral run), he usually gets like 70+% of the vote!  Often times, nobody even runs against him, because Dabawenyos love the Mayor.  If he were such an abusive man, would his constituents love him so?  I doubt it.

So, anyway, for those who made such statements against Mayor Duterte, do you have proof?  If so, why have you not come forward to press charges against the Mayor?  If you have proof and have not come forward then you can be considered complicit in the crime.  If you don’t have proof, is it right to spread innuendo against the man?

Food for thought.

Here’s some “food for thought” that I would like to give to Mindanao Bob, and it’s simply a name in American history:

Al Capone

Al Capone, the original “Teflon Don”

Al Capone is responsible for countless murders, yet NOBODY, not even the best law enforcement officials, could connect him to any crimes. His ass was well covered. Until finally, what did they get him for? Tax evasion.


Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines own “Teflon Don”

Mindanao Bob, I get it. You live in Davao, you’re scared. You have a living to make on your self proclaimed knowledge of all things Philippines. You are identified. Duterte knows who you are. I would be scared shitless of him too. But some of us want people to know the reality. Therefore we must remain anonymous. You know as well as I do that Duterte is a murderer and does not respect due process of law. He’s not good for progress. He’s a human rights violator. If he becomes President, it would be a big step BACKWARDS for Philippines. You know as well as I do he has people in high places, and his ass is covered as well as Al Capone’s ass was covered. You know how the political system really works (or rather “dysfunctions”) here. 

Duterte has openly, unashamedly, and publicly stated that if you are a bad criminal, “I will kill you.” And Mindanao Bob has joined the “head in the sand” bandwagon out of fear for his life in Davao as self proclaimed expert on all things Philippines. Hey, again, we get it Bob.

And I understand that sometimes when you can’t beat the system, you just have to join it, especially when your livelihood depends on your good standing with the system. Sometimes you just have to become a major suck ass brown nose. We understand. Believe me, we get it. 

And we’re all very accustomed in Philippines to getting pissed on while being told it’s raining.  


Duterte admits links to Davao Death Squad

Posted at 05/25/15 10:02 AM

DAVAO, Philippines – Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has admitted his links to the Davao Death Squad, which is allegedly responsible for summary executions of criminals in the city. He also warned he will kill up to 100,000 criminals if he is elected president.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch has called for an investigation into the Davao Death Squad killings and urged the Philippine government not to tolerate a public official who endorses extrajudicial killings.

In a television interview, Duterte was unapologetic about his actions and even dared the group to file a case against him in court.

“Ako, ako daw death squad? True, that’s true,” he said in an interview with Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa.

“Gusto ko sila pumunta dito. There’s no need for you to go to the Ombudsman. There is no requirement that you go to the human rights. File directly in court. Then I’ll place you under oath. Just execute an affidavit. Then I’ll call you when it’s my time for cross-examination. And I will show to the world how stupid you are,” he added.

Human Rights Watch earlier denounced the more than 1,000 killings committed by the Davao Death Squad since the late 1990s. Police and local government officials were reported to be involved in the targeted killings of alleged drug dealers and petty criminals, street children and others.

Duterte himself has boasted that Davao has become one of the world’s safest cities simply by killing all criminals.

A Commission on Human Rights investigation in 2012 found probable cause to recommend that the Office of the Ombudsman file murder charges against the mayor. The Ombudsman, however, limited its investigation to police officers linked to the killings and found 21 guilty of “simple neglect of duty.”

Duterte said the summary executions is one of the reasons he doesn’t want to run for higher office in 2016. Duterte ranked 3rd in a recent Social Weather Stations survey on presidential contenders.

He also said that instead of 1,000 dead criminals, the number might rise to 50,000 dead if he is elected president.

“Alam po pag ako ang presidente, I will warn you I do not covet the position. Pag naging presidente ako, magtago na kayo. Yung 1,000 n ayan it would reach 50,000. I will kill all you [expletive] breaking the life of the Filipino miserable. Papatayin ko talaga kayo.”

“Manalo ako kasi because of breakdown of law and order. I do not want to commit a crime but if by chance, God will place me there, magbantay kayo. Yung 1,000, magiging 100,000. Dyan mo makita tataba yung isda sa Manila Bay. Dyan ko kayo itapon.”

“I do not want to be president. I do not want to kill people so do not elect me as president.”



Davao Death Squads Wiki

Rodrigo Duterte is a monster



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  1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I am away at the moment until next year and have no intention of being there when the election is on.
    I did hear somewhere recently, I can not find it on the web so maybe a blogger can tell me if its true.

    That Duterte said he was not a substitute ever when he did not nominate before rolls closing on the 16th October.

    That someone from his party nominated for something else, not the President??

    Now that flipstick has fucked up. as Duterte now wants to run, he can substitute but the other guy was not running for the Presidency.
    So he can substitute as a senator or whatever it was.????????
    But not the Presidency.
    I also heard his fucking reason, he wanted to stop Grace Poe, as a foundling she should never be considered a native born Filipino.
    Can you believe these Narcissistic assholes, she was not born by one of the BLOOD well cant prove it, she is part of a Long range plot by the Chinese or whoever, to drop a baby at a church in the fucking Philippines, will be adopted and eventually become a Senator. then eventually become a president. Talk about the Manchurian Candidate. Why take anyone from anywhere , who could do the FUCKING JOB
    Only a flippo would apply that logic

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      The dude is either a complete narcissist or they planned this the whole time. I was so sick of this guy running, then not going to run, then saying he would consider if _________, then saying the people can’t handle me as president, and after all that BS, he is going to run.
      The deadline passed for filing. However, like all rules in the Philippines, they are meant to be broken. So, they are now saying he is able to run if he is substituted for his party member.
      Btw, did you see Paquiao endorsed “openly corrupt and I don’t give a fuck” Binay? It looks like he truly is an idiot whose been punched in the head too much.

  2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “So, anyway, for those who made such statements against Mayor Duterte, do you have proof? If so, why have you not come forward to press charges against the Mayor? If you have proof and have not come forward then you can be considered complicit in the crime. If you don’t have proof, is it right to spread innuendo against the man?”

    Hey Don, our former Labor party opposition leader, Mark Latham would have two words to describe Bob, if you remember? 🙂 An “Ass licker!” 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I heard mayor Duterte whilst I was in Th e PI.
      What was said was what he said, they even asked De lima if he could be charged, by what he said on National TV.
      He virtually said , you do not want me to be President, if you think I killed hundreds here in Davao wait until I become President it will be tens of thousands.
      I thought he was very brave, those words could come back to bite him in future if someone has some evidence.
      What I wanted to know is, Did the guy they picked to nominate instead of Duterte fuck up and did not nominate for the Presidency therefore there is trouble and for Duturte to be the alternate nominee.
      There was some talk that Comlec was having to reconsider the nomination.
      Maybe Bob can put his twop cents worth in as he is the fucking expert.

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    of course the taxi driver wants his free bag of election rice as they get and maybe some cash to buy his vote. He would vote for Al Capone if Big Al said heres some pesos and some rice.

  4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Duterte supporters are some of the most retarded pinoys I’ve ever come across. If you really want to see the blank stare ask them why their hero kills children.

    From wikipedia:

    According to Amnesty International and local human rights groups, there were over 300 people killed in Davao City by death squads between 1998 and 2005. The rate of killing accelerated after this so that between 2005 and 2008 death squads were responsible for between 700 and 720 murders.[5][6] According to a 2009 report by Human Rights Watch the victims were selected because they were suspected of being drug dealers, petty criminals and street children aged as young as 14.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Again, if his “intelligence” is concrete enough to convince him to murder, why not present it as evidence in a court of law and do things the civilized way?

      These fucking narcissistic sub-human Pinoy idiots truly deserve the country and conditions they have.

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        I see you found the DDS wiki already.

        The only evidence that Davao is one of the safest cities is from Numbeo, which gathers its data from user submissions. Could it be duterte’s people are manipulating the numbers? No other safest city list has davao anywhere near the top 10.

  5. Profile gravatar of

    Captain, you know what upsets me the most is that all our western Politicians were just here and I am not aware of any of them suggesting that the PI should clean up their act to beome part of the international community. This makes our elected reps just as bad, if not worse, than those here. They can drop sanctions on Russia or Iraq when they feel that something should be done but as most people believe it is always for the wrong, greedy reasons. No wonder the Arabs hate us.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I agree with you @wombat

      I think many of the world leaders have their heads in the sand about Philippines. Always have.

      It’s not about principles. It’s about where your interests lie. Not many countries really give a fuck about human rights, unless it can be used to the advantage of their interests.

      Nail on the head Wombat.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        @filofail that bullshit about rescuing girls from bars is just that bullshit.
        if they (Philippines) cared about their filipina places like Angeles wouldnt exist.
        But the country is full of leeches that feed off the poor – the 5%
        so girls have become used to spreading their legs to:
        1. pay for university costs
        2. pay to work (i had a truck load of girls ask me to help with job applications for SM Mall to buy their uniform, NBI clearance etc none of which is provided by Mr SM.)
        3. buy food – yes, starvation does exist and pay rent.

        But wait… NGOs like ICAT pay locals to watch out for foreigners with underage.
        They also pay cops to raid bars. Perhaps naive …and relying on also naive locals “intelligence”
        but what ICAT don’t realise are Filipinos use false charges to pin down a foriegner for extortion
        search about the cops in Angeles setting up underage etc. So ICAT may be called dangerous.

        Human rights are indicators now as I understand going into the pile of data known
        as Investment grade ratings of a country. That includes “rescue” figures and social changes
        eg. tax etc into the “metrics” – to produce a figure. (from what I understand)
        so wouldnt it be in Manilas best interest to bump up the metrics
        as I saw ratings agencies saying things are improving when the sin taxes on alcohol were
        raised and human trafficking issues dealt with. So having human trafficking linked to
        a investment grade rating on the quality of a country in theory might sound good
        but in practice …. hey …”your dealing with Filipino’s here”.

        by the way – Another political piece of bullshit was the Sin Tax on cigarettes and alcohol.
        The government claimed to be bumping up the tax for social reasons – hospitals etc
        but they HAD to do it. They had a ruling from the WTO to increase the tax
        in 12 months window after the US and Europe took the Philippines to the WTO
        for unfair trade (eg. imported alcohol taxed 40%+VAT or something and local alcohol at just VAT – there was substantially less tax on local product anyway that the imported product was priced out of the market).
        This is typical Political bullshit but not even the papers or opposition parties
        say that the SIN TAX came about as a result of WTO ruling and NOT THE GOODNESS
        AS YOU know … Filipino’s talk bullshit to fellow Filipinos but 97% of the time they don’t have the time of day to help their countryfolk.


        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          by the way – so much for looking after “rescued” girls
          they are put in prison as well
          i even know of a case where a couple of girls were locked
          up and the local cops paid a visit to them
          and were propositioning them in the cell!

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Not surprised there Foreign. The Philippines is a dog eat dog society. They eat their own! Even their own children! Metaphorically speaking, of course. Such shameless people.

            By the way, do you know what these Flip parents and siblings say about their prostitute sister whenever the neighbors gossip? “We don’t ask you for money to feed us and educate us, so why don’t you mind your own business!”.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I think what happens is Filipinos talk and present an image. Other leaders really don’t live here like we do so they don’t see how much they lie.
        Filipinos are some charming little fuckers and very nice. When you first meet filipinos, its easy to think they are just victims of rampant corruption or bad luck. So I’m sure the Filipino leaders that meet with APEC delegates are just nice as can be, bring up their religion, and say they are working hard to better the Philippines. IF someone asks, “well, why does it look like shit and have so much corruption?”, The Filipino person will say, “the last administrations have really done a bad job, they stole all the money, we have no money, but we are working tirelessly to fix things”.
        We have all been seduced one way or another by the Philippines and Filipinos. They talk very sweet, they are nice, and you will feel sorry for them,,,, until you get burned a few times and realize that charming attitude is part of the “image” they work hard at more so than actual work.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Johnny, “Filipinos are some charming little fuckers and very nice”. Good catchline! They had me fooled for some time too, until I awoke and saw the Light! 😉

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Wombat
      Yes,, our politicians are too PC to ask why the Philippines still has smoke belchers, pollution, garbage etc . Also, they are so ”head up their asses in 5 star hotels to notice anything”.
      The USA supported Marcos in the boogey man Communist era.
      All of our politicians just go with the wind or flavor of the month,

    3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Well, the arabs Should despise us for being weak and vacillating, but actually our non-mideval values antagonize them more!

      The arabs hate us because we will not yield to their medieval system, simple! The best proof is, if you yield you wll no longer be hated! But you may volonteer to be a little bomb! 😉

  6. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    I like him….just because He understood clearly that you can teach a Flip only with Pain…thats like in the Army…you learn through pain….Duterte got it ….so thats fine for me … Aside of this someone has to mention a very important point…Duterte got pissed off the Goverment, he brought serval criminals into the jail and have seen them walking out 1 day later with a fat smile. Thats why he took the action into his hands…Davao was the most fucked up City before yers in the Phils.. i mean much more fucked up as Manila or Gen San etc.. he cleaned this mess up in the only language his citizens will understand …Thats the deal….u can fight here in the Phils only fire with Fire….Forget the court forget the judge…all are corrupt …So I hope personally this guy will become the next Presi of the phils….to clean this mess up here and deduct the population also ( He will do that in form of some Death Squad Operations) Sounds hard , sounds no human like…I can tell you guys only one thing…I was in Africa many years ago …the Phils are not like africa but they become more and more and when u have no hard Dictator who cleans the mess up …the same fuck like in Africa happens with this country ( iam talking right now not about the never ending stupidity ) Let him be president and let him show the Filipinos what means the word discipline ..after that they can start slowly to change one day their grab and crab mentality ….

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      So I guess there is no hope of progress. Just keep doing things the wrong and fucked up way, because things are wrong and fucked up.

      That’s your logic.

      Well it’s certainly no way to fix things. Just keep them fucked up.

      1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        Progress ? HERE ? hahahaaaa … You live so long here in this country ….like me too … Have you ever seen here Progress…. Sarah wrote before days a correct set .. this set was for another thema we had but the set fits also here ” they are animals ….etc etc ” 98% of them are close to be animals ….what you expect from a deluded Nation ???/ Progress……did u note not that they dont want improvement…? they want their fuck life… the low life … and all the dumb fuck … I have my opinion about that for Duterte… For the Phils he is the best actually in my opinion… Yes he is a dirty harry and Yes I agree also with the points you did mention..but when u was ever in army and sent abroad in countries which are full of pure fuck…then I have to say clearly.. Better Duterte ..because he will teach the Flips a bit discipline. and afraid .Forget Progress, Forget what you think as normal and human with a brain…this is all NOT Valid here da Philippines

        1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          afraid —- Fear should be the correct english word…oh my my english is getting more and more fucked up in this country… I switch already sometimes he and she like the flips do ….not good is that…its like a virus

        2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          I can see johnnys point about Duterte being “a narcissistic megalomaniac”, and the negative repercussions of that in the future. At the same time your point that the phils are so fucked up and dysfunctional that ” it’s nothing to lose” is also correct!

          There will Never come a “Nice” strong-man in the phils! There simply is not the….intellectual capacity for that! Duterte cannot destroy what is already fucked-up!

          Then, to the question of how many % animal the pinoy is. Nominally we All start out as 100 % animal! What divids us from our animal brethren, in terms of % is the way we behave towards each other!

          Here we also have to Add “animal-points” for bad behaviour!
          But also subtract for good!

          ‘Tis clear when one observes the World where added animal points should be given: the phils, big chunks of africa, all the arab states, China, etc… Anyway, as the most stupid, greedy lowlife pinay would have…..say 122% animal-points whilst a…civilized, cultural european would have ….say 75%. Americans and Canadians would come somwhere in the middle, as they are per se Rednecks and Frontiersmen, and as such not very cultural.. But! Mind you! It doesen’t help to be “cultural” if you’re not nice!!:-) On the positive side they are industrious and sometimes not so false as the…”cultivated european”!

          The russian, allthough being white and slav, will not nessecarily get better points here just because he is white! The russian is very cruel(some asian heritage perhaps;-) Cruel in domestic relationships, cruel in war etc.

          Chinese, black and spanish also very cruel! They will all be voted up on the…animal-scale! Here we do not simply look to latest news! Say, if the Spaniard was (as a people) cruel lastly 400 years ago, it doesent mean that his….propensity for cruelty is diminished! No, it could simply be…dormant, like..a sleeping volcano, to bloom again hundreds of years later…
          Fortunately, with the spanish, we could observe their immanent cruelty lastly in the spanish civil war, less than 100 years ago! Adding to incessant cruelty in all her colonies to the last day of reign, of course!

          All former spanish colonies have a Lot of bloodshed, and are quite unruly, as the phils..

          For us the interesting part is, is the present cruelty an inheritace of the spanish, or was it already inherit in the malay populaton pre-spain? Surely the post-spanish catolic colonies have many of the same problems, whilst the english post-colonies do not!

          The spanish cruelty is so obviously ingrained in them, for the one who has eyes to see…..

          1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

            Na, i wrote it maybe a bit too hard….”they are animals” …but u got it what my meaning was…
            The Chinese are cruel…yep thats right…i have a lot of business relations to many of these chinese guys. They are money fuckers…but they are correct people .
            Had a business client ,did visithim in china at his extra huge Villa…his kids have a hard programm to, learning, learning ,discipline etc etc..
            Its maybe a way too much (looks like without love) bu they won t create useless adults in the future. i really cant say this about the Phils…Too many parents create totally useless Adults…and thats their mistake because they have no goals , no rules , no discipline and mostly also a very low IQ.

            When a Flip comes up with excuses like ” yes but we know no othr life the spanish was here etc blalblaba” then I get a crisis already…these low life excuses are a shame for each culture

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, I think the guy is basically a violent narcissist and a megalomanic. I think 2 years into his term as president, Filipinos will be so sad they elected him.

        The problem is, who is the better candidate? Poe, “openly corrupt and I don’t give a fuck” Binay, Retard Roxas, that crazy Santiago lady? The best chance the Philippines has is if the King of Thailand or the PM of Japan run. ANYONE other than a Filipino would do a better job.
        Hell, just let China take over. They couldn’t do any worse.

        Is there any chance we can keep a body-count meter on the site during the elections? I think after January, things are going to get crazy. Do we want to take bets? 50, 100, 200?

        1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          thats my saying always…. Lets take China over …then this country will run one day….my opinion is that they cant run bey their own a country…it helps also not when u have 10 clever heads who could lead this country..the rest are then idiots… helps also not…and thats why i believe hardly that u can control them only in a dictator style…

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Good point loco_loco! The Chinese would be the best to take over! They are smarter, more industrious, and….important!….sufficiantly Cruel!

            To discipline a so fucked-up sosiopathic-narcissistic shithole like ph you need Tons of cruelty and determinance!! The Chinese are the right ones to bring this! 🙂

            Let’s hope, in the coming War, that the Chinese will occupy the phils! It will be the best that ever happened to those imbecile morons!

        2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          the king of thailand?!? johnny i think you are deluded! He has fucked up his own country and is dying! His….promiscous…..son……… No! No!
          That would be proof that the phils can get even worse!!
          No! China is the right choise! I will be strategically good for them to possess ph too, now that their Navy is growing! Subic will be perfect as the new Chinese Naval Base! 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            I have a far different opinion than you do no Thailand. I think the place is light years ahead of the Philippines. It’s still fucked up, but farmers there are content (prior to the corrupt PM scam she pulled), but there is an abundance of food, tourism, jobs, and opportunities for their people. Even in the mountains, they utilize every piece of land for either tourism or farming. The PHilippines mountains are filled with NPA, awful/ cracked roads, and lazy asses who are not growing anything really.
            I agree the son is a complete shame compared to the father. Even though the father was never the PM or the real true ruler of the country (they have about as much power as Prince Harry), he did guide the country into a positive manner. 20 years ago, the place was ONLY known as a sex tourism country, but now its built an entire industry on tourism and they do it well. Especially compared to the Philippines.
            Even my fiance is so saddened when we visit there. She really has some serious depression moments as to how far behind and failing the Philippines is, not to mention the Philippines had more opportunity than any other country in Asia. The last time we were all over Thailand for about 10 days. When we got back to the Philippines, she was depressed as we say in Manila traffic, then went to the ugly province, saw the poverty levels really get worse from Thailand, see a lot more trash on the ground, and drive down some the typical Filipino shitty roads. She becomes the one who starts really complaining what a shit-hole the Philippines is.
            Finally, the king does give his blessing for the military to remove corrupt people from their positions. From what a Filipino working in Thailand told me, “The Thai gov’t has its corruptions, but they always need to keep it in check. They can’t get too greedy or they will get caught and be punished”.

            They always said you can judge a country by its airport. Bangkok international is a great airport. When I first landed there from leaving NAIA, I was expecting another NAIA, but was so shocked to see how modern, nice, and clean it was. I mean, if we compare NAIA to Bangkok Int’l there is a huge difference right?

          2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers


            Even the old Don Mueang airport in Bangkok was better than NAIA, and the new airport shows how new it it, plus they have a cheap elevated train that runs from the airport to several points in the city between 6 am and midnight. NAIA Terminal 3 is pretty good, that’s the one Cebu Pacific runs. In (half-hearted) defense of NAIA, they don’t have a big empty piece of land to put a new airport in like Thailand did. Of course, even if they did, the people making money based on NAIA being where it is wouldn’t let it be built anyways.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Johnny, I agree with you that thai is much better in terms of wealth, services, food, transport.etc.

            However I do not agree on the Father;-) having as little power as prince harry!!

            Your deduction is quite unlogical in the light of his position!! He Is a God-King! this is Not merely theoretical! All the important generals are close to the court, and always has been! He has Immense power! but it is not easily seen!

            You should read “A kingdommin crisis” and maybe get some Enlightenment!;-) T. is a lot more well-functioning than p! but it is Not a paradise! And, as stated, you should read the book!:-)

  7. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Hypocrite Bob, I mean Mindanao Bob speaks out again with foot in mouth. “A Man Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Funny thing about Bob saying that. Anyone else notice that when a foreigner is accused, arrested and jailed in this country Ol Brown Nose Bob runs the story on his site and pretty much paints the accused as guilty before the trial even starts?

  8. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Brown Nose Bob,
    Why does Duterte keep getting elected? Simple VOTE BUYING! Maybe he should take Pablo Escobars motto as his campaign slogan, “Silver or lead.”

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Mike! I do think bob is a disgusting guy, especially his slimey grin (and ugly potatonose)
      But the way you are shuffelig it here almost makes me feel sorry for the guy! Don’t do that, please! 🙂

  9. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I heard he started killing drug dealers and criminals cause he kept seeing them get released from jail. Again, from what I heard, he gave them a “3 strike rule” and then had them killed.
    Honestly, Davao is not that great from what I hear. It’s good for Filipino standards and I’ve heard Cebu is much better and safer. I do know they have had a lot of robberies, murders, and some kidnappings. Again, I’ve never been there so I don’t know.
    What I do know is Filipinos love to profess anything and the image is what is most important. So anytime I hear a Filipino say something public that is good about their country or area, I really don’t believe it; especially if they are citing statistics that are conducted locally or in the country. If some sort of international agency does not give the rating, then I don’t believe it cause Filipinos are corrupt at every level and love to lie and bribe their way onto those polls as well.
    I’ve seen my city win so many awards for “cleanliness”, most liveable city in the Philippines, and they even got an award (or nominated) for the Lee Kuan Yuew honor of great city. Of course the city is a typical Filipino shit-hole with nothing nice about it other than one natural attraction. The city itself sucks, has brownouts, trash everywhere, poverty everywhere, and the former Singapore PM would NEVER recommend it.
    Those awards are all scams created so the mayors can pay to win them. As a matter a fact, it was found out their version of the Oscars in the Filipino Films was rigged as well. The highest person to pay won an Oscar. So, I trust almost nothing about Filipinos.

    Btw, Imelda Marcos was never convicted either. Her family amassed (visibly) billions of dollars in jewels, cash, gold, property, businesses, artwork, etc that we all know about. Yet, their family never invented anything and never worked outside of politics. She also denied her administration ever killed anyone or illegally detained them. So should we assume she is innocent and all those people who were locked up under martial law were there under their own free will and she has just been the victim of bad rumors?
    Just cause someone in the Philippines has never been convicted does not mean they aren’t guilty. If they are high level, more than likely they are guilty, but don’t care about hiding it cause they can buy their way out of trouble.
    In the mindanao massacre, did 58 people just decide commit mass suicide on their way to oppose the ruling clan? I mean, no one has been found guilty of that either so that Ampatuan clan must be a bunch of angels right?
    Fucking morons,, and Bob is a dickhead choosing to be a moron too.

  10. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I also heard he is hard on the drug dealers cause one of his kids became an addict. Not sure if that is true, but it fits the Filipino mindset of blaming others.

    What is more devastating to the Philippines is corrupt gov’t. A corrupt judge is way more devastating to the country than 100 drug dealers. I am not trying to justify drug dealers, but in a place where jobs are scarce, gov’t is corrupt, education is shitty, most are not even high school grads, the system is awful, and money is hard to come by, can you really blame people?

  11. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    Yes of course Johnny…total right….. the corruption is not to change here anymore ( Only if they nuke this country) The thing is and thats my opinion after years here in da dumbfuck ….. they need a dictator… no one can help them to raise their salaries, to give them a perspective…because they are all too lazy to stand up and fight for their rights… but on the other hand they love to steal , cheat and what to do with them ? Democratic you dont need to be here…because they even understand not what this means and from it comes from ( thanks Ellada) See the arabic countries…no dictator anymore …and what happens ? = total chaos……
    here in DA Phils…… they live already so long in their own created chaos that it appears normal to them…they need an asskick ..someone who wakes them up .u cant talk to them and tell them ” hey we are one nation lets improve , lets change ” You can only teach them something through fear…I know what im writing here sound bad and hard…but afer a long time i realized that these people are a very special case…learn resistant …so u can teach them only with fear 🙁

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      What they really need is a gov’t, not the image of a gov’t. They have police, a justice system, an education system, immigration, NBI, highway/ roads department, etc.
      The issue not a single one of these departments are effective and seem to figure out “the worst way possible to do something” or the “filipino way”.
      If Duterte really cared, he would hold all judges accountable. No delays, no bribes, no bullshit, no laziness or basically be the opposite of a typical Filipino. If the judge is corrupt, then by all means kill that guy to set an example and a standard.

      Duterte only cares about Duterte. He is a megalomanic and severe narcissist. Why else brag about killing people? He’s like the guy who robbed a bank, but couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
      Notice how he was going back and forth with running and creating buzz for himself. Then kept saying he might run cause of some stupid reason just to get people to beg him some more. Then when the time passed and no one was talking about him anymore, he then decided to run because of some stupid reason.

      If corrupt gov’t people or shitty barangay captains start to disappear under his watch, I might be optimistic, but a narcissistic, violent, filipino politician is most likely going to be awful.
      Make the guilty people pay and put the pressure on the justice system and many of the problems will start to be solved. Then hold the police department accountable and put pressure on them to actually solve crimes or not be pinoy.
      Of course those things require actual care, work, motivation. So they will never get done in the Philippines.

  12. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    yep agree to all ….problem is and u wrote it in your last set…thats the Phils here and they will never change anything for a better….this lack of brain , this ignorance , this kind of no thinking and much more is burned and marked deep inside their brains…remember , they are not guilty …for nothing…thats their way of life… instead to face all problems and i mean all citizen with that, they continue their life in denial……We dont know if Duterte will become President…personally I would say ” Why not” this country is aleady so fucked up there no one can damage anything at all…because what is already broken and defect is sometimes not repair able :d

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I do see your point. I just think the Philippines needs a strong leader who enforces right vs wrong. Any time a politician is willing to murder people, I think it just starts a bad path especially for a megalomaniac Filipino politician.
      We like to envision or the people believe he is going to murder corrupt politicians who are always in and out of jail. Instead, I think he would start with basic criminals, then journalists speaking out, political opponents, anyone trying to talk sense that conflicts with his ego/ stupidity/ dumb idea/ murders, and of course enrich himself. The enriching part is just part of being a Filipino and they cannot help it.
      On the other side, I do see your point as maybe he will not stand for dumb excuses and put some real fear into the judicial system and. or police system. Also, its not like there are any good candidates out there. Even Aquino is the best president they’ve had in decades, but he really didn’t do that much. He just wasn’t corrupt and the country did better.

  13. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    Buthurte is a fucking tool. Positive change can only come from positive measures that can be seen to advantage all. The majority of Filipinos are too thick or too ensconced in the über rich controlled fuckery of the failippines from the barangay up to wish for that change. The remainder are either too lazy or too involved in their own self preservation amongst the wrongdoing to put their head above the parapet to get it shot off. Apathy, stupidity, greed and fear rule the day.

    Foreign governments as you rightly stated should say something, but they are unconcerned as there is no financial or political gain. A sad indictment of world politricks.

    This caught my eye the other day:

    Naga IMO (and without any research)is either/or:
    a) voting for itself
    b) the only one to have made a submission
    c) not in the failippines
    d) doesn’t exist
    e) a city of ten filipinos, all of whom work abroad

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      “awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service in 2000.”
      I call bullshit on that award. It’s bought and paid for by corrupt politicians to fake the image of doing something for their city.
      I’ve liver in Naga. It’s actually not a bad city, but that’s comparing it to Filipino cities so the standard is very low.
      Further, there is plenty of corruption there and robredo was corrupt with land deals and other things.aube they think he was a good politician again cause the standard is so low. Also, cause he died in a plane crash so Filipinos automatically make him out to be a good person just cause he died tragically.
      But let’s not kid ourselves, there is plenty of violence, poverty, land grabbing, squatters, liars, cheaters, and a corrupt judicial system I have seen first hand.
      Finally, why do we give the guy s wife credit? She didn’t do anything. We don’t expect Steve Jobs wife to run apple now do we?

  14. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    What makes me worried, is if he does get in, (a good chance IMHO) and we here in Davao, end up with his son. And you know he will get in! You think the father is bad?? Just wait till the kid gets a hold of this place.
    There is only one REAL thing I can think of in Davao that I can point at that he did that. That is the taxis in Davao. Never once had a issue..never.
    Compared to other places in this shit hole of a country, you take your life in your hands just getting in one, Manila and Clark come to mind.

    Other than that, Davao is just another shit hole, just like the rest.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      The standard of Filipino cities is so low. They all claim they are “so great”, but they are all just different versions of the same shit hole inside the larger shit hole called the Philippines.
      Can any city being run and populated with Filipinos ever be great.

      1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        Yep Johnny thats nerving me too all these years while i am here…i really cant hear it anymore how they praise all into heaven… .so they will never have any progress.You have to call the shit out and to find a clever and got solution to start a process.
        Its like everywhere in life..if i know already i did wrong and bullshit …then I have to find out what i did exactly wrong and do it the next time better…they are totally the opposite …what is making me crazy is that they really believe their lies…its not that they lie and know deep inside ” hey i am a fuckin bullshit talking person , its all not real what iam saying” no they really believe it what they speak out, with their soul and body…( have to be a bit more correct ….there are Pinoys out there, which are not like this)

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I say it all the time, “The worst kind of liar is one who believes his own lies”.
          It’s sad to say cause the Philippine has developed a very sociopathic society. These “leaders” surround themselves with ass-kissers, the pay off the media to report one-sided BS stories, then Filipinos are not so “in your face” call BS like Americans do, plus the court system is the worst so they can actually start to believe their lies.
          Just look at Imelda. She is an “angel” who just happens to be wealthy from ????? She says she is poor but they uncover jewels, real estate, gold, artwork, etc all the time. Not to mention she lives a lavish life and is surrounded by ass-kissers and priests who tell her how great she is.

  15. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    I think the guy’s really starting to lose the plot. in the past few days he has upset a lot of pinoys by calling the pope a son of a bitch because he got stuck in traffic during his visit, and has now come out with some bizarre confessions about his wives and mistresses, how he keeps them in boarding houses and can only do “short time” with the aid of viagra.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      So you’re saying he’s not the hopeful messiah they think he is? You’re saying he’s just a violent, megalomaniac version of the shitty Filipino politicians we already have?
      Who would have guessed that?

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      I’d seen that already, Joe. Dumb huh?

      Was just reading about the congresswoman, Leni Robredo, who is the wife of the former mayor of Naga City, who merely said she wasn’t a fan of duterte’s leadership tactics and that Naga City had achieved the same standards as davao without resorting to violence.

      Duterte’s typically childish butthurt pinoy response:

      “I also do not subscribe to her style of leadership,” he told ABS-CBN. “We are even then — she does not like me, I do not like her, so no problem. I hate to respond on questions, issues coming from lady candidates. All I can say is if Naga City is peaceful, has no problems with drugs or criminals, we will not interfere with our leadership. We will not go to Naga, We will ignore the law and order [situation] in Naga because you can improve the city by yourself. We will never interfere in Naga.”

  16. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    At one point I thought he may be able to do something about the oligarchy and politicks in this country…..that was after five seconds of ever reading anything about him.

    Now I realise he is just another failipino with no moral or societal concepts and although “he gets things done” the residue of that will be a further decline into the wild west ethos.

    Due process of law. Implementation, accountability for all and swift harsh sentencing is what the Failippines needs……yesterday!

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      You need strong pressure on the judges, police, and penal system. If a judge is corrupt, stalling, or just lazy cause he’s a typical pinoy then kill that guy or discipline him harshly. Get rid of the awful police, give raises to the good ones, and make sure criminals stay in a prison. Not one of those “hotel” prisons they can leave when they want or have women come visit their luxury cells.
      Duterte is a narcissist, an ego mania, a megalomaniac, a murderer, and small-time dictator. He is not a leader, just a narcissist who gets pleasure from doing this “his way, his violent way”.

  17. Profile gravatar of

    Hmmm… Do you all seriously think that PH is so good right now and Duterte is the bad guy? When I read your comments I feel like the guy is the evil and want to make a hell here…. So is Philippines a heaven right now? No corruption? A lot of discipiline? No drug addiction? Come on, all of us keep complaining without having any good ideas…. I personally believe that not all countries are ready for democracy, like Philippines. Duterte could be a good choice in those times here. No reason to be political correct, especially in this country. They guy is far away from perfect but I believe he is the most close to the good guys among the bad guys. Why any of you really care about the pushers here? When it comes to me (if Im going to leave here) I just want some more discipline and safety. i really love to hear some foreigner in Davao to compare Davao to Manila or Cebu.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      Sure, Davao’s probably better/safer than Manila or Cebu, but still has the same stupid pinoy problems as every other city – corruption, pollution, inconsiderate behavior, traffic, brownouts etc. Duterte’s had over the 20 years to tackle those problems but has failed. I honestly don’t think any filipino is qualified to run the country. Poe may have been the best hope, but we can’t have a drop of foreign blood in power can we?

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Poe? Seriosuly? Somebody that took Amerrican Passport? If right (in my opinioon) PH is slave of the US what will happend if Poe take over the stck? Philippines ( in opnion again) dont need another Pinoy in charge. They need (Im polish but is ironic) somebody like Hitler, and than later after its falted they will maybe ready for democracy. I guess you are American right? Can you imagine somebody from lets say Ivory Cosst that that sad he dont vare about American passpoort sudddnely will the candidate for a president of the US?

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          It used to be said that the davao death squads operated independently, and that duterte merely turned a blind eye, and then as time went on it was said that he backed and financed them. Now we’re talking about a man who openly admits carrying out executions personally.

          He shows so many traits to the worst dictators in history, and none of those were ever a success in the long run, but I guess that’s essentially what you’re saying, @polish_king, that the country needs to slaughter thousands, burn to the ground and then rise from the flames?

          Most developed nations simply just identify the problems and fix them in a timely and civilized manner. Is that too much to ask from a country whose current president is predicting they will be a first world country by the next generation?

          1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            Do you ever believe ANY politicians promises, much less the inept ones here? My favorite thing is on Roxas Boulevard they have a placard that states that by 2020 the Philippines will have a first-class navy! They can’t afford to pick up the garbage, they currently have what, 2 out-dated US cutters, but suddenly they are going to build an entire NAVY?!!! That’s just the kind of grandiosity totally lacking in reality that we have come to expect from the politicians here in the RP.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I just did a search and got a list of philippine navy ships. They have two coast guard cutters they are calling frigates and one ex usn cannon class destroyer escort. Hardly a combat fleet huh?

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            The cannon class DE they have is the former U.S.S Atherton DE 169 which was commissioned in 1943. Get a load of this, she was decommed in 1945 and in 1955 was given to the Japanese navy. She is armed with three 3″50′ guns but mostly an anti sub ship. It goes on the say she is one of the oldest naval ships still on active duty.

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Japan returned her to the U.S in 1975 and then she was given to the PI in 1978.

          5. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers


            So they have 3 old, worn-out, hand-me-downs from the US Navy, which will miraculously become a world-class navy in 5 years? I guess that’s about as likely as the RP becoming a first world country within a generation!

          6. Profile gravatar of Mike

            To make it worse 2 out of the 3 (the coast guard cutters) were not designed for combat but law enforcement. Then if you consider the last one, well it has three 3″50′ gun mounts (range about 5 to 10 miles) and no missile system and designed to hunt subs. So even there top of the line ships don’t really amount to anything

          7. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            But they managed to really piss off Taiwan using one of those coast guard cutters. 2 years ago they shot up a Taiwanese fishing boat and killed one of the fisherman. I think someone recorded video of the “sailor” laughing as the 50 cal bullets tore through the fishing boat. Did the RP apologize to Taiwan? I don’t think they did. I was in Taiwan at the time, they were very pissed off about it.

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Hey mate the Philippines is not a slave to the USA , !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What are you drinking. smoking???
          I think you should get some perspective on what is good for the fucking Philippines.
          1, As far as I know only the USA and The PI, DEMAND blood and birth to run their perspective countries, how is that working out for BOTH of them?????????
          2.Hitler was Austrian not a Kraut why bring that lunatic into the discussion.
          Poe married a dual citizen and if you have ever tried to get a visa to the USA you would know how fucking hard it is, a Fiance Visa is the easiest.
          She got a US passport but retained her Flip one ,Why who fucking knows, myself I would have burned the fucking thing.
          She married and later returned, if I was her, I would never have fucking bothered and as it is now I’m sure she feels that way or she should.
          Whether she is qualified I don’t know , but for fuck sake they are putting up the idiot of the family again, the corrupt ex mayor of Makati and an avowed killer,
          If I could vote I know whom I would vote for.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Is Estrada really going to run again? If he wins, just write off the Philippines forever.
            That is why the Philippines will never succeed. They don’t need death-squad Duterte, they just need to punish wrong-doers, not reward them. Estrada should have been put in a dark dungeon, like Imelda, Enrile, or 98% of the others who run this shithole.
            Instead, they reward idiots and thieves, then scratch their heads when the people do the exact same scams again.
            Just look at the bullet scam going on with teh American kid. That should have been fixed in 15 minutes, but it gets drug out for 4 months now. Why? What is the purpose of not solving issues ASAP?
            None of the problems are difficult to fix. It just takes some motivation, common sense, and care. Things Filipinos do not possess.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Well said. Their stupidity and complete inability to solve the simplest problems really makes my head spin.

            12 years here and I am no where close to getting used to such insurmountable levels of mind-boggling stupidity and sheer ignorance.

            They are truly hopeless.

          3. Profile gravatar of


            Okay slave is the wrong word to choose. I will say more Americanzed. When I first came here I was amazed how much people talking about the US;
            1.Learing American english en the schools
            2.No subtitles in the movies, like peopel understand everything being said especially when the actors using a slang.
            3. 90% of the imported products is from the US ( not a good quality products btw, I dont know if its really imported or is it because you exporting the shit products here or is it because its really not good)
            4. Many pizza places advertising with real AMERICAN mozarrella cheese instead of italian.
            5. Everybody is a Kano, and most people dont know any other country than US.
            6. American army is here to protect the filipinos from the chinese and teach the brave filipino soldiers in Mindanao how to fight against the terrorists (like the brave Americans did in many Afghan villages)
            7. Basketball is the sport no1. here even they not getting any results in that sport and dont have body for it.
            8. American callcenter companies (thats actually a good thing for filipinos).
            9. Mixing the English language inside their native tone ( you only been here for 60 years, spanish much more than that)
            10. The guns

            There is much more.

            One thing is just is just bothering me, do you also call Royal in the US as Royal?

            Once I asked what is it with the filipinos and Americans. Than he said we like them because they saved us and now we are a better country.

            No offense. When Im talking to a American mostly we have a good conversation, but is you say one bad thing about the US or Americans suddenly they becomming very defensive like actually… Filipinos.

          4. Profile gravatar of


            “Hitler was Austrian not a Kraut”

            Actually some Germans still making fun saying that Austria is Germany 🙂

            “She got a US passport but retained her Flip one ,Why who fucking knows, myself I would have burned the fucking thing.”

            So it will be okay for if some Afghan/Somali will rule over the US? Get real. I can say for myself, I dont want any Pole that through his passport in the pas and suddenly he want to be a Pole again to be leader for my country. One thing is to go abroad live there, get a pernament residency( which give you almost same rights) and another is to say for my country and after some time come back and say I want be a president. I will not represent foreign interests, only the interest of the Philippines. Does it sound like somebody you can trust? Yeah yeah I know you can trust any politician here, or actually anywhere but still….

          5. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            I guess you talked with the wrong American, many of us could give you a litany of problems – real and imagined – that the USA has. The imported US products are just US brands, often made in Australia now because China had the melamine instead of milk scandal in 2008 – just look at the Snickers bars or M&M’s they are made in Australia. I noticed this because they used to be made in China, I wondered why they tasted different from when I bought them in the USA, looked at the back, and VOILA!

            As to the no subtitles in movies, well, if they used subtitles, it would be an admission that they don’t understand English the way Americans use English, and Pinoy Pride won’t allow for that, now, will it? Although when I speak English I usually get told “nosebleed, nosebleed”. As for learning English in their schools, I guess that depends on if you believe they truly teach in the schools. Read other posts here about that.

            They say kano for any white foreigner because they are too lazy to care where you are really from. Just like every “kano” is”Hey Joe!”.

            American call centers are picky, filipinos have trouble getting hired by them. Need a 4 year degree to work in a call center because if pinoy haven’t done 4 years of college the likelihood of their English being up to snuff is minuscule.

            As for basketball, it can be played on any side street with a basket on wheels. Filipinos are built more for soccer (or football, as the rest of the wold calls it), but you need an empty field to practice on. Have you seen any empty field not surrounded by barbed wire or fences anywhere? I haven’t. Maybe you would tackle people on concrete, but I certainly wouldn’t.

            I wouldn’t say that they are more Americanized, I would say that they are more materialistic. Second-rate trying harder American copycats sometimes, but that is kind of the RP motto, a nation of SRTH copycats.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      People who are in government and kill other people by death squad based on their assumptions and without a trial are bad people, democracy or not. Period, full stop.

      Duterte kills people for justice because the justice system here is so pathetically dysfunctional. Ok, I get it.

      Wouldn’t the fix be to fix the justice system if he becomes President? He says if he becomes President, he’ll kill a lot more people than he ever has. He said he doesn’t want to kill people, so don’t elect him. What a fucking idiot. Please!!!! That is about the most Pinoy thinking ever! They are totally incapable if logic or reason. Duterte wants to lead by fear. And if you thought Marcos became a dictator, wait till Duterte gets power.

      Personally, I don’t believe Philippines could EVER rise above their problems. They are just not even close to being intelligent enough.

      Better to just elect another Oligarc and let things go on as usual. Duterte will fill the streets with blood, AND not fix anything of the real problems.

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        I guess we should at least be thankful they don’t have a jury system. Imagine waiting for 12 filipinos to turn up for a court case and then hoping the judge isn’t playing golf that day, no case would ever get resolved.

      2. Profile gravatar of

        This country is doomed if popular opinion supports a mass murderer because they dont want the out of control political and social system overhauled.

      3. Profile gravatar of

        Captain, I think it is a mixture of moronic thinking and addiction to lawlessness. Everyone takes advantage of the corrupt system at some time and they get to thinking it is easier to give a bribe than follow the law. It seems to happen everywhere. They wouldn’t know how to live in a normal society. They want their shortcuts. My ten cents

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Well you’re exactly right @wombat

          “The way” has been established for so long, and getting away with corruption is so friggin’ easy, and the cultural “it’s rude to question a lier and make people accountable, it’s shows distrust” is so ingrained in the very fabric of this entire country, that it seems impossible to overcome.

          “Honor” to these people is to never admit you lied, cheated, or stole. Stand your ground and deny your guilt directing in the face of concrete, indisputable evidence.

          They spit poison at any constructive criticism.

          You know, the more I think about it, maybe Duterte’s methods not only COULD work, but may be the only thing that WOULD work.

          It may be the transitional beginning of discipline for the Filipino. First thing they need to be taught is discipline and consequences for their actions. They’ve never had that.

      4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        The answers are so simple. They just need to figure out what laws to get rid of (since so many laws are dumb and override common sense ones), then properly enforce the correct ones, put people in jail who are corrupt, hold people accountable, most importantly put pressure on the courts to do their actual job, and pick up the garbage. Thats really about it. Not a whole lot to it.
        Yet, Filipinos don’t want simple. They want a homicidal, megalomaniac, narcissist, womanizer who claims to have created a utopia of a city. The city isn’t that great from what I hear, but that is just pinoy low standards of course so a single garbage can in the entire city means progress.
        Killing drug dealers who have can’t get jobs in a shit-hole city/ country isn’t really progress. Threatening and putting corrupt gov’t people in jail who don’t do their jobs is. Holding the gov’t people to a standard and then sticking to it. Thats all there is to it.
        So, it will be one hell of a ride watching this idiot run things.

      5. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        No @filofail,
        Running multiple death squads, collecting solid intelligence, and putting people too death is much easier. I mean, would it be so difficult to find ONE judge who is not corrupt, lazy, or incompetent and hold him responsible and then make sure the criminals stay in prison?

        Running death squads is easier for his ego and narcissism. Upholding the rules & holding others accountable to uphold the law is too much work if you’re a homicidal, narcissistic, 86 IQ pinoy.

  18. Profile gravatar of marhead

    Agree with you Don Q, if i could vote i would pick Poe. I just look at it as the lessor of 3 evils. Binay’s entire family is under investigation for plundering Makati for 20 years, so why in the world would want this asshole running the country. He obviously can not be trusted. Don’t know much about Roxas, all i hear he’s from a rich family and is arrogant. Duterte is a murdering psycho with no social skills. So why not pick someone who has lived in the US, maybe she actually learned something.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I have heard from mates who live in Roxas, his family are richer than god, they just keep him away from the family money, that’s why I said the idiot son, that’s what he is known as down there.
      Look at his political career , virtually everything he touches he fucks up, can anyone tell us anything he has done right, he could not even win when Pinoy was his running mate, what chance now, lucky he has a nutter and a thief running against him,
      Poe had to go !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here’s the way I see it, might be wrong, might be right. If Poe wants to run for president she should renounce her U.S. citizenship formally and at the U.S. embassy. If not then if elected her term will be full of potholes so to speak. Let’s take Permberton for example. Imagine the fire storm if she gave him a pardon, what would the filipinos say? Either way she will always be accused of choosing the U.S. over the philippines and handling that problem alone will take a lot of time.

    Consider the issue of the Guardian for example, let’s say Poe was president when that happened. What would have been said if she said “The Guardian ran aground on a coral reef using charts made by the philippines and given to the Guardian when she made her port call to Subic.” Filipinos would accuse her of bowing to the U.S and so forth.

    If elected then filipinos will expect more freebies from the U.S, special treatment by the U.S visa demands and so forth. now, what would happen if by some slim chance that the U.S and the philippines went to war while Poe was president?

    Questions I have been asking myself.
    1.) Where does Poe keep the majority of her assets, in the philippines or in the U.S?
    2.) If Poe is elected would that open the door for foreigners living in the PI who have PI citizenship to run for office from brgy level up to and including senator?
    3.) If elected president how would her being a U.S. citizen and president of a foreign nation affect her meetings with other heads of states? Again that opens the cry by filipinos that she was talking for and had the U.S interest ahead of philippine interest.
    4.) What happens if there is a military coup against here? What will be the U.S response? They stayed out of the Marcos overthrow until no other country would allow him exile. Marcos was not a U.S citizen but Poe is.
    5.) What would happen if Poe is elected while holding U.S. citizenship and is president is knocked off?
    6.) What if as president and a U.S citizen she plunders the country like the rest of them do?
    7.) If she is elected and turns out to be a bad president will the filipinos find a way to blame the U.S?

    I’m sure there are more but I don’t recall them off hand. But with her having U.S citizenship then right away the issue of conflict of interest comes up and cannot be denied. Now if she wants to be president that bad the filipinos should tell her, “If you want to run for president then renounce your U.S citizenship.” I for one would be interested in seeing what she would say or do about that.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I read in Yahoo news that the mayor of Davao says he would like Bong Bong Marcos as a running mate. I guess that makes since considering all the people Bong Bongs mom and dad had murdered. Bong Bong Marcos, here is my advise if you team up with the Davao mayor and run for office. Change your name to “BANG BANG MARCOS.”

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          I do not see what all the hassle is about??? Your travel records are written in stone on a computer some place in this world. I think the hassle is if she has the residency requiement of being in this hole for at least 10 years.
          But here in the feelippines,, it is all smoke and mirrors????
          As for being found on a doorstep,, tell that to the Marines, any successful flip would have their natural parents coming out of the wood work to claim her for MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          On web site Rappler they have the time line, but essentially, October 21, 2010, when it was entered into her last US Passport she visited the Embassy the following confirm it or what ever they wanted . , Still stupid as far as I am concerned, half the fucking congress in the Philippines were or are probably US residents, home owners too.
          But again I reiterate, why do you have to be NATURAL BORN ?????????? Fucking Racist assholes. Why not get the very best citizen wherever they were born. CITIZEN YES, NATURAL BORN WHY????
          Just like the USA the crap they went on with about Obama, his fucking mother was American, that should have been the end of it, OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! Birthers everywhere, how many fucking emails were generated over that. Ted Cruze, born in Canada, both parents US citizens , why can he run for President , he just renounced his dual citizenship with Canada recently so he could run for President.
          Just so you know I am not just throwing stones living in a glass house, that two of the last four Australian Prime ministers were born one in England and one in Wales .

        3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I don’t think she was born in the USA. They simply called her a foundling. IF they found her in the USA, then its not like someone traveled all the way to the Philippines to drop her off.

          1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            Yeah, some foreigner that didn’t want her child came to the RP to abandon the child rather than put the child up for adoption because the RP is known for its kind and generous treatment of indigent children, hence the complete lack of street urchins in the RP! LOL

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yes, before running for a gov’t position like that, they must renounce. There was some Phil-American actor who ran for congress or senator. He dropped his USA citizenship, then he lost the election. Too bad.

        Poe was probably the better person for the job. At least living in the USA for a while would hopefully have given her a sense of what a much more advanced country does vs the Philippines.

        The disqualified her, Duterte is now running and Marcos Jr will probably be VP. Their chances to get better have just diminished even further, but hey, its not like we were expecting them to pick themselves up now were we?

        The idiots were probably so happy she is disqualified. Why? Cause she probably would have done a good job. Filipinos don’t want good, they want things to be shitty so they can sit back, cry, beg, and play the eternal/ professional victims.

  20. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Australia just gave them some old landing barges for disaster relief. We just took delivery of our new amphibious ships so we did not need the old ones
    Did we get any thanks , Nope

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Like that WW2 LST they grounded on a reef in the Spratleys to counter China claims? What got me was a newspaper article about some musician going to the ship to raise moral. What did he do? Donated ONE guitar to the whole crew. It went on to say to mention the crew using the sonar room. Hate to bust their bubble but LSTs never had a sonar room. Guess that’s like the news report on tv where the PA confiscated M79 rocket propelled 40mm grenade launchers.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          When I heard that I wondered and still do what they considered the sonar room. All I can think of is CIC. But we both know it’s useless trying to tell a filipino they are wrong about anything.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            Mike, I’m not familiar with that class but my guess is you are correct. CIC would make sense. In Aus we called it the Ops Room.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        These were a lot more modern than WW2 LST’s, but I did see anchored off in Subic bay what looked like the African Queen a Flip Navy ship, that old it had a straight bow, not big enough to be a destroyer Im not sure what it was, they kept it away, I was down there for the ceremonial handing over of the last cutter.
        The Presidential Yacht was tied up there too, did not even know they had one, but they do, had a horrible list to Port, good thing they had ropes on it. it might have rolled over.
        PS .
        I spoke with one of the crew that was from the cutter, all he raved about was the fleet in San Diego where they left from, and how small their cutter was.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          What they had grounded was a WW2 LST. There was only one other class they built after the war and those were newport class LST. The hull numbers started at 1179. Philippines never got any of the new class LSTs. Google newport class LSTs and will give you a list of the 20 ships and what happened to them.

        2. Profile gravatar of

          Don, it may be in a bad way but listing is not an indication of damage. It is common to move all balast to one side to inspect the hull below the waterline or for normal maintenance which avoids the drama and cost of dry dock.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            No kidding,!!!!!!
            As a Retired ships master and marine engineer I might have noticed someone working along the starboard side.
            I doubt very much if the Presidential Yacht has a problem paying for a dry dock.
            They would probably stiff them, maybe they are not even allowed to use a local one.In case someone saw what a piece of shit it looked like.
            The bloody thing was big , the list was at least 25 degrees.
            I would have been embarrassed. to allow anyone to see that poor seamanship, especially when all the media was there to see the new/old cutter.

  21. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    So, is this true or just a fake ad, or an actual tally by Filipinos? I think someone did post something about it being untrue, but just want to be sure.
    Apparently Davao is supposed to be the 9th safest city in the world. Safer than Hong Kong? The most child friendly city in the Philippines?
    They won all kinds of awards from the Philippines gov’t departments, but we pretty much know those are scam and very low standard.
    Can any of the Davao people testify? It looks like this guy is going to be the next dictator,, I mean, President of the Philippines.

  22. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Johnny, it’s taken from numbeo, who compile all their data from people who contribute, so it’s easy to manipulate, ie dutertes cronies could be sitting there all day adding positive facts. You won’t find davao in any top 10 safest city lists where its actually compiled by facts.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I knew it! Fucking moronic Filipinos are holding it up as legit. I’ve only lived in the Philippines for 4 years and I learned everything is a scam so I did not believe this article. Pinoys who have lived in the shit-hole their entire lives believe it.

  23. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Where to begin????
    Flips probably love Merica because it was always seen as the promised land, the fact it was a US colony for a very long time maybe helped that along.
    If Filipinas actually got to America and found out how hard it is to work and survive there, they would be straight back home with the fingers wiggling.
    You failed to grasp what I was saying, BLOODLINES and BIRTH do not make a GREAT LEADERSHIP ,, so naturally you picked two third world shit holes to defend your argument.
    Why not Antarctica and a fucking Penguin. at least the penguin is well dressed, and doesn’t walk around with his hands in his pockets all the time (HINT HINT RODDY)
    I seem to remember my grandmother saying something about that s not good manners. GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS !!!!!!!!!
    You are right in MY OPINION about basketball, I could never understand that either, but after eight years living here and seeing the LACK OF PUBLIC SPACE for kids to play in I figured it was due to they had to play some game on a street, Hoops is as good as any I suppose.
    NOW AMERICAN CHEESE , can anyone tell me what they have done to fuck that up, honestly I’m sure they put AMERICAN on stuff so as to make it salable, like putting WHITENING on products so they can sell them
    But that KRAFT AMERICAN cheese is disgusting even Americans I know wont eat it they insist it not be put on their meals as it taints them. YUK

    1. Profile gravatar of


      “You failed to grasp what I was saying, BLOODLINES and BIRTH do not make a GREAT LEADERSHIP ,, so naturally you picked two third world shit holes to defend your argument.”

      Yes that true. But in case of Poe, is something more about loyality. When I went abroad when I was a 14 years later on I could also get citizenship of a Western European country but when I heard I have to resign from polish passport I said no thank you because I felt like I will forget where did I come from especially I will be getting same benefits as a citizen in that country. The girl could have lived in the US with residency without througing her passport.

      “after eight years living here and seeing the LACK OF PUBLIC SPACE”

      About the cheese. I bought some parmesan cheese for my bolognese last time. Made in USA. Sweet as fuck. Destroyed all my fucking food.

      Yeah, there is something about it, however beside Manila and Cebu City there other places where there is a lot of space where some football field could get created or even some other sport that filipinos could have some good results in.

      BTW anybody know why I never see any products from Italy, Poland, Russian or even Spain? Saw few Germans but mostly American, chinese and some Thai.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        PK, try Alabang town centre. They have a section in the grocery store which has aisles marked with national flags.
        We have found some soft US chedder which is quite accepable and half the price of Aus imports in SM. Perfect for pizza or on toast and not sweet at all.

        1. Profile gravatar of


          I know some good places here where Im living but none of them are big supermarkets, just small stores ran by expats. German, Swiss, a butcher from AU which have some ukrainian blood and my polish friend here. Have some good products.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      We haven’t had a brownout in metro manila for 2.5 years and there was only one. Tornadoes have an effect but that is different of course.