I Incited 4 trash talking flips to start a fight with me.

I incited 4 flips to start a physical fight with me. They’ve been trash talking at and about me since i first arrived in the philippines, The first time i trash talk back they start throwing beer bottles and swinging punches.

Yeah so i was visiting my good friend, a doctor, at his home in the suburbs. I come around fairly often so the usual idle drunkards recognize me as “bobo kano.” I walked around to the sari-sari store to purchase some soda for the dinner i was having with my friend and his family, There were a group of 4 of them jobless drunkards loafing around the store, said something along the lines of “stupid american go back to your country.” in tagalog, i replied with “why? im banging your wives while you are out here getting drunk in front of the sari-sari store.”

One of them stood up and shouted “tangin na aka!” then threw an empty bottle of beer at me with the force of a plastic bag floating to the ground, then abruptly tripping onto his face, i caught the bottle and rolled it on the ground tapping the top of his balding head. While saying “here i believe you belong to this beer bottle.” The security guard in his man sized hut shined the spotlight in our direction. The faceground guy gets up shouting “tangin na aka” again then more anti kano nonsense after. His friends stand up and stood behind him giving me some goofy drunk flip look that nearly made me laugh out loud. Mr.faceground picks up the bottle that tapped his head and he throws it again at me. I dodge and said “that all you pussy foots got? throwing beer bottles?” then i hear the bottle land and break somewhere near the security guard’s hut.

Then the brawl starts, these guys were incredibly drunk, i spent less than 10 seconds (that felt like minutes) blocking their punches and hooking their heals with my feet and tripping them on their asses and face into puddles of water and piles of dog shit. The security guard grabbed my shoulder, pulled me back a few feet and started shouting and looking at them then looking at me. The lola of the sari-sari store interrupted the guard and started pointing at the drunkards laying on the ground “lasing eto, oi eto, aggressors eto.”

Things wrapped up with 2 other security guards coming and handcuffing the drunkards and telling them that they would call the PNP if they kept disturbing the peace. The drunkards kept shouting that they wanted to call the barangay and put me in jail. One of the security guards could speak english and said “if anything they will put them in jail not you” I snickered as i knew they were building the walls to their own prison.

My friend came out started walking to the scene, i met him halfway with the lola holding my arm. Lola and my friend talked briefly then the lola tugged my arm and said “good man” pointed at my friend then pointed at me. She knew my friend is a charitable physician. My friend said “its about time those jobless drunks got their asses kicked.”

The drunks live in the subdivision just opposite to where my friend lives and the sari-sari store is within a house that sits right on the border between the two. The security guards have assured me that the drunks wont be allowed into the subdivision. No night time creeper revenge either because the dividing gate is closed past 24:00 with a security guard at that hut 24/7. Though they were so drunk they probably wont even remember, other than tripping onto their faces accidently. Anyways, i endured the “bobo kano” trash talk over 8 months of visiting. So satisfying and i didn’t have to swing any punches.

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    Nice to know that you handled that well. I only would’ve handled that well just for the simple fact that I refuse to understand such non-sense jungle language. I think understanding their language would cause more harm than good in my sake. I don’t let words bother me anyway. It will take more than just inferior insults coming from these half-breeds to put a dent in my mind.
    I was shocked that your security guards had some principles to back you up, and not oppose against you for the simple fact that you are not a Filipino. Something like that wouldn’t happen in my area. The saying goes here is: If you have the money, you are at fault.
    Lucky for you your 24 hour security guards actually do their job 24/7 (that’s still in question). I live at a gated condo, and there are times when I’m out pass midnight, and I often catch my guards sleeping on the job. Too bad they are not paid to actually give a shit. Sometimes for out mutual benefit, I would walk back home with a few Cobra energy drinks for them so they can stay their asses awake. I get respect points for that, and they tend to lay off my ass more when I do them simple favors like that. So it all works out in the end.
    I came here hoping to hear a story of you kicking some pinoy ass, but this story is good enough to pass the moment. At least you came out on top. If they told me to get out of their country, I would gladly do so if they agree to relocate all their OFWs and Filipino immigrants out of mine (MURICA!!!). I can deal with Mexicans, but those Filipinos has gotta GO!

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    Damn what a story and what restraint you have. I probably would have lost it and who knows what would have happened…great job though

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    mother teresa

    My experience in PI is that you should try to never make a flip lose face. If you purposely make them lose face they will always be after you. They will put sugar in your gas tank, slash your tires, kill your dog and maybe even shoot you. I know its hard to restrain yourself. Ive seen quite a few tough foreigners scared to walk through their neighborhood because they made flips lose face. Ive had hundreds of flips “testing” me and trying to get me riled up by insulting me. What i do is play them. Most of the time they are so easy to play. They usually test foriegners when you pass by a group of them in a drinking session. They will insult you and the others will laugh. Dont show any anger-thats what they want you to do is get angry. Laugh with them and tell them a joke. Make them laugh. Dont buy them a beer because then they will always want you to buy them beer. When they offer you a shot tell them no thanks because you are sick. Give them a good excuse as why you have to leave and say god bless you and leave. Always have an excuse not to do something dont just say no. Now you have them in your back pocket. Ive done this hundreds of times. I know its hard to keep your cool but i look at is as im toying with people who have the iq of binignit. Its a stupid game but so easy to play. I know guys who have faught back and are constantly being terrorized. Some to the point where they had to move.

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      Captain PFB

      I can 100% agree with @mother teresa on this. I have found this to be true on MORE THAN ONE OCCASION.

      But I have on many occasions been walking down the street at night, been greeted by guys enjoying tagay, been offered a shot, and accepted, and even ended up drinking with them for hours. Cheerful, kind, and no problems. Of course they ask the testing questions like, “So what can you say about filipinos?” “How do you find Philippines?” I keep it cordial and even humorous at times. “What can I say about Filipinos?, well, nice folks, I mean you guys greeted me and invited a stranger to join you, I say that’s pretty friendly” and “How do I find Philippines?, well, I look on a map, and I buy a plane ticket and the pilot finds it for me.”

      Never to I say anything that would insult them, or insight them to dislike me. The Pinoy does not have the intelligence to let anything be “water down a duck’s back”. The way is revenge, even for the slightest insult. You have soiled their “honor” and it will be avenged, regardless if they are in the wrong or not.

      If you want to live in peace here, keep your mouth shut, opinions to yourself, smile a lot, and give the impression that Filipinos are every bit as smart and wonderful as they claim to be. Otherwise, if you thought life was hell here without enemies, just wait until you add enemies to the equation. You don’t know hell until you have.

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        Sounds just like my situation, except that I was stupid enough to give my REAL and HONEST opinion. Now it’s causing me to possibly get expelled from school, arrested, and deported. Well, being deported is a actually a good thing. A free plane ticket home, THAT’s FINE WITH ME!

        But yeah everybody, Filo is absolutely right! You can’t tell Filipinos the truth because they can’t HANDLE the harsh truth. So ALWAYS tell them a pleasurable lie, it’s the culture here for them to hear and say bullshit, no matter how much you really don’t believe in it.

        I need a WWFD wristband (What Would Filo Do) so I can look at it and remind myself what to do and say if I were to come across another situation like this again. I’m tired of dealing with this dumb daily shit.

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          I would not count on a ”free” plane ticket home. What I would count on is a free jail term until you buy a plane ticket..
          Well I got my passport and I have been shafted at both ends. My country is their infinite wisdom of cutbacks, cut my passport size from 48 pages to 36 pages for 5 years. Then to add insult to injury they stamped it on the day it was made in my country, so you lose 3 weeks before you get it.
          It was made in the phils 5 years ago but???? in the name of cost cutting and privatation.
          It took me 3 hours of running around in Phil. immigration to get my entry stamp from the old passport transfrred to my new passport. Gents, if possible , get your passport in your home country before going abroad.
          Then the extension from 30 to 59 days took me another 3 hours.
          You might win a battle, but never win the war.
          Until our bleeding heart, left wing, do gooder politicians realize these 3rd world countries will only be worse when they get more money, things will never get any better for massa. Our politicians are afraid of the immigrant vote, too
          well, only 3 more years to go for my pension,,

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        i never acknoldge the drunks on the street,, smile and keep walking, they might invite you for a drink, then get you to buy a bunch more boose..
        In a normal country in the olden days, you could be safe talking to strangers, not anymore.

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        i, sometimes buy coffee for the tanods, give candies to the children of my neighbors, buy my filipino friend papers and pandesal.
        It costs me very little in relation to my wage, but at least they remember me and i try to get along with them.

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        Stu Pidasso

        There is always going to be a sense of the need of ‘adaptation’ to a culture when visiting or residing in a foreign country. Religion, cuisine, politics, social norms etc…should all be studied and realized within for a traveler to unfamiliar lands. However, basic moral and ethic principles are obvious to anyone with an innate sense of right and wrong. Racism, murder, child abuse, theft, extortion, exploitation of the weak by the strong and all other forms of manipulation by the cunning psychopaths (in every society) of people who stick to the basic ethics of what is termed “Normal Human Behavior” should always be fought and never accepted. No matter which country one resides in.

        I have lived here for 26 years and have NEVER been cowered to accept or perform any act which is contrary to my own sense of morals and ethics in order to smoothen my path or render a sticky situation more pliable for the short term sake of convenience. Go along to get along. Never. And I’m still alive…..

        A very small example….

        Just 2 days ago I stopped a group of Red Horse drunken, Videoke wailers from spoiling the peaceful silence of my Sunday morning in my small provincial town residence. (I spent 20 years in Manila and had enough of that cesspit) Before this episode, I put up with 2 nights of window and door shaking FIESTA – DISCO noise from 6PM to 5AM nearby and was relieved to greet my Sunday mornings silence. The Fiesta is a once a year affair hosted by the spoiled brat son of the local Mayor so I can’t do much about it. On Sunday, although I hadn’t slept well the night before I awoke at 7AM with high hopes for a great day ahead.

        At 7:25AM the little (Videoke enabled) shop across the road started to reverberate in my eardrums with the discordant wailing of, what I knew to be from ‘left over drunks’ from the Fiesta Disco who still didn’t want to go home and still had some 5 Peso coins and soggy 20 Peso bills to spend on Red Horse and a few songs at this little place across the street.

        Having complained many times over the years about this wailing drunken noise disturbing my peace in what is considered a residential area, I was informed of the ‘Official Barangay Ordinance’ concerning Videoke establishments such as the above mentioned. Strictly between 9:00AM to 9:00PM That’s the law!
        7:35AM I called the Cop station and asked “What is the ordinance concerning Karaoke or loud music in my area?”…..the voice asked…”What is the problem Siiiirrr?….I repeated the question…..pause….then I had to spell out to him the ordinance law just to get him to confirm it. And I repeated it twice as a journalist would repeat and clarify the answer to a key question. After the cop came to and agreed to my take on the local law…I told him to send a squad car to the shop making the noise and he asked for more details of the location and agreed to investigate and that was the end of the call. I had done this first because I knew how my next confrontation would be greeted.

        I then got dressed and went across the road to greet the singing quartet of useless ‘oxygen thieves’ gathered at the little porch in front of the pathetic slot machine of their emotional fantasies of lost loves and despair.
        Arriving within their sight, two of the idiots came on the road to greet me with a plastic ‘Hello Sir… how are you?” They know who I am so this was only for a buffer tactic to the Star of the show inside, who was typically sprawled on the little divider wall between the motorbike parking area and the area which housed the marvelous magic Videoke box.
        I ignored the ‘scouts’ and stopped, facing the well known, red eyed monkey with the microphone.

        He swiveled his drunken head like one of those dashboard dogs of the 70’s and spewed..

        “WHO ARE YOU?…YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”…..

        I replied. “9:00AM to 9:00PM…SHUT IT OFF!!”…..”NOW!!”

        We stared at each other a few seconds. Me without a flinch…He looking for a reaction from his goofy groupies. They were passive…as if waiting for a cue. Then he cowardly offered…


        The owner (a small pitiful lady whom I do have pity for) came out (knowing me from the past) and with her sweet glazed helpless eyes, looked into mine and said “Only four songs ok?” while holding up four fingers. She was at the mercy of these thugs. I smiled and repeated the ordinance of the rules of engagement as laid down by their elected law makers. She ducked inside passively.

        The chief idiot then started frothing at the mouth with the usual “GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY” bullshit and more drunken empty threats. I could see this was the point where bottles might have been thrown and I might have been mobbed by four paralytic morons from the previous night’s drinking binge. But then I simply said…”If you don’t want to talk to me you can talk to the police…they’re on the way” And I started walking away towards my house.

        Then he shouted “YOU ARE TOO STRICT”….I stopped and turned and said “AND YOU HAVE NO DISCIPLINE….WHO IS RIGHT?…..LOOK AROUND YOU”
        As I walked away the idiot started singing (without a music track) “WE DON’T NEED NO EDUCATION…DA DA DAH DA DA DA DAH DAH” I didn’t reply as this was too easy.

        As I was near my house gate two of them yelled at me…I turned and they were beckoning me with their hands like “Come here”. I turned and walked towards them with a fiery and angry pace shouting “WHAT?….WHAT?”…. and in a few seconds they scampered inside and out of view. ALL BLUFF!!!!!

        I returned home and in the middle of their next song all went silent. The cops had come and did what was right based on the ‘ordinance’ stating that foreign tourists and expats are the life blood of this town and you should not piss them off.

        Then I enjoyed a nice soothing cup of herbal tea with birdsong and the morning meowing of my hungry cats. It was a decent Sunday morning after all.

        I know this story does not apply to all situations but I just wanted to share it with you. I don’t take any shit from idiots when I am paying good money as a permanent resident of this country and as someone who has spent many a dollar creating employment for people in this country over the last twenty years.

        Oh… I also have a gun and I made sure everyone knows it…by showing it to one person and telling him “DON’T EVER TELL ANYONE ABOUTY THIS OK?” Now the whole town thinks I am crazy and will shoot first and ask questions later….Not saying they are wrong but it has not come to that…..YET!

        Never compromise when you know you are right!

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          Captain PFB

          Good for you! Some people thrive on drama and constant battles. Lucky you’re a great warrior who survives. For me, I grew tired of fighting every little battle and having people trying to get vengeance on me for every trivial little upholding of my principles. So I don’t sweat the small stuff.

          Yeah, most are cowardly dogs who love to bark but have no bite at all. But there are those who are so stupid, and completely unable to think about consequences, and will just get a gun, lay in wait, and put a bullet in the back of your head someday. I’ll lower my chances of that happening by not turning an idiot drunkard’s insult into a fuckin’ drama queen battle of principles thank you very much. It just takes a little maturity, that’s all.


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            Captain PFB

            There’s a reason for the saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. There are some things you must adapt to when staying in a foreign country. Immigrants who are in USA who’s moral values require the execution of homosexuals will not fend very well there. That is one moral value they MUST abandon. So I’m sorry, but it’s not a black and white issue. There are grey areas in everything. And in order for you to live happily and peacefully in another country, you MUST make some adjustments.

            Again, I am not advocating you belly-up on EVERYTHING. You must put every battle on a scale and measure if it’s even worth the battle. I would rather give the impoverished tricycle driver 100p for the 50p ride than get into a battle over it with him. I don’t know, but seems rather bullyish of me to stand there in my new 8000p shoes, 1800p shirt, wearing my 15,000p eyeglasses and argue over 50p with a boy dripping with sweat who just burned 300 calories pedaling my fat ass over a kilometer. They may not understand or give a shit about MY principles, but I have the maturity to understand THEIR desperation. That’s MY principle.

            But turning the scale over to retail or utility situations with idiot policies and blatant rip off attempts, that’s a different story.

            To say NEVER is stupid. Everything must be weighed and thought out with at least the levels of maturity and intelligence of which we claim the Filipinos lack. Otherwise, we’re just hypocrites and lack the maturity and intelligence to let a drunken idiot’s insult slide, and just keep on walking. Otherwise, we’re the same as them, but in reverse, or on the other side of the coin.

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            Stu Pidasso

            Of course you have a point FILO and it is well taken. But Rome? and Hitler? That’s a bit of a diversion. I do make judgments on which issues to challenge and which to leave be and obviously we all have to put up with a lot of crap but I was simply making a point that sometimes enough is enough. After the 2 nights noise barrage etc. And I was not forcing some twisted personal morals on anybody either.

            As I explained I was simply addressing the very rules that these people have set down publicly. The 9:00 to 9:00 rule. And why should I suffer some idiots who ignore it and disturb my peace. That is not picking a fight. They know the rules. No loss of face. They knew I was right. I also had a neighbor tell me one day that my music the previous night was too loud and I apologized and kept the level down from that point.

            Also the part about turning back when a couple of the idiots started to follow my path in an attempt to intimidate me was simple psychology. If I showed fear they would have milked it thereafter. They were just testing me and I made it clear they didn’t scare me.
            Frankly I doubt any of them even remembered the whole thing when they woke up with that Red Horse headache that afternoon.

            To say NEVER was probably misunderstood also. Let me explain. Many former colleagues back in my Manila days had long become cynical and greased palms when it suited them etc. They used to tell me “Ah you get used to it” I thought that if I ever get used to it I’m already dead. I have never paid a single centavo bribe for anything. Once you start accepting things which are against your very nature it can be a slippery slope and one day you might not recognize yourself anymore. I have seen this too often over the years. It all depends on who you are and to what lengths you are prepared to go to when some little demon tries to undermine the foundation of your integrity. How far will you go to keep your integrity from cracking? Isn’t this, after all the fundamental question of life? This is what I teach my sons.

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            Even in some cultures is somewhat acceptable to dig out young boys eyes, remove his teeth, and keep him as a sex slave I would’t do that even if I lived in that country. I see no point in sinking to the level the scum is. I thought we all wanted to improve this country, and not to become like them.

            For me being a man doesn’t mean talking harsh, insulting people, rubbing their failures on their face, being cocky, cursing and foul language, looking for fight but standing firm and keeping my ground. That can be done being polite and firm.

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            I know, every time I try to explain that sometimes you have to abandon a principle or two depending on the individual situation, people’s immediate reaction is as if I’ve said to “always abandon all principles and cower down in a corner in fear and roll over belly up to every situation.”

            What part of “you have to sometimes make adjustments” do people not understand? They want to turn into Captain America and start saying shit like “NEVER” AND “ALWAYS”. I don’t live by “never” or “always”. There are in most cases grey areas.

          5. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

            Bacha Bazi is one cultural tradition in Afghanistan, so in Rome Roman’s ways means we should have sexual companionship with adolescent boys.

            I don’t have anything against homosexuality, but raping kids is strongly against my principles, and since I’m straight I cannot agree with the Rome phrase.

          6. Profile gravatar of Stu Pidasso
            Stu Pidasso

            You got my point. I say don’t compromise your principles to suit a culture that, in large part, has none. And those of them that do…will thank you for it. This is my experience.

            Fear is your enemy and speaking of being ‘mature” at least I can write a long thread without using infantile words like ‘Fuckass,Retard,Dumbfuck,and all those other repetitious phrases that writers on this blog seem to not be able to do without when expressing themselves. And on my first comment my premise was called ‘STUPID’.

            I did mention I have been here 26 years didn’t I? I don’t think I need a lecture on how I should behave and what I should adapt to. I’ve been there and done that. The only reason, after many years reading this blog, that I decided to chime in is to maybe offer a few points that the young crowd here are still struggling with and venting about uselessly. I am no expert on how each one of you should deal with this shit but I am an expert on how I have handled so many of the situations that assault foreigners here. It’s up to each individual to figure it out and I don’t offer advice. Just sharing what has worked for me.

            I was, at a time scared and cowed but that only served to lose my grounding in my own reality so now I simply do what feels right at any given circumstance. So far so good.

            The trick as they say is….keeping your head when all around you are losing theirs.


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            Captain PFB

            Who said I was scared? I am just sick of the drama that comes with the attempt to get a Pinoy to see any common sense. It’s worth it most cases to just give them double the fee and save the frustration and time, and continue my day. If I tried to battle every corruption and stupidity every time I go out, I wouldn’t get half of what I want to accomplish done.

            When someone threatens to put a bullet in your head in a country where it’s easy to get away with putting a bullet in someone’s head, you will be scared. Don’t be a Captain America. You don’t fool me. I think you just like to sound like a Captain America because you’ve survived here for 26 years. But I have known 2 who have been here just as long. In his 9th year here, one was stabbed 9 times nearly to his death because he woke up and discovered 2000p missing from his wallet, and checked the pockets of his house helper/driver to find that 2000p, then told him he will need to find another place to stay within a week. While napping, the young man grabbed a kitchen knife and began butchering him. The Pinoy attempted to kill for getting fired for stealing. His mistake was not kicking him out at the moment the theft was discovered.

            So please, just because you have been able to survive as Captain America here, don’t incite fearlessness. A certain amount of fear keeps you on your toes and alive.

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          mother teresa

          Anybody who can live across from videoke must have a lot of backbone. Putting up with that bullshit on a daily basis is plain simple, simple, simple. I just couldnt do it. Id rather live in hell.

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            mother teresa

            Anybody out there remember american jerome in moalboal cebu. In about 1995 jerome told the mayor to go to hell when the mayor confronted jerome about a sign he had put up. The mayor lost face and he and his bodyguards shot him dead. This was at about 12 noon in front of many witnesses and no alcohol involved. Jerome was a real tough guy.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            I got your back on that one mother! I have lived close to a videoke (it’s hard NOT to live close to a videoke, they are fuckin’ EVERYWHERE). And it really is intolerable. After 3 years, I stay in gated communities geared for foreigners with a few common sense rules, like reasonable quiet at night. Yeah, it’s expensive, but peace of mind is worth it’s weight in gold here.

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          Captain PFB

          There are soldiers who survived the battle of Iwo Jima and Guadal Canal. Doesn’t mean they all survived. Lucky you. Doesn’t mean there was no risk in fighting it.

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            We have now identified three killed foreigners that weren’t murdered because of money between 1995 to 2012. I know there must be more, but as a comparison there were 14,748 homicides in the United States in 2010, and close to 2000 in western Europe in 2012. So statistically we are safer in the Philippines trying to pick a fight than living in states or Europe 🙂 😉

            Also I would say the easiest way to get killed indeed is to stand next to pedicap driver in new 8000p shoes, 1800p shirt, wearing 15,000p eyeglasses 🙂 😉

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            “Also I would say the easiest way to get killed indeed is to stand next to pedicap driver in new 8000p shoes, 1800p shirt, wearing 15,000p eyeglasses”

            Funny indeed.

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      L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

      I appreciate your concerns, I’ll be alright, i’m very sharp when it comes to self-defense at all levels of potency and situations. Whether its sabotage or intimidation. I can play by their book and many times play by their own books they they never read, being mostly the judicial and “pulis” systems here.

      I’ve been in and out of this country for over 4 years, been involved with high risk traveling for 9 years. Anonymity is one of my defenses along with many other traits obtained over a 9 year career. If it comes down to it i will bite back with the appropriate amount of force. Lets not forget the power to bribe and buy people, which i will admit i’ve resorted to countless times to get what i want for the interest of myself and my company.

      My good friend is over prepared when it comes to home security. He was in the US Navy Medical Corps for 8 years long before i was even born. So hes a pro.

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    When I read the comments “dead man walking”, “oh, never say bad to flip” etc. I’m starting to think that flips must be better than Navajo Trackers, stronger than Hulk, better fighters than Chuck Norris (maybe even immortal), and find anyone from anywhere. Based on many opinions they also have god given right to insult anyone, anytime, anywhere without fear of retaliation. Man, why this blog exits, they definitely are super humans? 😀

    I bet those drunkards couldn’t find their own asshole even if they tried, so how could they find foreigner who’s face or appearance they don’t remember and who’s living in different area. Area they don’t know, probably have never visited or know to exist. And I seriously doubt they would even bother to do anything over a such a minor thing… they probably just brag that they beat white guy.

    Also in my opinion anyone with self-respect does not live voluntarily in a place where he is abused verbally and physically without standing up for himself. Eating all the shit they throw is like dropping your pants in a prison and shouting c’mon boys, your bitch has arrived.

    Why you think flips always pick foreigners as targets? Because we have taught them that we are EASY and rich targets. Everyone advises “give your wallet” “tip 1000 peso” so they have learned that we always give up. Easy money. Most of the foreigners soil themselves if taxi drives through dark alley and start shouting “I pay you whatever you want if you take me safely to hotel” even it was just a shortcut. I pity us foreigners for being such a pussies.

    I admit it can be vise to play along a while, but hell I will never allow myself to sink to level where I let someone to abuse me. I rather leave the misery and keep my head up high.

  5. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    Ignore “dead man walking” at your own peril. You dont know the dark side of this society. As a foreigner youll get whacked and no one is interested! And your bravado is, well, laughed at.

    1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      I’m aware of the unfortunate case you posted above because I lived in that area at one point of my life. It happened 2012 and during that same day more people died in a traffic.

      With all due respect we don’t know each others or our connections, and instead of going there I would be interested in to see facts that back the “flips kill you instantly if you eyeball them” theory. How many foreigners are killed annually only because of revenge. Excluding all cases that involve robbery or anything that benefited the killer financially.

      Lot’s of locals and foreigners are killed, that’s fact, but in case foreigner is killed the reason seem to be thievery (I don’t have statistics, I base my opinion on news I have read)

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    mother teresa

    Believe me if you plan to stay in the Philippines it is better play them. You don’t have to give them money just a few lies like they give you. I know a German guy who faught them and they cut his electricity, cable, water, phone lines weekly for YEARS. He finally got frustrated and left. I know an australian and american exmilitary types(tough guys) where many flips were constantly looking for them on a weekly basis at whatever hangouts these guys would go and ambush them with clubs. The yank finally left. I’m not sure about the ozzy but i know he was constantly afraid for his life. The leader of the gang that use to work over the ozzy guy is now the govenor’s side kick and is the barangay captain of the very barangay where the ozzy guy lives-how do you think he feels??? I saw an american guy who got into a fight with his girlfriends family, the family had ties to the pnp and had him locked up for illegal detention, rape and assault. He spent 6 months in jail and almost died of dengue fever. They wanted 100,000 pesos at first and he refused to pay-he made everybody including the judge lose face. 6 months later it then cost him 150,000P. Now these guys are friends of mine and i saw this with my eyes in a tiny little community. How much of this shit is going on all over PI??? It’s one thing if you are a tourist or you know you will not stay in one place but if you plan to stay somewhere for an extended time don’t piss off the locals, play that simple game. Jacktheblack mentioned one soiling themselves in a taxi. I’m no tough guy and don’t pretend to be. I use to fight taxi drivers all the time. Early 90’s i got into a taxi in front of the airport and told the driver to use the meter. He said ok. We started driving i watched and he didn’t turn it on. I waited about a kilometer(which i always use to do) and advised him that the longer it took him to turn on the meter the less he was going to get because i was only paying what his meter said. A big argument ensued, we were screaming at each other. He quickly turned into some squatter area where there were people everywhere. I ask where we going, he pulls out a 12″ knife sets it on the dash and said i’m taking you to my friends house. Luckily i had my bag with me and because there were so many people everywhere the taxi was crawling along i jumped out. I was shaking for about 5 minutes. About 3 years ago a foreigner in PI was killed by a taxi driver for I cant remember it was either 10p or 100p. Ever since my experience with that driver i always carry my bag, tell the driver meter, he says ok, we start driving and he changes the price, i say ok, when we get to my destination i get out give the driver what i think is fair, i then tell the security guard if he comes after me shoot him and i will pay for the bullets and give him a tip. I have never had a driver come after me. If you want to stay in PI you gotta learn how to dance.

  7. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Jacktheblack. Another misconception you have about filipinos is you can beat them because they will fight you one on one, face to face. They dont need to be chuck norris or the hulk because they will never fight you man to man, weaponless, and in your face. MANY of them will sneak up behind you and blindly attack you. They are also MASTERS of sabatage. Most all taxi drivers are armed. Once i was in a bar, i paid for my beer by just putting the money on the table without asking for my bill and walked out. I walked about a block and here comes the bar security guard running screaming at me with his gun pointing at me, he was shaking like Barney Fife and smelled of alcohol. He thought i hadn’t paidmy bill, i told it was on the table under the ash tray. We walked back and saw my money. He appologized and sat me down and bought me a beer.Everytime i saw him again he offered to buy me a beer which i always politely refused and told him to buy something for his kids. I really think if i asked this guy to shoot someone for me he would. Its a simple game. He’s in my backpocket. Bodyguard for life.

    1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      Actually that is misconception that I have such a misconception. I might have born at night, but not last night if you know what I mean. 🙂

      It’s just a funny thing that during all the years I’ve been here, going into the night 3-4 nights a week during my first couple of years, and still 1-2 times a week. Hanging out in local joints as only foreigner dozens of times. Knowing lot of locals, and many expats who play it hard, none of us have ever had any real problems. I actually feel safer in here than in my own country.

      Maybe I and everyone I know are just very lucky or maybe we are so fluent in da game that we don’t realize we’re playing it 🙂

  8. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    I don’t mean to bore you guys with my stupid stories but here goes another.
    I’m in a bar for the first time. Everytime i ordered a beer i would set the empty bottle on the floor next to the wall. I probably had about 8 beers. I ask for my bill. I’m sure the waiter thought I was smashed as he would have been. I calculate the bill as being overcharged. I tell the waiter politely that there was a mistake with the bill and point to the bottles. He doesn’t even look at the bottles knowing he’s been caught. I watch and He goes to the cashier and she already had the correct bill written up and hands it to him. I pay the bill with no tip, skake his hand with a big smile and say wa prolema. I go back to the bar maybe 10 more times over the course of a few years. The same waiter always waited on me and i always shook his hand and usualy gave him about a 20p tip. One night I’m in the bar there was a table next to me of drunken filipinos. They were constantly coming to my table slobbering on me and offering to buy me drinks. The waiter kept warning them. It really didn’t bother me that much. They paid there bill then came over to me again and started slobbering on me. All the waiters in this bar attacked them and gave them a pretty good ass kicking then they threw them down the steps that lead into the bar. I was really upset with the waiters for being so ruthless but never showed it. When i left i told the waiter he didn’t have to do that and please don’t do that again. He said that he had to do that because i was his pare. Let them save face. Another bodyguard for life.

    1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      Excellent story and if you will I would be interested in to hear more about your adventures.

      But what I noticed is that instead of trying to kill foreigners Pinoys have been actually protecting us and providing their help. And trying to get to know us, be it by slobbering.

      I’ve spent many good and enjoyable nights by strangers (Pinoys) who wanted to know more about me, my country and show their hospitality. Not a once anyone tried to drug me (as in few ex-soviet countries where I’ve been) or harm me in any way. They didn’t accept my money when I tried to pay my share, and in some cases they even were matchmakers. I don’t have anything to complain about such polite and hospitable people. 🙂

  9. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Jacktheblack. I don’t think the Philippines is a dangerous place either. I’m just saying that if somebody does you a wrong it is better to let them save face and walk away then to try and fight them.

  10. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Jack. I too have had many nice experiences with flips. I’m sure everybody here has. Most foriegners that go to PI hang out with flips and have a great experience at first… They try to blend in with the culture. Then the problems usually start. Usually it has something to do with money. If your best flip buddy’s wife gets brain cancer what are you going to do? You are the only person he knows that could possibly help. I have 100’s of flip friends that I keep at an arms length. I realize that I cant blend into their culture and i also realize the more i expose myself by trying to blend into their culture that i will have more problems. They typicaly are very nice people but they just have to many internal problems. You said “some cases they even were matchmakers”!!! Give me a fucking break MOST ALL FLIPS ARE MATCHMAKERS. Unless they are rich MOST ALL flips want foriegners to marry their family and friends. I wonder why? http://ulyssesulysses.hubpages.com/hub/Why_do_so_many_men_report_bad_Filipina_marrying_experiences
    If you havent already seen this be sure and read the over 1800 comments. When you do this be sure and thank you pilipino preinds for matchmaking.

    1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      Thank you for the interesting link, but with all respect I wasn’t born last night. 😉 I’m not looking for a wife, never have. I’m not even looking for a girlfriend at the moment. I don’t have any plans to get married nor want to have children. I’m single and love to mingle, so what could be better than drink for free and walk to home with babe in your arms?

      None of the girls have ever stolen anything (I also have my tricks to make sure that wont happen), none demanded anything, none came after me when I slipped to another girls company. I treated the girls well, never lied or promised them anything, told them in the very beginning that I will not be boyfriend for her. It has been always win win situation, fun for me and “holiday” for the ladies 🙂

      Am I the only one playing the game in here? Are the rest in here to settle down and have family?

  11. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Hawkeye I’m curious as to what happened to the flips in the Makati stabbing incident. I’m gonna take a stab at it(no pun) and guess that they claim the yank pulled the knife and they had to take it from him and kill him in self defense???

  12. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

    This is getting out of hand. My story is about a battle of words where the instigating party resorts to cheap violence. I more or less know the background of these trash talking flips. I’ve been visiting my friend for 8 months so I’m familiar with the community and the general standings of the totempole.

    You guys are talking about guns, politicians, random encounters replying with dangerous impulses and death. I don’t plan on retaliating on that low of the lowest tier of filth.

    I’m not a tough guy. I’m just preparred and I exercise a plentiful amount of control. I didn’t swing any punches, break bones nor draw blood.

  13. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

    I would not feel happy to open the page 14 of the news paper to read: A tourists from XXX got killed by a bunch of drunk flips for reacting to their insults. Come on pal those assholes are low enough. They don’t need you to make their case worst. Why had to play in their game? You’re smarter then that. Next time just don’t mind them. You don’t know the contacts they have. You don’t know if they are wearing weapons. It really doesn’t worth to have a conflicts with such assholes. Let them talk.

  14. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    If it makes any difference, it appears flips don’t only pull this shit with foreigners. On the plane out of flipland the other day, I was reading about some local personality who had described Davao girls as ‘shrimps’ on his blog; I gather ‘shrimps’ is a mildly derogatory word equivalent to ‘airhead’ or the Chinese word ‘sanba’. Oooh, but the mayor is so so mad. Local Personality has been declared Persona Non Grata for … yes, you guessed it, hurting their feelings, the poor dears.