In Philippines, The Hard Way Is The Best Way, It’s Simple Filogic!

In Philippines, the hard way, the most inconvenient, time-wasting, more laborious way is the best way. Why? Well they can can never seem to explain why. But that’s ok. To the average Filipino, it doesn’t matter one tiny little bit why. They don’t even care why. To be anything other than completely ignorant would require a measurable level of intelligence. So they don’t ask those meaningless, pointless questions.

They believe that if they say it’s best, it’s best. It doesn’t matter if you just showed them facts and indisputable proof in front of their typical blank stare that there is a better, simpler, much more convenient way. Filipino thinking (filogic) says that since they proclaimed a best way with their mouth, they are already committed, and their words are all the proof and evidence they need. To even so much as be willing to listen and learn a better way is out of the question. They have committed themselves, so they have to be right. To go back and change what you said is out of the question. To do so would admit they were not right or imperfect. To do so would crush their honor, and make them look a fool. (Don’t say it, I’m getting to that!) Show it to them, and indisputably prove to them your way is twice as fast, and involves half the effort and labor. You’ll get the confused blank stare, then the rejection that you have proven anything to him, and then the stupid Filipino will reply with “Well that’s your opinion”.

In the filogical Filipino mind, facts are opinions, opinions are facts. Opinions and facts are completely subjective, and there is little separation between the two. If someone else’s fact does not agree with your fact, their fact is just an opinion, regardless of evidence and proof. But your own facts are always facts regardless of contrary evidence and proof.

Filipinos don’t like facts, proofs, and evidence. They don’t even really want to learn the true definitions of the words. Why? Facts and evidence makes them look like idiots. Therefore the words are deluded, diluted, and made subjective.

But here’s the filogic about that:

In their filogical minds, they have redeemed themselves. They believe they have resolved the issue and came out on top. They walk away winners in their own mind. They don’t even come close to realizing that makes them look like more of a fool. They are clueless about the fact that it compounds the stupidity of it. They use more stupidity to try to cover the original stupidity. And that may work with other native Filipinos. I am certain they have no clue that everyone else sees it for exactly what it is: A COMPLETE MORON COMPOUNDING HIS STUPIDITY AND LOOKING LIKE EVEN MORE OF A MORON. Chief Justice Corona

Why did I just think of the Chief Justice Corona impeachment trial? ….. anyway, back to the topic at hand.

They cannot accept being wrong, and will never admit it when they are, no matter how much indisputably damning evidence you put in front of them. Manny Villar (oops, another random thought, sorry!) And if you prove them wrong with sheer factual evidence, it’s still “just your opinion”. This defines an idiot. And on a pseudo-positive note, that is one thing at which they are perfect.


I didn’t invent the lawnmower, someone smarter than me did, therefore I will not use it. I will use something I would be capable of inventing, like sheers.”

Let’s say you’ve hired a Filipino to mow the grass. You provide him his choice of tools to use to accomplish the task. Regardless of how long it takes him, you’re going to pay him 200 pesos to complete the task.

Tools at his immediate disposal:

Filipino stupid choice

Which tool will the Filipino choose?


stupid filipino

“Hhhmph, well that’s your opinion that using a lawnmower would be better.”

I think we both know which tool he’s going to choose. I have seen it, and I’m sure you have seen it too. The average Filipino will grab the sheers out of sheer filogic (no pun intended), and spend the entire day in the hot sun manually clipping the grass a few blades at a time. Chop chop chop, all day long instead of completing the task with minimal effort in about 20 minutes. They will choose the hard way, or stupid way every time.

One example is of my house helper. I have provided him with a modern industrial grade mop bucket with wringer. What does he do? He removes the wringer, and squeezes the mop out with his bare hands. Even after mopping up my dog’s piss if it has an accident inside the house. The Filipino would rather put his hands all over the piss soaked mop and fumble around trying to wring the mop with his bare hands than dip, put in wringer, pull lever, mop wrung out in half the time, and hands are clean and dry. Idiot. 

I asked him why he doesn’t use the wringer. “It’s easier for me dis way ser”. “How so?” I ask. “Ser, please just allow me to do it my way.” I reply, “That’s fine, you’re allowed, but I am still interested in hearing your logic behind why you think it’s easier to fumble around trying to squeeze the filthy pissy mop out with your bare hands instead of putting it in the wringer and simply pushing down on the lever once or twice, and besides, you cook my food with those hands.”

“Ser, I just want to do it my way, I promise wash my hands before cook your food.”

Filipinos can’t even think of why they do things the way they do, even when there is a much faster and easier way to do it right in front of their nose. He could not even begin to come up with any kind of reason as to why his way was easier. And his unwillingness to learn how to grab a handle and pull is so very typical of the average idiot Filipino. Is it some kind of protest or resistance to progress and a better way of life? It’s like they are punishing themselves, as if they feel they don’t deserve ease and convenience. It’s like self flogging or something. I don’t get it. 

Spend 20 To Save 10

Now this is hilarious. I sent my helper to the store to buy some meat. There’s a store nearby that takes about 10 minutes travel time by walking.  He goes out and is gone two hours. Why? He went to a store about 6 kilometers away by jeepney, because the meat was 8 pesos per kilo cheaper than the store nearby. I only wanted 2 kilos. He spent 16 pesos for the Jeepney round trip, and two hours of time, most of that time spent sitting in traffic in a crowded jeepney.

He did not save any money buying the less expensive meat. What he saved on the price of the meat, he spent on the transportation to get there. He spent the exact same amount of money going 5 times further and taking twice as long as he would have if he just walked to the nearby store.

“But Ser, I got the same meat for cheaper”

That is what I call “Filogic”


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    Absolutely true, I have similar experiences with their natural aversion to anything that will improve their work and their lives. They are also not capable to accept any shortcomings nor accept any advice for improvements. After a time you just give up.
    Quality issues in production (we have a subcontractor in the Philippines) have to be analyzed to find the root cause. In the beginning I got upset because they always put the blame on something else (usually they blamed the client). Now I just don’t bother. We make our own assessment and skip the normal procedure because it never will give a decent result anyway. They just cannot accept any blame.

    Your blog is really funny and I can understand that it is therapeutic for you.
    In a more serious note I have written about one issue in the Philippines and that is about low trust. The lack of Filipinos to work together in a decent way. They always try the short cut or to cheat and steal instead of honoring an agreement. As a result no one can work together and then you have a so called low trust society. I am afraid that It is not nearly as funny as what you write though 🙂

    I will definitely return here. Thanks for this therapeutic blog! 🙂

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    Washing machines…do I need to go on? For would-be residents, maybe I do. Before we packed our belongings for this country (and I accept, it was all my brilliant idea) my wife told me that we didn’t need to bring many labour-saving-devices…for some reason I accepted her reasoning that there were so many family members around who would be pleased, no, make that demand to wash our clothes.
    Eighteeen months after we arrived I finally put my foot down and bought a washing machine and told the family to stop sitting around all day watching water disappear into a hole in the ground while they sat around chatting. The scenario: look at this, you turn this tap and water comes out…look…look…look (hours later…look…look
    During this time, I’m standing in the shower trying to wash soap or shampoo out of my eyes and they’re still standing there watching water disappear down the hole while supposedly washing clothes.
    So I bought the washing machine, justifying the cost of a fucking expensive Filipino plastic washing machine over the perfectly good European one we’d left behind by the fact that my water bills were astronomical. We built a utility area (just a sun and rain shelter) to house the thing. And there it sat for week after week…until someone decided it was in the way and moved it behind a shed.
    So here’s the thing: Filipinas prefer to sit on their ass all day washing dirty clothes by hand while running a tap the entire day than put clothes in a washing machine and sit with their feet up.
    Is this just a westerner’s opinion? No, Korean residents are equally mystified by their helpers’ refusal to use labour saving devices. When questioned they get flustered and annoyed and in the end they say that they can get clothes cleaner by using their nails and fingers to remove the dirt. Utter horseshit of course, because they’ve never confronted a washing machine before. The world’s Luddites colonised the Philippines and began inbreeding the minute they landed here.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Yep. I just don’t understand their utter refusal to make life a little easier for themselves. Might as well walk up and down the street flogging yourself after you’ve finished your chores.

      What a bunch of idiots.

  3. Profile gravatar of huwag-kang-tanga

    One word, walis, in english broom. Those stupid pathetic short pieces of crap they call brooms here. WHY??? It is such a pain to try and sweep with those tiny things!! Just add a few feet of stick and you could sweep standing upright, no back pain, more leverage, something that has been around for hundreds of years, and here they still use a 2ft broom. Not to mention those stupid twig brooms, the ones that have like 6 sticks tied together that they use to sweep up leaves and trash in the street, Have you heard of a push broom!! They also sweep water, it drives me nuts, to see these guys in the street sweeping a puddle so it will dry up, or sweeping water out of their house. All with a tiny 2 foot stick broom!!! Really?? I hate those brooms with a passion and the stupid dust pans that come with them. The dustpans are also 2 ft and only like 5 inch wide, while the broom is like 20 inches wide which makes it impossible to sweep everything into the dust pan. It’s so retarded.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I swear to gawd, I had intended on talking about the walis (broom) in my next article! But you beat me to it, and well done too! Maybe’ll just post it as an article here by you.

  4. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    Where do I begin? The brooms are a joke, just as the entire country is a joke… but I’ve been laughing so hard and so long it is starting to hurt. They said the first year is the honeymoon and the place can do no wrong. The second year you begin to ask too many questions and wonder why they do things as stupidly as they do. The third year you can’t wait to get out.

    Many expats are there because of the ‘Heart of Darkness’ syndrome. They are a white demi-god to the locals and feel they are someone here whereas back in Asscrack Arkansas they are trailer trash failures with three ex-wives and a brace of fat kids with bad teeth and no diploma. Even WalMart has refused them entry. Here they get to run around chasing teenagers, getting laid and making out they are important. Not all of course, but enough. Some simply love it here and ignore the bullshit. They either have enough bread to not have to taste the shit in the sandwich or they simply don’t give a fuck. Good for them but of course there are those who remain here, often because they can’t function in a western country, who make themselves feel better by putting down those of us who are pissed off by the crap and corruption.

    The thing is, the locals see them as walking ATMs and if they bothered to learn five words of the local lingo would soon realise what the natives really think of the bastos tambok kano. Long ago I labelled the place ‘The Land of Lip Service’ because that is what it is. Lip service paid to road safety vis a vis the lines on the roads, traffic lights and signs. Lip service paid to democracy re the elections while we only have to look at the walls to see the same family names swapping paid govt positions every term. “From the pork barrel of Senator X” or “A Love Job from Congressman Y” and further up Mayor X, brother to Senator X, has done this while Governor Y, sister to Congressman Y has done this. All over the region it is either X or Y owning all, ruling all.

    The Land of Lip Service when it comes to the bag check and frisk at SM. Or wherever. Remember, when you insert the word ‘Filipino’ for any word of derision or disgust… it is time to leave. But remember to get the official reciept for yoru exit clearence. Not the exit clearence, they don’t want to see that. Just the official receipt so they know you paid.

  5. Profile gravatar of Ben

    I know why the do the things they do. Its all about ownership. Like their little 3rd world patent that they can claim as their clever idea and hopefully thrust them up a notch on the coconut tree of success. Who in their right mind would use shears over a lawn mower? A filipino, because it was their idea and nothing else will supercede it. I dread working with them. Its 8 hrs of convincing them that their approach is very counter productive. I always have to get another filipino to convey the correct approach, so we can get the job done. Jesus theyre stubborn.

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    look at NAI 1 airport. 1. some tamboy gaurds check the car (if you dont have a bazooka on top of the car,,, its ok . then check the passports and ticket, go thru xray,,then weigh the bags, finally at check in.. explain you need a bulk head seat or an aisle seat. good luck.. then 2 more tambay gaurds to check the boarding pass, then pay 550 pesos for airport tax, (never spent on that hole of an airport) then immigration, another xray,,, then some chicks selling massages upstairs, then pay 20 buks to get into a grungy, delapidated business class lounge,, then one more tambay gaurd to check tickets and you are squeesed into a hellhole of a waiting area.. no public fones,,,,,, wait for the last person to get on becos you DO NOT WANT GET INTO a traffic jam of bonafide idiots with their huge bags….
    then if the airline perosnal tell them they cant have 10 bags ,,,,, their is a civil war. been there and done that

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I’ve always noticed that these idiots have a tendency to bring large carry on bags, some of which should be considered as checked-in baggage, but these cheap bastards act as if it’s too expensive to add the additional 180php to check in their baggage instead of hauling it around through a crowd of hell. I’ve even encountered a passenger who had 3 carry on bags…… This is just another example of idiot Filipino Filogic.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I’ve seen these Flips do that also, trying to get large bags that should be checked in, into carry bags. It’s obvious the bags weighed more than 10kgs. And yes, me carry 2 backpacks, effectively occupying space meant for others. I guess they just try their luck, see how much they can get away with.

        1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

          Well…This is what happen to me a few months back:
          The GF and myself had just finished a holiday in Singapore (It was actually 2 days after the Indonesian Gov’t kill the Aussies and other drug runners). So of course the GF was all riled up for a couple days that the “poor innocent pinay” was also scheduled to be killed.
          Anyway…we check our baggage at the ticket check-in counter, and then headed off to the immigration area. Just before getting to the immigration area, a nicely dressed middle aged pinay approaches the GF and they have a brief exchange in Tagalog. The GF give me a look…and then asks me if it’s ok for her to take the nice older ladies Extra luggage so she doesn’t get extra baggage charge ???…I give the Old Bag my best “I’ll Fucking Kill You” look and she scurries off with her tail between her legs.
          Me: Honey…are you crazy ???
          GF: What you mean, she seems like a nice lady and needed help.
          Me: This is what happened to the drug runner pinay in Indonesia.
          GF: Oh my god !!!! I could have been arrested for drug smuggling.
          Me: It’s ok…you’re with me I go to jail for you.
          GF: (starts to cry…) Where’s the CR…I need to go pee.
          Me: It’s ok honey…the CR is over there.

          Ok maybe not a drug runner, but the GF learned a good lesson that day (hopefully).

          1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            Basically they wait around watching for other Fail-ppinos. Once the other RP’ers get their tickets, then they pull them aside and have them hold their Extra luggage, then go back to the check-in counter Under the carry on limit, get their tickets, then pick up the Extra luggage from the other pinoy/pinay who are waiting for them either before, or after the immigration zone.
            And of course they usually get a hook-up from the pinoy boarding gate and flight attendant people (at least on Cebu, Phil-air, etc…).
            Of course I could be wrong…but it seems like a pretty good scam.

          2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            possession is 9/10’s of the law,,, all of the flip drug mules say they did not know it was in there…
            i imagine they would tail them for awhile to catch the big fish,,
            beware,, there has been thefts on planes,,,

          3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            The same thing happened to me in Sabah, fucking idiot child bride wanted to help some bitch she met in the fucking line.
            Who was wrong.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Because I told the fucking lady in no uncertain terms she could be a drug smuggler we don’t know her from a bar of soap.
            So the child bride gave me the silent treatment because I spoke rude to her.
            PEACEFUL FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          4. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            It is the Flip mentality, we have to HELP our fellow countrymen.???????????????????
            I can almost understand why there are so many flips in Jail in the world on death row for drug smuggling.
            It goes against their grain to say NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            We see it daily in all walks of life in the Philippines they refuse to acknowledge they cant do something , so they just say YES THEY CAN, and wind up in the SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we call them morons and liars etc.
            I just think its the mentality of trying to please everyone, and they wind up pleasing no one.

          5. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @Don. “So the child bride gave me the silent treatment”, I guess I got unlucky with that. When the ex asked if it was ok to help I looked at the woman asking and said, “NO!” and at the ex and said, “You don’t EVER do that!!”. The ex was relieved, hence, blah, blah, blah all the way on the flight home 🙂

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I am over 6 ft in old measurement so I always fly business class or exit row fro the leg room , if there is no room for my carry on. I just open it take everything out I want, pillow blanket book crossword etc, call the stewardess and give it to her to put away.
          FUCK EM, its their job to stop the bastards bringing on so much. So I make them do the extra work.
          I have seen two flips struggling to lift one bag into the locker right in front of a fucking stewardess
          That bag was like a cricket bag, so forget the weight , what about the size of the fucking thing????????.
          Then you get some fucking little Hitler weighing your bag and they want you to take out 200 gms to make it fit under their limit.
          Don’t believe that BULLSHIT about AIR REGULATIONS IN REGARD TO CARRY ON BAGGAGE. you know the max weight sometimes 7 kg, sometime 10 kg if it was International Rule why the difference.
          SCOOT BUSINESS 18KG carry on. so if there is a rule how do I do that every fucking time one bag 18 kgs.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Don, I got penalized $60 US at NAIA 1 last year. Wanna know how much excess I had? Three fucking kilos coz the idiot Flip made me weigh my handbag also! I looked around and no one else got weighed, including bags bigger and heavier than mine. My carry bag was similar to those cabin staff bags with wheels. So not too heavy. I asked Dickhead Flip if they were weighing everyone else, and fucking liar said “yes” with a straight face and without batting an eyelid. I told him “no you’re not! I’ve just seen 3 other passengers got checked in and their carry bags were bigger than mine, and they weren’t weighed!” . As you have guessed, response was……fuckin’ blank look.

            Nowadays, I buy baggage allowance since I’m bound to be buying something here to take back… shoes!! 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Yup Sarah,
            Ive had it happen too me when I forgot to check on my ticket, my fault but it chokes when you see what the assholes take on without being weighed.
            I had a bag within a bag once, took the small bag out and gave it to them they wanted some astronomical amount for the 4 kilos the bag weighed, again my fault I forgot what I booked through.
            AND I DIDN’T LOOK AT THE FUCKING TICKET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I almost did it again, and had to book more luggage through for my flight next week.

    2. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
      Pearl Of My Ass

      I made a rule never to flight PA when avoidable even if I had to pay more. While travelling with pets, it took Pinoys 1hour+ to make all paperwork and photocopying all pages of my passport (twice: 1 time at checkin and 1 more time at boarding (why? I asked. -> we have to do it siiiir. Yes but why ? -> sir please). I did the same in Geneva and Amsterdam airport, took an average 15/20 minutes.

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    one time,,, i got into a landslide…traffic backed up allover the place IN BOTH LANES,,, being crabs,, they blocked both lanes on both sides of the landslide,, so nobody could get in or out… wtf.. if my dog had their brains,, i ‘d shoot him

  8. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    al. This is a very common traffic problem here. I have seen it many times and it drives me nuts. When traffic builds up these idiots get impatient. So they begin to pass each other. They continue to pass until all lanes in both directions are facing each other and no one can go anywhere. So then they have gridlock with everyone sitting still. Complete fucking idiots. The only solution is when they put those concrete barriers down the middle of the road to prevent these jack offs from driving into oncoming traffic.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        yes,, Stalin shot, moved the criminals to siberia,, starved them out,, not a nice guy at all.
        Reminds me of a baranguay captain.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Maybe Mussolini???????
      Wasn’t his claim to fame that he got the trains to run on time.
      I think fixing that abortion of the MRT in Manila would tax even a dictator..
      Shit I just realized there is an Abortion that is legal in the Philippines !!!!!!!!!! MRT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        have heard that he made the promise to make trains on time.
        I still Joseph Stalin, he was a super badass,,, He killed roughly 30,000,000 people.
        He would know how to run this country.

  9. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    i was on the last one on the plane to manila,,,no space for hand carry for me,, so some filipinos with 2 bags of handcarry and 5 bags of duty free crap arguing with the cabin staff about their expensive junk and they can not put bags in the hold.
    what do these morons understand about one handcarry bag only?????

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        yes,, but when you are very last on the plane,, go down the aisle and look for 2 or 3 empty seats to make a bed,,,, sit in the middle and make a mess,, burp, fart,, so a flip does nortt sit gbeside you

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Yup AL,
          Me too, I am pissed if I am NOT last on the plane, fuck you are on there for long enough.
          Even when I fly business class I never rush onto the sardine can.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Al, that’s because he doesn’t have to feed them, but brainwashed them about religion and there you go…more money for the bishop’s coffers. I personally know a lot of Pinoys give to the church whatever little money they can spare (instead of giving them to the kids).

  10. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

    I really hate brooms. And they sometimes ask me why I’m lazy when it comes to sweeping the floors.. Give me a vacuum and I’ll happily take off the dusts around the house, not just on the floor but everywhere including the ceiling.

  11. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    i went on a an expat site, and posted marcos was the biggest thief in the world.
    well, within 1 hour i was banned ,, ahhahahah

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      It’s interesting that the most famous flip in all of history all is Imelda – known by most people, not as first lady, but as first shoe collector! A bit sad really.

    2. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

      Many guys here really love Marcos for some reason, and I remember someone telling that Marcos ruled the country very well with an “iron hand”. Nope, he ruled the country with a balaclava and a spiked gauntlets. And decided to smack everyone with it and take their money in the process. Also, he uses that gauntlet to punch everyone who has a different opinion in the face.

      Maybe that’s what they mean by “iron hand”.

  12. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    If anyone here prefers online checkin to save time, beware that at NAIA they still havent grasped the concept.

    One time, there was only an Economy queue there. We all assumed we had to queue even though we were checked in online. After waiting an hour, I asked a guy there and he said “Oh, just go straight to Business Checkin then”. So, it’s worth asking if there is no special “online” queue.

    Second experience was that I DID find an online checkin counter, with noone queueing there. I headed over, only to be stopped by an airline employee. He said we had to join the regular queue to weigh our bags! They had ONE pathetic scale thing there. “Sorry Sir, It’s airline policy” he said. After an hour of queueing, he suddenly changed his mind and sent us to the online checkin desk! So we didnt have to weigh our bags after all!


  13. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Its no fucking different at Clark.
    Unless you are flying with Air Asia, no one else has a baggage drop counter.
    I have posted on this before too.
    I had an On Line Check In and boarding pass with Cebu Pacific,there was NO SIGN for this customer so I had to inquire where to go., I was told where to line up, so everyone looks at you like you are an asshole for pushing in, I tell them they told me to go here, but push in front of a flip is a no no.
    Unless they do it to you then that’s perfectly reasonable.
    There is absolutely no benefit of doing an online check in with Cebu Pacific, You get a boarding pass on line print it out, they then will print you another one, it is exactly the same procedure as anyone has without a boarding pass.Total idiocy.
    But typical, they want to be shown as being up to date with worlds best practice , but can not implement it.!!!!!
    It is like everything they do, from Computers and the the Cloud , Digital TV and Cable TV.Internet.
    Its all there, but its just fucked up, they are just NOT READY for the 21st Century.
    Monkey see Monkey wants to do, just can only get 33% right. But will NEVER ADMIT IT OR ASK FOR HELP !!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      How is getting 100’s of thousands of little peso amounts paid daily in CASH better than getting one cheque everyday off the fucking airline,

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I always wonder that as well.
        I think they do include the taxes and fees initially. Then they start getting greedy and some airport guy or politicians sets up another toll booth. I do know Terminal 3 does not charge the exit, cash fees anymore, but I’m just waiting for the day.
        I’m flying later this week and can double check the ticket for the taxes and fees. Sometimes, there is no exit fee from the international side, but my fiance has to pay. If I use my flip passport, I have to pay so I use my USA PP. It makes me feel great to get out of paying a fee to this shitty gov’t.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I was talking about the Filipinos travel tax. 1620 peso.
          They still have the Terminal Fee to pay as well. 600 peso.
          We pay the Terminal Fee too.
          Johnny, it feels good to win even that little bit.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Don.
        Because if they had an excel sheet when you paid for the ticket,, they could not hire their relatives at the airport to collect the airport tax. Da feelipino way!!!!
        I see they have done away with the airport tax at NAIA airport. They finally trusted the airlines to send them the money!!
        None of that money ever got put into maintenance or paint,, that is for sure. That airport building is so teh ’60’s like it came out of Russia.