Information Required on PRA (Philipines Retirement Authority)

Hello Friends,

I have been reading most of your posts and it digests my food by laughing. I have been visiting Phil for more than 5 years. Can someone please provide me information on PRA (the Philippines Retirement Agency). Are they to be trusted? If one wants to give up permanent residency, do they return the Dollars deposits and if so, how long does it take them.

I am 52 years old and would like to settle down for some years.

I would appreciate a reply

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    It is expensive. HOWEVER, these agencies usually have some twist or needed” signature” to destroy your away..
    shoot me dead.. al

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    I would highly recommend the Philippine Retirement Authority. I became aware of this institution and visited their headquarters in 2003. This institution was formed because of the corruption and limitations of the Bureau of Immigration. As well as a massive and unnecessary amount of “paperwork” demanded by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, they are limited to 50 Section 13 permanent alien residents per year from the U.S. The Philippine Retirement Authority completely bypasses this nonsense and has no limitations on issuing “green cards” (permanent resident aliens). In 2003, they required a $50,000 deposit into certain certified financial institutions (or the purchase of a condo instead). Now, they are offering the permanent residency for $1,500 for U.S. veterans (even if service was for one day, as long as there was an honorable discharge). There also has always been a $1,400 “processing fee”, but then you NEVER have to deal with the Bureau ( bureaucracy ) of Immigration. I am currently in the process.

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      How much a year to maintain this , when I looked at it , it was US$370.
      13 VISA’S are only 310 p.
      Although the benefit is no exit TAX.for the SRRV

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    im a filipino ,sorry i dont know if its legit or not , BUT if you plan to go ahead , if they ask you for money ,( i think it’s natural) just go, but be aware . and if they ask AGAIN, explaining you need this and that , you better stop or you’ll end up just giving them money .
    or better ask some of your TRUSTED friends .

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      In Da feelippines, home of countless papers, blue ribbons, stamps,,,,notary publics with no pictures of their creditials on the walls,,,sorry sir, no stock,, please fone 3 weeks from now,,,white skin tax,,,horrible smog, and traffic,, inedible food,, barking dogs,, koroke at all hours of the night,,,always have some surprise that will cost you time and money,,,,waiting for you.\
      if you do stay here, rent first,, to see if you can find some imaginery place where it is quiet and the neighbors know what a garbage can is and wont steal it..
      RUN AWAY……do not get caught up in this sewer hole of a whirlpool…
      My theory of island people and islands is that they have their own brand of idiotic behavior.. nothing goes in,, nothing comes out…
      give ’em both barrels

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        Lol those Notary Pubics..err sorry, Publics, are just hilarious. You can travel anywhere in the failippines and see some shack made out of mud, twigs and poo, full of macho boys drinking red horse and….behold!, a crappy hand drawn NOTARY PUBLIC sign painted on a piece of wonky, chewed up scrap metal! Just the kind of people you want to trust with your passport or drivers license!

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    I’m in the process of obtaining an SSRV from Philippine Retirement Authority. It’s too good a deal to pass up if you are a U.S. vet and over 55.

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      ANYAN??PENGE Post author

      Thank you all for your feedback. The information provided was helpfull.

      Beameup – I have gone through the process of obtaining the SSRV and got one within 10 working days. PRA did provide a very professional service and they assisted me in every way, personally. Application fee was $1400, Annual fee $360 and Visa Deposit $20,000 (refundable).

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          ANYAN??PENGE Post author

          Hi Mike,
          The reason I had to take PRA approach (I am not from the west – I am an Asian) for long term residency is a 5 years story to tell however, I will cut it short to say that I have not married a failipina yet and will not. However, I have a very understanding pinay GF who is not a leech and never ask me for money for her freeloaders. Also, she is does not have any kids. Am I one of the lucky ones? No. I have built them an eatery (Lot + eatery cost me PHP 220k) which gives them a daily sales of approx. Php 1200 however, requests keep on coming for payment of electricity and water bills for home and eatery. I have kept my foot down and the answer is ALWAYS NO (I will not support the family in future after the eatery opens for business was my condition for buying the land and building the eatery. Its 18 months since the opening and with their hard work it runs smoothly). I have told my GF to tell her family not to expect from me what they want but to work hard, show some dedication and earn their living. The land is in my GF’s name and the original papers are with me (this prevents them from selling the plot).
          On the refund side, while I was at PRA processing my papers for long term residency, I met an Australian and an American who had applied earlier for their refund and had come on that day to collect their transfer receipt. They did get their refund mate.
          I hope I will get back the refund.

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            Allan, congratulations, your approach with the eatery is really the best.
            It was this kind of plan i imagine at the beginning for any business. I wanted to provide them a capital to start a stuff, so they can get income from it and later come back in pi when it take off as i i think Level of life in France will sharply decline ( It’s what happen really now).
            Unfortunately, it seems they are not able to focus on a business seriously & even mess alltogether when they have to cooperate. My lazy wife even warn me :”if you start something with them it will be your business cause i dont want to involve in it”.
            Their only ambition is to get allowance.

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            ANYAN??PENGE Post author

            The failpinas think that kanos having lots of money. They think that we are gifted, but the truth is that we work hard and succeed on purpose. Here are few fails that I experienced 4 months after the eatery opened for business. I never got involved in the day to day running of the eatery – I never wanted to:
            1. Four of my GFs siblings plus parents made the eatery their new home (having seen the poor state of their living, I had renovated their nipa hut into a decent home to live with water & electricity connection and 32” flat TV). The renovated home was full of cobwebs during my surprise visit;
            2. There was no accountability on purchase and sales – I was told that the daily sales was around Php.1800 and the daily purchase was the same amount (my blood boiled hearing that);
            3. I noted that my GFs siblings nicking pesos from the cash pot and ate best of the food;
            4. I saw free food being given to relatives or cousins during their visit to the eatery;
            5. I saw aunts, uncles, grandparents coming to the eatery during lunch/dinner time to collect free food;
            After witnessing the above, I was furious and gave them a lecture. From that evening onwards, not a soul was allowed to stay in the eatery. For the next 4 days I was supervising and recording the sales and purchases; no freeloaders; siblings having their meals at home. Guess what, there was saving of PHP 4000. I was on holiday in the phil for 2 weeks during that time so I had to leave the supervising and enjoy my holidays. After one week they were back to square one and I said to myself….Fuck you guys – do it your own way. Since then no allowance of whatsoever.

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            Phil Doh

            I wish I had a peso for every time I’ve heard a variation of this story. Foreigner takes pity on family and sets them up in business to help them be self-sufficient. Family were hoping for a monthly allowance for doing nothing, but will take what’s offered anyway. Bar, restaurant, carinderia, sari-sari store paid for, stocked and making a profit when foreigner leaves. Comes back months later bar, restaurant, carinderia, sari-sari store empty of customers and stock and more family have moved in and racked up debt with other local businesses. Foreigner thinks fuck them, there’s no helping them. Family try to manipulate wife into other ways of fleecing foreigner.

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            “this prevents them from selling the plot”

            LOL, if you believe that, moving here is a huge mistake!!!!!

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            ANYAN??PENGE Post author


            I did not buy the plot to move there (its in a province), but to help them setup a business and to be self-sufficient.

            I do not believe that they can sell the plot without original documents (they are in my possession), but you never know “anything happens in the Failippines 🙂

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            Not trying to bust your stones.
            They sell property that doesn’t even belong to them at all. As a foreigner you couldn’t fight it at all. Original paper work be damned. But even a Pinoy would have to go through hell trying to recover property sold illegally. They do not care it is illegal, only that they get the cash in hand. They only think about the many who do get away with it. They never really hear about anyone being caught. When caught they are the victim, the other party is the real thief and deceived or is trying to cheat them. So from their view they have never heard of someone ever being punished for it. They do not even think it is wrong. They believe their own lies and each others. I am not even sure they register they are lying. It short circuits my brain. I sometimes wonder if something in their brain blocks recognition of lies and/or a reality they chose to not accept. Instead of their lie registering as a lie the wiring stores it as truth.

            I once read that men with shoe fetish (are turned on by and have sex with shoes) are wired wrong in the brain, hard wired sex drive for shoes.

            Their denial is so strong even when the truth can not be logically denied. I wonder if there brain has the following branch.

            If What-I-said = “Not True”
            What-said = True
            Move What-said to My-Truth-Storage

            If What-They-Say = “Shows I lied” or “I am responsible” move “Lie” to Their-lying-storage
            Move Their-proof to My-proof
            Perform Anger-Routine using My-proof

            This wired logic exists immediately after the sound waves are processed never able to be processed by any other part of the brain.

            I just do not know, I imagine various logic branches like this to explain what I see. It is so twisted, I can’t imagine how anyone can do it, knowing they are doing it. They do it even when the truth will help or save them and the lie will destroy them (and you).

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            Common sense and logic do not apply here. For exampe. Back in 1932 a pinoy named Fortich had 40,000 SQM of land titled in his name legally. Now what happens? Squatters started setting up on his land in the late 1950’s- early 1960’s as the city started to grow. So what does Fortich do? Files with the court to get the squatters off his land or they buy the land. Fortich started the suits in 1961 and they are STILL going on. Each time the court finds in Fortich favor and orders the squatters off or buy.

            What happens? The squatters appeal to the court and the court keeps hearing their appeals!!! The court will not tell the squatters NO!! We heard this case several times and each time we decided the same. So here it is 2015 and they still dick around with a lawsuit that was first filed in 1961!!! 53 YEARS!!!! Will they sell the plot with out telling you? Will they sell it even though you have the paperwork? You beat your sweet ass they will.

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            Then the Aussie and Kano were lucky from what I have experienced and other Westerners have told me. Always an excuse why they can’ release money from your account. I just leave mine in the states and use ATM card.

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            “They do not even think it is wrong. They believe their own lies and each others.”
            – That is the truth. I had a squabble with my Filipino cousin. Basically she and her mother were blatantly lying. I could not get over how insane the lies were and they were just too ridiculous I don’t even know how they would make those things up. My fiance I had just started dating at the time told me, “don’t worry, you are an american. No one will believe them.” I said, “what? how is that possible”? She then said, “Filipinos are always lying, but we know Americans tell the truth most times. So we believe a foreigner we barely know over a Filipino we’ve known a long time if there is some drama”. I was knew in the Philippines at the time and I said, “how the fuck can anyone trust each other in this insane place?”.

            @allan, Be careful about that land. It does not sound like you spent too much on it so it won’t be a big loss. However, keeping the title is only a small step they can overcome to sell the land anyway. They can just get a fake title printed up or have the registrar of deeds print up a fake one where they are named the actual owner. A legitimate buyer who doesn’t know will be stuck with a fake title to land he doesn’t own, but you’d have to prove that in court which would take 5 years, 8 if he appeals. Then they might say, he was the “buyer in good faith” which means yuo have to go after her family to get the money back which will all be spent and take another 5 years to figure out.
            If the buyer knows the land is not theirs and there is an issue of not-clear title, he might just say fuck it and buy it anyway,, for an exceptionally low price anyway. That makes him a “buyer in bad faith” and he’ll tell you to piss off if you come after him. So you will have to take him to court, which he will then delay as long as possible, so after 5 years in court and 3 years of appeal, you might win and of course you’d be paying a shitty, lazy, every excuse in the book Filipino lawyer a lot of money in the meantime.
            Btw, you’re not really allowed to own land in teh PHilippines so its probably already under their names anyway. If you have the title, then they might just say they lost the original and get a new one made.

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    “Back in 1932 a pinoy named Fortich had 40,000 SQM of land titled in his name legally. Now what happens? Squatters started setting up on his land in the late 1950’s- early 1960’s as the city started to grow. So what does Fortich do? Files with the court to get the squatters off his land or they buy the land. Fortich started the suits in 1961 and they are STILL going on. Each time the court finds in Fortich favor and orders the squatters off or buy.”

    Any wonder that sometimes, the land owners wanting to clear the squatters resort to arson? I have heard of squatters being relocated somewhere else outside the city, but they want to get paid to move from the land that is not/never rightfully theirs!

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      You have to get a court order to kick them off your land which can take years. THEN you have to pay them to leave and find a new house but guess who still has to pay the taxes on the land when the owner cannot use it because of squatters.

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      I hate this topic so much. I could go on and on. I will say this though. They are basically encouraging theft. If you deny the owner teh right to use his property, that is theft. So squatters are openly stealing, the local “leaders” do not care or even encourage it. It’s no wonder this country is so fucked up. Theft is tolerated and encouraged.
      Those fuckers will even run little businesses and rent little rooms out for money. It’s insane they can use the land to make money with zero costs, but actual owner doesn’t get to use it, has to pay the taxes, and pay the squatters to leave that never seem to leave.
      I have dreamed of burning their villages to the ground and talked with others who have the same problem. However, no one wants to get any babies or kids killed. However, what do you do when they is no system to enforce the rules. The system only seems to be in place as simply an image and to make things worse.

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        It is easier for the government to allow this than supply housing and welfare. It is all part of their fucked up plan.

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          Oh, I agree with you. It costs them less so there is more to steal. The actual cost is paid in morality, theft, stupidity, corruption, and just being the typical shithole that is the philippines.
          Later on, when the property owner has given up, the city will take possession of the squatter filled land, especially when it is valuable. Then the mayor will work a side deal with his crony developer buddy. Together, they will demolish the squatter homes and make big money from it. Its so easy for them. I’ve seen it happen.
          I used to have sympathy for the poorest squatters (and still do at times), but if they are knowingly stealing someone elses land and playing the game of delay, then fuck em. Burn that shit to the ground.

          It seems E VERY Filipino knows the tactics of using a shitty court system to their advantage. Delay, don’t show up, file bs motions, get sick, cry poverty, schedule the court dates on local holidays, etc. Everyone from squatters, jealous women, and bitter business people do this trick. I’ve seen them stretch out a BS case of libel for 3.5 years just to harass someone.

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      I used to feel bad for the squatters, but after years of court delays, lies, etc what is a property owner to do. Many times, the landowner gets so frustrated he sells the land for like 1/10th of the price to the well-connected developer who then starts the fire or bulldozes the shanty homes.